Sunday, 2009-05-17

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darrellCan I relicense CC-BY under GFDL?15:36
darrellCan I relicense CC-BY under GFDL?15:36
ianwellerplease don't repeat15:36
darrellsoz, wasn't sure if I'd connected15:37
ianwellerif you're the license holder, you can relicense anything under anything, but keep in mind that if anyone found your content under the CC license before then it stays under that license to them15:37
* ianweller is not a lawyer15:38
darrellI'm not the license holder, but I've found some content under CC-BY which I'd like to copy to a GFDL project15:38
darrellnamely Wikibooks15:38
ianwellerdarrell: ah.15:38
ianwellerthat would just be inclusion i think.15:38
ianwellerwhich is fine, because all you have to do is attribute Wikibooks.15:38
ianwellerand probably give a URL.15:38
ianwelleralthough wikibooks looks like it's GFDL.15:39
darrellDo you mean attribute the source, because wikibooks is the target15:39
ianwelleri read that wrong.15:39
ianwellerdarrell: is it text or an image15:40
ianwellerthen attribute the source15:40
ianwelleri think wikibooks has policies on this15:40
ianwellerdarrell: you can just say at the end of the page or book that this page/book consists of material from XYZ which can be found at ABC.15:41
darrellcool, because CC-BY is very lenient and just asks that you attribute15:42
ianwellerkeep in mind the other licenses that CC produces are too strict to be included in a GFDL document15:42
ianwellereven CC-BY-SA, because you have to share it alike as a CC-BY-SA15:42
darrellGET IN!15:44
darrellHey thanks for all your help15:44
darrellI really appreciate answering my question ianweller15:44
ianwellerdarrell: yup15:45
ianwellerany time15:45
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oshaniHere's a CC license conflict matrix I created:
oshanicomments welcome18:36
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Krinklelol @ creditcardnumers tip :D22:41
KrinkleAnyhow, I'd like to let you know of an important flaw in the translation of a license22:41
KrinkleThe third section ("with the understanding that") has not been translated fully yet. This is rather important since it is being linked to from my site, and most likely from lost of other sites aswell.22:42
Krinkle!mod !helpme22:42
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