Saturday, 2009-05-16

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phishinphreeHi all, I was just wondering about non-commercial use restrictions.  I'm a software developer and I wanted to use an image that is under a con-commercial cc licence.  The software it would be used in is freeware but closed source.  does this constitute non-commercial use?21:18
ianwellerbest way to check would be to look at the legal code of the license.21:19
ianwelleri don't *think* that it's a problem but IANAL either21:19
ianwellerwhat license is it, specifically?21:19
phishinphreeAttribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported21:20
phishinphreeim pretty bad with understanding the fine print stuff21:20
ianwelleri think the part we want to look at is 4b in
ianwelleri.e., if you never charge money for your work, it's fine21:22
phishinphreethats what i was thinking..21:23
phishinphreehow picky does "commercial advantage" get?21:23
phishinphreenevermind, thats not my primary intention21:24
ianwellerpaulproteus: who created the CC wiki theme? it's made of awesome21:25
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