Wednesday, 2009-05-13

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bacon1989Could someone tell me if int is unsigned long int by default in the g++ compiler?15:37
nathanybacon1989: unfortunately I can't15:40
nathanythis is the channel for Creative Commons, not the c compiler15:40
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nkinkadenathany: I missed the conference call, again.15:54
nkinkadeThe time change got me.15:54
nkinkadeFor the last 6 months I've been accustomed to 11AM ... now it's 10AM where am I, and I slipped up.15:54
nathanyno problem15:55
nkinkadeDid I miss anything of great moment?15:56
nathanynot really; just a Q&A session15:57
nkinkadeDamn.  It was group sessions again.15:59
nathanynkinkade: nope16:04
nathanynot breakout16:04
nkinkadeOh, good.16:04
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xenoterracidenon commercial, would that include not for profits? or could I use non commercial works in a not for profit18:44
nkinkadexenoterracide: It's not something that easy to answer.18:49
nkinkadeMost like the answer is that it depends on many factors outside of the CC license.18:49
nkinkadeThe license itself is somewhat vague on it.18:49
nkinkadeThere's a study going on right now to help better define this.18:49
xenoterracidenkinkade: I've seen that18:53
xenoterracidenkinkade: well as far as I know the media produced from the media (slide show) isn't going to be sold... I think I'm gonna avoid non-commercial though18:54
nkinkadexenoterracide: That's probably a good idea.18:55
xenoterracideunless I find something really good, then maybe I'll contact the CC holder18:55
nkinkadeMy usual answer is people are unsure is: 1) contact the copyright holder 2) look for works under a more permissive license.18:55
xenoterracidenkinkade: yeah. our class is doing projects for a not for profit... I volunteered to get images for our group project because god knows no on else would have bothered to check legality of licensing18:57
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xenoterracidenkinkade: any idea whether a slide show with images would be considered a derivative work?19:27
nkinkadexenoterracide: My guess is that no.19:28
nkinkadeMost likely that would be considered a "Collection"19:28
nkinkadeBut again, you'll want to peek at the license itself to see how it defines "Derivative" and "Collection"19:28
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Bovinitymecredis: a picture of your cat, please provide.20:28
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mecredisI have two actually20:39
mecredisBovinity: one got a full body shave last night20:40
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Bovinitymecredis: AWESOME. do want picture.20:49
mecredisHow is the world's best cat litter?20:50
Bovinitythe cats are nonplussed about it, which i think is a good thing20:52
mecredisuntil they revolt20:52
Bovinitywell, one cat i'm looking after for a friend is notoriously picky about her litter20:52
Bovinityand she went right ahead and pooped in it20:52
Bovinityso that's a success20:52
mecredisthat is.20:52
mecredisI find litter choices can be kind of a novel thing20:52
mecredislike ZOMG NEW20:53
mecredisand then20:53
mecredisNOT FUN ANYMORE20:53
Bovinityi like how soft the world's best is20:53
mecredisyeah, and it doesn't have that weird ammmonia smell standard clay litter does20:53
Bovinityit smells like corn!21:00
Bovinitymecredis: oh my god21:01
Bovinityany reason for the shaving?21:01
mecredisnatty dreads21:02
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Bovinitynathany: love hearing a high school student telling me i'm doing it wrong.21:52
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