Tuesday, 2009-05-12

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nkinkade1johndoigiii: Double check that with Nathan.00:31
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mtn111* #carding15:12
nathanymtn111: trying tips@fbi.gov15:12
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m3cr3d1son creativecommons.org15:13
m3cr3d1sno loading15:13
nathanym3cr3d1s: yeah, i'm looking into it15:13
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nathanywelcome back, mtn111; looking for carding?15:16
nathanywe suggest emailing tips@fbi.gov for information on that15:17
m3cr3d1snathany: would you mind if I posted something to twitter about the downtime?15:17
m3cr3d1stotally on the fense15:17
nathanym3cr3d1s: i think it's back up (or nearly there)15:17
m3cr3d1syeah its looking like its resolved15:17
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nkinkadenathany: Did you by change reboot a5?15:22
nathanynkinkade: yes15:23
nathanyit wasn't responding to pings or ssh15:23
nkinkadeAs usual, not much in kern.log15:24
nkinkadeExcept maybe this:15:24
nkinkadeMay 12 09:22:46 a5 kernel: [2537427.788204] paster[14786]: segfault at cbf7e0 ip 7f22fa54cdf4 sp 428fc360 error 4 in etree.so[7f22fa4fe000+11e000]15:24
nkinkadeMay 12 09:22:46 a5 kernel: [2537427.879572] scraper.fcgi[14948]: segfault at 200f090 ip 4bd850 sp 409c4490 error 4 in python2.5[400000+125000]15:24
nkinkadeThose are the last messages just before the reboot.15:24
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greg-gI shouldn't have wrote that blog post about people looking for credit cards in here, I get some PMs asking for help getting numbers, ugh.15:48
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oshaniquestion about cc:morePermissions...15:55
oshanihttp://wiki.creativecommons.org/CcREL gives an example use of cc:morePermissions to link to "http://somecompany.com/revenue_sharing_agreement"15:55
oshaniso, is this revenue_sharing_agreement doc supposed to be some RDFa+HTML ?15:56
nathanyoshani: there are no expectations about what it is16:00
nathanyit's just a link16:00
nathany(we didn't/don't know enough to make a more intelligent ontology/spec at that point)16:00
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oshaniokay.. I think it would be nice to have it pointed to some standard policy file, like for example an N3 rule file16:01
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oshanibecause, otherwise a program that processes that link ends up at a dead-end without knowing how to process the morePermissions16:03
nathanyoshani: it would be nice but i don't think we're interested in getting into the business of trying to describe all possible contracts/licenses16:04
nathanypresumably a program could present it to the user16:05
nathanysince the common use case is that it's not a public license, but one that needs some financial transaction, sign in, etc16:05
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m3cr3d1snkinkade: want to sort out the key stuff?16:33
nkinkadem3cr3d1s: yeah.16:33
m3cr3d1sso my guess is16:33
m3cr3d1sI have to tell git to use my new ssh key16:33
m3cr3d1sthat I sent you16:33
m3cr3d1s(not sure where the other ones that OS X generates are)16:33
nkinkadem3cr3d1s: I would think that ssh on your machine would try the public key you sent me.16:36
m3cr3d1slet me try to force it to use that one16:37
m3cr3d1sthere was nothing in ~/.ssh/ before yesterday16:37
m3cr3d1sone sec16:37
nkinkadeWhat happens if you try to ssh directly?16:38
nkinkadessh git@code.creativecommons.org16:38
m3cr3d1sssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa creativecommons.org doesn't seem happy16:38
m3cr3d1sstill asking me for the password16:38
m3cr3d1s(I sent you ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub)16:38
m3cr3d1shrm one sec16:40
m3cr3d1sI feel like i'm missing something obvious16:40
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nkinkadem3cr3d1s: That should be the right public key, or at least a valid one.16:43
nkinkadeOkay, one second.16:43
nkinkadem3cr3d1s: I don't see your key in the git's authorized_keys file.16:45
m3cr3d1sthat might part of it16:45
nkinkadeI wonder if the post commit hooks didn't update it???16:45
nkinkadeNo, wait.  It is there ... gitosis just put it at the top of the file.16:48
nkinkadefcb@Father-Vito-Cornelius.local",no-port-forwarding,no-X11-forwarding,no-agent-forwarding,no-pty sh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEA8gYty39VQVqOQEg1lRagXsH/i2yV/neR31eiYB9FRuegVCdTpLWqFY/ha3ty9BikqaHZPtXwDbooI/EhqeogY/Na6dPHThVJM9oBLjcp/5l4jTmCE1yWRUQ6uqpK1NG8ur3VVVDbXDAUZfBF2uwzKtGp5GKZwTLoAbrZLq6add3RT8upWesBUj3wYGIJcjnKwpH1G22Qqog6MbMSM6AumWrkBrhtExT/zJszTv/2bMZpQOMvRflyJULYaKEi3QCrcxKB1LAvNI9sbXZGaf3nWMJY4MJC9Rc5WW7AJFwSXvILbbusopii1yC+ru+pp2SnL8S+zbeKOb16:50
johndoigiiilol, nice hostname16:51
m3cr3d1sjohndoigiii: do you get the reference?16:51
m3cr3d1s(all my machines are named after characters of a particular film(16:52
johndoigiiiFifth Element16:52
m3cr3d1snot bad16:52
johndoigiiiwhat else are you using?16:52
johndoigiiihaha nice16:52
m3cr3d1syeah, rather than LoTR16:53
m3cr3d1sor Star Wars16:53
m3cr3d1sanyway, nkinkade does that look right to you?16:53
m3cr3d1s(it looks right to me)16:53
m3cr3d1scat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub16:54
m3cr3d1sssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEA8gYty39VQVqOQEg1lRagXsH/i2yV/neR31eiYB9FRuegVCdTpLWqFY/ha3ty9BikqaHZPtXwDbooI/EhqeogY/Na6dPHThVJM9oBLjcp/5l4jTmCE1yWRUQ6uqpK1NG8ur3VVVDbXDAUZfBF2uwzKtGp5GKZwTLoAbrZLq6add3RT8upWesBUj3wYGIJcjnKwpH1G22Qqog6MbMSM6AumWrkBrhtExT/zJszTv/2bMZpQOMvRflyJULYaKEi3QCrcxKB1LAvNI9sbXZGaf3nWMJY4MJC9Rc5WW7AJFwSXvILbbusopii1yC+ru+pp2SnL8S+zbeKObWyZRF9Lo3gGQ== fcb@Father-Vito-Cornelius.local16:54
paulproteusKorbin Dallas!16:54
Bovinitymulti pass?16:54
m3cr3d1sbig badaboom16:54
nkinkadeSorry to have exposed you that way Fred. ;-)16:55
m3cr3d1syeah, file names are deeply personal16:55
m3cr3d1snext you'll want me to show you a screenshot of my desktop16:55
nkinkadeThe past was really ugly, but just making sure that that was the key your using.16:55
m3cr3d1sor my firefox download window16:56
* paulproteus doesn't want to see that16:56
* m3cr3d1s doesn't want to see it either16:56
nkinkadem3cr3d1s: So what did you get when you tried to ssh directly?16:57
nkinkadeYou shouldn't need to specify the -i16:57
nkinkadeJust a password prompt?16:57
nkinkadethe issue could be the permission on your home dir.16:57
m3cr3d1sits funny because -i works for my amazon EC2 boxes16:57
nkinkadeOr of your private key file.16:57
m3cr3d1sthat might be it actually16:57
nkinkadeLet me run an ssh server on 2222.16:57
m3cr3d1swhat should I change it to?16:57
nkinkadem3cr3d1s: Try this:16:58
paulproteusMan, I hate it when I remotely break network on a machine.16:58
nkinkadessh -p 2222 git@code.creativecommons.org16:58
m3cr3d1sstill again16:58
nkinkadethat's fine, i got teh debug output I wanted.  Let me look at it.16:59
nkinkadem3cr3d1s: Try it again.  My scroll buffer wasn't big enough.17:00
nkinkadeAh. I see.17:02
nkinkadeMissed the first character of your keyfile.17:02
nkinkadeTurns out that SSH doesn't accept a key type of "sh-rsa"! :-)17:02
nkinkadeLet me fix that now.17:02
paulproteus/bin/sh --rsa17:02
nkinkadem3cr3d1s: Try it now.17:04
m3cr3d1sssh git@creativecommons.org ?17:04
m3cr3d1sstill asking me for a pass17:04
m3cr3d1slet me force the key17:04
nkinkadem3cr3d1s:  It's code.creativecommons.org, not creativecommons.org.17:05
nkinkadeYou shouldn't need to force the key.  SSH should find it and use it.17:05
m3cr3d1sthis looks like a good kind of error:17:05
m3cr3d1sPTY allocation request failed on channel 017:05
m3cr3d1sERROR:gitosis.serve.main:Need SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND in environment.17:05
m3cr3d1s                                                                  Connection to code.creativecommons.org closed.17:05
nkinkadem3cr3d1s: That's the right output.17:05
m3cr3d1sright, not using the git client17:06
m3cr3d1sgot it17:06
nkinkadeIt's using forced commands so you can't SSH to get and a shell.17:06
m3cr3d1sjust pulled down the stuff up there17:07
m3cr3d1sif I put my facebook.php stuff in here17:07
m3cr3d1sand then push it back to code.cc17:07
m3cr3d1sit will just upload it right?17:07
Bovinitycommit and push and it'll be there for all to see17:08
m3cr3d1scommit is17:08
m3cr3d1sgit commit git@cc ....17:08
m3cr3d1sor do I do it just in the dir?17:09
nkinkadem3cr3d1s: Like subversion, you don't have to specify the repository once you've cloned it.17:09
nkinkadeYou may want to run through a git tutorial first, because the workflow is somewhat different from subversion.17:09
m3cr3d1snothing added to commit but untracked files present (use "git add" to track)17:09
Bovinityuse git add to add new files, as it suggests17:10
m3cr3d1snow it wants me to do a message17:10
m3cr3d1sI should uncomment these?17:10
Bovinitywhere did that git cheatsheet go17:10
m3cr3d1ssorry, I'm being lazy17:10
Bovinitydon't uncomment, they're just there to inform you of the changes17:13
m3cr3d1stoo late17:13
Bovinityjust leave a message, ala svn17:14
m3cr3d1sno worries17:14
* Bovinity renames the repo freds_first_.git17:14
m3cr3d1sjohndoigiii: thanks17:17
m3cr3d1saight, switching machines17:20
m3cr3d1sthanks guys!17:20
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johndoigiiiBovinity, is there any particular icon set that you commonly use in CC projects?20:45
Bovinityjohndoigiii: famfamfam's Silk for small icons - like the i button in the chooser20:45
johndoigiiiok good, I was hoping youd say famfamfam20:46
johndoigiiiso that info icon is famfamfam?20:46
johndoigiiicool, I'm looking for a "language" or "globe" icon, any suggestions20:47
Bovinity"world" works20:48
johndoigiiithis is in ref to http://staging.creativecommons.org/license/ the lang chooser on the bottom20:48
Bovinityyeah, that world.png should do the trick down there20:49
johndoigiiiok thx20:50
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Bovinitynkinkade: i see a shopping cart has sneaked into zupport!21:29
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nkinkadeBovinity: Yeah, I've been spending the past hour or two figuring out how to configure it.21:29
nkinkadeI'm that far, but clearly have a long way to go.21:29
nkinkadeThis is great, though.21:30
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nkinkadeWe can create product classes, products, product attributes, attribute options, etc.21:30
nkinkadeIt's a real store.21:30
Bovinitydoes it have any inventory management?21:31
Bovinityoh nice, lots of reports21:32
Bovinitythat'll make so many lives easier21:32
nkinkadeBovinity: I think so.21:33
Bovinityyup, found it21:33
nkinkadeThere's a "Stock" tab on each product where you can set the amount you've got, and the min threshold before it notifies someone.21:34
nkinkadeThe Drupal integration is nice.21:34
Bovinityhopefully the civicrm integration is also nice21:35
nkinkadeOkay, images are mostly working now.21:37
nkinkadeThe beauty of this setup is that we don't have to create a separate "product" for each color tshirt ... we just add an Attribute "Color" and then specify which colors to display for that particular item.  So people will select Size and Color for the product "I Love To Share"21:38
nkinkadeHowever, that may not work so well because of the Stock feature.21:39
Bovinityalternate skus ought to solve that21:40
Bovinityeach size and color need their own sku21:41
Bovinityand each sku has a stock count21:41
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