Thursday, 2009-05-14

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codeholichello, i've got a question about applying CC license to some media on my site.09:28
codeholicthere are a lot of images, and some of them are distributed under CC licenses.09:28
codeholicis there a way to compile RDFa so that CC license would apply only to some images so search engines could identify them as such?09:29
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greg-gcodeholic: that is what RDFa is for, you put the license metadata around the specific image/object/whatever on a page, and that way you can have more than one image/object on a page with different licenses13:57
codeholichi, greg. could you please give an example how i can put license metadata around an image tag, please?14:02
codeholici saw examples where i can put them about an image, not around. since i have plentiful images on a page, and some of them may be distributed under a non-permissive license, i would like to explicitly specify, which images the CC license is related to.14:04
greg-gcodeholic: yeah, this page explains RDFa and gives an example:
greg-gif you still have questions after you read that, let me know.14:06
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codeholici could have missed the answer if you wrote me one. please repost in this case.14:08
greg-gprobably :)14:08
greg-g10:05 <    greg-g> codeholic: yeah, this page explains RDFa and gives an example:
greg-g10:06 <    greg-g> if you still have questions after you read that, let me know.14:09
codeholicyes, i've read that14:09
codeholicbut it explains how i can say that the work is released under a CC license, but it doesn't explain how i can specify, what work (in this case, what image).14:11
greg-gcodeholic: check the "Content Discovery" section14:11
greg-gTo specify that bar.jpg is licensed, even under a different license, we can qualify the link with an about attribute:14:11
greg-g<a about="/bar.jpg" rel="license" href="">cc</a>14:12
codeholicoh, thanks, i missed that14:13
greg-galso, for more explicit examples, check out
greg-gsection 2.3 might be helpful14:14
greg-gcodeholic: yeah, that section on our wiki page is easy to miss, down at the bottom and only 2 sentences :)14:15
codeholicthanks very much, that's what i looked for!14:16
greg-gyou're very welcome! and if you have any other questions, come on back.14:16
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codeholic<div about="/bar.jpg"><img src="/bar.jpg"/><a rel="license" href="">cc</a></div>14:35
codeholichas the same meaning as14:35
codeholic<img src="/bar.jpg"/><a about="/bar.jpg" rel="license" href="">cc</a>14:35
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greg-gI believe the first one is correct14:39
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nkinkadenathany: Regarding the mail I sent a day or two ago ... is there going to be anyone in particular assigned to do Pootle troubleshooting.17:19
nkinkadeThe Jordan team is having problems again.17:19
nkinkadeMost likely they have translated more HTML or RTL'd something that should have been.17:20
nathanynkinkade: i was getting around to replying to that... one part of the problem is non-pootle i think (license_xsl-related)17:21
nathanywrt a specific person for troubleshooting, i don't know...17:22
nathanyi can reply to the message in a few minutes17:22
nathanyand we can go from there17:22
Bovinitymaple bacon coffee... heavy on the maple.17:23
Bovinitystrong though.17:23
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johndoigiiiBovinity, is this your bacon blend?17:36
Bovinityi know, it's like drinking breakfast17:37
johndoigiiiyes, I want steak and eggs blend next17:38
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Bovinitydamn, where's nkinkade when you need him19:56
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gimmulfBeen trying to figure out for a long time how all these sportstreaming sites gets their links to the streams (often through different chinese software), noticed a link from one of these streaming sites to Creative Commons and felt like it was worth a try to ask some smart ppl here20:18
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nkinkadeBovinity: Did Nathan head out for a while?21:51
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nkinkadeOr did he leave for the day already?21:51
Bovinitynkinkade: not sure, i was in a meeting while he left21:51
Bovinitynkinkade: i have a possible wiki issue for you though21:51
Bovinitynkinkade: it wants to make any new page a case study, no normal Edit link in the toolbox, only an "Edit with form".21:52
Bovinitynkinkade: handily the default page contents has a normal edit link21:52
Bovinitybut i wasn't looking for it there.21:53
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nkinkadeBovinity: Do you mean you figured it out?21:54
Bovinitynkinkade: no21:54
Bovinityjust stating what i saw21:55
nkinkadeI see what you mean.21:59
nkinkadeShould the "Edit with Form" button even be there?21:59
Bovinityi don't think so, not for a fresh page outside of /case_studies/22:00
johndoigiiinkinkade: nathan left for the day22:17
nkinkadejohndoigiii: Thanks.22:17
nkinkadeI figured that was probably the case.22:17
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