Monday, 2009-05-11

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paulproteusgreg-g, syn00:27
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greg-gpaulproteus: ack01:45
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mikechelendo free downloads on a site with advertisements violate non-commercial license?05:01
ianwelleri don't think so.05:02
ianwelleri think to violate NC you have to charge specifically for that content05:03
ianwelleror specifically for a larger compilation that contains that file05:03
ianwellerIANAL etc05:03
paulproteusgreg-g, I emailed you instead. Join my list!05:12
mikechelenianweller, thats kind of my guess, trying to find an explanation somewhere05:24
mikechelenneed something between the short summary and the full legal code05:25
paulproteusmikechelen, You should read what the full legal code says about NC:05:25
paulproteusClick on that link and search for commercial.05:25
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* ianweller looks at the nonexistence of said link05:26
paulproteus"that link" meaning the link to whichever specific NC license you're interested in05:26
paulproteusThere we go.05:26
mikechelen4b, however im still a little unsure05:26
paulproteus"You may not exercise any of the rights granted to You in Section 3 above in any manner that is primarily intended for or directed toward commercial advantage or private monetary compensation"05:27
ianwelleroh i thought the colon meant "hey i'm pasting a link here."05:27
mikechelenbecause the act of the distribution is free05:27
mikechelenugh ianal05:27
mikechelenare there any sites using cc-nc material to look at for examples?05:42
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MaximBhello people12:58
MaximBI want to understand something about CC-BY-SA ...12:59
MaximByou can re license under CC ONLY if you are the original creator and only to your unmodified work - am I correct ?12:59
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greg-gpaulproteus: I did! :)13:27
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Bovinitym3cr3d1s: is the facebook app up in git or anywhere yet?17:10
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m3cr3d1sBovinity: I don't think I have an account18:14
m3cr3d1show do I get with git?18:15
Bovinityi'm not sure how we set you up with that18:16
Bovinitym3cr3d1s: you can download the mac installer from
Bovinityi was thinking the app probably needs a short, friendly, blurb on what CC is18:21
m3cr3d1sits pretty light in terms of copy18:21
m3cr3d1salso the box on the profile page18:21
m3cr3d1sshould have "learn more about CC"18:21
m3cr3d1sand then maybe a fb-specific page18:21
m3cr3d1sinside the app18:21
Bovinityit has an app profile page18:22
m3cr3d1sthat's a good point18:22
Bovinityit showed up on my Highlights sidebar18:22
m3cr3d1smaybe port the FAQ over18:22
m3cr3d1syeah, its sandboxed now18:22
m3cr3d1sso it probably won't show up for other people18:22
m3cr3d1sbut right now i just want to add some info for returning users18:22
m3cr3d1sthat they'll be changing their license18:23
m3cr3d1sjust some conditionals18:23
m3cr3d1smiight be nice to set it up to invite people18:23
m3cr3d1sor osmething18:23
m3cr3d1sso how do I connect to CC's git18:25
Bovinityneed to check with NY or NK... for now you can set up a local repo, which you can push remotely later18:26
Bovinitym3cr3d1s: unrelated; do you have any feedback about the revised wiki main_page?18:30
m3cr3d1sit looks great18:30
m3cr3d1ssorry I've been  late on getting back to you about that18:30
m3cr3d1swhats the box at the bottom for?18:31
m3cr3d1sI mean why distinguish those?18:31
m3cr3d1smaybe documentation should be at the top?18:31
Bovinitywe decided to seperate out the "these need work" pages.. that are a bit out of date, or other wise need improvements18:34
m3cr3d1sah got it18:34
m3cr3d1smaybe we should distinguish that?18:34
Bovinitythere needs to be a short description to that effect18:34
BovinityDocumentation/ is seriously janky18:34
Bovinityand Marking needs an overhaul18:35
m3cr3d1syeah, I think cameron is working on that18:35
Bovinityall the ones in the top section have people actively working on them18:35
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nkinkade1m3cr3d1s: Do you have a name you'd like for the new git repository?21:04
nkinkade1I'd prefer facebook_app, or even cc_facebook_app21:04
nkinkade1Just something more explicity.21:05
nkinkade1Just wanted to make sure you didn't have something in mind already.21:05
m3cr3d1snah, the code is really lightweight21:05
nkinkade1But is there something in particular this app does that could be used in the name?21:05
johndoigiiinkinkade1 I am was trying to create a repo myself, can you assist me when you are finished with m3cr3d1s?21:06
nkinkade1That is, might we make another facebook app?21:06
nkinkade1johndoigiii: Sure.21:06
nkinkade1If it's possible that we or someone else might write another cc-related facebook app, then the name facebook_app seems to generic.21:06
nkinkade1m3cr3d1s: ^^21:07
m3cr3d1sI call it21:07
m3cr3d1s"Creative Commons License" on Facebook21:07
m3cr3d1sjust so that the title of the app21:07
m3cr3d1swill indicate as much on the facebook page21:07
m3cr3d1sprofile page21:07
m3cr3d1sbut totally up to you21:08
m3cr3d1sthe code is agnostic21:08
nkinkade1johndoigiii: First thing is to edit your local gitosis.conf and add the respository to one of the groups ... maybe the "cc" group if it's something relevant to everyone.21:09
johndoigiiiyes, I've done all of this, but cannot get my local git to sync with the remote repo i created21:09
nkinkade1m3cr3d1s: I'll make the name what you want, but just wanted to make sure we gave some minimal though to the name so that it doesn't come back to haunt us down the road, like some other names.21:09
nkinkade1johndoigiii: Did you do a "git remote add ..."?21:09
johndoigiiiyes... git remote add orgin
nkinkade1What's that slash before doig.git?21:10
johndoigiiihowever when i try to push, I get a fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly21:10
m3cr3d1sor some redirects21:10
johndoigiiiwell without the slash, I get a "not a repo" error21:11
nkinkade1looks like doig.git is in fact a repository.21:12
nkinkade1fatal: no matching remote head21:14
nkinkade1That's the error I got when I tried to clone it.21:14
nkinkade1I guess it's empty.21:14
nkinkade1m3cr3d1s: I'll just use the name Bovinity suggested ... long, but explicit.21:15
m3cr3d1sand thorough21:15
m3cr3d1sits totally up to you21:15
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johndoigiiinkinkade1: so should I just touch a file in the repo folder so that it isnt empty?21:21
johndoigiiibecause it would let me push anything to ity21:22
nkinkade1johndoigiii: I think it may be related.  I don't think you can commit until you have added at least one file.21:22
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nkinkade1That is, you can't create a local branch without at least one file.21:22
nkinkade1So I think you'll need the local branch in order to be able to push to the remote.21:23
johndoigiiiohh okay21:23
johndoigiiimakes sense21:23
nkinkade1once you have that first commit, then the branch "master" will appear.21:23
m3cr3d1snkinkade1: is it done?21:23
nkinkade1Then you should be able to "git push origin master:master"21:23
johndoigiiiawesome, thats what I was forgetting21:24
johndoigiiiso did I follow to correct workflow of, creating the repo folder on a7, adding the repo name to the gitosis.conf, then adding remote orgin, commit locala, and then pushing my branch?21:25
nkinkade1m3cr3d1s: I'm about to push it up.   One sec.21:27
nkinkade1johndoigiii: So it worked?21:27
m3cr3d1scool, just didn't know if the ball was in my court21:27
johndoigiiisure did21:27
m3cr3d1sno rush at all21:27
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nkinkade1m3cr3d1s: You should now be able to "git clone git@code.creativecommons.orgf:cc_license_facebook_app.git"21:31
nkinkade1(minus that stray f)21:33
m3cr3d1sits asking me for git@code.creativecommons.org21:36
m3cr3d1sshould I force my key21:36
m3cr3d1sor am I missing something, nkinkade121:36
m3cr3d1ssorry, this is the first time I'm seriously attempting to use git21:38
m3cr3d1sso I'm kind of a n00b21:38
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nkinkade1m3cr3d1s: It's asking for a password for the user git?21:39
Bovinitym3cr3d1s: should "facebook.php" be in witht he other files?21:39
m3cr3d1sBovinity: oh doh21:39
m3cr3d1sI'm forgetting the facebook dir, etc.21:39
nkinkade1I didn't know .. I just pushed up everything you gave me.21:39
Bovinityah. carry on. :)21:39
nkinkade1No big deal ... we can add/remove things as needed.21:39
m3cr3d1s should be in there21:39
m3cr3d1sbut I can put it in21:40
m3cr3d1sbash-3.2$ git clone
m3cr3d1sInitialized empty Git repository in /Users/fcb/Desktop/Creative Commons/Facebook Application/cc_license_facebook_app/.git/21:40
m3cr3d1sThe authenticity of host ' (' can't be established.21:40
m3cr3d1sRSA key fingerprint is f3:a1:9e:6e:8d:fc:33:5c:b7:0c:ee:8a:f9:88:c2:ab.21:40
m3cr3d1sAre you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes21:40
m3cr3d1sWarning: Permanently added ',' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.21:40's password:21:40
nkinkade1m3cr3d1s: That would seem to indicate that your SSH key isn't being accepted or passed.21:43
m3cr3d1swell my day is coming to an end21:43
nkinkade1Are you using git from a terminal on Mac OS X?21:43
m3cr3d1swe'll tackle it tomorrow21:43
m3cr3d1snkinkade1: yes21:43
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m3cr3d1sthanks for your help21:46
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johndoigiiinkinkade1: is there a staging set up for the api ?22:33
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nkinkade1johndoigiii: I'm not aware that there is staging area for the api, but I know there is api-1.0, api-1.5 and api-dev23:34
nkinkade1Somehow the 1.5 and dev are both used for production, I think???23:34
johndoigiiiyeah, I wasn't sure if anyone was using dev in their projects so I didnt want to introduce my code there23:35
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