Thursday, 2009-05-07

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nathanynkinkade1: do you know what table in mediawiki holds the page contents?16:53
nathany(i'm trying to figure out where that link is that's triggering the spam filter)16:53
nkinkade1nathany: It's not the table "page"?16:53
nathanynkinkade1: that's where i looked first; don't see any text-like columns there16:54
nkinkade1I'm looking at getting the Cite extension working so that the <ref> works again.16:54
nathanynkinkade1: it's in the "text" table, FWIW16:59
nkinkade1Ah, I guess that's good to know.  I feel like I've been down that road before.16:59
nathanyyeah, also is handy17:02
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nathanynkinkade1: mysql on a7 seems to be getting quite a thrashing... i wonder what's up17:38
Bovinitynathany: wiki login issue fixed.17:39
nathany(maybe just normal usage...)17:39
Bovinity(proper fixed)17:39
nathanyBovinity: awesome17:39
nkinkade1nathany: Where are you seeing that?17:39
nathanynkinkade1: wiki seems slow, top shows it using lots of CPU17:39
nathany(maybe i'm drawing incorrect conclusions)17:39
nkinkade1Maybe not.17:40
nkinkade1I have this sense that a7 is usually quite loaded, yet it's not that high in actual bytes.17:40
nkinkade1Bovinity: What's that local branch called "remote" in the cc wiki skin?17:43
nkinkade1What that a mistake?17:43
Bovinitylooks like a mistake17:43
nkinkade1I'll delete it.17:44
Bovinitylooking through my term log, i don't think i did it17:44
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nkinkade1Bovinity: on your working copies of the cc wiki skin you should start push to the cc5 remote.17:52
Bovinitynkinkade1: got it!17:54
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Bovinitynathany: sins or skins? :P17:57
nathanyBovinity: sins17:57
nathanyit's not you17:57
Bovinityi know17:57
Bovinitythe templates could go either way17:57
nkinkadeLoad averages are much higher on a7 than any of the other servers, yet it servers up much less bytes than some of the others.17:58
nkinkadeI'm going to look into re-enabling APC cache again.17:58
nkinkadeMaybe whatever bug was causing logins to fail on the wiki has been fixed in the newer version of APC or MW.17:59
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nkinkadenathany: Yeah, MySQL seemed abnormally busy ... I restarted it a while ago and things seem back to normal.18:19
nkinkadeI also re-installed APC PHP cache, so hopefully we'll get some benefit from that.18:19
nkinkade(without login problems)18:19
nathanynkinkade: awesome18:20
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nkinkadenathany: There is some un-rendered text on this page:
nkinkade... [[Description::18:31
nkinkadeSeems like a Semantic Forms things, does anything occur to you immediately?18:31
nathanynkinkade: i'm taking a look...18:32
nkinkadeIt's the text in the "One line description of work" text box.18:32
nkinkadeFigured I'd bounce it off you before trying to find the solution .18:33
nathanynkinkade: iirc either a)you can't have embedded wiki text or b) that changed and now you have to re-enable it specifically18:33
nathanyi'm trying to find the correct docs18:33
nathanynkinkade: see
nathanywe can give it a try18:35
nathany(enabling that)18:35
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nkinkadenathany: That seems to have fixed it.  I guess we can leave it like that and see what happens.18:39
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nkinkadenathany_: Regarding the import of contacts into CiviCRM ... how much work should I be doing to clean up the data as opposed to the people giving us the data?22:13
nkinkadeShould we tell people the parameters and leave the burden on them to give use the data in a usable format?22:14
nkinkadeOr do we take it as it is and do a lot of manual, time consuming manipulation?22:14
nathany_nkinkade: I suppose the answer is "it depends"22:29
nathany_is there a specific case I can comment on?22:29
nathany_I'm not opposed to doing *some* manipulation (ie, joining columns together for the notes field, perhaps)22:29
nathany_but would like to avoid doing things that may can false ambiguities (ie, processing names)22:29
nkinkadeThe file that Eric shared with us.22:29
nkinkadeI'd like to use CiviCRM's builtin import interface ... it does duplicate checking and all that, and who knows what other little things.22:30
nkinkadeHis file is ostensibly okay, but on closer inspection it'll take a bit of manipulation to actually get in shape.22:31
nkinkade* email addresses can't have the angle brackets.22:31
nathany_so I'm +1 on using the built-in importer when possible (it just sounds saner)22:31
nkinkade* You can't have 2 email address in the same field.22:31
nkinkade* A couple of the fields have no possible match in the database22:32
nathany_can the importer handle multiple email addresses (if they're not in the same field)?22:32
nkinkadeI doubt it.22:32
nkinkadeThe imported is fairly nice, but it's not a terribly complex things that allows for all sorts of exceptions.22:33
nathany_i don't have the sheet open in front of me -- the fields that can't be handled at all are the ones we'll need to pay closest attention to22:33
nathany_ie, do they get shoved into notes? (and can the importer do that?)22:34
nkinkadeSo Eric's list isn't that long and I could clean it up sufficiently in about 30 minutes, but what about others who may have really long lists that are a total caos of nonstandard fields and data?22:34
nathany_i'm not sure anyone has a list longer than eric's22:34
nkinkadeI think I may be able to shove them all into Notes.22:34
nathany_most people aren't maintaining a formal list22:34
nathany_so i doubt we'll have tons of imports to do22:34
nkinkadeThe other thing that makes it somewhat trickier is the way CiviCRM handles orgs and individuals.22:35
nathany_right; they're two records, correct?22:35
nkinkadeYOu create one, then the other, then create a relationship between them.22:35
nathany_can the importer handle that?22:35
nathany_(doing that automagically)22:35
nkinkadeI think I can achieve that with Eric's list by actually running the same list through twice.22:35
nathany_ok, so why don't you send eric and i a list of the fields that don't match cleanly22:36
nkinkadeIn any case, I just wanted to get a sense for how much time you wanted me to spend cleaning up other's people's data.22:36
nathany_we'll see if they're appropriate for shoving into notes or if we need to do sometihng different22:36
nathany_i think for this first one we can spend some time on it22:36
nathany_sort of a courtesy for them going first and being the guinea pigs, so to speak22:36
nkinkadeThat makes sense.22:36
nkinkadeI'll just ahead and add those few non-standard fields to notes and let it go at that for now.22:36
nathany_I think Joi is the only other person who has a formal list and he's keeping his in a database so we should be able to dump it/import it easier22:36
nkinkadeWhen it's done I'll show Eric the results.22:37
nathany_ok; are you going to do this on zupport?22:37
nkinkadeI find that when you give people reasonable suggestions, they are apt to agree.22:37
nkinkadeProblem is, those suggestions generally require more work, and a perhaps non-standard setup.22:37
nathany_nkinkade: so are you going to import into zupport first as a test?22:38
nkinkadeSort of like with the CiviCRM donation reports.22:38
nkinkadeYeah, zupport first.22:38
nathany_(in case we need to retool)22:38
nkinkadeThey said: we need x, y and z.22:38
nkinkadeI said: that doesn't totally make sense, don't you really need x, y, z, a, b, c, d, e, f and g, too?22:39
nkinkadeAnd they said: Well, you're right!  Do those too!22:39
nkinkadeAnd I though: fuck me.22:39
nkinkadeI should have kept my mouth shut.22:39
nathany_that'll teach you to be helpful ;)22:39
nkinkadeSame thing with the import of the data.22:39
nkinkadePeople are frequently content with substandard setups until you educate them otherwise.22:40
nathany_ok, i need to do some offline stuff.. thanks for looking into this22:40
nkinkadeThen their vision expands ... scope creep ensues.22:40
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