Wednesday, 2009-05-06

nkinkademlinksva: Was that ever determined .. what to do with the old ones?  Seems crazy to try to find all the old ones and redirect them.  How many were there?00:00
mlinksvait isn't improtant that all the old ones are redirected, can be done as they're noticed/edited00:03
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greg-gmlinksva: nkinkade most of the old case studies are in the casestudy category, so easy to find and convert them. Any others that aren't in that category won't be found anyways.00:07
Bovinitymlinksva: so are we good to go with the blog post/splash?00:11
mlinksvaBovinity, let me check the blog post just a sec00:17
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mlinksvaBovinity, there's a weird border around left and top of image on
mlinksvais that supposed to be there?00:18
Bovinityi see no border00:18
mlinksvahmm, maybe just my browser00:19
mlinksvait must be an image scaling thing00:19
mlinksvasince height width specificed00:19
mlinksvaaren't the size of the image00:19
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mlinksvaok, good to go00:21
mlinksvacan i just publish?00:21
Bovinityyep, should be all set00:21
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mlinksvathe splash image is pretty awesome, imo00:28
Bovinitythanks! i like how it turned out.00:29
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mcnellishow do I pad a string with the character - on the right for the difference of 40 characters - string01:30
mcnellise.g. if I have the string Math, it would pad it on the right with 36 - characters01:30
mlinksvamcnellis, wrong channel. this one is about creative commons, not c compilers01:31
mcnellisoh whoops haha meant to do ##c :)01:31
mcnellisbut CC ftw!01:31
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vintage|loveHello!!!!!!! :)07:25
vintage|loveany body there ? :)07:26
vintage|lovei just liked to talk about some details about joining the communityof the developers07:27
vintage|loveso have a nice time07:27
vintage|lovethanks for listenin g;)07:27
vintage|lovebtw,,,my name is Tamer Shaaban , 24 , male , Egypt , Cairo , Web ( Designer - Developer )07:28
vintage|lovec yaaaaa07:28
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mtcwhat is a good way to indicate CC license on computer images ?14:49
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nkinkadenathany: Sorry about the call.15:20
nkinkadeFor some reason, the call dropped and then I was unable to enter to conference call code.15:21
nkinkadeSomething seems wrong with the Ekiga dialpad ... I must have tried 15 more times, but each time the conference line only caught 2 or 3 of the numbers I was entering.15:21
nathanynkinkade: no problem15:28
nathanyi've had that issue with freeconferencecall before when i tried to skype in15:28
nkinkadeI though I had telecommunications mostly worked out.15:28
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CharelBhi is the license chooser on <-released under the CC or the GPL License?16:47
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greg-gCharelB: see  which is GPLv2 (and some public domain parts)17:00
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CharelBThank you greg-g17:01
greg-gno problem, CharelB17:02
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mecrediscan someone add .psd to the allowed fileuploads on teamspace?17:07
nkinkademecredis: I can do that.17:11
nkinkadeThat is, I *will* do that, right now.17:11
nkinkademecredis: Try it now.17:13
mecredis".psd" is not a permitted file type. Permitted file types are png, gif, jpg, jpeg, pdf, doc, dot, eps, svg, ai, indd, fla, swf, zip, gz, ttf, otf, ogg, mp3, mov, avi, mpg, ppt, xls, odp, txt.17:14
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mecredisnot a big deal, I just zipped it and uploaded that17:25
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oshaninathany, I have a quick question about the Wplicense plugin you've developed.. are you here now?17:41
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nathanyhi oshani17:58
oshanihi nathany , sorry I was away..18:03
nathanyno problem (so was I)18:03
oshaniI wanted to ask why "cc:attributionName" and the "cc:attributionURL" properties are not included in the link the CC license in the plugin?18:04
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oshanis/in the link the/ in the link to the18:04
nathanyoshani: if they're not, it's a bug :)18:04
nathanyI suspect it's because the original development predates those terms, but they should be added18:05
oshanithat's nice to hear18:05
oshaninathany, is anyone working on the MozCC right now?18:06
nathanyoshani: not at the moment18:07
nathanywe have some plans for it, but we're short one engineer at the moment18:07
oshaniI did some work on the Tabulator recently to discover images with CC licenses and copy images with their license metadata18:08
oshaniI think the work on MozCC and this kinda overlaps, isn't it?18:08
nathanyoshani: possibly; it's at least tangential18:08
nathanymozcc focuses primarily on exposing the license information; the behavior you describe is one possible addition to it18:09
oshaniin any case I'll send a mail to the cc-devs when I make the release -- which would be some time this week or the next18:09
nathanyoshani: great18:10
oshaniso back to the Wplicense plugin - anybody working on it to fix that bug these days? :-)18:12
oshaniOr I could possibly try to hack up a fix :)18:12
nathanyoshani: we don't have anyone dedicated to it; if you want to open a bug at we might get to it18:18
nathanybut if you're so inclined, a patch would be even better :)18:18
oshaniI'll open a bug first :)18:23
oshaninathany, I haven't looked at the Wplicense code, but I am curios what happens when a particular blog includes widgets which gets feeds from another site, which may have a conflicting license?18:29
nathanyoshani: what do you mean, "what happens";18:30
nathanynothing :)18:30
nathanyi mean, the license statement should probably be modified to explicitly state that it only applies to content originating at that site?18:31
oshaniwell, ideally, it should warn about the conflicting license, right?18:31
nathanyright, but that assumes it's aware of the widgets18:31
nathany(and that the widgets expose the license information)18:31
Bovinitynathany: cc needs:
nathanyit's full bodied *and* complex!18:33
Bovinity(thx rtkim ;)18:33
nathanyoh rtkim18:33
oshaninathany, what if the blog owner wanted to add specific licenses to the certain parts of the blog?18:35
oshanifor e.g. I might want to add a CC-BY-NC for the Facebook widget that's displayed on my blog, and the apply CC-Zero for the rest of the stuff18:35
nathanyoshani: that's an interesting use case, completely unsupported by wplicense at the moment18:35
oshanido you think there'd be enough interest in such a feature?18:36
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nathanypossibly... I think if you could make the UI approachable it could illuminate possibilities for many18:37
oshanifor many other wordpress plugins you mean?18:38
nathanywell i was meaning for users -- i suspect that many don't think about licensing different parts of their site at that granularity18:38
nathanyi'm not sure how you'd interact with other plugins/widgets18:39
Bovinitymaple bacon coffee ordered. i hope it's as delicious as it looks.18:42
nkinkadeBovinity: Did you install the new Case Studies PNG you created?18:49
Bovinitynkinkade: no, leaving the lighter weight jpg on our sites18:49
kreynenjohndoigii: got time for some questions about Blaise's Summer of Code project?18:50
nkinkadeOh, so the PNG was just for some other site?18:50
Bovinitybut i should.. people will eventually reuse18:50
Bovinityi think jessica wanted to use it on whatever site she posts to18:50
kreynenjohndoigii: I maintained the outdated module18:51
balleynekreynen: think you're missing an i19:01
balleynejohndoigiii: hello19:01
johndoigiiihello, there19:01
johndoigiiikreynen, sure I do19:02
kreynenballeyne: yes, 3 iiis thanks19:02
kreynenjohndoigiii: first, do you have a spec for this project somewhere?  I looked on the wiki, but didn't find it19:03
johndoigiiiyeah, let me pull it up19:04
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johndoigiii_kreynen sorry bout that, gsoc site was lagging for me19:12
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johndoigiiihey kreynen, still there?19:25
kreynenjohndoigiii: yes19:25
johndoigiiiI've uploaded his prop there for yah for future reference, is there any in particular you were interested in?19:27
kreynenjohndoigiii: great.  We tried to update a SoC project from last year as part of the Open Media Project..19:31
kreynenjohndoigiii: bright kid, but didn't get much guidance from Drupal community so the project died after he 'finished' it19:32
johndoigiiiahh thats very unfortunate19:33
johndoigiiiI am very optimistic about this project19:33
kreynenjohndoigiii: trying to keep that from happening with this.  I've given Blaise access to the CC modules CVS space so that some of the Drupalers who want to see something better than CC lite can help keep this moving in the right direction19:33
kreynenWe are too... Open Media users love CC
kreynenDoes anyone know if anything is happening with CCPublisher for SoC?19:36
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nathanykreynen: nothing is19:36
balleynekreynen: just two other CC SoC projects
kreynenWe've modified CCPublisher to allow uploads directly to PEG stations... works for Windows, but having issues with wxPython on OSX19:37
nathanykreynen: is your code available? if we resuscitate the project it'd be cool to include it19:38
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kreynenthe code content type is limited to users with logins to, so you can't see the description or discussion but you can download the files
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nkinkadenathany: What's the situation with the tech meetup today?\20:27
nathanynkinkade: we should try to do it, I think; should we try a three way skype call?20:28
nathanyjohndoigiii: ^^20:28
nkinkadenathany:  Ekiga v3.2 comes with Jaunty.20:28
nkinkadeDid you upgrade yet?20:28
nathanynkinkade: i did20:28
nathanywe can try that as well20:29
nkinkadeSeems we try that every week, and every week something goes wrong with it.20:29
nathanynkinkade: does ekiga 3.2 do multi-party calling or do we need to use the room as well?20:29
nkinkadeBut I'm up for trying again.20:29
nathanynkinkade: one second, let me configure my headset20:29
nkinkadenathany: I seem to recall that you, paulproteus and I were wanting Ekiga 3 for that very reason.20:29
nkinkadeBut I'm not sure about that.20:29
nathanyjohndoigiii: you around?20:30
nathanynkinkade: what's your sip address? (it seems to be gone from ekiga post-upgrade)20:31
nathanynkinkade: pvt msg?20:31
nkinkadeIt would be just awesome if we could actually all use Ekiga and things like that.20:31
nathanynkinkade: nevermind20:31
nathanyfound it20:31
nkinkadenathany: Let me login with Ekiga.20:31
nkinkadeThe other nice thing about using Ekiga instead of a 3rd party is that we could potentially define the audio codec.20:32
johndoigiiistarting an ekiga mtg?20:36
nathanyjohndoigiii: yup, we're going to try (again)20:37
johndoigiiiha ok20:37
nathanyjohndoigiii: are you somewhere you can join us? (can you priv msg me your sip ID?)20:39
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johndoigiii_sorry bout that20:47
johndoigiii_whats the sip I should ping?20:47
johndoigiii_nathany or nkinkade did you get it to work?20:51
nathanyjohndoigiii_: i'm chatting with nkinkade right now20:51
johndoigiii_o ok20:51
nathanybandwidth is a little tight so maybe you and i can chat momentarily?20:51
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johndoigiii_sure thing20:54
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Bovinitynathany: it's like you're comparing the SF Office to the LOST island.21:04
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nathanyjohndoigiii: hey, sorry about that21:07
johndoigiiino problem21:07
nathanyare you free to chat and check in?21:07
nathanycan you priv msg me your sip id?21:07
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nathanyjohndoigiii: alternately we can skype if that's easier for you21:10
nathanyjohndoigiii: dialing21:10
johndoigiiihmm, not working?21:11
nathanydoesn't seem to be...21:11
nathanyvoip is hard21:11
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