Friday, 2009-05-08

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nkinkadeBovinity: Can you add my account back to the CC Analytics account?17:55
Bovinitynkinkade: will do. is it being weird again?17:55
nkinkadeNo, I had Nathan remove that account a while back under the false impression that I could somehow get it work with my CC email account, but that never worked.17:56
nkinkadeDo you know if that's possible?17:56
Bovinityit's not tied to our Google Apps, so using our Apps email addresses won't work17:57
Bovinitywe somehow made accounts before, which are seperate from Apps17:58
Bovinityand could only be used to sign into docs and analytics, they had no email access17:58
Bovinityand it's ok if that doesn't make any sense to you at all18:00
Bovinityit barely makes sense to me18:00
nkinkadeYeah, it doesn't make 100% sense to me, but I guess I'll just have to use my personal Gmail account to access the CC Analytics.18:00
Bovinity@gmail added18:01
cchelpbotBovinity: Error: "gmail" is not a valid command.18:01
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m3cr3d1sBovinity: the CSS is weird for <ul> <li>'s here:19:48
Bovinityhmm, the nested spacing is a little funky20:04
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Bovinitym3cr3d1s: fixed ;)20:24
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nkinkade1paulproteus: You available for a quick question regarding your git-svn scripts?20:24
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m3cr3d1sBovinity: thanks20:26
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paulproteusnkinkade1, Ya20:28
paulproteusBut hurry, my brother wants me to help him make a Mother's Day gift20:28
nkinkade1Is there anything special about the first git-svn checkout you do?20:28
nkinkade1Or would something like "git svn clones <someurl> <somelocaldir>" be enough20:29
nkinkade1Then add it to your scripts, which I think I can figure out.20:29
paulproteusYou have to do that git svn clone, and then "git remote add origin ...", then hack .git/config to remove the "fetch = " line (easy to see if you compare against another working repo), then add it to my ~sheeshcron/gitted/git-svn-dirs file20:30
paulproteusThat's "all"20:30
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nkinkade1Bovinity: I fixed the issue with, but did you have any custom skinning on that one?21:03
Bovinityask asheesh21:04
Bovinityi never touched it when it was being worked on21:04
nkinkade1I'll just let ccLearn tell me if something's wrong. :-)21:07
m3cr3d1swow, facebook doesn't let you use javascript21:18
m3cr3d1sIthats cute21:18
* m3cr3d1s stops banging his head against the table21:18
Bovinitydo we have to host the app too, or do they have hosting?21:23
m3cr3d1swe have to host it21:23
m3cr3d1scurrently at
m3cr3d1sgoing to do it sans-javascript for now21:29
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m3cr3d1sBovinity: nkinkade1 can either of you send me the php for ./results-one21:53
m3cr3d1sor is there a way for me to get access to it?21:53
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Bovinitythere is no php, there is only zope21:53
Bovinity(accidental friday ghostbusters)21:54
* m3cr3d1s wonders how I can get zope to give me XHTML 21:55
m3cr3d1swith the GET query21:55
m3cr3d1sI guess I can use the API21:57
m3cr3d1sI'll figure it out21:57
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johndoigiiim3cr3d1s what is it that you want from the results-one view?22:02
m3cr3d1sthe actual html code22:02
m3cr3d1sthe stuff in the copy box22:02
m3cr3d1sit looks like 'License return format' will return it via the API22:03
johndoigiiiahh yes22:04
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m3cr3d1sI can't figure out how to get it to actually give me that though22:29
m3cr3d1sthis is good
m3cr3d1sbut no HTML in there22:30
Bovinityone approach would be to just generate the html yourself given the results.22:30
Bovinitynatrually, not futureproof22:30
m3cr3d1sI wanted to use the API22:31
Bovinitybut for a working model...22:31
m3cr3d1sbut I may do that22:31
m3cr3d1sjust for a prototype22:31
m3cr3d1sat this point22:31
m3cr3d1ssee, I start off not wanting to reinvent the wheel22:31
m3cr3d1sI try LicenseChooser.js22:31
m3cr3d1sthen the API22:31
m3cr3d1sand blargh22:31
m3cr3d1shere I am22:31
m3cr3d1ssquare one22:31
m3cr3d1skludges away22:32
Bovinitymaybe the api just doesnt provide waht you want..22:32
Bovinityand this way you can figure out what the api should provide22:32
m3cr3d1sthat's actually what I'm thinking22:32
Bovinitythus you're actually helping22:32
m3cr3d1sfair enough22:32
m3cr3d1sis there any pseudo code for a switch statement for the license logic?22:40
* m3cr3d1s stops being lazy22:41
Bovinityif only gsoc was over, and the php port of liblicense was done22:48
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