Tuesday, 2009-05-05

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nkinkadenathany: I'm thinking about holding off on the wiki upgrade because of this Case Studies launch today.16:15
nathanynkinkade: ok... i'm torn -- on one hand it'd be nice to have the preview bug fixed, but i understand16:16
nkinkadeI think Mike said there was going to be a banner on the front page, and so since it'll be advertised like that it seems unwise to risk downtime for something important.16:16
nkinkadeHowever, I could probably just knock out the upgrade early and then be done with it ... if there's a problem, then I could just fall back on the old install.16:16
nkinkadeMaybe that's worth trying, and no harm in trying as long as we can safely fall back.16:17
nathanyyeah, it'd be nice to have editing look good, ya know?16:17
nathanyi can ping mike and see when the banner is supposed to go up16:17
nkinkadeOkay, I take that back.  I'll try to upgrade here in few minute.16:17
nkinkadeYeah, let me know what Mike says.16:18
nathanyyeah, let's just make a copy of the deployment directory and dump the database16:18
nathanyso we can roll back if needed16:18
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nathanynkinkade: the banner goes up sometime after 5pm PDT16:21
nathanywe have time16:21
nkinkadeOh, yeah, that's plenty of time.16:21
nathanywe can screw it up TWICE before then!16:22
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Bovinitynkinkade: have you looked at the wiki image floating/flowing issue michelle brought up?16:53
Bovinitynkinkade: if not, i'll take a look... might just be a theme issue.16:53
Bovinityor she's doin it wrong16:54
nkinkadeBovinity: Not yet.16:54
nkinkadeRight now I'm going to upgrade the wiki to MW 1.14.16:54
nkinkadeI figure we can just see what the fall-out of the upgrade is, then react accordingly.  It may even fix some unexpected things.16:55
Bovinitygreg-g: are you on getting those casestudies query pages working?16:59
greg-gBovinity: I can make the pages that embed the search query, yeah17:58
greg-gBovinity: did you have a preference and the naming scheme for those pages? piddly question.18:06
Bovinityas mentioned in the email.. Case_Studies/PAGE_NAME/18:07
Bovinityer, no trailing slash18:07
greg-gright, I guess I missed that, thanks18:08
Bovinitythe theme handles page titling correctly now18:10
Bovinityso no retarded path structure page names any more18:10
greg-gyeah, I saw that on a test page I tried, looked good18:10
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nkinkadeBovinity: nathany:  The cc5 wiki theme is in subversion, but we're migrating the wiki to git.18:26
Bovinitynkinkade: i considered adding cc5 to our git repo, but you were on vacation at the time, decided to leave it in svn18:28
nkinkadeBovinity: it's be really nice to just add it to the wiki as a git submodule.18:28
nkinkadeHow much relies on the subversion checkout right now?18:28
Bovinitycc4 and cc5 in wiki.cc/www/skins are both svn checkouts18:29
nkinkadeHow would you feel about moving the cc5 theme to git and from here forward making updates to the git repository instead of svn?18:29
Bovinityabsolutely, and entirely, happy with that idea18:29
Bovinityi'm also for doing the same thing with wordpress18:30
nkinkadeI think this is one of those cases where we can easily get away with that, since we are probably the only ones using the cc5 theme.18:30
nkinkadeBovinity: Is this something you can do right now, or should I do it?18:31
Bovinitynkinkade: i'll let you do that18:33
nkinkadeBovinity: Any particular name/location in git?18:33
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nkinkadeIs now the time to just name it something like cc_wiki_theme.git, and new versions will just be a different branch?18:35
Bovinitythat's what i was thinking18:35
nkinkade(rather than continuing to interate over numbers.18:35
Bovinityor we make a central themes module?18:35
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Bovinityhmm.. disregard that. seperate modules better.18:36
nkinkadeI'll make a themes/ directory, and call it cc_wiki.git18:36
nkinkadeLike we've done with mw-ext/18:37
Bovinityso code.cc.org:themes/cc_wiki.git ?18:37
nkinkadeThat could work.18:38
Bovinityis that what you meant?18:38
nkinkadeYeah, that's what I meant.18:49
nkinkadeDoes that work for you, Bovinity?18:49
nkinkadeBovinity: Is /themes/ccwiki/branches/production/ = cc5?18:51
Bovinitynkinkade: yes18:51
Bovinity'</pedantry>... back to making things not look awful.18:52
Bovinitytables for layout.. what year is it again?18:54
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Bovinitynathany: michelle> wow, looks a lot better without the awful yellow info boxes19:35
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Bovinitynkinkade: you're probably aware... http://wiki.creativecommons.org/index.php?title=RDFa&action=history20:26
nkinkadeBovinity: The upgrade is in progress.20:26
nkinkadeupdate.php is running.20:27
Bovinitynkinkade: thought so :)20:27
nkinkadeNot much I can do about the speed of  that script. :-)20:27
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nkinkadeUh.  Monobook!20:30
Bovinitywe're classy20:30
nkinkadeBovinity: Can you help me figure out why monobook is showing up?20:31
Bovinitycc5 isn't in skins20:32
Bovinityor is that what cc is?20:32
nkinkadeI renamed it to cc, I think.20:32
nkinkadeI wanted to genericize the name, so that we don't have to go around renaming classes and configs, etc.20:33
Bovinitya: LocalSettings.php probably still has cc5 as default; b: all users will need their skin setting updated20:33
nkinkadeUpgrading to a new theme will simply be a matter of checking out a new branch.20:33
Bovinitya good move :)20:33
nkinkadeI set wgDefaultSkin = "cc" before.20:33
nkinkadeBut maybe like you say it'll have to be upgraded for each user???20:33
nkinkadeDo you know how to do that quickly?20:34
Bovinitythere's a maintenance script that'll do it quickly20:34
mecredisjohndoigiii: thanks for fixing that typo20:34
johndoigiiinp :)20:34
nkinkadeIf you happen to know which one and how to run it, I'd be much obliged.  Otherwise I'll look around for it.20:35
Bovinitynkinkade: i've got it running, but fyi: www/maintenance$ php userOptions.php skin --old cc5 --new cc20:35
nkinkadeBut you know I like the fullscreen layout of monobook. ;-)20:36
Bovinityif it isn't, it should be available as a user preference available skin20:36
nkinkadeOooo.  userOptions.php to the rescue.  That worked.20:37
Bovinitywe have sooo many users.20:37
mecredisjust think of the users20:38
mecredisfor the love of god think of the users20:38
Bovinitymost of which don't have a skin preference set20:38
BovinityNot changing 'Buy Tramadol Online' using <skin> = ''20:39
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haoyuhmm, does CC has a style guide, unified theme, or similiar thing?20:40
Bovinityseriously, most of these people are spam accounts20:40
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haoyuI mean, a style guide for all CC projects?20:40
Bovinityhaoyu: there are recommendations in various places; and all our theme files are avaliable for reuse20:41
nkinkadenathany: Do you have a few things you could do on the CC wiki to make sure that critical aspects of SMW are working as expected?20:41
nathanynkinkade: sure20:41
haoyunkinkade, do you think it is a good idea to apply the same skin as CC wiki on CC monitor?20:42
nathanynkinkade: it doesn't look like SMW is working... i wonder if we need to run the data refresh script20:42
nkinkadehaoyu: I guess that's something that would be up to you guys, right?  I'm not opposed to it, but at the very least some color changes might be useful.20:42
nkinkadenathany: I did Special:SMWAdmin -> Initialise or update data20:43
nathanynkinkade: hrm20:43
nkinkadeDoes something else need to be run?20:43
nathanyoh, right20:43
nkinkadeSorry, "Initialise or upgrade data"20:43
nathanytables, right?20:43
nkinkadeI think that's what it did?20:43
nathanythe "Start updating data" is the one that refreshes all the indexes -- i'll run now20:43
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nkinkadeI seemed to run successfully.20:43
nathanynkinkade: yeah, the upgrade would but if you have lots of existing data like we do the update is the second half20:44
haoyuI just want to know is there any convention about skin/page style and color theme? And I think reuse the same skin can make things easier since the cc wiki skin is carefully designed and tested.20:45
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nkinkadehaoyu: That is something you'd want to discuss in an email with Giorgos, Bovinity, nathany and Mike.  I have this sense that there is a desire to make sure each web property looks distinct enough so that people don't get confused, yet similar enough so that there is cohesion.20:47
haoyuokey. so I'll leave Girogos to make decision about this. thanks nkinkade20:48
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mlinksvankinkade, Bovinity edit and recent changes links seem to have disappeared from the cc wiki. related to upgrade and/or style changes?20:53
nkinkademlinksva: Surely related to upgrade of 10 minutes ago.20:53
nathanymlinksva: they show up for me20:53
Bovinityi see them now, after a reload20:53
nkinkadeThe problem was that I had the permission set wrong ... should be fixed now.20:54
nkinkadeI was still doing something with emailconfirmed.20:54
mlinksvaok, upon reload i see them20:55
mlinksvawell, edit20:55
mlinksvai still don't see recent changes20:55
nkinkadenathany: It would appear that this upgrade fixed the Fact Box repeat issue.20:55
nathanynkinkade: yup20:55
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mlinksvathat's awesome20:57
mlinksvaor rather the repeatig fact box really sucked :)20:57
nkinkadeBovinity: On the toolbar, shouldn't there be 3 rows when logged in?20:59
nkinkadeOn my screen the little page icon and house icon are showing up on the same line.20:59
Bovinitynkinkade: it depends on how many items are in a toolbox.. if there's an Edit With Form on the page tools, it'll wrap User down21:00
Bovinitynkinkade: space between the toolbox nav and the page title is pre-compensated21:00
mlinksvai thik there's a probelm with external images not loading anymore21:00
nkinkadeBovinity: Any idea about the "Related Changes" or "Recent Changes" links being gone?21:00
mlinksvaeg http://wiki.creativecommons.org/FAQ the language bubble21:00
nkinkademlinksva: Thanks for checking these things.21:00
nkinkadeI'll make sure external images are enabled.21:01
mlinksva(tho i'm not sure why that's specified as an external iamge)21:01
Bovinitynkinkade: btw, i copied the images directory from the backup into the live www; it had been missed21:01
nathanyit does look like we had some old <ask> queries lying around21:03
nathanythose aren't supported anymore so we'll have to fix as we find them21:03
nkinkadeBovinity: You just copied in the entire old images directory?21:03
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Bovinitynkinkade: yes, references in the DB hadn't changed21:04
nkinkadeIt's owned by nkinkade.21:04
nkinkadeDid you do that on purpose?21:04
Bovinitynkinkade: unintentionally21:04
nkinkadeSo as mlinksva says, some images aren't showing up, on the FAQ page in the translation box, we just get a URL.21:05
nkinkadeThe image is there, so it must be something about this new version of MW.21:06
nathanyBovinity: the most recently edited case studies seems to be the only SMW query not working21:10
nathanyprobably because it relies on Semantic Edit Time21:10
nathany(our extension which is... sub-optimal)21:10
nathanyi suggest we just kill that for the time being since refreshing that data will be a massive pain in the ass21:11
nathanymlinksva may have a different opinion (on killing that)21:11
Bovinityi'd say at least replace it with a default query21:11
nathanywell, whatever21:11
mlinksvanathany, i'm not sure what you're talkig abou tkilling21:12
nathanythe "most recently edited case studies" on the case studies page21:13
mlinksvamost recently edited case studies21:13
nathanythe list of them21:13
nathanythe query relies on edit time data21:13
nathanyunlike the rest of SMW information, that can't be "refreshed" using the built in mechaism (our extension injects it at save time)21:14
mlinksvapresentation lists also don't work http://wiki.creativecommons.org/User:Mike_Linksvayer21:15
mlinksvaThe date "*" was not understood.21:15
nathanymlinksva: ah; that's a query with old syntax21:16
nathanymlinksva: fixed21:17
mlinksvaok, i'm fine wtih not having recently edited case studies21:18
nathanymlinksva: btw, our google juice is insane21:18
mlinksvaafter a few have been edited post-upgrade, it would work again?21:18
nathanyi'm looking for refs for this spec and googling for "powder iriset" has our commit log as the first message21:18
paulproteus"Minimum estimate" of 250 million inbound links21:18
nathanymlinksva: yes21:18
paulproteusI mean, CC-licensed works21:18
nathanymlinksva: and before the actual POWDER spec is our Commoner documentation21:18
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mlinksvanathany, probably as it should be in that case21:19
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mlinksvafwiw i just got21:30
mlinksvaA database query syntax error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software. The last attempted database query was:21:30
mlinksva    (SQL query hidden)21:30
mlinksvafrom within function "". MySQL returned error "1205: Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction (localhost)".21:30
mlinksvaand the wiki seems generally very slow21:31
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mlinksvare external images seems there was a feature in use that if linktext for an external url references an exteral image url, the image is redered instead of the url as linktext, which is happening now21:33
mlinksva[http://wiki.creativecommons.org/CcWiki:Translate http://wiki.creativecommons.org/images/b/b5/Languages.png]21:33
nkinkademlinksva: Right. setting wgEnableExternalImages to true fixes the problem, but I'm not sure why it regards that URL as external.21:35
nkinkadewgAllowExternalImages, that is.21:36
mlinksvaamybe s/external/fully specified/21:36
mlinksvaanyhow if that fixes it please do set wgAllowExternalImages to true, nkinkade21:37
nkinkademlinksva: Have you seen multiple places where images are not showing up?21:38
nkinkadeIf so, then in the meantime we might enable external images.  If not, then I'd rather enter an address that it recognizes as local.21:39
nkinkadeUnless you generally just want to have external images allow in any case.21:39
mlinksvaFAQ and footer of case studies21:40
mlinksvaactually anyplace the translation template is used (eg FAQ)21:40
mlinksvasee bottom of http://wiki.creativecommons.org/User:Michelle_Thorne/DevCasestudies21:40
mlinksvalet's allow external images21:41
mlinksvankinkade, this facility also seems to be used in case study template21:55
mlinksvasee eg http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Blender_Foundation21:55
nkinkademlinksva: I configured the wiki to allow external imagse.21:56
mlinksvankinkade, thanks that fixed all i noted21:57
nkinkadeI feel like that was a workaround instead of a fix, though.21:58
nkinkadeBut maybe we want to allow external images anyway?  In any case, I guess we should be extra aware of spam in the form of images.21:58
mlinksvankinkade, the bigger problem is people uploading images that are spammish22:01
mlinksva(ie non-external images)22:01
mlinksvabut you're right that syntax feels like a hack22:02
mlinksvashould use that (link=) for images hosted on cc wiki22:02
mlinksvathe imagemap thing is pretty ugly for external links though22:03
mlinksvaBovinity, nkinkade i still don't see recent changes link fwiw22:05
nkinkadeI now see a "Related Changes" link.22:06
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mlinksvankinkade, that's always been there22:10
Bovinitythe page works, no idea why it isnt' appearing in the toolbox22:11
Bovinityhm, i love how querying google about random sorting Semantic MW queries brings up an email from Asheesh regarding random sorting CC Case Studies...22:12
nkinkadeBovinity: I just peeked in the nav_urls array of $this->data and don't even see a link to Recent Changes.22:21
nkinkadeYou can see it on wiki-staging, it dumps to the screen.22:21
nkinkademlinksva:  Where would you like for the recent changes link to show up.22:44
nkinkadeI'm just going to have to mostly manually add it.22:44
nkinkadeBovinity: The only place in all of $this->data that I see "Recent changes" is in $this->data['sidebar']['wiki navigation']22:46
mlinksvankinkade, i guess in the second row of wiki links22:50
mlinksvanah, third22:50
mlinksvabefore special pages22:50
mlinksvaoanother thing, i just crated a case study with the form22:53
mlinksvaand it didn't get added with 'Case Studies/' prefix22:53
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Bovinitynkinkade: err, failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/wiki.creativecommons.org/www/includes/Skin.php on line 13923:29
nkinkadeBovinity: Fixed.23:29
Bovinitynkinkade: fixed in what way?23:29
Bovinitynkinkade: monobook makes an ugly return23:29
nkinkadeI was just trying to switch the live site to the branch called cc523:30
nkinkadeI'll save it for another day.23:30
nkinkadeBovinity: The Case_Study page changed on staging.23:36
nkinkadeDid you copy it in from somewhere else?23:37
nkinkadeThe lines to make it create subpages for case studies went away.23:37
Bovinityi don't recall changing it23:40
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nkinkademlinksva: sub pages for Case Studies should be working again.23:42
nkinkadeIt was only ever implemented on wiki-staging, but not it's on the live site too.23:43
Bovinityare current case studies going to migrate to /Case_Studies/NAME... or is that what you're talking about?23:44
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nkinkadeBovinity: New case studies will be as you say ... I never found out what people wanted to do about the old ones.23:59

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