Thursday, 2009-04-16

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SiKingHello. Would somebody be able to help me understand the NC clause?02:21
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nkinkadeI've received two emails in the last day from people who seem to be under the impression that they need to put their photos under a  CC license to publish them on Facebook.  If it were  just one, I'd think it was a mistake, but 2 in one day seems strange.  Does anyone know of anything going on over at Facebook that might be related to CC?15:46
nkinkadeOh, wait.  On closer inspection it's actually the same person who wrote in twice.  nm.15:47
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nathanynkinkade: maybe we should just tell them "yes, it's true, ask facebook" to build demand :)15:57
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nkinkadenathany: Is it my imagination or is the MTA chooser totally busted?16:30
nathanynkinkade: yes, busted16:31
nathanyi'll look at that16:31
nkinkadeShall I create a ticket?16:31
nkinkadeJust for the sake of documentation?16:31
nathanyyes please16:31
nathanyassign to me16:31
nkinkadeDone.  issue32016:33
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nathanynkinkade: mta is fixed16:45
nkinkadenathany: Cool.  Thanks.  I'll reply to the guy who reported it.16:46
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paulproteusoops, wrong button17:37
paulproteus(thanks nkinkade for telling me I left...)17:38
nkinkadepaulproteus: Now that I've got you here, any reason why bind might running on a6?17:38
paulproteusI guess the downside of having 30 IRC channels open is that if you accidentally close one you'r e less likely to notice.17:38
paulproteusnkinkade, This might be from when I was thinking our ISP DNS servers weren't working.17:38
paulproteusFeel free to remove it.17:39
nkinkadeDo you think it should stay?17:39
nkinkadeOkay.  I'm not getting logwatch messages because Postfix is refusing to send the size of file it wants to send.17:39
paulproteusWell, I think it might be nice if the servers ran their own local DNS cache in case the ISP ones get weird.17:39
paulproteusnkinkade, Hah, eek.17:39
nkinkadeAnd it's from many MBs of bind messages.17:39
paulproteusYeah, screw that.17:39
nkinkadeI guess we could leave it, but just have it only resolve on the loopback.17:40
paulproteusYeah, of course we'd want it only on loopback.17:40
paulproteusIf we kept it.17:40
paulproteusIf I didn't do that, then my apologies.17:40
paulproteus(though maybe it was installed at a different time and I'm not to blame, I dunno)17:40
nkinkadeDo you think that having a local cache would fix all problems with a broken DNS server?17:41
nkinkadeIt seems like it might help some things, but surely others would still fail.17:41
nkinkadelike sending emails to domains it hadn't seen before.17:41
paulproteusWell, it should be able to look those up in the root servers etc.17:41
nkinkadeI'm more tempted to remove bind than to leave it, but I'm open to input.17:41
paulproteusI'm more tempted to keep it and not rely on the ISP's DNS servers, but not by a lot.17:42
paulproteusI'm more interested in not talking about it, honestly. (-:17:42
nkinkadeExcept for that one *possible* blip a month or two ago, I'm not aware that we've had any problems with our ISPs nameservers in nearly 2 years.17:43
paulproteusAnd in the blip I think DNS was a red herring.17:43
nkinkadepaulproteus: I'll just remove it them and deal with the fallout, should it come. :-)17:43
paulproteusGood plan. (-:17:43
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nkinkadepaulproteus: nathany: Are either one of you running runsvdir on a6 for something?18:18
nkinkadeIt seems to not be doing anything but just running with no purpose.18:18
nathanynkinkade: i don't know what that is... is it possible tomcat/j2ee related?18:19
nkinkadeSeems to be some sort of process that monitors and perhaps restarts other processes.18:19
nkinkadeIt's put there by some packaged called runit.18:20
nathanynkinkade: that sounds familiar, but i can't place it at the moment18:21
nkinkadeIt could be related to roundup.18:21
nkinkadeIt seems that roundup depends on runit.18:22
nathanyah, makes sense18:22
paulproteusnkinkade, iiirc it's also an optional way to run git-daemon (which we opt out of and just use inetd for)18:23
nkinkadeThough it doesn't appear to be running on a7.18:23
paulproteusHow I love inetd.18:23
nkinkadeIt says it's a replacement for init18:23
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haoyunkinkade, I got "Error creating thumbnail: sh: wmf2eps: command not found" when accessing an uploaded SVG image on the monitor.(cc).org site via IE719:14
nkinkadehaoyu: I'll look at it in just minute.19:15
haoyunkinkade, thanks. and "convert: unable to load module `/usr/lib/ImageMagick-6.3.7/modules-Q16/coders/': file not found."19:15
haoyunkinkade, the full error message here:
haoyuThe page I tried to access via IE7 is , since IE7 won't support SVG, so wiki tried to convert it to PNG.19:17
haoyunkinkade, there's same error on firefox.19:21
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nkinkadehaoyu: Interestingly, this fixed it: $wgMaxShellMemory = 131072;19:39
haoyugreat, it fixed, thanks nkinkade :)19:46
haoyubut indeed, is there any relation between the error and shell memory?19:46
nkinkadehaoyu: I was greatly shocked, but it would seem so.19:48
nkinkadeThe errors you were getting wouldn't have indicated that to me at all.19:49
nkinkadeI did a few searches and found someone who noted that that fixed it for them.  Seems to have fixed it for us as well.19:49
haoyuso interesting...19:49
nkinkadepaulproteus: I'm going to purge runit on a6 ... I suspect it somehow got pulled in with roundup.19:50
paulproteusnkinkade, If nothing depends on it, go ahead.19:50
nkinkadeMaybe it was a recommended package that slipped in?19:50
* paulproteus shrugs, maybe.19:50
nkinkadeNothing seems to depend on it, the purge will remove fgetty and runit.19:50
nkinkadenathany: Is it possible that is out of date?20:06
nathanynkinkade: in what manner?20:06
nkinkadeDo we not recommend adding something to xmpRights:CopyrightNotice20:07
nkinkadeOr is xmpRights:UsageTerms all that would be necessary.20:08
nathanyI'm not familiar with that predicate20:08
nkinkadeI may be consfusing this.20:08
nathanyit sounds like it may be interesting, but i haven't seen it to date20:08
nkinkadeMaybe the document I have is old.20:08
nkinkadeLet me check it, and if it's current I'll forward it to you.20:08
nathanyok, cool20:09
nkinkadenathany: That predicate doesn't exist .. it seems I made it up.20:16
nathanyglad to hear it (as opposed the alternative, that we're full of shit ;) )20:16
nkinkadeI was looking an IPTC document talking about how the implement XMP data and there was a "Copyright Notice" field, which apparently is implemented in XMP as dc:rights20:18
nkinkadeBut should we be recommending setting that field?  Or am I just really confused about XMP?20:19
nkinkadenathany:  ^^20:19
nathanynkinkade: that sounds a lot like xmpRights:UsageTerms20:20
nathany(in terms of description)20:20
nkinkadeI guess this is really something quite specific to IPTC and their recommendations on metadata for photos.20:20
nathanyright... i'm not sure that we should be making specific recommendations for using dc:rights in XMP20:21
nathanyi've not seen [in my admittedly small sample] applications using dc:rights extensively, esp with XMP20:21
nathanythe major complaint is that its too loosely defined to be that useful for semantic processing20:21
nkinkadenathany: Some guy wrote in asking what we recommended relative to the IPTCs metadata recommendations.  He claims that the vast majority of photographers in the new media.20:23
nkinkade ... use those recommendations.20:23
nkinkadeI don't know how accurate that might be.20:23
nathanyit's probably accurate20:23
nathanyIPTC is widely used20:24
nkinkadeSo even though I pointed him to our /XMP page, he came back saying: well, yeah, but what do you recommend in terms of the "Copyright Notice" field and the "Usage Rights" ,etc.20:24
nathanywhat do we recommend they put there?20:25
nathanyi'd say its the same as xmpRights:UsageTerms20:25
nkinkadeSorry, RightsUsage, which is implemented as xmpRights:UsageTerms20:25
nkinkadeThe IPTC doc specifies both.  Sorry to take up so much time on this.20:25
nathanyso is there still an outstanding question?20:26
nkinkadeThey are mixing and matching namespace, apparently.20:26
nathanyeh, ok20:26
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nkinkadeI'm not being clear.  IPTC defines both fields "Copyright Notice" (dc:rights) and also "Usage Rights" (xmpRights:UsageTerms) ... so would I just recommend he fill them both in with the same data.20:27
nathanyIf he's going to fill them both in, I think they should be the same; as to best practice, I don't know20:28
nkinkadeI'll just tell him something reasonable, which is basically what you just said. :-)20:29
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nathanynkinkade: awesome20:44
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nkinkadeBovinity: Is it okay if I break wiki-staging a little?21:01
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Bovinitynkinkade: break in what way?21:05
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Bovinitynkinkade: i'm done working on things for now, so have at it21:06
nkinkadeBovinity: I'm just migrating the wiki to use the git submodules as extensions.21:10
Bovinitynkinkade: my stuff isn't in source control on the server, but i have everything local if it goes away. just an fyi.21:11
nkinkadepaulproteus: I think you may have missed one or two MW extensions.21:16
paulproteusnkinkade, oops, name 'em21:17
paulproteusnkinkade, There, should be in now.21:25
nkinkadepaulproteus: Thanks.21:25
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nkinkadepaulproteus: Me confuse.21:34
nkinkadeFor the MW Cite ext.21:34
nkinkadeApparently you need to use the specific revision they release for a given MW release.21:34
paulproteusWell, you're welcome to use git log to find that revision.21:35
nkinkadeOh, wait.  Seem the rev number they gave was for the MW codebase, not the Cite codebase.21:35
paulproteusOh, okay.21:35
nkinkadeThat was the problem ... there was no r45577 in the Cite codebase.21:35
nkinkadeI may be able to find out the rev that is located at branches/REL1_14/extensions/Cite/21:36
paulproteusWell, (a) if we ought to track cite's branches, we can, and (b) I thought you just said that you need a rev of MW anyway, not of Cite.21:36
nkinkadeSorry if that was confusing.  trunk of Cite does not work with MW 1.14.0.  It seems you need to grab a specific revision of Cite that is known to work with 1.14.0.  I didn't know how to find that revision number.  I downloaded Cite for 1.14.0 and found this in the main file:21:41
nkinkade'svn-revision' => '$LastChangedRevision: 44056 $',21:41
nkinkadeSo it would seem that that is the Cite revision we need for 1.14.021:41
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nkinkadeI think it's better to track trunk and then just pin the submodule to the necessary rev, instead of just using git-svn to pull a static release of Cite, which makes no sense.21:42
nkinkadepaulproteus: ^^21:42
nkinkadeDoes that seem right to you?21:42
paulproteusI think that your plan is fine. We currently track only Cite's trunk, and so doing what you suggest is easiest and should be fine.21:44
paulproteusHaving said that, we can track in git both Cite's trunk and Cite's branches, like we do for MW itself, and then you could just grab that particular Cite branch as they ask for.21:45
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paulproteusDoing it the second way requires a little more work on my end, so I'm quite okay with doing it the first way if you are!21:45
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nkinkadepaulproteus: Do you have a moment to help me with a git issue?22:41
paulproteusSure, sup?22:41
nkinkadeI did something with the cc_staging branch of mediawiki.git, and before I make it worse I wanted to check in.22:41
nkinkadeI was trying to pin the revision of the submodule extensions/Cite to an older revision.22:42
* paulproteus listens22:42
nkinkadeSo I did $ cd extensions/Cite22:42
paulproteusIf there's a way we can share screens, or at least repositories, that would probably be helpful.22:42
* paulproteus listens22:42
nkinkade$ git checkout -b mw_1.14.1 <some sha1>22:42
nkinkade(from within the Cite submodule)22:43
nkinkadeThen I backed out like cd ../..22:43
nkinkadeAnd then did a commit.22:43
paulproteusEr, but you never did "git add"?22:43
paulproteus(or did you commit -a?)22:43
nkinkade(yeah, I did add first)22:43
paulproteusOkay, and you avoided the trailing slash problem, I hope? Sounds good to me (I try to run "git status" and "git diff" before "git commit -a".)22:44
nkinkadeAnd I expected that to change the submodule reference in the main project.22:44
paulproteusI agree. Did it?22:44
nkinkadeThen I went up to a7 to do a git pull on the wiki-staging area, and it was giving me errors that the merge would overwrite an unversioned file.22:44
nkinkadeThen I looked on only to find that it appeared to have deleted the submodule and added the extension as local commits.22:45
nkinkadeI'm confused about what happened.22:45
nkinkadeIt seems clear that I did something wrong along the way, and maybe even something I didn't tell you (without knowing it).22:46
paulproteusThis is generally what happens when you do:22:46
nkinkadeI'm wanting to get back to square one and try that again, but am not sure how to get there from here.22:46
paulproteus$ git add extensions/PdfExport/ # with a trailing slash22:46
nkinkadeI misunderstood your question, and that is what I certainly did.22:46
nkinkadeWhat's the best path back?22:47
nkinkadeto just git rm extenstions/Cite22:47
nkinkadeThen re-add it as a submodule?22:47
paulproteusI would undo the push first.22:47
nkinkadeI'm not sure how to do that.22:47
paulproteusJust (in a local branch): "git reset --hard cc_staging^1 ; git push --force origin cc_staging:cc_staging"22:47
paulproteusI write that presuming you are doing it from a local branch called cc_staging.22:48
nkinkadeAh, so I have to --force.22:48
paulproteusYeah, because the push won't be a fast-forward.22:48
paulproteusIt's a fast-reverse!22:48
nkinkadeI already did the hard reset on the local side.22:48
nkinkadeBut like you just said it refused to push a non-fastward.22:48
nkinkadeAnd that was about when I pinged you here. :-)22:48
* paulproteus chuckles at "non-fastward"22:48
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nkinkadeBovinity: Is your wiki user an Admin on Staging?23:08
Bovinitynkinkade: yes23:08
nkinkadeCan you give the user Nkinkade Admin rights?23:08
nkinkadeThe other day I tried in the db, but something must have changed since v1.11.023:08
Bovinityfrom within function "SMW::getSMWPageID". MySQL returned error "1146: Table 'cc_wiki_staging.smw_ids' doesn't exist (localhost)".23:09
Bovinityin Special:UserRights23:09
nkinkadeBovinity: Try again.23:10
Bovinitynkinkade: now a fatal error regarding recaptcha23:10
BovinityWarning: require_once(/var/www/ [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/ on line 18123:10
nkinkadeOne more time. :-)23:11
Bovinitynkinkade: you're all set23:11
nkinkadeAwesome.  Thanks.23:12
johndoigiiihey guys, where are the public keys being configured for the SVN server?23:14
nkinkadejohndoigiii: On a7 in svn's homedir.23:18
johndoigiiithanks nkinkade23:20
nkinkadeIf you need to add a new key you can just add it to that file, but be sure to follow the example of the others in that file, since there are some extras.23:20
nkinkadeBovinity: If something doesn't seem right on wiki-staging, it's probably because extensions/ is now running as a set of git submodules and it's missing one or two.23:22
nkinkadeBut I think most everything is there.23:22
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johndoigiiihey nkinkade can you tell me the diff btwn "cc.engine" and "cc.engine.staging.production", is one based on trunk and the other on the production branch?23:50
johndoigiiiha, nvm just answered my own question23:50
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