Friday, 2009-04-17

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talkouthi... how many slots CC got for GSoC?09:49
talkoutany GSoC mentors here?09:51
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paulproteusMorning, all.16:46
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haoyuI got database error on this page:
haoyuanyone can take a look at it and help?18:07
ankitghaoyu: I am getting an SQL error there as well ... so it's not a client side problem ...18:17
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haoyuankitg, yep, thanks :)18:31
haoyusame error on this page...
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ankitghaoyu: yes, same error ... MySQL returned error "1205: Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction (localhost)". ... might just have to kill the mysqld process (or the thread) which has locked the db ...18:41
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paulproteusLet me look into the above18:58
paulproteusEr, in a few minutes |-:19:00
haoyuthanks paulproteus :)19:00
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haoyumore strangely, when I uploading file via mediawiki API, I usually got connection reset by peer. But if I use monitor.(cc).org:8080 (bypass cache), the upload will be successful19:11
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haoyupaulproteus, I dropped a mail about the DB error to you and NK. I'll off to bed now... Thanks!20:34
paulproteushaoyu, Okay, cool, night!20:35
paulproteusSorry I couldn't help right away.20:35
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flachenAnyone here?22:25
paulproteusflachen, Sure!22:27
flachenoke cool, i got a question about the CC license22:28
flachenatm im looking for some icons for a webpage that im makeing.. this webpage will become a membership service in some time, can i use CC Licensed icon for this?22:29
ianwellerflachen: depends on the license of the icon. which license is it, specifically?22:31
flachenianweller: <- this one22:31
ianwelleris that license in your language?22:32
flachennope im danish but its the license that is linked to where i found the icons22:32
ianwelleryou can click a language link at the top.22:33
ianwellerit'll be the same license deed but translated for you.22:33
ianwellerthat human-readable deed tells you basically what the license allows22:33
flachenoke, but when my site is membership service it counts as commercial, right?22:34
ianwellerare you charging?22:34
ianwellerif so, then yes22:35
flachenoke thanks i just got confused if commercial use was like reselling and such :)22:35
ianwellerthe exact definition is in the full license iirc22:35
ianwellerpaulproteus: you prolly know more than i about that22:35
paulproteusYes, the exact definition is in the license.22:36
paulproteusIt's good to read that section. I can read you the English text from the unported license, which is the one I understand the best.22:36
flacheni just need to know if i can use them or not :)22:37
paulproteusWhat we advise is, if you're unsure, you shouldn't use it.22:38
flachenoke :) thx for the help guys22:38
paulproteusI'm not a lawyer, but clarity is important. The English one reads, "You may not exercise any of the rights granted to You in Section 3 above in any manner that is primarily intended for or directed toward commercial advantage or private monetary compensation"22:39
flachenokay then i better not use it and find some other i can use22:40
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