Wednesday, 2009-04-15

paulproteusnkinkade, You do need to,yeah.00:04
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JeroenzKlompzand a good day people02:01
JeroenzKlompzi was talking to someone from ireland, and says he cant use cc licenses yet02:01
JeroenzKlompzbut it doesnt matter where u live to use them, right?02:02
paulproteusYou're right, anyone can use the unported license!02:02
paulproteusI'm going afk for a bit, though!02:02
JeroenzKlompzo ok, lolz02:06
JeroenzKlompzlaterz peoples02:06
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luis_slightly OT: does anyone know whatever happened with debian and CC?16:42
luis_will they ship CC-licensed stuff?16:42
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nathanyluis_: i think mike said they would; we didn't do exactly what they asked for 3.0 but i think they recently decided it was ok17:34
nathany(although my knowledge is completely second-hand)17:34
nathanypaulproteus might know (as a debian developer)17:34
* luis_ pokes paulproteus17:35
haoyudo we have some larger image of juris flags? as the flag image in this page:  but higher resolution?18:03
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nathanypaulproteus: fwiw,
nathanyhaoyu: no18:33
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* paulproteus waves18:51
paulproteus3.0 is A-OK.18:52
paulproteusre: Debian, luis_18:52
paulproteusnathany, Thanks, that's sensible.18:52
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paulproteusSo I think the Netscape 4.78 theme is slowing down my Firefox.19:08
paulproteusI wish I were making that up.19:08
paulproteusnathany, So the first beta of the Django edition of Pootle, 1.3.x, was released a few days ago.19:14
paulproteusI wonder if we should consider upgrading sometime.19:14
nathanypaulproteus: i guess the theme is authentic :)19:14
nathanypaulproteus: we should at least try it on stagootle, i imagine19:14
* paulproteus chortles re: authenticity19:14
paulproteusBut of course, stagootle.19:14
nathany(although i think it's slightly lower priority than other things at the moment)19:15
paulproteusFor reals.19:15
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ankitg|ZZZzzzhaoyu: hi19:30
ankitg|ZZZzzzhaoyu: just heading off from uni, anything you want me to look into tomorrow for the maps (in response to Giorgos's email)?19:31
haoyuankitg|ZZZzzz, nothing :p19:36
haoyubut just flags...19:36
ankitg|ZZZzzzhaoyu: what are you looking to do with flags?19:36
haoyuankitg|ZZZzzz, currently we just linked flags from this page:
haoyuwe use the external image embedding function to embed these flags on our wiki pages19:38
haoyubut the problem is, it is a bit small, and I can't figure out a way to change its size...19:39
haoyulike this:
ankitg|ZZZzzzhow big do you think they should be?19:41
haoyugiorgos what it be 50% larger19:41
paulproteus"The name stands for PO-based Online Translation / Localization Engine, but you may need to read this." --
paulproteus"this" links to
haoyupaulproteus, I wonder if the CC international project was need a high resolution country flags at somewhere?19:43
paulproteusI don't quite understand your question, haoyu.19:44
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luis_paulproteus: terrific, thanks19:44
haoyupaulproteus, oh, I mean country flags on this page:
paulproteus"was need"?19:45
haoyugirogos what flags on the monitor wiki pages, but they are a bit small...19:46
ankitg|ZZZzzzhaoyu: tried using <img src="flag path" width="##" height="##"> ... that should blow it up ... if it doesn't look good we can find hi-res images ...19:46
paulproteusWhen you write "what" do you mean "wants"?19:46
haoyuI mean, does it need them...19:46
haoyuah, s/what/wants/19:46
paulproteushaoyu, I'm so confused...19:46
paulproteusOkay, sure then.19:46
haoyuwell.. maybe I need to sleep..19:47
haoyuankitg|ZZZzzz, the problem is we can't embed <img> tag in wiki, can we?19:47
ankitg|ZZZzzzhaoyu: I can do it on my wp blog ...19:47
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haoyuankitg|ZZZzzz, there's many flags set available on the web. but the problem is how to make them correspond to the jurisdiction code19:49
ankitg|ZZZzzzhaoyu: download the images, rename to country code and upload to hosting location ... ?19:49
Bovinity"CSS3, motherfucker! Do you render it?!"19:50
haoyuthere's so many countries. I'm lazy to do it. So I'm finding some clever way...19:51
ankitg|ZZZzzzhaoyu: heh ... laziness usually leads to either a spark of brilliant creativity or a colossal waste of time ...19:52
ankitg|ZZZzzzwill see what I can do tomorrow ... 4 am here now ... going home.19:52
haoyuankitg|ZZZzzz, are you at Singapore? we are at same timezone :)19:54
haoyugood night ankitg|ZZZzzz :)19:54
ankitg|ZZZzzzg'niite haoyu (yes, I am in Sg) :)19:54
Bovinityhaoyu: er, the mediawiki image wiki-tags allow you to define display size for images.19:57
Bovinityhaoyu: also, all the flags are via wikipedia, from svgs19:57
haoyuthanks Bovinity, but is there a way to define display size for external image, or to show interwiki image?19:59
Bovinityhaoyu: you're fine as long as $wgAllowExternalImages is enabled20:01
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haoyuBovinity, I know,  when $wgAllowExternalImages is enabled, we can put the image URL onto the page for embeding it. But, in this case, how can we resize the image?20:09
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paulproteusHey johndoigiii, let me know if you don't want to mentor the Drupal GSoC student.20:27
johndoigiiipaulproteus: No, that is perfectly fine with me, I may need some mentor mentoring however :)20:28
paulproteusOkay, cool. (-:20:29
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johndoigiiinathany, paulproteus are we meeting this afternoon?20:36
nathanyyeah, we should20:37
nathanyone second20:37
nathanypaulproteus: ^^20:37
nathanyjohndoigiii: ^^20:37
paulproteusOh, right20:43
paulproteusI was about to get lunch, having forgotten about it20:43
paulproteus(not that I have an excuse)20:43
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Bovinityit's coming20:56
nathanySHIP IT!20:56
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paulproteusI just ran a DB update on opened so actually loads.21:48
paulproteusInteresting statistic to measure on a wiki: Views per edit101.1821:48
Bovinitythat page looks nice21:55
Bovinitypaulproteus: search box bothers me....21:56
Bovinitypaulproteus: "Search Open Ed" above it, "Search" inside it. One of those is redundant.21:56
paulproteusInteresting point you have there, Bovinity.21:56
Bovinitypaulproteus: i'd say just have it say "Search Open Ed" inside the search box, and kill the line above it21:57
paulproteusYeah, that's what I was thinking you'd say.21:57
paulproteusIt makes sense, too, so one of us should file a ticket.21:57
paulproteus...or I can just do it right now, brb21:57
* paulproteus just does it21:57
Bovinitythx ;)21:57
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