Tuesday, 2009-04-14

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paulproteus(rehi, fwiw)01:06
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jiyunatorihi. a friend of mine would like to play free(dom) music in the restaurant where he is working. does that count as commercial use ?09:14
jiyunatorican he play CC-NC licenced music ?09:17
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nkinkadepaulproteus: Do you suppose we should leave some of the MW extensions like SemanticEditTime.git as they are or should be they be prefixed with mw-ext/ like the others?16:52
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nkinkadeOr in the directory mw-ext/, I mean.16:53
nathanynkinkade: SemanticEditTime is CC created so I suspect that's why it's not in mw-ext17:01
nathany(which iirc seem to be imported repos)17:01
nathanynkinkade: btw, i just finished merging the cc.engine stuff; you should be OK to generate deeds now from production17:02
nkinkadenathany: That seems right.17:02
nkinkadeBut really, most of those other MW exts. are not created by MW, but just 3rd party ones.17:02
nkinkadeBut I went ahead and used them in their present location.17:02
nathanynkinkade: sorry, didn't mean that they were MW-created, but rather not CC created... fwiw17:03
nkinkadeI guess that makes sense.  I was thinking for a minute that it'd be nice to have all MW extensions in that directory, no matter where they came from.17:07
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Bovinitybacony freedom!17:57
Bovinitynathany: re: our bitch session just now... it looks better now!18:14
nathanyBovinity: and discovered has a gigantic beta banner :)18:15
paulproteusnkinkade, Yeah, the reason SemanticEditTime isn't prefixed is that it's written by us.18:29
paulproteusI figured namespacing the imported stuff to be separate from our "real" repositories made sense.18:29
paulproteus(And that's what I thought you were after with mw-ext/, though I agree it's not super clear given that name)18:29
nkinkadeI'm alright with anything, I just though it could be extra clear to drop all MW extensions in that dir no matter their provenance.18:30
Bovinitynathany: slightly less gratuitous beta banner on opened. slightly.18:39
greg-gpaulproteus: re issue125: http://paste.lisp.org/display/78564  (short version: doesn't work for me on Intrepid)18:40
paulproteusgreg-g, ACK, update the ticket and later this week maybe I'll swing back to that18:42
greg-gpaulproteus: ok18:43
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greg-gpaulproteus: sorry for the delay on my end for testing that.18:43
paulproteusNo prob.18:44
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nathanypaulproteus: any reason we shouldn't just install headertabs on wiki.creativecommons.org?18:54
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paulproteusnathany, None at all18:57
paulproteusWe should.18:57
paulproteusI can just do that right now.18:57
* paulproteus does so18:58
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paulproteusDeployed, and Jane is happy.19:01
paulproteusnathany, see you post-lunch19:05
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Bovinitynathany: Ghostbusters 3! http://www.mtv.com/movies/news/articles/1607995/story.jhtml19:32
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Bovinitynathany: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/We_Can_Be_Heroes20:06
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paulproteusnkinkade, You renewed our DynDNS account?20:37
nkinkadepaulproteus: Yeah.20:37
nkinkadeI'm not really sure why that keeps happening.20:37
nkinkadeIt would seem to indicate that our IP never changes.20:38
nkinkade.. and so the router never goes to update it automatically.20:38
* paulproteus nods20:39
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* paulproteus investigates some more Pootle script brokenness )-:21:22
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paulproteus  [New mail to you! From BadBoy as respects [Bug 361288] Re: nautilus crashed with SIGSEGV in TIFF_Manager::Dec]21:46
paulproteusI love Launchpad emails.21:46
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paulproteusnathany, Is this valid RDFa? <a xmlns:cc="http://creativecommons.org/ns#" href="http://opened.creativecommons.org/" rel="cc:attributionURL">Open Ed</a> ? Neither the RDFa bookmarklet nor validator.creativecommons.org think so, but I can't see why.22:39
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nathanypaulproteus: it looks valid but i suspect that it's not if they barf22:41
nathanyhave you tried the W3 validator?22:41
paulproteusNo, will look it up.22:41
nathanypaulproteus: http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fopened.creativecommons.org%2FMain_Page&charset=(detect+automatically)&doctype=XHTML+%2B+RDFa&group=0&user-agent=W3C_Validator%2F1.65422:42
nathanypaulproteus: this isn't on the opened page?22:42
nathanyor is?22:43
paulproteusWell, what I pasted is an abbreviated version of what is on the opened page.22:43
nathanybut the opened pages (two i sampled) both give me the expected rdfa with the getn3 bookmarklet22:43
paulproteusThe opened page adds property="cc:attributionName"22:43
paulproteusEr, weird, okay.22:43
paulproteusBy "weird" I mean I am, not your results are.22:43
nathanyi suppose i could have an old version but i don't think so22:44
paulproteusI was testing with the Ben's RDFa highlighting bookmarklet, but maybe my version is the old one then.22:44
paulproteusWell, I changed the doctype on the opened site, and getN3 works for me, so I'm satisfied for now.22:52
nathanypaulproteus: awesome (although getN3 worked for me with the wrong doctype)23:00
paulproteusYeah, I never tested it with the wrong doctype, but I figured either way I ought to change that.23:00
nkinkadepaulproteus: I just ran ./bin/sync in i18n/trunk23:03
nkinkadeDo I now need to run cc2po?23:03
nkinkadeOr is that what sync did for me?23:03
nkinkadeLooks like sync did what I want, but just making sure.23:04
nkinkadeOr is it po2cc that I really need to be running?23:04
paulproteusSync is fine, since it runs both directions. But if I were you, I would be explicit: if you changed PO-style files, run ./po2cc.23:05
paulproteusI have a vague distrust of sync because I can't remember which of the sub-operaetions it calls.23:06
paulproteusI should fix that by reading its source, brb.23:06
paulproteusIt seems to do both, I guess.23:08
paulproteusI would stick to running whichever you know you want, given that you know which files you've changed.23:08
nkinkadepaulproteus: I updated the master PO file to add lang.cz, then ran sync, which seems to have updated the normal PO files with the new string, but not the cc-style ones.23:08
nkinkadeThe Deploying_Jurisdictions page indicates to run ./bin/po2cc after ./bin/sync.23:09
paulproteusnkinkade, Er, isn't it lang.cs?23:09
nkinkadeIt's been a while since I made that page.23:09
paulproteus"In that case, do that."23:09
paulproteusI was just loading it up.23:09
paulproteusOh, wait23:09
paulproteusThat's the teamspace page?23:09
nkinkadeI'll have to go change it.23:09
nkinkadeIt is cs.23:09
paulproteusI also wrote the public wiki page that mirrors it.23:09
paulproteushttp://wiki.creativecommons.org/Translating_with_Pootle/Administration is supposed to also have i18n-related stuff, but only i18n-related stuff.23:10
paulproteusLooks to me like that the public wiki page is missing the po2cc step; I'll fix that now.23:10
nkinkadeThanks for catching that cz/cs blunder.23:11
paulproteusI'm glad to have. (-:23:11
paulproteushttp://wiki.creativecommons.org/Translating_with_Pootle/Administration#Add_a_new_string is now up to date.23:13
paulproteusWell, "corrected" is the better term.23:13
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nkinkadepaulproteus: Just to be sure, is this all that necessary now from the perspective of Pootle:23:23
nkinkadepootle@a7:~/checkouts/cc_org/cc-i18n-trunk$ svn up23:23
nkinkadeOr do I need to restart Pootle?23:23
nkinkadeI restarted Pootle just to be safe.23:25
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