Monday, 2009-04-13

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Tearrananyone got info on modifying(addi8nf to) the cc like09:24
Tearranpermission to use my stock with the following restrictions.09:24
TearranThe resulting image must have little or no resemblance to the Original Image.09:24
Tearran*(addi8nf to)= adding to09:25
paulproteusYou might like "Sampling+".09:30
Tearranthis is what im trying to get I can remove most of it
TearranI guess I should be asking Is this beond the scope ot the cc09:39
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enrryhi all13:05
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paulproteusMornin', nathany.15:19
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paulproteusnathany, Did we finish making webmaster@ an account so powerful, it can request Google Maps API keys?15:24
nathanypaulproteus: i think i sent you a ping saying it was reporting@15:25
paulproteusOh, oops, pardon me.15:25
nathanyi'm double checking now15:25
nathany(the account)15:25
* paulproteus nods15:25
nathanypaulproteus: nevermind; you can use webmaster@15:28
nathanyi'm adding the credentials to teamspace now15:28
paulproteusGreat, thanks.15:28
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nkinkadenathany: paulproteus: Do either of you have any opinion on the matter of rebooting the servers after updates?  I've gone back and forth on this, and I'm still not sure if planning it and sending out emails is worth it or if I should just make sure nobody has an active terminal and then just do it.16:27
nathanynkinkade: i don't have a strong opinion although i imagine i might if i were getting ready to do something :)16:28
nathanyi assume you mean kernel upgrades?16:28
nkinkadeSuch as?16:28
nkinkadeYup, a kernel upgrade.16:28
paulproteusIt'd be nice to have notice. The best thing would be if you declare right now (and forever), "Sunday at noon eastern for three hours is the scheduled outage window."16:28
nkinkadeA rather large wave of updates just came down the pipe.16:28
nathanynkinkade: i'm being flip16:28
paulproteusAnd then I'd just move my cron jobs so they hopefully don't run then, or at least I would know that I shouldn't feel bad if they got interrupted since you warned me years in advance.16:29
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nkinkadeThat's fine, but I'd rather not make it a weekend.16:29
paulproteusSure, Sunday and noon are arbitrary. (-:16:30
nkinkadepaulproteus: Is your main concern a reboot interfering with a cron job, and nothing else?16:30
nkinkadeIf so, then perhaps I could just check your cron jobs on any particular machine to make sure that none are running.16:31
paulproteusThat'd be splendid.16:31
paulproteusI think that's all my concern is, yeah.16:31
nkinkadeBut something schedule could be nice too.16:31
nkinkadeMostly I would worry that someone might be drafting a long post in Wordpress or something, and then maybe lose it.16:32
paulproteusBut OTOH the ccLearn folks didn't even notice your reboot of one of the machines as they were actively reviewing (-:16:32
paulproteusClick, read, think, wait. (hidden reboot) Click, read, think wait.16:32
nkinkadeThat's the most likely scenario for CC at it's present size, etc.16:33
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nkinkadenathany: Is there anything else on a6 nowadays that we should be monitoring other than learn?17:20
nathanynkinkade: probably discovered, opened17:20
nkinkadeIs uesearch gone?17:21
nathanydiscovered is the new uesearch17:21
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nkinkadenathany: Then would it be safe to drop the DNS and vhost for uesearch?17:27
nathanynkinkade: no, it should probably still redirect for the time being17:27
nkinkadeIt's not doing that, for what it's worth.17:28
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nkinkadeOr at least didn't seem to be.17:28
nkinkadeSo anyone who's gone there for probably some time has seen a more or less broken page.17:28
Bovinitypaulproteus: is it possible for mediawiki to display a toolbox list of recent changes?17:39
paulproteus"a toolbox list", like how there's the navigation toolbox list of navigation pages?17:39
paulproteusI don't know of any off the top of my head.17:39
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nkinkadehaoyu: I implemented one of the & fixes for mod_rewrite.   It seems to be working now.17:48
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nkinkadepaulproteus: You busy in that terminal on a6?17:51
paulproteusNope, all yours.17:52
nkinkadeAll done.  Thanks.17:55
paulproteusThe only reason I'd suggest against random reboots whenver-needed is that sometimes reboots have unintended consequences.17:56
paulproteusOther than "zomg you might interrupt my cron jobs."17:56
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paulproteusnathany, To fix you wanted me to actually embed the video on the wiki. Except that the wiki bans <embed> (arguably for the best of reasons)18:32
paulproteusI guess I'll deploy my "Gadgets" extension that I made last week on wiki-dot-cc and whitelist the embeds I need?18:33
* paulproteus does so, hearing no objections18:33
nathanypaulproteus: makes sense to me18:33
nathany(although did you do a quick check for something we're not maintaining that does the same thing (ie, for specific video providers))18:34
nathanypaulproteus: ^^ (fwiw)18:35
paulproteusWill check re: video providers18:36
paulproteus doesn't support IA (though we could add it...)18:37
paulproteusAlso, the idea of wiki vandals rick-rolling every passer-by to the CC wiki is kind of hilarious. (-:18:37
paulproteuse.g. is cross-system (just requires an FLV link) but I'm not sure we want to allow any webber to add the video of their choosing to the CC wiki18:41
paulproteuser, forgot the link,
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johndoigiiinathany: you want an extra thinkpad charger?  I accidently grabbed the wrong charger in the dark this morning haha, I have no use for this thinkpad adapter now18:45
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nathanyjohndoigiii: lol... oops18:47
nathany(is this extra just for today or more consistently extra?)18:47
johndoigiiiha yeah, no you can have it18:47
* paulproteus wonders if there's more where that came from (-;18:48
nathanyjohndoigiii: that'd be most excellent, thank you18:48
johndoigiiihaha, I can look around, I know I have few of these somewhere18:48
paulproteusEr, I wasn't expecting anything remotely close to a yes there!18:49
johndoigiiinathany: re your response on the django template catalogs, I'd like to talk to you later about any ideas on how to use external catalogs within django18:53
nathanyjohndoigiii: sure; maybe after lunch?18:53
johndoigiiisounds good18:53
paulproteusIf git submodules are part of the answer, I did create an i18n.git repo that mirrors CC's i18n svn.18:54
nathanypaulproteus: good to know; they may be, but i think this is probably a question @ a lower level (ie, how to load the catalogs in a sane manner, right johndoigiii?)18:55
paulproteusOkay, cool. (-:18:55
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Mike_H@moltke: I would be interested in starting "Wikinyheder," which is under CC license. Do you think DR would be interested in a partnership?20:00
cchelpbotMike_H: Error: "moltke:" is not a valid command.20:00
* Mike_H hopes CC DK can get WM a partnership with DR ;)20:01
haoyunkinkade, maybe something has broken with the '&' fix applied. Some URL to static file is recognized as wiki page now, such as:
haoyuthus, there's no css on the wiki:
nkinkadehaoyu: Are you getting no styling at all on that page?20:07
nkinkadeIt looks styled to me.20:07
nkinkadeAnd this page: returns a normal CSS file for me.20:08
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haoyuah? so URL like this:
haoyuis okey for you too?20:09
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haoyubut it redirected to a wiki page for me.. strange..20:09
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nkinkadehaoyu: No, that one isn't right for me.20:11
nkinkadeBut the CSS all seems in place.20:12
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haoyunkinkade, so, for CSS, it must be cache.20:15
nkinkadehaoyu: I'm looking into the image issue.20:15
nkinkadehaoyu: Try it again.20:21
nkinkadeThis time I implemented the 2nd possible fix:
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haoyunkinkade, it has "Redirect loop detected!" error on Main_Page now, but CSS works.20:23
ankitg does show me the image not a wiki page ...20:24
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haoyuankitg, yes but now wiki pages failed.20:26
ankitgoh ...20:27
nkinkadeAlright, I guess last time I was the one looking at a cached page.20:27
nkinkadeIf I never had to look at MW again, it would be too soon.20:27
enrrygood night all!20:28
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nkinkadehaoyu: Take at look at /Main_Page20:44
nkinkadeI dumped $_SERVER and $_REQUEST to the footer.20:44
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haoyunathany, the page seems correct now?20:48
*** Orango|Mobile is now known as Orango20:49
haoyuoh sorry nathany :p20:49
haoyunkinkade, you fixed it?20:49
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nkinkadehaoyu: It's not fixed, but strangely everything looks fine to me in terms of the variables, at least at first glance.20:52
nkinkadeIt suddenly is feeling like an MW problem to me.20:52
nkinkadeMaybe I missed something.20:52
haoyunow the wiki pages, static files, and api.php all works well for me20:55
nkinkadehaoyu: I did do one thing, and that was to remove the QSA flag from the main MW rule that passes things to index.php.20:55
nkinkadeMaybe that was it.20:56
haoyuWhat's the QSA mean?20:57
nkinkadehaoyu: But this still seems broken:
nkinkadeQSA = Query String Append20:57
nkinkadeSo, I think we're back to square 1.20:57
haoyuem... how the rewrite rule looks like now?20:58
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nathanypaulproteus: can i ask a git question?21:00
nkinkadehaoyu: What I was getting at above was that the $_SERVER and $_REQUEST variables all look normal, and that the problem seems like it might be in MediaWiki.21:02
nkinkadehaoyu: I just commented the rule you had me put: $wgUsePathInfo = false;, and now this link works:
haoyuyes, but... by the way, how do you fixed image file uploading?21:05
nkinkadehaoyu: I'm not sure.21:05
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nkinkadeThat page says this: "Note that setting this global to false means that the semi-friendly solutions for handling ampersands etc will no longer work."21:10
haoyunkinkade, but set $wgUsePathInfo to true will broken api.php :(21:10
nkinkadehaoyu: It would appear so, which means that there must be some other solution.21:11
nkinkadeWhat that solution is I don't exactly know.21:12
haoyubut nkinkade, I see  [argv] => Array ( [0] => title=Test_&_this )  in the _REQUEST you dumped out. Is this correct?21:13
haoyushould the & be escaped here?21:13
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nkinkadehaoyu: Maybe, but it doesn't seem to me that it should be Apache's job to fix that.21:15
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haoyuis that mean the "RewriteRule ^(.*)\&(.*)$ $1\%26$2" haven't applied, since & haven't be escaped? is 'title=Test_&_this' just the query string?21:22
nkinkadehaoyu: Yes, but when I add that RewriteRule it breaks other thing, as you saw.21:24
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nkinkadeI'm not 100% sure.  I'd have to analyze the rewrite log, perhaps.21:24
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nkinkadeBut haoyu, regarding the fix you mention, according to the wiki article I posted a few lines back, that rewrite rule won't work when $wgUsePathInfo is set false.21:34
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nathanyso does anyone know if paulproteus is working today?21:43
johndoigiiinathany: his last email said he will be working from home21:45
nathanyright... didn't know if i missed something he'd said in IRC since then21:46
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paulproteusnathany, Hey21:54
nathanyhey :)21:54
paulproteusSorry, I went afk for lunch after taking a nap from being sick )-:21:55
paulproteusBut... I'm feeling okay now and I'm back. Sup?21:55
nathanyi figured as much21:55
nathanymy earlier question was how to just kill off commits I'd done previously21:55
nathanyi managed to figure it out shooting myself in the foot a couple times using revert21:56
paulproteusThere's always git rebase -i, if you want it.21:56
paulproteusAww, sorry.21:56
nathanywhy would i rebase? i'm not changing what things are based on... ?21:56
nathany(like, i just wanted to say "oh, shit those last two commits are totally bogus")21:56
nathanymy current question is how do i easily find out what revisions are present in one branch and not the other (ie, i've cherrypicked a few commits, how do i tell what's left (or if i've forgotten something))21:57
paulproteusRight, so if you haven't pushed, you can just remove those commits entirely.21:57
nathanypaulproteus: er, how would one go about that?21:57
paulproteus"git rebase -i" lets you conveniently edit, reorder, remove, and more (!) the commits since whatever you want.21:57
nathany(oh wait, i had pushed)21:57
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* paulproteus nods, okay then, revert is probably mostly what you were after.21:58
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paulproteusSorry to hear about your foot; wish I had been here in time.21:58
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paulproteusBack tidying up .22:00
nathanyeh, thanks...22:00
nathanypaulproteus: what about visualizing what you haven't merged?22:00
nathany(see my above question)22:00
paulproteusEr, /me scrolls22:00
paulproteusI mean, "gitk", right?22:00
* paulproteus reads22:00
paulproteus"git cherry" shows you, iirc.22:00
paulproteus!= git-cherry-pick22:00
paulproteusRead man git-cherry and I think you'll see it's what you wanted.22:01
nathanyso "git cherry master" shows the refs in master but not the current branch, right?22:01
nathanyok will do22:01
paulproteusI haven't used it ever, I just know about it. |-:22:01
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paulproteusLooks like "git-cherry BRANCH_YOU_ARE_MERGING_TO" (e.g. master) would show what you'd want.22:04
paulproteusYou've likely figured that out by now, so I'm back to other things.22:04
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nathanypaulproteus: i'm not sure if your example is what it is but i've sort of figured it out :)22:05
paulproteusOkay, good enough. (-:22:05
nathanypaulproteus: just to be clear, i'm interested in finding what i might want to pull into production; git cherry's default syntax is more like "have things i submitted been pushed?" so i can do git cherry origin/production master to see what i care about22:07
paulproteusCool, that makes sense.22:07
paulproteusThis is ccnetwork, out of curiosity?22:08
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nathanyi really wish i had a view that showed me that cherry output in a way that let me easily pick things for merging22:08
nathanymagit is close but it shows the whole history22:09
paulproteusgitk does let you right-click on a commit and cherry-pick it.22:09
paulproteusBut again it'll show you too much probably.22:10
paulproteusI'm confused about why you're cherry-picking rather than using git's real merge.22:10
*** kreynen__ has quit IRC22:10
paulproteusBut if you have a reason, I'll take your word for it and not try to waste our lives explaining that on IRC.22:10
nathanywell i started because i didn't want to review existing work on master and just wanted to pull my work into production22:10
nathanyat this point i should have just reviewed the wrok22:10
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paulproteusFair enough.22:11
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haoyunkinkade, I think I got it... does RewriteCond means the condition of the RewriteRule right after it?22:14
nathanynkinkade: any idea why is refusing connections for git://?22:14
paulproteusOh boy, probably inetd-related22:15
haoyuthus, this would be wrong:22:15
nkinkadenathany: I don't know, but I can sure look at it,22:15
haoyuRewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f22:15
haoyuRewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d22:15
haoyuRewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-l22:15
haoyuRewriteRule ^(.*)\&(.*)$ $1\%26$222:15
haoyuRewriteRule ^(.+)$ index.php?title=$1 [L,QSA]22:15
nkinkadehaoyu: Exactly.  That's what RewriteCond does.22:15
haoyu(sorry for bulk paste...)22:16
nkinkadehaoyu: That's not necessarily wrong, but see my post earlier:
nkinkadeThat page indicates that if $wgUsePathInfo is true then those Ampersand Fixes will not work.22:17
nkinkadeAt least that's what I understood it to be saying.22:17
nkinkadeSorry, I mean if $wgUsePathInfo == false.22:17
haoyubut, I tried on my local machine, I just put "RewriteRule ^(.*)\&(.*)$ $1\%26$2" before RewriteCond and set wgUsePathInfo false, and everything works well..22:17
nkinkadehaoyu: I'll set it that way not, but I've already tried that, and the image didn't display.22:18
haoyuhave you put the RewriteRule before RewriteCond? or just follow the solution..?22:19
*** oshani has quit IRC22:19
*** oshani has joined #cc22:20
nkinkadehaoyu: There you go.  I set it back to what the fix recommended.22:20
haoyuWhen I put RewriteRule after RewriteCond, I get excatly things like your previous settings.22:20
nkinkadenathany: paulproteus restarted openbsd-inetd and apparently it's working again.22:21
haoyuBut put it before RewriteCond solved it...22:21
haoyuSo please try to put "RewriteRule ^(.*)\&(.*)$ $1\%26$2" after the RewriteConds...22:21
haoyuthansk nkinkade22:21
*** kreynen has quit IRC22:22
*** kreynen has joined #cc22:22
nkinkadehaoyu: it was after the RewriteConds.22:22
haoyuoh I mean before I think...22:22
nkinkadeOkay, it's before now.22:22
haoyuyou see.. it works now :)22:23
haoyuI just don't distinguish before and after well... :p22:24
nkinkadeOkay, good.22:24
nkinkadepaulproteus: It would appear that openbsd-inetd is not in the default runlevel.  Not sure how that could have happened.  etckeeper doesn't seem to know anything about it.22:25
nkinkadeI'll add it (back?) now.22:25
paulproteusGreat. I have no idea why it wouldn't be.22:26
paulproteusSounds like a bug in the package to me.22:27
haoyunkinkade, I think I forgot one thing... we should apply the same RewriteCond to "RewriteRule ^/(.*)\&(.*)$ /$1\%26$2"22:28
haoyuotherwist query to index.php and api.php will be escaped.22:28
haoyuis that reasonable?22:28
nkinkadehaoyu: ?22:28
nkinkadeSo have that rule in there twice?  once before the Conditions and then another time as part of the RewriteCond block?22:29
nkinkadeOh, I think I understand.22:29
haoyunkinkade, see:
haoyunkinkade, what mean for 400 Bad request reported by Varnish cache?22:40
haoyuI got it when my bot talking with api.php22:42
*** kreynen_ has joined #cc22:42
nkinkadehaoyu: I would imagine that something about the request wasn't valid or HTTP compliant.22:43
nkinkadehaoyu: For testing you can always bypass Varnish by going directly to :808022:44
*** kreynen has quit IRC22:44
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*** dini has joined #cc22:48
haoyunkinkade, could you give me shell access to the site? So I won't trouble you everytime for the configure/debuging things..22:58
haoyuand one more request now: can we enable external image embedding on the wiki? ($wgAllowExternalImages)23:01
haoyuI want to reuse the contry flags on this page:
nkinkadehaoyu: Let me get back to you about shell access to that machine.  It's just that that machine also hosts some internal stuff, so there could be some objections there ... not sure yet.23:03
nkinkadeBut for now I'll enable external images.23:03
haoyunkinkade, em, I can understand that23:04
nkinkadehaoyu: There's no CIA secrets on that machine, but still perhaps some information that people wouldn't really want public, and it's not that I don't trust you but more a matter of keeping the accounts limited to CC employees.23:07
*** nathany has quit IRC23:07
nkinkadehaoyu: Another option would for you to develop this site on some server where you've got full access, then when most of the bugs are worked out and it's just a matter of data entry, then we could move it back to a CC server.23:07
haoyuyes, I'll have a local mediawiki setup for testing from now. thanks nkinkade :)23:08
nkinkade... $wgAllowExternalImages is now == true.23:08
nkinkadehaoyu: I can always give a MySQL dump of the current DB, if you want.23:09
haoyuokey thanks nkinkade23:10
haoyuI'll do experiment on my local machine when I found something wrong regarding to wiki settings. But I think I need Giorgos to see and feedback of the work23:12
haoyuso I'll still do update to the monitor.(cc).org wiki.23:12
nkinkadeSorry about the hassle.23:13
nkinkadeDon't worry about requesting things from me.  If it gets too much and we need to figure something else out, then I'll let you know. :-)23:14
haoyuokey... thank you nkinkade :-)23:14
paulproteusafk for a bit, thinking something through on paper23:28
*** dini has left #cc23:56

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