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ankitghaoyu: ping06:42
haoyuhi ankitg06:53
ankitghaoyu: need to do a bit of debugging ...06:54
ankitghaoyu: The script runs fine, but I should've checked the generated template is <data>0 - None</data> ... it's None for all values of breakpoints06:54
ankitgI tried pulling out juris_totals[1] and it's out of range ...06:54
ankitgjuris_totals[0] is None ...06:54
ankitgjuris_totals = [[ for x in stats.values()].sort()] apparently fails to pull out the numbers ... any other way of pulling the numbers out into a list?06:54
haoyuappearently .sort() is a method return None06:55
haoyu juris_totals = [ for x in stats.values()]06:55
ankitghaoyu: let me give that a try ...06:56
haoyu.sort() just do the sort, but don't return the sotted list, since the sort is in-place06:57
ankitghaoyu: that doesn't even run ...     breakpoints = [juris_totals[interval*(i+1)] for i in range(5)] ... IndexError: list index out of range06:57
ankitghaoyu: if I completely remove sort() it still gives me an out of range06:59
haoyuah... because it is really out of range...07:03
haoyuassume the length of list is, say 3607:03
haoyuwhich indexs you want as breakpoints?07:03
ankitgmy interval has an int around it ... interval=int(len(juris_totals)/5) .. and for now, for testing I am trying to pull this out ... breakpoints = [juris_totals[0],juris_totals[1],juris_totals[2],juris_totals[3],juris_totals[4]]07:04
haoyuI think the algorithm when the length is a multiply of 507:06
haoyufor exmaple, when len(juris_totals)=35, then07:06
haoyuIn [3]: interval=35/507:06
haoyuIn [4]: [interval*(i+1) for i in range(5)]07:06
haoyuOut[4]: [7, 14, 21, 28, 35]07:06
haoyuthe last index is 3507:07
haoyualso, there's problem when length is such as 37, 3807:07
haoyuthen last index is still 35, so what color to be assigned for juris_totals[37] or [38]?07:08
ankitghaoyu: that's not an issue ... I've already accounted for it in the template my last color entry reads         <data>{{ breakpoints[3] }} - 99999999999999999999999</data> ...07:10
ankitgthe problem is pulling out the so called break-points for the rest of the intervals07:10
ankitgjuris_totals = [ for x in stats.values()] doesn't populate the list as required ...07:11
ankitgI don't know ... breakpoints=[juris_totals[1]] gives me an error out of bounds ...07:13
ankitgbreakpoints=[juris_totals[0]] passes the value as None07:13
haoyuby the way, you should put the juris_totals thing after the UK fixes07:14
haoyu        juris_total = [ for x in stats.values()]07:17
haoyu        juris_total.sort()07:17
haoyu        print juris_total07:17
haoyuthese code after the UK fixes in map_world() method give me the correct result07:18
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ankitghaoyu: I'll move it down, but it should still populate the list before or after ... O_o ...07:34
haoyuwhy? after that it haven't get the correct 'stats' dict yet.07:49
haoyuthe stats dict is constructed in the for loop and UK fix07:50
ankitghaoyu: ah, okie got it working ...07:54
ankitghaoyu: thanks ...07:54
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* ankitg is leaving for a late lunch.08:22
ankitghaoyu: thanks again ... catch you later ...08:22
haoyuankitg, you are welcome :)08:22
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ankitghaoyu: hi ...13:06
ankitghaoyu: I just committed an update to dynamically colorize the maps (Giorgos wanted a blue theme) and added linkbacks to jurisdiction pages ... do check it out and let me know (hope I didn't break anything) ... it seems to work fine locally. =)13:08
haoyuankitg, I updated the wiki, pretty good! :)14:27
haoyuankitg, but I changed the path of info.swf, it should be a URL pointed to the wiki site..14:27
ankitghaoyu: I was just sending files to Giorgos to take a look as ...14:28
ankitghaoyu: it still looks the same on the wiki ... can you run the script once?14:30
haoyurun what? I already updated the wiki:
haoyuand uploaded Info.swf to the wiki site14:31
haoyuand with a change of the info.swf line:14:31
ankitgit still shows me the old maps .. O_o14:31
ankitgthe wiki page hasn't update the maps when I load them ... same for Giorgos  as well ... no change in the maps ...14:32
haoyumust be some kind of cache...14:33
haoyuis it updated now?14:33
ankitgI guess ... or an update time lag (like with Google pages)14:34
haoyuhow about now?14:34
ankitghaoyu: yep, updated now14:35
ankitghaoyu: ^Updated already^ =)14:35
haoyuhmm... must be a cache at some where...14:35
haoyuokey, i'll leave for a while14:36
ankitghaoyu: thanks ... I'll be leaving shortly too ...14:37
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