Thursday, 2009-04-09

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paulproteusBovinity, Yeah, turns out there's more than one such room. The couch room. (-:00:18
paulproteusnkinkade1, so now that we have MySQL passwords, how can I create databases?00:18
nkinkade1paulproteus: I think I sent an email to you with the password.00:19
paulproteusOh, pardon me for not noting it.00:20
paulproteusThanks, I have it now.00:20
nkinkade1Maybe I didn't send an email and just thought I did??00:20
nkinkade1That's certainly possible. :-)00:20
paulproteusWhat I do on my servers is keep the MySQL file in a mode 0400 file in /root/mysql-root-password.00:21
paulproteusSo I basically have finger-memory for "mysql -uroot -p$(cat /root/mysql-root-password)".00:21
paulproteus(And I keep it set to random trash generated by pwgen.)00:22
paulproteusActually four or five pwgen passwords catted together, 'cause why not.00:22
nkinkade1I realized recently that I couldn't tell someone on of the passwords I use frequently.   I've become so accustomed to typing it (finger-memory) that I don't even know it anymore.00:24
nkinkade1I only half-consciously know it, and the rest is just muscle memory.00:24
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nkinkade1Probably a good sign that I need to change it.00:24
nkinkade1Honestly.  There have been a few times I needed to know it and I had to type in a terminal to actually reveal to myself what it was.00:25
nkinkade1I'm hit by the GSM buzz on my Freerunner, Openmoko is moribund, and I have no hope for this device whatsoever.00:26
paulproteusIt's interesting; I don't think I had the GSM buzz on mine.00:28
paulproteusAnyway, if I had a few hundred dollars spare, I'd buy you an Android Developer Phone as a consolation prize.00:29
nkinkade1Thanks, but http://donewith.info00:32
nkinkade1I've got an old Nokia 1108 ( that I bought for $30 in Panama and I have thoughts of just reverting to that phone.00:34
paulproteusOkay, cool.00:34
nkinkade1It's small, light and works like a charm.00:34
paulproteusHaving maps with me as I walk somewhere and forgot to remember how to get there has been very helpful to me.00:34
paulproteusYour Nokia 1108 looks nice, too.00:35
nkinkade1Radical Simplicity.00:35
nkinkade1(not really, but in the tech world, yes)00:35
paulproteusSweet! From the page you linked: "Gamesyes,2 - Snake II and Space Impact+"00:36
paulproteusI don't know that I have any games on my G1.00:36
paulproteusOpenMoko isn't quite moribund.00:39
nkinkade1Those are the only 2 preinstalled games.00:39
paulproteusIt is going out of the consumer device market, as I understand things, but will try to focus on other markets.00:39
paulproteusHaving said that, yeah, it's probably moribund.00:39
* paulproteus ducks00:39
nkinkade1Well, moribund was a strong word, but I feel that it's probably accurate.00:41
nkinkade1Hopefully they'll pull through, but I doubt it.00:42
clsmithIt's sad... Android is good, but .. you need to jailbreak it? Really? :/00:42
nkinkade1The Freerunner is a pretty cool device, but it's just a day late and dollar short, sadly.00:43
nkinkade1Even if you took away the GSM buzz and the horrifying fact that charging only works when the OS is booted, it's still outdated in many ways.00:43
paulproteusclsmith, "Just buy an Android Developer Phone and you don't have that problem."00:45
clsmithpaulproteus: And then you can't buy apps from the Market, am I right?00:45
paulproteusFalse. You can buy any app that doesn't have the DRM flag enabled. Almost no apps have the DRM flag enabled.00:46
paulproteusAlso, if you just install a third-party OS rebuild, you can buy any app you want (since they package the G1 version of the Market program).00:46
clsmithpaulproteus: Hmm.. Possible, then.00:47
clsmithpaulproteus: I've been considering a G1 for a while now.00:47
nkinkade1However, Michael Lauer says that Android is not the The Way forward for open mobile.  I suppose it's arguable, and maybe he's biased with his Open Embedded affiliations.00:54
paulproteusThanks, I just read his post.01:02
clsmithLink please?01:02
* paulproteus nods dutifully.01:02
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nkinkade1But regarding the convenience of smartphones, if I Twittered I'd Twitter this: "The road to hell is paved with conveniences."  And I mean that seriously.02:20
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paulproteusLike how conveniently you sign off before I can reply to that.02:21
clsmith... Surely smartphones won't lead us to hell any more than laptops, or netbooks, have...02:29
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nathanynkinkade: is there a page in teamspace where our domain registrar accounts are listed?16:39
nkinkadenathany: It's a Google Doc.16:40
nkinkadeYou have access it, I believe.16:40
nathanyok, i'll look for it16:40
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nathanynkinkade: found it, updated; thanks17:05
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nkinkadeThat stuff might almost be better on Teamspace, but it was handed down that way from DC.17:06
nathanynkinkade: you're probably right (in both cases); I looked first on the Web_Accounts page17:08
nkinkadenathany: Should I just move it and be done with the Google Doc?17:08
nathanymaybe a registrar specific page linked from there?17:08
nathanynkinkade: do you think it'd be helpful to have in teamspace?17:09
nathanymaybe just a link from web_accounts to the google doc?17:09
nkinkadeI think it'd be more accessible and intuitive.17:09
nkinkadeI don't like Google Docs, is part of it.17:09
nkinkadeThey seem buggy.17:09
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nathanyyeah, moving is fine by me17:09
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* johndoigiii awaiting ferry, loling to nkinkade's birthday emails17:18
nkinkadeI think there is more than one person who probably read those and felt like it was belittling Mike and trivializing a special day.  But the truth is that Mike eats that stuff up.17:21
nkinkade(or at least I believe so!)17:21
johndoigiiihaha yeah his counter was very engaging17:22
johndoigiiiso he obv enjoyed your sentiment17:22
Bovinityhey, mike started it17:24
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nkinkadeThat's right, maybe some people missed it, but he asked for my "categorical" view on birthdays.  Most likely, precisely so that such an exchange would take place. :-)17:25
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johndoigiiiam I the only one who isn't redirected to my requested page after I am asked to log in on MediaWiki (in particular the Teamspace)18:45
greg-gsame here18:47
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johndoigiiioh okay18:48
greg-gnot that I don't think that is wrong :)18:57
paulproteusnathany, Do you know a way (off the top of your head) to change the Roundup email prefix [IssueXXX] to e.g. [LearnXXX]?19:29
paulproteusIf not, I can continue to search the docs.19:29
nathanypaulproteus: I don't think you can easily19:30
nathanyit's reflecting the Class+Id of the object19:30
paulproteusYeah, that's what it seemed. I can change the default class to be Learn instead of Issue...19:31
paulproteusThe reason I wonder about it is to avoid problems if someone forwards a CC Learn issue to the CC Tech issue email address.19:32
nathanypaulproteus: i seem to recall that Issue is baked in there pretty well19:53
paulproteusThat's disappointing, but so be it.19:53
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paulproteusgreg-g, I think I've finally fixed the liblicense repo for amd64 intrepid.20:04
paulproteusBy now you're probably on Jaunty? (-:20:04
paulproteusIt's easy to add a Jaunty set of builders, though.20:04
greg-gpaulproteus: awesome, and indeed I am on Jaunty (on half of my machines, laptop is still intrepid)20:07
paulproteusIt's a completely automated setup with documentation now.20:08
paulproteusWell, mostly automated, but at least documented.20:08
greg-gwell done20:09
paulproteustty post cheesecake20:10
greg-gmmmm, cheesecake20:12
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* Bovinity grumbles about a certain employee doing certain things to the wiki making it definitely annoying20:43
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paulproteusnathany, nkinkade, gives 403 - is that expected?21:03
paulproteusI will go read the server logs.21:04
paulproteusLooks like similar proxy AllowDeny stuff.21:04
paulproteusI'll look into it and fix it.21:05
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paulproteusnathany, ("Edit this gender")21:24
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nkinkadepaulproteus:  Can you think of any way to get Firefox to open clicked links in one browser instance in another instance?21:53
paulproteusEr, whoa.21:53
paulproteusIt would be "easy" to have a Fx extension make that a right-click option.21:53
paulproteusThat's actually a pretty cool idea.21:53
paulproteusThen I could separate my personal and work Fxes.21:53
nkinkadeIt's the whole Gmail, no cookies thing.21:53
* paulproteus nods21:54
paulproteusI just select a URL and middle-click in Epiphany.21:54
paulproteusAlso your Cacti graphs are taking forever to load.21:54
nkinkadeMany emails come with links, and now I have to copy it and open it in my sanitized browser instance.21:54
nkinkadeThey seem to be loading quickly on my side.21:54
paulproteusI've been waiting for about two minutes so far.21:54
paulproteusOh, there they are!21:54
nkinkadeLike the a6 page loaded in < 3 seconds.21:55
paulproteusI'll chalk it up to something on my end for now.21:55
nkinkadeThere's not much data there right now, but it could be useful information as more of it collects.21:55
nkinkadeFor planning and deployment, etc.21:56
paulproteusI'd be interested in I/O-related figures.21:56
paulproteusAnd # of processes in Wait state.21:56
nkinkadepaulproteus: I'm sure that can be added, feel free to poke around in there.21:59
nkinkadeIt'd be nice if those graphs were publicly visible without authentication, I think.22:00
paulproteusI agree!22:00
nkinkadeI'm looking into that now.22:00
nkinkadeAnonymous access works now by going to:
paulproteus is amazing.22:04
paulproteusnkinkade, You may possibly really like that.22:06 is offline, as is huge swaths of the south bay.22:06
paulproteusSo are all credit card and ATM services in Santa Cruz.22:06
paulproteusIt's kind of heartening to me to know that we still have such active anti-technology vandals.22:08
nkinkadeI'm not into vandalism or destruction.22:08
nkinkadeNeither one of those things are solutions to anything.22:08
paulproteusIt's just property and convenience they're destroying.22:08
paulproteusnathany, Okay if I assign joint copyright to our cheesy jToolkit patch to the jToolkit company, St James Software?22:10
nathanyalthough mia will tell you that's a totally bogus legal concept22:11
paulproteusThat's good news.22:11
paulproteus"an unrevocable, world-wide, royalty-free, non-exclusive license" (did I miss anything?)22:11
paulproteusI guess no one here is a lawyer, anyway, and I ought to ask one of those sorts.22:12
Bovinitynkinkade: in firefox preferences, set "open new pages" to "a new tab" under the tab settings. (re your FF query earlier)22:14
paulproteusI think he means a diff. Fx process entirely.22:16
nkinkadeBovinity: I'm running two instances of Firefox, one that with a profile that accepts cookies and one that doesn't, among some other plugin differences.  I run Gmail for CC in the one that accepts cookies and everything else in the one that doesn't.  I want links from one to open in another remote instance.22:16
Bovinitynkinkade: ah22:16
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nkinkadenathany: Did you ever find anything with the CC Planet and Python 2.5?22:59
nathanynkinkade: I haven't had a chance to really dig in yet23:05
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nkinkadeNo rush.  Just curious.23:06
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nkinkadeIf you think it's not rdfadict related, then I can dig around myself a little more.23:06
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nathanynkinkade: i'm not certain -- it appears that an URL is urlencoded (with %xx for the ":")23:07
nathanyso something isn't un-encoding correctly23:07
nathanyi'm going to do some out of band testing with the python interpreter to see if i can find behavior that changed between 2.4 and 2.523:08
paulproteusgreg-g, As promised, now that cheesecake is over, I can talk to you again.23:14
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Bovinityman, that was some good fake cheesecake23:28
ankitghaoyu_: ping ... you around?23:52
paulproteusnkinkade, What's the story on making new @cc email addresses?23:53
nkinkadepaulproteus: How do you mean?23:54
nkinkadeI can make them.23:54
nkinkadeMaybe you can too, let me check.23:55
paulproteusOh, yeah, I can too!23:55
paulproteusI forgot.23:55
paulproteusIs it okay if I create one for learn-issues@, or will that result in us being billed lots of money?23:55
nkinkadeyes, you can too.l23:55
nkinkadeBut it'll mean accepting a cookie from Google. :-)23:55
paulproteusThat's what Epiphany is for!23:55
nkinkadepaulproteus: We have an Education account now, which is free and has a limit of 200 user accounts.23:56
paulproteusSuper rad.23:56
nkinkadeWe're only using about 44.23:56
nkinkadeCreate away.23:56
nkinkadepaulproteus: Why use Epiphany for that?  Why not just launch another instance of Firefox with a special profile?23:57
nkinkadeThen you get all the nice extensions.23:57
nkinkadepaulproteus: What window manager do you use?23:57
paulproteusawesome (3.0)23:58
paulproteusI should upgrade to 3.1 one day, I just haven't really felt a need.23:58

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