Wednesday, 2009-04-08

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BernardoHello everyone! When attributing a work, is it necessary to name the version of the license or is it enough to state the name and provide a general link to the license?10:26
Bernardonoone here?10:51
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linuksamikoHello! I've got a question about cc. I found a picture attribution sharealike (austria) but my document will be licensed under attribution sharealike (germany). Can I use it?10:59
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Mike_HDoes anyone from CC Danmark come here?16:10
Mike_Hpaulproteus: :)16:15
Mike_HI haven't talked to you in a while16:16
Mike_Hare you still at UNC>16:16
mlinksvaMike_H: i don't know that anyone from cc-dk is on irc. paulproteus is probably not awake yet16:21
Mike_Hat 12 p.m.?16:21
Mike_HIs he not in North Carolina anymore?16:21
Mike_Hhm, anyway16:22
Mike_Hmlinksva: Do they have their own chat room or network or anything like that? Someone from CC Danmark sent a letter to our organization, I guess they're networked now.16:22
Mike_Hand I'd rather do it in real time than e-mail, because I hate waiting. :P16:22
mlinksvaMike_H: I don't know16:24
Mike_Hoh, I didn't even think to look there16:25
Mike_Hlet me see16:25
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Mike_Hyeah, there's his name all right, and an e-mail16:25
mlinksvai don't know that paulproteus ever was in north carolina, but maybe i missed something16:26
mlinksvanorthern california, yes16:26
Mike_Hmlinksva: maybe I'm mixing things up, but I thought he worked with UNC's ibiblio program16:26
Mike_HI just assumed everyone in that chat room was at UNC :)16:27
WishMasterNNDHello everyone, there is a new version of LibreBox available: Check out the demo with ccREL here and the demo with LibreBox's own tagging here:
mlinksvaMike_H: no, he (and i and several others here) work for creative commons.  maybe you got that impression because CC uses mailing lists hosted at ibiblio16:28
Mike_HIt was two years ago16:28
Mike_Ha lot has happened since then :)16:28
mlinksvaWishMasterNND: demo1.html is only sort of RDFa. did you see the tutorial link I posted on FC-discuss?16:30
nathanyWishMasterNND: you can also use RDFa to talk about works that someone else created instead of trying to create an entirely new format16:32
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WishMasterNNDmlinksva: Do you mean ?16:32
mlinksvaand i don't mean to be harsh, but demo2.html's use of a rel value is bogus and positional meaning is just totally wrong16:33
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mlinksvaWishMasterNND: yes that's what i mean16:33
WishMasterNNDWell, the ccREL version does exactly this, doesn't it?16:33
mlinksvaccREL == RDFa16:33
WishMasterNNDnathany: But the other version is easier if you want to integrate it with an existing site or CMS.16:34
mlinksvait looks like it uses class="librebox-subject" to do what should be done with about16:34
nathanyWishMasterNND: i suppose, but who cares; it's never going to be more useful than for librebox... using something like RDFa (even if a slightly higher barrier to entry) means that others can take advantage of that information16:35
nathanyif you only care about making a cool popup box, by all means continue16:35
WishMasterNNDnathany: If you don't like the second version, you could also use the ccREL one, couldn't you?16:35
nathanyWishMasterNND: true; I suppose I object to having the second version at all :)16:36
mlinksvaand the ccREL version is only halfway there :)16:36
WishMasterNNDmlinksva: I think the idea behind about is a little different because it provides an URI while class="librebox-subject" prevents an actual object from being removed.16:37
WishMasterNNDWhat do you mean by that?16:37
mlinksvanon-technical feedback -- you're probably going to get some negative vibes from some for using by-nc-nd as an example of 'libre'16:37
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WishMasterNNDWell, I know, by-sa is the only licence accepted by the FSF (and it's the licence I'll use for the LibreBox artwork), but I love the picture^^ If you have a better one, I'd be happy to exchange it.16:38
WishMasterNNDBut what do you mean by "only halfay there"?16:39
nathanyWishMasterNND: I think the thing that's a little strange about the ccREL version is that when you activate librebox it removes the RDFa from the DOM16:39
nathanywhen I look at the triples before activating it looks exactly right16:39
nathanywhen I look at the triples after activating, they're missing (so maybe you're doing DOM manipulation?)16:39
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nathanyi think the ccREL version is on the right track completely :)16:40
mlinksvaWishMasterNND: by is also accepted16:40
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WishMasterNNDnathany: Sure, everything within the <span class="librebox"> except for all objects tagged with class="librebox-subject" are removed.16:40
mlinksvaWishMasterNND: maybe i misunderstood why class="librebox-subject" is present16:41
nathanyWishMasterNND: yuck; so if I use librebox that means my RDFa isn't accessbile to in-browser plugins like bookmarklets or extensions16:41
mlinksvait would be good to also add about="image url"16:41
johndoigiiiMike_H: if its any consolation, I'm from NC State :)16:42
johndoigiiia far superior university IMO lol16:42
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WishMasterNNDnathany: What do you propose then? The problem is that the ccREL things look ugly and the original intention of LibreBox was to pretty it up ;)16:42
Mike_Hjohndoigiii: :P16:42
nkinkadenathany:  Would you be opposed to my creating a new email group something like tech@(cc).org that went to you, me, paulproteus and johndoigiii?16:43
WishMasterNNDmlinksva: This class is used to prevent an object to be removed. But of course, the object wouldn't have to be within the librebox tag at all (though I am thinking of adding another way of showing the licencing information: an on-hover overlay for images where this would be needed).16:44
nathanyWishMasterNND: I'm not sure how I'd fix it in this particular case but if you still have links for the license, etc you can just make sure they retain their RDFa attributes; maybe this is "easy" if you move elements instead of adding/deleting?16:44
nathanyjust a thought16:44
nathanynkinkade: no objections16:44
nkinkadeWe've been using webmaster for that, but it occurs to me that mlinksva and Bovinity don't necessarily need to get everything that might pertain to tech.16:44
WishMasterNNDBut where should I move them to?16:44
* WishMasterNND is away for a little while16:44
nkinkadeUnless they want to, that is.  mlinksva, Bovinity: thoughts?16:44
nkinkadeIf so, then we'd have to add johndoigiii to webmaster@.16:45
nathanyWishMasterNND: you still have all the same information in your popup box; why wouldn't they just be moved to the HTML that represents that?16:45
mlinksvai know how to use delete key, but if you want a new alias i don't care either16:45
nathany(note that I have no idea how you're doing this behind the scenes)16:45
mlinksvabtw i think the alias 'software' already exists16:45
mlinksvatruly doesn't matter to me16:45
Bovinitynkinkade: i don't mind receiving those; also delete key16:45
nathanynkinkade: we can either add johndoigiii to webmaster, add you, paulproteus, johndoigiii to software or both16:46
nathanyprobably both16:46
nathanyWishMasterNND: i see the content is still there in the lbox div16:46
nathanywrt in browser software visibility isn't the issue, DOM representation is16:47
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nathany(although personally I think having to move my mouse to see what the license is is rather unattractive to me)16:47
mlinksvahow do i unsubscribe from this channel?16:48
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nathanynkinkade: are/did you make those proposed changes to webmaster, software?17:30
nkinkadenathany: I added johndoigiii to webmaster.17:34
nkinkadeBut made no changes to software.17:34
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nathanynkinkade: great, thanks17:43
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paulproteusMike_H, I never attended UNC. My name is Asheesh Laroia. Maybe you're thinking of someone else?18:48
Mike_Hpaulproteus: I must be, but I've talked to you somewhere before.18:48
Mike_HI thought it was #ibiblio.18:48
Mike_Hit was back in 2007, I can barely remember what I ate yesterday18:48
paulproteusI've been on #lyceum since then at least.18:49
Mike_HI don't think it's that.18:49
Mike_Hthis is more suited to #freeculture, I'll go there18:49
paulproteusUnfortunately my logs don't go back to 2007, so I can't quickly tell. But nice to see you again, either way.18:49
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paulproteusPresumably our tech team chat is still on for 2 pm today? I'll be sure to be in the office by then.19:10
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Mike_HI'm writing up the proposal now :)19:20
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nathanypaulproteus: you mean 1330?19:44
paulproteusI do indeed mean 1330, and I'll be in by then.19:45
nkinkadenathany: What are all these python exception mails we're getting from roundup?19:48
paulproteusThey're the Gmail SSL'd IMAP server abruptly disconnecting.19:54
paulproteusOr the Gmail SSL'd IMAP server giving it "connection refused."19:54
paulproteusSince they're just temporary, and Roundup retries 10m later, they're not a big deal, so I've been ignoring them.19:54
nkinkadeSeems like it could fail a little more gracefully.19:57
paulproteusYou could say that about the Gmail IMAP server, too.19:57
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nathanynkinkade: or they're malformed requests coming in20:12
nathanyhey nkinkade20:31
paulproteusSo, Skype then?20:31
paulproteusOr conf. line?20:31
nathanyani says the mic is working20:31
paulproteus(Or Ekiga.)20:31
nkinkadenathany: Ekiga is good.20:32
nkinkadeLet me fire it up.20:32
nathanynkinkade: cool20:33
nathanynot sure it's working on my laptop... we'll see20:33
nathanynkinkade: we're in the room, let me know when you're there20:34
nkinkadeI'm there.20:34
nkinkadeOur old standby 5016060.20:34
nathanycan you hear us?20:35
nathanynkinkade: can you hear us? i see our mic meter moving, we aren't hearing anything20:36
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Howchenghello, i have a derivative work licensing question20:49
Howchenglet's say i have two works, one BY-SA, the other BY-NC-SA and I want to combine the two ... what would the license of the resulting work have to be?20:50
Howchengor are the two licenses mutually exclusive?20:50
nkinkade1Howcheng: ^^20:50
Howchengok, so mutually exclusive, like i thought, thanks20:51
clsmithThat's one of the problems with SA, really...20:52
clsmithSame with GPL. Two things which were designed to help aid the community can't be brought together to aid the community, because of conflicting licenses. :/20:52
nathanynkinkade1: should we just dial your cell?20:53
nathanywe're all in one room20:53
nkinkade1yeah, that'll work20:53
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paulproteusFWIW I'm in the glass table room.22:42
* Bovinity ponders pointing out the error in that statement22:43
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