Friday, 2009-04-10

nkinkade1 or 2 reasons you use it over GNOME/metacity?00:02
paulproteusAutomatic window layout, and the ability to place windows on more than one virtual desktop.00:04
nkinkadeDo you mean some virtual desktops but not all?00:04
nkinkadeI can place a window on all desktops with GNOME.00:04
paulproteusVirtual desktops become like SQL views.00:04
paulproteusIf you want to think of it that way.00:04
nkinkadeIs is lighter and faster too?  Anything you miss?00:05
paulproteusIf you don't, like I don't, that's fine too. (-;00:05
paulproteusIt supports the panel fine, so that's no problem.00:05
paulproteusI run a gnome-panel on my laptop, autohidden to the  bottom, and get all the usual array of applets.00:05
paulproteusOn my desktop I don't bother; the main reason I use the panel is the time zones switcher in the date/time applet, and network manager.00:05
nkinkadeI'm looking for something slightly lighter for this eee 1000HE netbook.00:05
paulproteusIt's one of the minimalist, tiling window managers.00:05
paulproteusBe warned that if you go down this path, you may learn more than you wanted to about window management philosophy.00:06
paulproteusBut if you just use awesome, you don't have to learn that.00:06
nkinkadeThe machine has 2G of memory and a 1.66GH processor, but for some reason it gets a little sluggish when running the same thing as on this Dell laptop.00:06
paulproteusAlso the CPU isn't as fast per cycle probably.00:06
paulproteusAtom vs. Core 2 Duo, right?00:06
nkinkadeMaybe.  I switching between virtual desktops got slow.00:06
nkinkadeYeah, it's an Atom.00:07
paulproteusOh, that's just as likely to be X acceleration-related.00:07
nkinkadeIt would take a 3 or 4 seconds  for the desktop to switch and then paint the screen.00:07
nkinkadeIt's not a RAM issue, I can say that much.00:07
nkinkadeFor several years I used Blackbox, and that was fine..00:08
nkinkadeBut I do like some of the niceties and automation of GNOME.00:08
paulproteusLike what? Be specific, and maybe I can tell you how I get them (or don't) in awesome-land.00:09
nkinkadeI don't even know. :-)00:09
paulproteusI do use it as the window manager in gnome.00:09
nkinkadeI just know that GNOME has been slight easier than Blackbox ever was.00:09
paulproteusSo e.g. volume keys work (handle by gnome-whatever-daemon).00:09
nkinkadeAh, so you still use GNOME, but with awesome instead of metacity.00:10
paulproteusRight on.00:10
nkinkadeAbout the X acceleration thing, any hints?  Could it be a config issue?00:10
nkinkadeOr is it just probably the processor?00:10
paulproteusWell, it's more likely to be the GPU or its config.00:10
paulproteusRead the /var/log/Xorg.0.log and see if it says anything sad like, "wtf going into slo mo".00:10
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nkinkadeI'll check it out.  Thanks.00:11
ankitghaoyu_: ping me when you're around. Thanks.00:16
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paulproteusnkinkade, Still around perchance? If I *write* a MW extension, do you feel that could go in the mw-ext/ namespace of git?02:16
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greg-gBovinity: who's that certain employee (I hope not me, cause next time, just say so :) ).04:14
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paulproteusgreg-g, I think his name rhymes with Jon.04:34
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greg-gpaulproteus: lol05:02
* Bovinity nods05:03
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mattlpaulproteus: lo05:06
mattlhow's it going? you're not in ;)05:08
paulproteusAre you sure?05:09
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Reloaded10I am trying to sort an array using QuickSort09:24
Reloaded10Here's my program:
Reloaded10But for some reason, it doens't work and I'm not sure why.09:24
paulproteusReloaded10, You want ##c.09:25
Reloaded10Oh oops09:25
paulproteusNo problem. (-:09:25
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paulproteusMorning, all.15:14
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paulproteusnathany, have a sec to think about how to organize ?16:30
paulproteus(esp w/r/t screencasts)16:30
nathanypaulproteus: one second16:30
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ankitghaoyu_: you there?17:44
haoyu_hi ankitg17:44
ankitgawesome ...17:45
ankitghaoyu_: the seems to break-down on "deed-music" ...17:45
paulproteusI have some lousy code for that somewhere.17:46
paulproteusLet me dig it up.17:46
haoyu_ah? I think it just print an warning and then ignore it17:46
paulproteusBTW it's really great that you two are around chatting about this.17:46
haoyu_thanks paulproteus :)17:47
haoyu_ankitg, how it break-down?17:48
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ankitgI found a way to make it work with google maps ... (pulling out the data for jurisdiction outlines later tonight / tomorrow) ... they can be embedded in the wiki I hope? Then we can have jurisdiction level maps as well ...17:48
ankitghaoyu_: let me re-create the error and pass it to you ...17:49
haoyu_jurisdiction level maps? what should be shown on that map?17:50
haoyu_ankitg, it show a warning because deed-music will be ignored, would not be an error.17:51
ankitghaoyu_: I talked to Giorgos and he said it would be nice to have jurisdiction level maps as well *if we can* ... with DIY Maps we sort of couldn't so I didn't probe ...  now that we can, I'll check with him what he wants on them ... =)17:52
haoyu_btw, ankitg, have you get git works on the repo?17:52
haoyu_paulproteus, is the git repo and svn repo synced?17:52
ankitghaoyu_: yep it's a warning .. the error I get is :  raise TemplateNotFound(template)   TemplateNotFound: worldmap.xml17:53
paulproteusWhich git repo and which svn repo?17:53
paulproteusSome are; most aren't.17:53
ankitgpaulproteus: I can't commit stuff to the bot via SVN ...17:53
paulproteusankitg, Do you still have your old SSH key?17:54
paulproteusLet me see if it's in the repo.17:54
haoyu_papyromancer, the repo at I mean17:54
haoyu_oh sorry papyromancer17:54
haoyu_it's for paulproteus :p17:54
haoyu_ankitg, can you do checkout and see the same files via git? if so, just use git.17:55
paulproteushaoyu_, I don't have any idea which git repo and which svn repo are sync'd.17:55
paulproteusAlmost definitely they're not.17:55
haoyu_for the TemplateNotFound error, you may do  svn up17:55
paulproteusankitg, Does this work?17:56
paulproteussvn co svn+ssh://
paulproteussvn co svn+ssh:// # rather17:56
paulproteusIf so, the problem is that you started with an HTTP-based checkout, not a svn+ssh-based checkout.17:56
ankitgpaulproteus: let me try that ...17:57
haoyu_paulproteus, have ankitg ever have worked with the svn repo? I see his code in the svn repo, but he said he was using git.17:57
paulproteusAn SSH key for him is in the svn authorized_hosts.17:58
ankitgpaulproteus: I can co stats using SSH+SVN ...17:58
paulproteusankitg, Great, so that means you will also be able to commit from the svn+ssh based checkout.17:58
ankitgpaulproteus: great ... let me cancel that and grab just the bot dir this way ... i don't need the other data at the moment ...17:59
* paulproteus nods17:59
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ankitghaoyu_: awesome got it fixed in the latest revision ... paulproteus: did you find the deed-music code (we can just ignore it) but if you have something handy we could just plug in that would be great.18:06
haoyu_what should be done for deed-music?18:08
ankitghaoyu_: I guess we could silence the warning by asking the code to ignore it ... we definitely don't need it in the map.18:09
haoyu_anyway giorgos told me just ignore it.18:10
paulproteusI don't really, I think.18:10
ankitgit's not a big deal, just don't want someone to be greeted with a warning everytime they run the code.18:10
ankitgpaulproteus: no probs. thanks.18:10
haoyu_but I think put a warning here is not bad, otherwise oneday you may found something missing and hardly find out way :p18:12
nkinkadepaulproteus: I forgot, did you resolve the commit hook po2cc thing?18:18
paulproteusnkinkade, Yeah, I'm pretty sure.18:19
nkinkadeCool.  Thanks.18:19
haoyu_nkinkade, could we have an account with rights higher than normal user - so we can change the sidebar of the wiki18:21
haoyu_nkinkade, I mean on the monitor.(cc).org side18:21
nkinkadehaoyu_: Of course.18:21
nkinkadeWhat's your login?  haoyu?18:22
haoyu_nkinkade, it's bhy18:22
nkinkadehaoyu_:  Done.18:23
haoyu_great, thanks nkinkade18:24
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nkinkadepaulproteus: Did you install roundup on a6?18:40
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paulproteusnkinkade, Yup.18:42
nkinkadeOkay, just making sure it was needed.18:43
nkinkadeI did notice somehow.18:43
nkinkadeCan't remember where I saw it.18:43
haoyu_nkinkade, when a wiki page with '&' in the title, all the chars after the '&' is stripped. Like this page:
haoyu_I checked mediawiki manual, & is a legel char in title. and wikipedia site works well with '&'18:47
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haoyu_em.. and it works well with
nkinkadehaoyu_: That makes sense to me.18:49
nkinkadeIf it's not URL encoded then how could Apache/PHP know that it's not another query parameter?18:49
nkinkadeOh, it was before.  Sorry.18:50
nkinkadeHmm.  Let me look at that.18:50
ankitghaoyu_: does the worldmap_total.xml template file have access to the world total number of licenses (ie. sum of all jurisdiction totals)?18:50
haoyu_nkinkade, em, but wikipedia also works with unencoded &:
ankitghaoyu_: i.e instead of stats[id].total a (or something similar) which would be the total number of CC licensed content in the world ...?18:52
haoyu_ankitg, no. Do you need that?18:52
nkinkadeCould this have something to do with the wgPathInfo option we set?18:52
haoyu_maybe. so could yo turn it and see?18:53
ankitghaoyu_: yes, I would need that to make the color-coding dynamic (and scalable) ... is it too much trouble to add?18:53
haoyu_no it is easy.18:53
nathanynkinkade: are you doing anything with roundup on
nathany(or have you?)18:55
nkinkadenathany: I installed a security update, and it got restarted.18:57
nkinkadeIs there a problem?18:57
paulproteusYeah, pagination seems to be broken.18:58
ankitghaoyu_: can I also check with you if the naming convention of the wiki pages is consistent with {{ names[id] }} in the template?18:58
nathanynkinkade: yes18:59
haoyu_ankitg, you mean juris names?18:59
paulproteusI'm reading the Debian patch now...18:59
ankitgyep are the wiki pages named the same as the juris names in the template?19:00
haoyu_yes the wiki page titles use the same name19:00
paulproteus+  * This version attempts to fix the CSV privilege escalation problem19:00
paulproteus+    that allows complete corruption and takeover of your tracker.19:00
haoyu_ankitg, I committed the 'world' parameter19:00
ankitghaoyu_: awesome, I'll just do an svn update19:01
haoyu_ankitg, you should able to use now.19:01
nkinkade * fix crashes on bogus pagination request (upstream issue: #2550530)19:02
nathanynot so much "fix"... ;)19:02
nkinkadeThere was something related to pagination in the update ^^19:02
ankitghaoyu_: thanks ... that's pretty much what I'll need for now ... I'll bug you later to help me with the legend, if need be. Otherwise I am good to go. =)19:02
haoyu_ankitg, btw, I commented out the test_map() in the __main__ of, just enable it when you need to test the rendered maps.19:03
ankitghaoyu_: noted. Thanks a lot.19:04
haoyu_ankitg, I must go to sleep now... just drop me a mail if you have any issue with the code.19:04
haoyu_good night! :)19:05
ankitghaoyu_: rest assured ... the code seems pretty simple to understand. thanks19:05
ankitggood night19:05
ankitgsvn update svn+ssh://
ankitgSkipped 'svn+ssh://'19:05
haoyu_ankitg, just 'svn up' is okey19:06
haoyu_you won't need to repeat the URL since you already checkout it.19:07
ankitghaoyu_: ... that tried to update via port 80 (http) ... hope that doesn't break my ability to commit ... paulproteus: will 'svn up' do?19:09
paulproteusankitg, You'll need to svn switch --relocate to the svn+ssh version.19:09
nkinkadepaulproteus: Should I be digging into the roundup thing or are you looking in to that?19:10
ankitgpaulproteus: okie ... got it ... thanks19:10
ankitghaoyu_: good night19:10
paulproteusnkinkade, I'll try one thing or two things...19:10
paulproteusOkay, reverting one of the Debian patches fixes the issue I think.19:12
paulproteusI'll report a bug.19:12
nkinkadenathany: Will it be safe for me to remove the uesearch and roundup stuff from a8?19:13
nkinkadeAs in rm -rf19:13
nkinkadeand purge19:13
paulproteusDeiban bug filed re: roundup, and fixed version deployed on a{6,7}.19:22
ankitghaoyu_: still around?19:23
ankitgapparently not ...19:24
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Bovinitynathany: did a package come for melissa, today?19:54
nathanyBovinity: UPS?19:54
nathanylet me look19:54
nathanyi don't see anything19:55
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PEdroArthurHi fellows... I got a doubt about what "no derivative work" which wasn't cleared by reading the FAQ. Would someone help?20:01
PEdroArthursorry, what "no derivative woks" means...20:01
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paulproteusIt's nice filing bugs in Debian. <>20:16
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paulproteusnathany, I have no idea what is causing the little SMW error boxes at . Maybe you can take a look sometime and see if you do?20:51
paulproteusThe query works fine on the admittedly stale
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nathanynkinkade: i'm going to convert webmaster from a group to a real user with an email distribution list21:36
nathanyso we can use it as the goog account for creating common analytics reports and maps keys21:36
nathany(so it'll bounce for the next minute or so)21:36
nkinkadenathany: That's fine.21:37
nkinkadeI don't know about the functionality you're talking about.21:37
nkinkadeYou mean a real user with "aliases"?21:37
nkinkadeOr something like that?21:37
nkinkadeOr nicknames, as I think Google calls them.21:37
nathanynkinkade: i meant using the SMTP delivery filters21:46
nathany(like asheesh uses)21:46
nathanyunfortunately you can't use them like i was planning21:46
nathanyso webmaster is a real account and in its gmail settings I set all mail to forward to (which is the new name of the old group)21:46
nathanythis may have been more flailing that absolutely necessary...21:47
nathanynkinkade: you should have two webmaster messages in your inbox -- one from my account, and a reply-to-all21:47
nkinkadenathany: Why wouldn't it work as a regular group?21:47
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nathanynkinkade: because we wanted a "real" account we could use for logging into analytics, etc21:48
nathanyin retrospect maybe choosing a different common name would have been better21:48
nkinkadeOh, Google refuses to recognize groups as accounts that can be used to subscribe to things?21:48
nathanywell it refuses to let them be used as credentials for services21:48
nathany(like analytics, maps keys, etc)21:48
nkinkadeSomething seems half-assed about this setup, but maybe it's the only way.21:48
nkinkadereal accounts, forwarding to groups, etc.21:49
nathanywell the no-assed setup would be to choose a different alias for our common, shared account21:49
nathanywebmaster seemed natural to me21:49
nkinkadeWhy do we need webmaster@ to be the account that subscribes?21:49
nathanywe need *a* shared account to use to generate map keys and log into analytics so we can create some common reports for quarterly board reporting21:50
nathanyi thought that making webmaster@ a real account seemed to be the most natural21:50
nathanymaybe coming up with a different shared account-name would make more sense21:51
nathanyi'll switch it around, make reporting@cc be a real, shared account, put webmaster back the way it was21:51
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nkinkadenathany: Any idea who is?21:55
nkinkadeBovinity: ^^21:56
nathanynkinkade: ok, nothing to see here21:56
nathanynkinkade: hrm, eric may have created that for youtube access?21:56
nathanywhy do you ask?21:56
nkinkadeThat address has Admin access to our Analytics account.21:56
nathanyyeah, it's in the webaccounts list on teamspace, so probably legit21:57
nathanypaulproteus: (reporting@ is probably a good choice for your maps question)21:57
nkinkadenathany: Can you delete the address from the users list?21:57
nathanynkinkade: which users list?21:58
nkinkadeThe User manager for Analytics.21:58
nkinkadeI'd rather access it with my CC email address, but remember having some issue, so Alex added the Gmail account.21:59
nathanygot it21:59
nkinkadeWTF.  I just stepped through some password recovery steps with Google for and then it said: "To initiate the password reset process, please follow the instructions sent to your email address."22:03
nkinkadeI didn't forget my password, but was testing something.  That's screwed.22:04
nkinkadeI think used to have a address eons ago, but certainly not associated with CC Google Apps.22:04
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nkinkadenathany: Are you able to use your CC Apps account to access Analyticsf?22:07
nathanynkinkade: yup22:07
nkinkadeIs there any trick to it?22:07
nkinkadeDo you just enter your email address and password?22:07
nathanybut it seems semi-disjoint from my real CC Apps account, like maybe it's a google account with the same email address instead of a CC Google account22:07
nathanylike it won't let me be logged into non goog apps properties as both nathan@cc and nathanyergler@gmail22:08
nkinkadeI was able to get it to work like that ... to add my CC address to my regular Gmail account, then login with but with my password for my regular gmail acct.22:08
nkinkadeIs that what you're doing?22:08
nkinkadeCC address + personal Gmail password?22:09
nathanyit's not clear if that's what i'm doing or not :(22:09
nathanyit's my cc address, that's all i know22:09
nkinkadeNow I can't access  the CC Analytics at all.22:10
nkinkadeBut I can log into Analytics with with my personal password.22:11
nkinkadeJust no access to the CC stuff.22:11
paulproteusnathany, nkinkade - the ccLearners might use svn for binary blob document management, like my mom does.22:13
* paulproteus is waiting for nathany to explode with laughter22:13
paulproteusThey seemed happy about what it offered them over tracking attachments in email and Roundup.22:13
paulproteusI lean toward this being a good idea, but I'm curious if you have comments.22:13
nathanyi have zero (kelvin) desire to help windows users with key management22:14
nathany(like, ever)22:14
paulproteusRight, fair enough.22:14
nathanyis there a tortoise like view for mac os x?22:14
paulproteusI don't know, I'm shopping around for one, but my research leans toward No.22:15
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paulproteusAt least, not for free.22:15
nathanyhow do they plan to manage things?22:15
paulproteusThere are some less exciting GUIs that are for free.22:16
paulproteusI think having the OS X users have the less exciting GUIs is fine with me. (-;22:16
nathany1) I'm not thrilled about spending time supporting this22:16
paulproteus1) Right, I want to minimize that too.22:16
nathany2) i want it sandboxed from our real work22:17
nathanyi'm morbidly curious how this came up22:17
paulproteusMy saying, "Uh, sure you *could* use attachments in Roundup...."22:18
paulproteus"But we tech elitists have a better way."22:18
nathanyoh, they were thinking of that?22:18
nathanyjesus normal people are retarded22:18
paulproteusSpeaking of Jesus,
nathanythat's pretty awesome22:19
johndoigiiiI dont mind an ugly gui22:22
johndoigiiithere's always Versions,
johndoigiiinot free of course22:23
Bovinitythere's also svnX -
Bovinityfree, but kinda clunky22:25
nkinkadeBovinity: nathany: Sorry.  Could one of you add my account back to the user list for CC Analytics.22:28
nkinkadeSeems it's the only way.22:28
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