Tuesday, 2009-04-07

paulproteusI don't see any at all.00:00
paulproteusSeems not all keys are killed.00:07
paulproteusYeah, my mistake.00:07
johndoigiiioh ok00:08
paulproteusMy laptop's key doesn't work, but my desktop's and many others do.00:08
paulproteusI'll assume my laptop's issue is my laptop's issue.00:08
johndoigiiiwell, I have to run and catch the ferry before it departs00:09
johndoigiiibut I will be back online later this evening00:09
paulproteusI'll stop worrying for now.00:10
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nathanypaulproteus: SYN?03:56
nathany(not expecting an ACK, but figured I'd check)03:56
paulproteusnathany, ACK04:01
nathanypaulproteus: I think I managed to muddle through on my own04:01
nathanytrying to get mod_fcgid going for a personal project04:01
paulproteusHacked by Chinese04:02
* paulproteus giggles04:02
paulproteusCouldn't help myself.04:02
nathanyfinally realized that I could "just" use mod_rewrite to pass URLs to the fcgi04:02
nathanyand it'd "do the right thing"04:02
nathany(does that match your experience?)04:02
paulproteusI usually "just" use Alias or ScriptAlias.04:02
nathanyRight, but I couldn't get Alias to work @ the root of the site04:03
nathany^/ seemed to make it angry04:03
* nathany takes a phone call04:04
* paulproteus nods calmly.04:04
nathanypaulproteus: anyway, not angry per se04:12
nathanyit just *really* wanted to add an extra "/"04:12
nathany(and even when I tried to do it differently it wasn't really happy04:13
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JanisBnathany, can I ask about GSoC proposals? :)15:11
nathanyJanisB: sure15:12
JanisBwhat's now?15:13
nathanyin the SoC process?15:13
JanisBmentors should review all proposals and students should wait until 15 of April?15:13
nathanyright; you should subscribe to updates on your proposal so you're notified if the mentors have any public questions for you15:13
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nathanyactually it looks like you won't be notified until april 2015:14
nathanybut selections have to finish by april 15615:14
JanisBIs there someone else with same proposal like mine (RDFa for WP)?15:15
nathanyJanisB: yes; we had several for that project15:16
JanisBit is possible that mentors will need some additional info/will have questions about my proposal (in other words - should i stay on this channel or i can wait questions over e-mails/public comments at SoC site)?15:20
nathanyJanisB: if you're subscribed to comments on your proposal that should be enough; we're posting questions there so that all mentors can see them along with responses15:21
JanisBok, thank you15:22
nathanysure, thanks for the proposal :)15:22
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rainman-srrdf for wp?15:35
rainman-srthis rdf? http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:RDF15:35
rainman-sroh wp is wordpress, nevermind15:38
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paulproteusnathany, Mornin'.16:50
nathanymorning paulproteus16:53
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paulproteusMorning plan: Finish implement choosing a sidebox on OpenEd, wait for NK's fires to go away re: upgrades, then eat lunch and come in.16:58
nkinkadeBovinity: Would you have a problem with me removing the "Your Name" text that is auto filled on the contact form?16:59
Bovinitynkinkade: is it superfluous, or is it a hint? i'm guessing the former17:00
Bovinitynkinkade: ah, yeah, especally considering it's required.. remove17:00
nkinkadeIt has two negative qualities: 1) It allow people to not fill the field so we get mails with subjects like "A comment from Your Name", which is confusing 2) it's javascript activated, and someone just complained that the text wouldn't go away from some reason, though I can't think how or why that could be.17:00
Bovinityperverbial someone probably has JS turned off17:01
Bovinitybut yes, go ahead and remove it.17:01
nkinkadeI'll just ditch it.  It will at least force people to put something even if it means we get mails with subjects like "A comment from Fuck, I'm not giving you my name."17:01
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paulproteusnkinkade, Upgrade o'clock?17:17
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nkinkadepaulproteus: I thought we were going to go with early afternoon your time?17:18
paulproteusOh, right, I forgot.17:18
paulproteusI remember that now.17:18
nkinkadeI'll probably go to lunch in about 45 minutes.17:18
nkinkadeI'd rather not start just before lunch in case I get held up.17:18
paulproteusYes, right on.17:18
nkinkadeAnd the same for you guys, so I figured around 1 or 2 pm Pacific would fit that bill.17:18
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paulproteusgod i hate php it makes me want to dye18:07
paulproteussomething_that_returns_an_array()[0]; /* syntax error */18:07
paulproteuswere you guys even THINKING?18:07
mattlpaulproteus: why does that make you want to dye?18:16
paulproteusAt some point, you just want to give up computers and work in textiles.18:16
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mattli thought CC was just a t-shirt maker who did licenses on the side?18:26
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nathanynkinkade: are you doing a5 and a7 at the same time, or one after the other?19:25
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paulproteusI'd like to make a note here that MediaWiki does not come close to following a MVC design pattern.19:44
mattlpaulproteus: dye, patterns... you really are running a t-shirt operation.19:44
paulproteusMVC-058F 41 Rolling stone pattern quilt in typical Pa. German colors with green centers having names embroidered on them <http://www.quilthistory.com/study/nov19.htm>19:46
paulproteusMediaWiki is *nothing* like that.19:46
paulproteusnkinkade, Around again yet?20:11
paulproteusI'm thinking of going offline for 15m and biking in to the office (now that it's no longer raining).20:11
nkinkadenathany: paulproteus: Just back from lunch this very moment.20:11
nkinkadepaulproteus: Shall we do the upgrade when you arrive at the office?20:11
paulproteusSounds great to me.20:12
nathanyand when will that be?20:12
paulproteusMaybe 20m20:13
paulproteusP.S. Sorry about what I wrote on ticket 177.20:13
nkinkadenathany: Up to now, I've been trying to upgrade no more than 1 machine at a time, but I'm feeling fairly convinced of the stability of Lenny with out setup, so I see no reason not to do a5, then if all is well and there is time, to just get a7 out of the way too.20:13
nathanynkinkade: does it make sense to do a7 first to discover any [possible] cc.engine problems? just a thought20:14
nathanyi don't anticipate any, just thinking out loud20:14
nkinkadenathany: I'm fine with that, and it makes sense, too.20:15
paulproteusOkay, just about 20m from now.20:22
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paulproteusnathany, I'm chilling with the ccLearners in the big, noisy conf. room.20:49
nathanynkinkade, i guess you'll start on a7?20:49
nathanyjohndoigiii: fyi, if you're mucking on staging.cc.org nkinkade is going to do a dist upgrade on it so it'll be periodically unavailable20:50
johndoigiiialrighty thanks20:50
paulproteusThe longest downtime period would be when apt stops and starts mysqld.20:52
paulproteusnkinkade, For that reason, maybe you can 'apt-get install mysql-server-5.0' before the main dist-upgrade?20:53
paulproteusThat would minimize its downtime.20:53
nathany(don't forget the reboot, paulproteus)20:53
paulproteus(oh, yeah, reboots are awesome)20:53
paulproteus(-: and I did forget)20:54
nkinkadepaulproteus: Good idea.20:54
nkinkadenathany: paulproteus: I'm going to start on a7.20:54
paulproteusThis'll be fun!20:54
nkinkadeI'll start with dpk and apt, then do mysql, then do a full-upgrade.20:54
nkinkadeSound reasonable?20:54
paulproteusStart with {dpkg, apt, aptitude} then mysql, then full, sure.20:55
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nkinkadepaulproteus: There is a dep. problem with python-subversion, the first solution is to downgrade it.  Will that be okay?21:07
nkinkadeApparently the installed version requires < python2.521:07
paulproteusI can't even remember what we use it for.21:07
paulproteusCan you try 'aptitude install python-subversion' and see what it can upgrade?21:08
nkinkadelibsvn-perl [1.5.4dfsg1-1~asheesh (now) -> 1.5.1dfsg1-2 (stable)]21:08
paulproteusUh, sure.21:08
nathanydid we need it for pootle/herder stuff?21:08
nkinkadeOther than that, the changes it wants to make seem reasonable and non-critical.21:09
nkinkadeSo paulproteus libsvn going down in version won't affecting anything with code.CC.org?21:09
paulproteusOh, I see, this is the whole Subversion package.21:09
paulproteusWell 1.5.4 has some improvements over
nkinkadeOh, no sorry.  it's just libsvn-perl.21:10
paulproteusRelease the lock and lemme see?21:10
nkinkadepaulproteus: http://pastebin.com/d4fae538a21:10
paulproteusLooks like this is for git-svn.21:10
paulproteusI'd rather keep those more recent. Let21:11
paulproteusWell, it's only temporary.21:11
nkinkadepaulproteus: Want to do the screen -x bit?21:11
paulproteusOh yes!21:11
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nkinkadeI just entered a screen session.21:12
*** pandadave has quit IRC21:12
paulproteusI'm right there with you.21:12
paulproteusSure, whatever, let's downgrade those suckers.21:12
nkinkadeI guess you were okay with the suggestion. :-)21:13
paulproteusIt's pretty lame; it's not even going to upgrade openssh.21:13
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nkinkadepaulproteus: Would you have edited init.d/glibc.sh for anything?21:15
paulproteusLet's take the new Debian version21:17
paulproteusYou take it from here21:17
paulproteusThis is fun, whee.21:17
paulproteusIt's like watching a movie.21:18
paulproteusOn the big screen tonight: The age-old story, retold for a new era: UPGRADE TO LENNY.21:20
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nkinkadeSo dpkg uses perl quite a lot.21:23
paulproteusYa. Many packages use Perl scripting in prerm/postinst.21:25
nkinkadepaulproteus: Did you post this to #cc the other day?: http://xkcd.com/224/21:25
paulproteusIt's on my former advisor's door.21:26
nkinkadeWatching it rebuild locale data is only slightly better than watching older versions of Windows defragment a drive.21:27
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paulproteusw00t, gitosis is "currently" broken.21:29
paulproteusProbably because the default Python version changed.21:30
paulproteusI'll fix it.21:30
paulproteus(done; I hardcoded python2.4 "for now" in gitosis-serve; if we next upgrade gitosis that'll get overwritten with /usr/bin/python, which work work because the upgrade will install the module for python2.5)21:36
nathanynkinkade: have we rebooted into the brave new world of lenny yet? not sure if i should be paying attention to roundup borkedness21:45
nkinkadenathany: Not yet.  It's still upgrading, and I'm sorting out some changes to config files that apt is warning me about.21:47
nathanygot it21:47
nkinkadeIt's about to be ready.21:47
nathanyi'll ignore for now21:47
nkinkadeOh, ready.21:47
nkinkadeBut I'm going to tweak the configs before reboot.21:48
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nkinkadenathany: paulproteus: Bovinity: Shall I let reboot kill your sessions on a7, or are there things that need to close cleanly?21:55
paulproteusYou can kill my sessions.21:55
nathanyi'm out21:55
paulproteusWhee, this'll be fun.21:57
*** oshani has joined #cc21:57
nkinkadeWiki and staging seem to be working nicely so far.21:58
nkinkadeI guess I'll re-enable Nagios for a7, and see what's up.21:58
paulproteusThe OpenEd folks seem to have hardly noticed.22:01
nkinkadenathany: Can you take a look at cc.engine on a7?22:02
nkinkadeI think it may just be a startup script issue.22:02
nkinkadecc.engine for labs is running, or something that looks like it.22:02
nathanynkinkade: yeah, i just killed the labs instance and removed it from rc.local, killed it's startup script22:06
nathanyre-buildout-ing staging22:07
nkinkadenathany: Looks like apps/scraper and apps/triples are down too.22:07
nathanypaulproteus: did you not convert staging to use fcgi as well as production?22:09
nathany(for the triple scraper)22:09
paulproteusI don't particularly recall doing that. But it's all kind of hazy.22:10
* nathany grumbles under his breath22:11
paulproteusLet me know if you want me to. I can spring into action if desired.22:12
paulproteusI thought I mostly just convinced you guys to FCGIify things rather than did it myself.22:13
* nathany rolls his eyes22:13
paulproteusNo, I remember now doing it for the scraper.22:13
nathanyuh, no, you did it on production :)22:13
paulproteusYes, that's right.22:13
nathanynevermind, i'm looking @ the license engine at the moment22:13
paulproteusOkay, cool. Do let me know if you want me to.22:13
paulproteusI'm going to see about fixing the roundup mail gateway, which seems to have broken.22:14
nathanyall of roundup seems dead22:14
paulproteusI just found that.22:14
paulproteusSince you did the initial install, want to look at it? If you're busy I will continue to investigate; I imagine I can figure out what you did.22:16
* paulproteus investigates; if you want me to stop, interrupt me22:16
nathanyi'm happy to look but it'll have to wait22:16
paulproteusQuick q: did you install from Debian packages, or upstream source, or what?22:17
paulproteusLooks like packages to me.22:17
nathanypaulproteus: i'm not sure; i would have guess packages22:18
paulproteusnkinkade, a7 wants you to install nagios3, it seems.22:20
paulproteusRun "apt-get -f install" and you'll see some things it wants to address.22:20
nkinkadepaulproteus: I need to fix that.22:20
paulproteusCool, so long as you know. No rush from me on that.22:20
nkinkadeI tried to purge it before rebooting, but a postinstall script failed.22:20
nathanypaulproteus: roundup appears to be a mod_proxy muck up22:22
nathany(guessing, based on error.log)22:22
paulproteusI'm familiar with a few mod_proxy problems, from experience. (-:22:22
paulproteusroundup-mailgw is also working fine now, I believe.22:25
nathanypaulproteus: any idea why python2.5 on a7 wouldn't be loading /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/sitecustomize.py?22:28
paulproteusNot off the top of my head; let me quickly check22:28
nkinkadeWas it a mod_proxy thing?  There was maybe 1 line in the old mod_proxy setup that seemed strange, but I accepted the maintainers version, so that could have been it.22:28
nathanyoh, weird22:28
nathanylooks like it wants it not in site-packages but one level up22:29
paulproteuspython -v # says it was22:29
paulproteusOh, yeah, right. (I was about to paste what it said it imported.)22:29
paulproteusnkinkade, Yeah, it was a mod_proxy thing. I'd like to just show you a "git diff" but we don't have etckeeper on a7 yet. (-:22:29
nathanyWTF, they add an apport hook there?22:29
nkinkadepaulproteus: The old mod_proxy.conf file should still be there.22:30
paulproteusnkinkade, I didn't change the mod_proxy.conf, just the vhost's configuration.22:30
nkinkadeDidn't dpkg move rename it before installing the new one.22:30
nathanynkinkade: paulproteus: cc.engine back up on staging22:31
paulproteusw00t, yay nathany22:31
nathanylooking @ scraper now22:31
paulproteusOh my God http://staging.creativecommons.org/ looks amazing.22:31
nkinkadenathany: Was it a trivial fix?22:31
nkinkadeI know, I was shocked by it a couple hours ago.22:32
nathanynkinkade: eh22:32
nkinkadeI haven't been there in a while, and was pleasantly surprised.22:32
nathanyhad to remove a ctypes dependency since it's in py2.5 now22:32
Bovinitythanks guys22:32
nathanyreset the default encoding22:32
nathanyre build out22:32
paulproteus...dude that's Derek (iMorpheus) in the photo thing.22:32
paulproteusIn the upper-right corner.22:32
nkinkadeBovinity: When did you put all that goodness up on staging?22:32
Bovinitynkinkade: yesterday, for the meeting we had22:33
Bovinitynkinkade: but it's basically up for testing and dev, since my local WP doesn't have everything i need22:33
Bovinitynkinkade: don't worry about letting me know about any weirdness with the theme, i'm on track with what's not working properly22:34
nkinkadepaulproteus: etckeeper is now installed on a722:34
nkinkadeI guess it's a good thing we did this on a7 before a5.22:35
nathanynkinkade: scraper back up22:36
nathanylet's do a5 and get on with our lives22:36
*** JanisB has quit IRC22:37
nkinkadenathany: Shall we do a5 right now?22:37
nathanylet's do it22:38
nathanyi don't think we'll have the scraper problems there22:38
*** jgay_ has joined #cc22:38
nathany(since it's fcgi'd)22:38
nathanynkinkade: can you ping me when i should start looking @ a5?22:39
nkinkadeInterestingly, upgrading dpkg, apt and aptitude pull in the upgrade of mysql.22:39
*** jgay has quit IRC22:39
nkinkadeYeah, I'll give you a shout when/if you need to get involved.22:39
*** oshani has quit IRC22:45
*** kreynen_ has quit IRC22:49
nkinkadedpkg has 58978 files and dirs installed on a5.  There's nothing more simple in the world than an operating system.22:51
paulproteusnkinkade, (-:22:56
*** e_6 has quit IRC23:00
nkinkadepaulproteus: on a5: /etc/bash_completion.d/git23:14
nkinkadeDid you ever modify that file?23:14
* paulproteus shrugs23:14
paulproteusIf so, no big deal.23:14
nkinkadeI'll just use the maintainer's version.23:14
*** oshani has joined #cc23:23
nkinkadenathany: a5:/license23:26
*** e_6 has joined #cc23:26
nathanyon it23:27
nathanyand we're back23:27
nathanynkinkade: looking @ metadata scraper, mta and scholars now23:28
nkinkadenathany: I'm looking at mta.23:29
nkinkadeIt seems to be a proxy.conf thing again.23:29
nkinkadeAnd it's back up now.23:30
nathanylooks like that fixed scholars too23:30
nathanynkinkade: scraper is back; seems that it was missing the suexec wrapper (*cough* paulproteus *cough*)23:34
nkinkadeHmm.  And Apache issued a warning about the suexec wrapper  when I restarted it23:35
paulproteusI don't really know why I'm being coughed at.23:35
paulproteusapache2-suexec is a separate package from apache2, but I think it's installed by default.23:35
paulproteusI mean, it's an add-on package like a module.23:35
nathanypaulproteus: i'm coughing because it wasn't installed and because it's your handiwork (hacked by chinese ;) )23:36
nathany(not a real cough, just an annoying change in debian)23:37
paulproteusYou know Deviant Art.com? I bought Debian Tart.23:38
paulproteusI'm not sure what quite to do with it. (I always used to read it as devianTart anyway.)23:38
nkinkadenathany: paulproteus: Nagios reports that all services that were/are monitored are up.23:39
nkinkadeIt seems that a5 went smoother than any of the others.23:39
nathanythanks, nkinkade, paulproteus23:39
nkinkadeThank you both.23:39
paulproteusYou two too. (-:23:40
nathanyok, i'm going home23:40
nkinkadeAnd I'm going out for a  beer.23:45
*** oshani has quit IRC23:49
paulproteusAnd I'm going to stay at the office and get some more work done.23:50

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