Monday, 2009-04-06

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mattlno prob00:14
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paulproteusmattl, Frank Tobia is one of CC's interns last year, was involved in Free Culture at RPI, and has a little bio still on the CC staff page.16:05
paulproteusnathany, Morning.16:05
nathanymorning, paulproteus16:05
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paulproteus"For example, if a machine can say a prayer for you, why not have a fully robotic pope and clergy?" <>16:07
nathanywhy not, indeed?16:08
paulproteusI may WFH until lunchtime or so.16:10
mattlpaulproteus: thanks for the update. did you enjoy offline?16:12
paulproteusI did. I went hiking.16:14
paulproteusThis weekend was like the most weekend-y weekend I've had in ages.16:14
* paulproteus reviews our gsoc applications16:16
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paulproteusnathany, Okay if I make some of these reviews public...?16:31
nathanypaulproteus: of course16:31
nathanypaulproteus: but you'll need to do a private pass to actually get the +/- value recorded16:31
paulproteusRight, I realize.16:32
nathanyif i understand correctly you can either publicly comment or privately score, not both at the same time16:32
nathany(a score would be useful)16:32
paulproteusYeah, I plan to score many many apps.16:32
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haoyu_nkinkade, the rewrite rule on monitor.(cc).org maybe still a bit problematic - when I edit page via api.php ( ) the content is written to page "Api.php"16:41
haoyu_nkinkade, but it may not caused by rewrite rules because other POST request to api.php works well, so I'm not quite sure16:41
nkinkadehaoyu_: Let me see ...16:42
haoyu_I can produce some request so you can see what happend on the logs16:42
nkinkadehaoyu_: I might be misunderstanding something, but that page show up for me.16:43
nkinkadeThat is, api.php is not redirected to Api.php.16:44
haoyu_yes, the problem only occurs when I do editing via api.php16:44
haoyu_when edit via api.php, the content of the page pushed to a wiki page called 'Api.php'16:45
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haoyu_eg. I just done a edit on page Sandbox via api.php, but now the content published on Api.php16:46
haoyu_and Sandbox page unchanged.16:47
nkinkadehaoyu_: I've never used api.php ... can you give me an example URL?16:47
haoyu_em, it should be a post request, hold on, I'll figure out how the post data looks like16:48
nkinkadeIt won't work with a GET?16:49
haoyu_yes the api.php require POST on some method16:51
nkinkadeYou could email me the form you're using.16:52
nkinkadeOr pastebin it.16:52
paulproteusIt does work with GETs in some cases.16:52
haoyu_yep it just doesn't work for the edit action..16:52
haoyu_it is not a form, it is a python wiki bot called mwclient.16:56
haoyu_nkinkade, the session here:
haoyu_I grabed the whole session. Everyone of them is a POST request. the last request is the one caused problem16:57
nkinkadehaoyu_:  This one?: format=json&text=HIHIHIHIHI&title=Sandbox&bot=1&summary=&token=cf8e109505b5f13ba4f0b59ac4350293%2B%5C&notminor=1&action=edit16:58
nkinkadeThat looks a lot like a GET request to me.16:58
nkinkadeOr does this python module break it down into a POST?16:58
haoyu_yes but it is indeed a POST16:58
nkinkadeSo you feed the module a GET-style URL and it converts it?16:59
haoyu_it just POSTed the data in this format... em... let me see..16:59
haoyu_I think it is the Python API has break it down17:00
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nkinkadeThat may be how POST data looks.  I honestly forgot how it's passed.  It's been years since I manually parsed POST data, probably about 10 years, and I did it using Perl.17:03
nkinkadeIt may very well be tokenized like that, similar to GET, but sent as content/data instead.17:04
haoyu_em.. anyway do you think it is a mediawiki bug? it said clearly in the request that the title is 'Sandbox', but in the return value the title is 'Api.php'17:07
haoyu_I just think it maybe related to the rewrite rule since it is just the url of the request - api.php17:08
nkinkadeYeah, that is strange.17:09
paulproteusI think it's the Rewrite rules, too. Let me know if I ought to give it a gander.17:09
paulproteuslol re: HIHIHIHIHI17:10
nkinkadehaoyu_: paulproteus: Here are the only rewrite rules:17:11
nkinkadePresumably if it's posting to /api.php, then it should not be touched by those rules, as api.php exists.17:11
nkinkadeUnless %{REQUEST_FILENAME} is something other than what it's expecting.17:12
paulproteusYeah, I agree, that seems strange.17:12
paulproteusThere was this old Apache2 bug about REQUEST_FILENAME.17:12
paulproteusBut I think we're probably past that nowadays. Are we on Lenny on that machine?17:12
nkinkadepaulproteus: Not yet.17:12
nkinkadea7 and a5 I was hoping to do this week.  Had we talked about tomorrow?17:13
haoyu_ah... seems it is indeed changed to /index.php?title=Api.php , so the api.php got Api.php as title?17:13
nkinkadehaoyu_: Can you catch the request your program is sending with tcpdump or wireshark and look precisely at the headers and data?17:13
nkinkadeSo my thought is that %{REQUEST_FILENAME} is not what the rewrite rule is expecting.17:14
nkinkadeIs it possible your program is generating a slightly faulty request?17:14
paulproteusnkinkade, I'm curious why you prefix that with the full path. I guess it shouldn't make a difference, but I don't usually do that.17:15
paulproteusThat should be idle discussion, so if you have a real lead go on that.17:15
paulproteusRewriteCond /var/www/{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f17:15
paulproteusRewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f17:15
paulproteusI'll be back in ca. 30m.17:15
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haoyu_nkinkade, the last request catched by wireshark here:
nkinkadepaulproteus: I can't remember why I did that.  I have this recollection that I found that it required an absolute filesystem path, but there may have been something else going on.17:24
haoyu_the post data is just the same as GET... I think17:24
nkinkadeSure looks pretty normal.17:25
nkinkadeLet me turn on rewrite logging and then I'll have you make the request again.17:25
nkinkadehaoyu_: Can you make the request again, right now.17:26
nkinkadeThe logs gets big fast.17:26
nkinkadehaoyu_:   It would appear that modrewrite is passing it through to /api.php.  I see about 6 or 7 requests to api.php and all them end with this:  (1) pass through /api.php17:33
haoyu_is there anyone passed to index.php or something?17:34
nkinkadeI could perhaps later api.php to return all sorts of data like $_POST, $_SESSION, etc.17:34
nkinkadeNone of them were passed to /index.php.17:34
nkinkadeCan you modify your program to only make a single request ... the POST to edit?17:35
nkinkadeThat will make it easier to pick out.17:35
haoyu_there's maybe just the last request is wrong...17:35
haoyu_hmm, I'm not sure, it may need to grab a token before editing.17:35
nkinkadeI see 6 requests for /api.php and all of them got passed through.  Is your programing making exactly 6 requests?17:36
haoyu_the whole logic is in a package, maybe not easy to hacking with17:36
haoyu_yes 6 requests17:36
nkinkadehaoyu_: Does your program accept any return data?17:38
nkinkadeIf so, I can have api.php return some of its environment.17:38
haoyu_just make it starting with some tags so I can hack the program for it.17:40
haoyu_eg. "DEBUG:"17:40
nkinkadeIt'll be the output of print_r($_POST), so I'll wrap it in something easy to pick out.17:42
nkinkadehaoyu_: Try it now.17:44
nkinkadeIt will return the contents of $_REQUEST and $_SESSION, and then exit.17:45
haoyu_it seems correct:
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haoyu_can you don't break api.php's logic but just append the output after its normal output?17:47
haoyu_so we can see how the entire session works17:48
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nkinkadehaoyu_: I moved it to the end of the file.17:52
haoyu_did you notice every requict17:54
haoyu_every request has a [title] => api.php17:54
haoyu_even there's no title argument passed in...17:55
nkinkadeYeah, that's strange.  That almost seems like a bug in the api.php implementation.17:57
haoyu_it messed up the _REQUEST...17:58
haoyu_in our previous result, you put the output before the API logic, then there's no [title]=>api.php17:59
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nkinkadehaoyu_: That would indeed seem like either a bug in api.php or some omission in the way you are forming the request.18:02
nkinkadeDo you agree?18:02
haoyu_in includes/WebRequest.php it has line like: $_GET['title'] = $_REQUEST['title'] = substr( $_SERVER['ORIG_PATH_INFO'], 1 );18:02
haoyu_is it caused the problem?18:03
haoyu_ah nkinkade, have you enabled $wgUsePathInfo ?18:05
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nkinkadehaoyu_: It was not enabled, but it is now.18:06
haoyu_nkinkade, could you force disable $wgUsePathInfo ?18:09
haoyu_I greped whole mediawiki code and just found a place in WebRequest, it set  $_REQUEST['title'] when  $wgUsePathInfo is true.18:10
nkinkadeThere you go.18:11
nkinkadeGod bless grep.  I'd be lost without it.18:11
haoyu_yes it works now!18:11
haoyu_you disabled  $wgUsePathInfo right? and now it works..18:12
haoyu_it find the correct title now :)18:12
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nkinkadehaoyu_: Yeah, I set $wgUsePathInfo to false.18:14
nkinkadeGlad the fix was easy, though it took a while to arrive there. :-)18:14
haoyu_amazing, this also fixed another bug caused my program crash. thanks nkinkade ! :)18:18
nkinkadehaoyu_: No problem, though you were the one to find the issue.  I just used vi a bit. :-)18:19
haoyu_haha. anyway thank you nkinkade :) I'll go ahead coding now :)18:22
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* paulproteus sighs19:13
robmyers* blinks19:13
robmyershow *do* you do the stars thing?19:13
* paulproteus says /me does the stars thing19:14
paulproteus"DWORD to your moms, I came to drop bombs" <>19:14
* nathany thinks stars are groovy19:14
Bovinityget off my lawn!19:14
paulproteusBy the time you've rhymed one line, I've already busted ten;19:14
paulproteusYou rap in exponential time and I'm big-O of log(n).19:14
paulproteusThis is awesome.19:14
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* robmyers tries that19:14
robmyersDWORD is a windoze type. inherently un-hip. ;-)19:15
paulproteusBut it's said to your mom, also inherently un-hip.19:15
robmyersmy mom is a yogi. that's reasonably cool. also, mattl has already done this one. ;-P19:17
paulproteuser, what has he done?19:18
robmyerswell quite.19:18
mattlpaulproteus: fc-disgust19:22
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nkinkadepaulproteus: I just verified that you need the absolute filesytem path for files when you are doing RewriteConds in the vhost config.20:06
nkinkadeYOu can use relative paths in <Directory> or .htaccess20:06
paulproteusOh, I think I just always keep mine in <Directory>. That's the difference.20:06
paulproteusThanks, I didn't know that, and it explains it all.20:06
nkinkadeOn the wiki, I have it as: RewriteCond %{DOCUMENT_ROOT}%{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f20:07
nkinkadeWhich is slightly more portable, I guess.20:07
paulproteusEven if it uses more CAPITAL LETTERS (c.f. )20:08
paulproteus"It deserves capital punishment DUE TO EXCESSIVE USE OF CAPS."20:08
* paulproteus giggles.20:08
paulproteusYour situation is a perfectly good use of caps; the Firefox one wasn't.20:08
ianwellerflaming caps!20:09
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johndoigiiipaulproteus or nathany|curry whats the difference between mozcc in git and mozcc2 in svn?20:20
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nathanyjohndoigiii: mozcc2 is old20:21
nathanymozcc in git contains more recent work paulproteus has done20:21
johndoigiiioh okay cool20:21
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Fusion5hi, if someone has licensed something with CC non-commercial, can I take that content, paste it on my page, and display ads?20:35
Fusion5this is a hypotetic situation20:35
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nathanyFusion5: is the content the primary draw to the page?21:16
Fusion5nathany: yes, it may be. in that case, i suppose it's not allowed?21:28
nathanyFusion5: that's what the license legal text says (if commercial gain is the primary purpose of the reuse...)21:28
Fusion5ok, understood - thanks for the clarification21:29
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nathanyjohndoigiii: i'm doing some bug triage; i'm going to assign some items to you with no expectation that you know where to start on them... let's plan to meet first thing tomorrow to go over and do background knowledge transfer22:22
johndoigiiiOkay sounds good to me22:22
johndoigiiiquick q, to deploy on staging, can I simply scp the neccesary files to a9 or are there any sort of deployment utilities that I need to use?22:27
johndoigiiibecause all that has changed is a template and a css file22:27
johndoigiiinm that, there are more diffs22:28
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Bovinityyou can svn up on the staging sites22:30
johndoigiiiand its hooked?22:30
Bovinityi believe so22:31
johndoigiiithis is for creativecommons.net22:33
Bovinityah. check with nathany.22:35
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nkinkadenathany: paulproteus: Both of you will be around tomorrow at some point?23:15
nkinkadeI'm thinking about a5 and a7.23:15
nathanynkinkade: yes23:15
nathanylet's do it23:15
paulproteusnkinkade, Yup, I said I'd be online 10am Pacific and I will stick to that.23:15
nkinkadeAwesome.  This will be a big relief.  There are loads of updates pending, and not just distribution ones.23:16
nkinkadepaulproteus: nathany:  Maybe we should plan for early afternoon Pacific.23:17
nkinkadeAfter lunch, that is.23:17
nathanynkinkade: sounds good; i'm in meetings most of the morning23:17
paulproteusSure, either way. I'm flexible for tomorrow.23:17
nkinkadeOkay, thanks.  I'll shoot for sometime tomorrow around 1 or 2 pm Pacific.  I'll catch up with you both on that front tomorrow.23:17
paulproteusAhrash is going to want to quiz me about OpenEd stuff, but I told him that any server-related fires will take priority.23:19
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paulproteusnkinkade, others: You may love as much as I do.23:29
paulproteusIt eliminates the need for trivial "scp"s.23:29
nkinkadepaulproteus: Do you just keep all the servers mounted with sshfs?23:33
paulproteusafuse automounts them.23:33
paulproteus$ cat ~/sshfs/
paulproteusThat will now auto-mount whichever server opened is on and read me that file.23:33
nkinkadeThat could be pretty useful.  I'm trying to think how often I do simple file operations on the servers where I don't also need full remote shell functionality.23:34
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nkinkadepaulproteus: An interesting addition to that would be some wrapper script called, say "rmt" that would interpret commands passed to it as a command to be executed on the remote machine, which is automatically determined based on what mount point you in.23:39
nkinkadeI guess sudo operation would be tricky.23:39
paulproteusEmacs has a mode that tries to take care of this, but I never really liked how non-native it felt.23:40
johndoigiiihmm, while trying to add a few keys to gitosis-admin I seem to have fudged my priveleges23:42
johndoigiiiI am getting a "read access denied" for any remote operation23:42
paulproteusjohndoigiii, eep, let me see about that.23:45
johndoigiiik, thx23:45
paulproteuszomg, git over sshfs23:45
paulproteusFINALLY, a way to make git slow.23:45
paulproteusEr, you broke *all* our access, johndoigiii (-:23:46
paulproteusFixing now.23:46's actually not super slow.23:46
johndoigiiiohhh no, ha sorry23:46
johndoigiiiwhat did I do?23:46
paulproteusProbably broke the syntax of the config file.23:47
johndoigiiiohh ok23:48
paulproteusI don't see anything obviously wrong...23:54
paulproteusYeah, not really at all. Weird.23:54
* paulproteus scratches his head23:57
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johndoigiiiyeah I didnt make any changes to the conf23:58
johndoigiiiintentional changes that is23:58

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