Friday, 2009-04-03

hdworakas for GSoC projects, are lab updates or a wiki page expected this year? (I think so, based on previous years)?00:04
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mlinksvai approved to be mean00:29
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* hdworak has registered a GSoC account01:19
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hdworakbye :)01:39
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WishMasterNNDHello there, if I have some photo licenced under CC by-nc-sa v2.0 use a link to v3.0 when using it?12:46
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WishMasterNNDAnyone home?13:02
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WishMasterNNDThis channel seems to be quite sleepy ...13:28
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greg-gWishMasterNND: If it is licensed under CC:BY-NC-SA 2.0 you should link to CC:BY-NC-SA 2.0.15:08
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haoyuwhich country code standard that CC licenses used?15:23
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greg-gWishMasterNND: now that I read what you typed in #freeculture: if I were to be picky about it, you should double check which license the photo is under because if it is v1.0 then it CAN NOT be relicensed under any later version unless you are the copyright holder.15:42
greg-gWishMasterNND: the original author should have a link to the license, no?  What is the source of the photo?  (to give a good answer we usually need more information)15:43
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juanmacuevasIs there any mentor of the Google summer of code program?15:55
WishMasterNNDgreg-g: The photos all are from Flickr.15:57
WishMasterNNDgreg-g: Unfortunately, I only noted down which type of CC licence they where using.15:58
WishMasterNNDgreg-g: And up to now I am only crediting the authors by "cc by-something by Author".15:58
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WishMasterNNDmhm ... it looks like all cc licensed images at Flickr are v2. Is that possible?16:37
haoyuDoes CC site have ipv6 support?16:38
paulproteushaoyu, It does not right now.16:39
haoyuok, thanks paulproteus16:41
greg-gWishMasterNND: well, you *should* link to the original photo16:43
greg-gWishMasterNND: and yes, I believe all CC licenses on Flickr are v2.016:44
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WishMasterNNDgreg-g: Why link to the original photo? If the author puts his name in his flickr profile I use that, if he doesn't I'll say username/ Don't you think that this is appropriate?16:57
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greg-gWishMasterNND: quoting from a flickr photo page: "Remember! Flickr Community Guidelines specify that if you post a Flickr photo on an external website, the photo must link back to its photo page."17:22
greg-galso, from the CC license legal code: "If You Distribute You must [provide] (i) the name of the Original Author (or pseudonym, if applicable), (ii) the title of the Work if supplied; (iii) to the extent reasonably practicable, the URI, if any, that Licensor specifies to be associated with the Work."17:26
greg-gpart (iii) is saying provide a link back to the original, to the extent practical, and providing a link on a webpage is very practical17:27
WishMasterNNDgreg-g: mhm ... that depends on you CMS, I think.17:29
WishMasterNNDBecause Imagefield for Drupal doesn't really give me the possibility to add URLs.17:30
greg-gWishMasterNND: providing a link in a caption should not be difficult17:32
greg-gOr, have a list of attributions at the end of the page/post with links there17:32
WishMasterNNDMaybe I could do that in the future ... but what about images I already have on the site to whom I don't have the URL anymore?17:34
greg-gWishMasterNND: if I were a lawyer (I'm not) I would say go back and find the originals. But....17:34
greg-gyou said you have the names of the users right?17:34
greg-gyou can at least find their user page on Flickr and link to that17:34
WishMasterNNDBut that would be actually a *huge* lot of work.17:36
greg-ghow many images are we talking about?17:36
WishMasterNNDSomething between 100 and 500, I think.17:38
greg-gunique usernames?17:39
greg-gbecause this search takes you right to their page if you put in their username:
greg-gWishMasterNND: since we live in a web world, it is really really really really good to link back to the original source, the legal code even says you have to do it.  But, the chances of you getting in trouble over it are small.  Just, in the future, when you save an image also save the original url for the image so you can properly attribute it.17:41
* paulproteus waves17:45
* greg-g waves back17:46
WishMasterNNDgreg-g: But then I'd still have to find the photo^^17:46
greg-gWishMasterNND: I said you could at least link to the user's profile page, which is better than no link.  Yes, ideally you would link to the actual photo, but since you seem adverse to doing that amount of work I was suggesting an easier route17:47
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WishMasterNNDmhm ... I'll try my best. Because I for sure don't want to betray users publishing work under a cc licence.17:52
WishMasterNNDThanks for your advise.17:52
greg-gWishMasterNND: you are welcome, by the way, what are you creating?  I'd be curious to see what you're doing with 100-500 images :)17:54
WishMasterNNDgreg-g: I'm using them on a web magazine created by me and other German students to illustrate our articles. I even wrote an article about Creative Commons last week^^17:56
WishMasterNND - on the right hand side you can see how we attribute CC photos until now.17:57
greg-gWishMasterNND: interesting.18:00
paulproteusWishMasterNND, You could use a web-based image similarity search engine actually.18:01
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WishMasterNNDMaybe I should make my subeditors do that^^18:05
paulproteusIf I were you I'd write a script to automate it, given 100-500 photos.18:05
WishMasterNNDpaulproteus: Your identifying service doesn't appear to work ... I entered an URL and it just doesn't do anything when I click on "get".18:07
paulproteusOh, well, um, there's probably other ones....18:07
paulproteus is the one I've actually used.18:09
paulproteusThat seems to work.18:09
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WishMasterNNDBut it doesn't find anything for all the images I have tried so far^^18:12
paulproteusThat's a drag. Maybe they don't do a deep crawl of Flickr.18:23
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cristihello everyone19:18
cristidoes sombody know how many applications were sent for cc?19:19
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JanisBcristi, wait for nathany, like me :)19:22
cristiok :)19:22
Bovinitynathany is out of the office today19:35
Bovinitycheck back on monday19:35
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geniicedo we have anyone in leicestershire?20:03
robmyersI'm in cambridgeshire20:06
robmyersassuming we are talking uk counties ;-)20:06
nkinkadepaulproteus: Should git rebase --onto work just fine for the git-cvs stuff with Drupal.20:07
nkinkadeI just tried and it failed.20:08
nkinkadeBut maybe I did something wrong, or the repository isn't right.20:08
geniiceanyway the county council is proposeing to scan about 10K lantern slides20:08
robmyersyou're in leics.? kewl20:08
geniicebut they are trying to keep hold of the rights.20:08
geniiceanyone want to try talking to them about that?20:08
robmyerswell unfortunately under uk law there is a *very* low threshold for originality20:09
robmyersso they are within their rights to keep the rights ;-(20:09
geniicePlently of time they haven't employed anyone to do the scanning yet20:09
robmyerswhat are the slides of?20:09
robmyersare they photographic or are they drawings?20:09
robmyersi.e. are hey of local scenes or of fantasy scenes20:10
robmyersthe people to contact in the uk would be ORG ( and okfn (
geniicedon't know all I know is that they are held in the records office20:10
robmyersis there a web page or news item for the proposal?20:11
geniicebut check out page 8 of
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robmyersyeah magic lantern probably means old photographic slides20:14
robmyersI have a load of old ones from london20:14
geniicehmm not something I collect since I don't have the kit for scanning them20:15
robmyersyou could probably scan them with a flatbed scanner. they're great fun.20:15
robmyersI suggest you email me (rob at robmyers dot org) and I can forward you to people and groups that may be able to help20:15
robmyerslocal to the uk20:16
geniiceuh huh20:16
robmyersmaybe wikimedia uk as well20:16
geniiceyeah I was  going to poke them at some point20:16
robmyersemail me the details you've mentioned here and I can forward them & you to okfn, org, wikimedia and others. or take this as suggestions for people to contact ;-)20:17
robmyersit would be good to cc the images as that will give them to the council tax payers and publicise the area20:18
robmyersbritish photographic copyright is too strong 8-(20:18
robmyerstom chance would be good as well, he's done work  on local government and free culture20:21
robmyersand for examples there's "wikipedia loves art" at the v&a and the "flickr commons" in the US20:22
robmyersmlinksva are you around?20:24
robmyersany other suggestions for people/groups in the UK to try to persuade a state government organization to cc licence some historic photographs?20:25
geniicerobmyers did you look at their mission statement?20:25
robmyersyes; opportunities to learn, free net access at libraries20:27
geniiceDeveloping community involvement in all our schemes, facilities and events through20:27
geniicecommunity outreach work, grants and practical support.20:27
geniicePreserving our heritage and *helping the public to understand and appreciate it.*20:28
robmyerssounds like a perfect match for cc20:28
geniiceIf we can convice them of that yes20:29
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geniiceI remeber once talking about some of this stuff with my local libiary service. after asking if I could release scans I paid for under the GFDL I got back the responce I could use them on my website. I gave up at that point20:30
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robmyersok I have added this to my "action required" list and will take a look tomorrow. people will be out of the office until monday though probably20:44
robmyershe won't love me for this but do email mlinksva and see if he can suggest anyone or any examples ;-)20:45
robmyersok see you later...20:48
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mlinksvawell looks like i missed robmyers.  anyway reading back the orgs (including the ORG) he suggested would be my first guesses too.20:57
mlinksvathere's also the looking rather low traffic list that could be worth pinging for other leads20:57
geniicewell obviously my wikimedia-uk and wikipedia links are my stongest but WMUK isn't fully functional yet20:58
paulproteusnkinkade, It should work fine.21:04
paulproteusShow me?21:04
paulproteusI used to be in Leicestershire!21:04
nkinkadepaulproteus: I'll send an email about it.21:04
geniice page 821:05
paulproteusnkinkade, Great21:08
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hdworakpaulproteus: I had an unexpected circumstances that had caused me not to submit the application to GSoC on time. I'm sorry about that. I can see that contrary to the previous year the deadline has not been extended. Thanks for your time.21:25
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paulproteusAw well.21:27
paulproteusHe didn't have to just disappear like that, but oh well.21:27
paulproteusnkinkade, Thanks - feel free to be relatively terse in that email about git stuff.21:28
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tp2009 [x] -=o=-                       -=o=- [x]22:04
paulproteusBovinity, link? re: redesign stuff22:06
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paulproteusnkinkade, Around on IRC for git chatter?22:12
nkinkadepaulproteus: Yeah.22:13
paulproteusIf you look in gitk on cc_staging, you'll see there's a merge in the past.22:13
paulproteusWhat rebase is designed for is transplanting *linear* history.22:14
nkinkadeIs that the red arrow pointing down?22:14
paulproteusBut really it's evidenced by the fact that c52f6f806118948a7594ca0dfe554d5f5d3286ea ("An upgrade to Drupal 6.9") has two parents.22:15
nkinkadeSo what is the upgrade path for Drupal?  Should I make a clean branch then readd all my commits?22:15
paulproteusThere's linear history from that commit on. So just tell git-rebase that you're based on c52f6f806118948a7594ca0dfe554d5f5d3286ea ("An upgrade to Drupal 6.9" by you) rather than one of goba's commits.22:15
paulproteusNote that I haven't tried this yet; I can if you want, but I think it'll work so I'm pretty happy just telling you to do it (so long as you see what I mean).22:16
nkinkadepaulproteus: I have already tried that.22:16
paulproteusOh, interesting!22:16
paulproteusI'll give this a shot then.22:16
nkinkadeIt failed even worse.22:16
paulproteusLemme see.22:16
nkinkadeThat is rather than the 1 conflict the other gave me, that method gave me about 10 or 15.22:16
nkinkadeIs it possible to just make a totally clean branch on for 6.10, and the somehow apply all the commits made by me since 6.9?22:18
paulproteusOne sec, let me read the git docs.22:20
paulproteus$ git format-patch -C c52f6f806118948a7594ca0dfe554d5f5d3286ea..6b637d7d84ac224467afd142ee80e35f16defdc122:22
paulproteusThat outputs one text file per patch.22:22
paulproteus$ git checkout -b new_staging DRUPAL-6-1022:22
paulproteusEr, this is failing because the first patch depends on stuff before the merge.22:23
paulproteusAnd the "stuff before the merge" in the end starts at "Initial commit of the CC drupal install."22:25
paulproteusGiven that our cc_staging branch isn't actually rooted at a Drupal revision, I'd say we ought to just make it fresh for sanity's sake.22:26
paulproteusnkinkade, SYN22:27
nkinkadepaulproteus: So I should do fresh branch, then use the format-patch to get my commits?22:28
paulproteusWith the caveat that most won't even apply. )-:22:28
nkinkadeOr you're saying some of those commits will fail because they depend on stuff that wont' be there.22:29
nkinkadeThat sucks.22:29
paulproteusThere's a slight way forward.22:29
nkinkadeI guess that's a result of our previous merge, as you said.22:29
paulproteusWhich is to first create a patch that shows the diff between the "root" commit (34426e5f9c44bfc5a6dabf16188a9589deb2ac7d) and the Drupal version it was based on.22:29
paulproteusThe most pressing problem isn't the merge, it's the fact that we're not rooted at any Drupal version at all!22:30
paulproteus(All because I thought I could outsmart the VCS a year ago. Sorry about that.)22:30
nkinkadeThere is no official tag, or branch that I can see for Drupal.  6.10 is buried as a commit inside or origin/DRUPAL-622:30
paulproteusRight, sure. But if you go down on the left in cc_staging to the bottom, you'll see the root of our work is no Drupal commit at all. (Do you see what I mean by that?)22:31
nkinkadeI'll just start fresh with that stuff.  It won't take too too long to get all those modules in there again.22:31
paulproteusYeah, and this time, there's a sane path forward.22:31
nkinkadeI bother trying to scroll way down to see where things got messed up.22:32
nkinkade*didn't bother22:32
paulproteusI'd say you should, to see what I mean.22:32
paulproteusIt's actually pretty easy if you click "parent" links rather than scroll forever.22:33
nkinkadeThat doesn't help at all, the visualization of what was going on is absurb down around 650755addba5f8b7e8ba9720f0030497e1b5041322:35
nkinkadeLots of colors, lots of arrow going in every direction, and no sense that I can make of it at the moment.22:36
paulproteusLemme see22:36
paulproteusnkinkade, Right, okay, there.22:38
paulproteusSo click the bottom tip of the red arrow there.22:38
paulproteusAnd you get to "Add a .gitignore" by me (08c4a6cdbdd6597e6e528794688bee40ea045298) which has 34426e5f9c44bfc5a6dabf16188a9589deb2ac7d (you, "Initial commit of the CC ...") as its parent.22:39
paulproteusAnd that's all.22:39
paulproteusDo you see that now?22:39
paulproteusIf so, you'll agree that the "Initial commit" doesn't have a Drupal version as its parent at all. So there's no sensible Drupal version that can be passed in to git-rebase as the "onto".22:39
nkinkadeI see that now.  I was confused because you said "red arrow" but it was the blue arrow tip I needed to click.22:42
paulproteusOh, sorry about that. Maybe I added a local branch that changed my colors.22:42
nkinkadeAh, that makes sense.22:42
paulproteusI mention all this to point out this crucial fact: There is no Drupal version in the tree that you can just transplant your patches as being onto.22:42
nkinkadeSo in any case, I can see that it's a total caos as is.22:42
nkinkadeWell be better off to spend some time just redoing this right.22:43
paulproteus*Unless* you fabricate one by doing a diff between the "Initial commit..." rev and the rev of the corresponding Drupal version.22:43
nkinkade.... next week. :-)22:43
paulproteusI agree. Sorry to have brought you to this mess, but I hope when we climb out of it we'll decide that we're in a reasonable place.22:43
paulproteusGood thinking there. (-:22:43
nkinkadeNo problem.  We don't really have any changes ... just config files and modules.22:43
nkinkade... as far as I know.22:43
paulproteus... (-:22:44
nkinkadeDualing smileys.22:44
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paulproteus*tp2009 has quit (Read error: Connection reset by FBI)22:51
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mlinksvagreg-g: did you get anywhere on a copyfraud faq item? np if not, just checking.  DP said she would just write if we don't ahve anything, and that making a policy statment on it is a good thing23:53
papyromancernkinkade: Siamese Cat23:58

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