Saturday, 2009-04-04

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nanotechanyone know how i can create an empty stub for my driver?00:05
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mlinksvananotech: wrong channel00:43
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paulproteusnanotech, Try ##c01:30
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ankitghaoyu: hey03:34
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ankitghaoyu_:  could you point me to the latest copy of the code that updates the stats on the wiki ... let me see if I can extend it to output an XML that DIY maps can read ...03:50
ankitghaoyu_: it's somewhere in here IIRC : ... thou pointing me to the exact file would make it much faster / easier ...03:51
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haoyu_ankitg, code is here:
haoyu_ankitg, but I haven't commit my newest local changes yet, because my network is a bit broken...05:13
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netdur1"Noncommercial" means I can't sell it, right?05:48
paulproteusIn broad strokes, sure. (I am not a lawyer; this is not legal advice.)05:59
paulproteusYou should see the text of the license.05:59
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ankitghaoyu__: anyway to go access to your latest code?08:19
haoyu__hi ankitg!08:35
haoyu__I commited the latest code08:35
haoyu__you can checkout it08:35
ankitghaoyu__: awesome ...08:35
haoyu__I'm working on file uploading for the bot08:36
ankitgI'll try and figure out the code and see how to get it to generate an xml we can use for the world map08:36
haoyu__first, there's template/worldmap.xml08:37
haoyu__you can try to tune it, and make sure it confrom to giorgos' requirement08:38
haoyu__em.....oh, ankitg could you install the jinja2 package easily?08:38
ankitgI only see # and # in the template folder at the moment ... still need to wait for it to update I guess08:38
haoyu__ankitg, I may include the package into our source tree, so one don't need to install it anymore08:39
ankitghaoyu__: might make sense to do that ...08:39
ankitghaoyu__: I am checking out the wikibot directory now ... or should I wait for you to affect the changes? I can complete my homework first as well, if you want to include jinja2 to the source tree ... what say?08:44
haoyu__oh, run python views.py08:51
haoyu__it will render the template at template/worldmap.xml to generate the .xml data file08:52
ankitgFile "", line 3708:52
ankitg    return number if len(number)<=3 else \08:52
haoyu__em and the data file will be put to worldmap/freedom_worldmap.xml (I think it is the name..) for you to test08:53
ankitgit throws a SyntaxError: invalid syntax08:53
haoyu__when the bot runs, the generated file will be put to wiki site automatically08:53
haoyu__aslo we should add other map templates and generate other maps08:54
ankitghaoyu__: one thing at a time, lets get the world map up and running first ... repeating the process for the other maps should then be easier08:55
haoyu__I'd happy if you can do the things like add jinja2 to source tree, just grab it from jinja2 release package and svn add & commit08:55
haoyu__I guess you are using macos?08:56
ankitghaoyu__: yes I am on a mac (leopard) ...08:56
haoyu__ankitg, yes indeed, that's the way we are going on..08:57
haoyu__ankitg, which version of python you are using?08:57
ankitghaoyu__: let me add jinja2 in ... currently running gives me a syntax error on line 37 which is::   return number if len(number)<=3 else \08:57
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haoyu__hmm... seems the '\' caused the syntax error... strange...08:58
ankitghaoyu__: I am using Python 2.4.508:59
haoyu__could you remove the '\' and join the two lines together and see what happens08:59
ankitgokie, let me try.08:59
haoyu__I don't think it should be different on mac.. the python version?09:00
ankitghaoyu__: it works at your end?09:01
haoyu__possibly you are using an older python which doesn't support the  'foo if x else bar' syntax?09:02
ankitghaoyu__: maybe I should just move the return inside the if statement's block then?09:02
haoyu__ankitg, em you can try to do so09:04
haoyu__by the way is that hard for you to upgrade to 2.5?09:04
haoyu__oh yes the conditional experssion is a new feature for python 2.509:06
ankitghaoyu__: let me check ... I am ok with upgrading (if that's an option) but we should make sure this code is compatible with 2.4.5 as well, unless we are sure noone with 2.4.5 is going to need to run it.09:07
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haoyu__ankitg, paulproteus told me CC server is running 2.5, so I have take care of 2.5 but not 2.4 very well... sorry :p09:09
haoyu__ankitg, I'm just afraid if other packages we depend on also don't support 2.4...09:09
haoyu__I'm not sure. but you can try it...09:09
ankitghaoyu__: well if ultimately we are running it off of CC server, fine, I'll just upgrade09:09
haoyu__there's also use of sqlite3 module, which is shipped with 2.509:11
ankitghaoyu__: cool, let me affect an upgrade.09:12
haoyu__ankitg, just upgrade it, there's many new features in newer python, you'd be happy with it :)09:13
ankitghaoyu__: already downloading =)09:13
haoyu__are you using macport or install it directly?09:14
ankitgI've had recent bad experiences with both fink and macports while trying to install postgreSQL ...09:15
haoyu__oh i see.. but so how did you do package management?09:15
ankitgbuild from source ...09:16
haoyu__but it will be pain if you want to upgrade something..09:18
haoyu__does macport provides a package management function?09:19
haoyu__I just never have chance to try mac :)09:19
ankitgmacport comes with uninstall scripts ...09:20
haoyu__though I'm considering I would buy a macbook when the next time I need to buy a laptop :p09:20
haoyu__is macport a way to build from source? or it provides prebuild packages?09:21
ankitgfink is the one that can be troublesome ... but it comes with an option of gui tools ...09:21
haoyu__what's the relation of pink and macport?09:22
ankitgmacport defines port files which all for installation and uninstallation of packages ... fink also supports package management but in a different way ...09:23
ankitgthere's usually .pkg files (native mac) that you can use to install mac packages ...09:24
haoyu__so why you get trouble when using them?09:25
ankitghaoyu__: heh, probably just fink had some problems trying to create a user account (required during postgreSQL install) ... and then I couldn't revert ... I ended up using the source to build and giving it a different user account, but I still have a ghost account with the name of postgre floating around in my mac ...09:27
haoyu__em... seems it is fink is not functional enough..09:29
ankitgfink is usually ok ... not sure what went wrong ...09:29
ankitghaoyu__: installed python 2.5 to realize it's a 2006 build [Python 2.5 (r25:51918, Sep 19 2006, 08:49:13) ] ... I previously had 2.4.5 which was a 2008 version ... O_o09:45
haoyu__ah... it must be 2.5.0..09:46
ankitgoh noes, did I get the wrong thing?09:46
haoyu__there's Mac Installer on the offical download page:
haoyu__what's the difference between them?09:47
ankitgIt doesn't seem to err at the same place though ... I just need to install jinja ... I've downloaded the source (Jinja2.1.1) ... I guess I need to put it in the lib dir rite?09:48
ankitgonce we're done, i'll just upgrade it to 2.6 ...09:49
haoyu__put it into our source tree dir is ok09:51
ankitgokie, I am going to add the jinja 2.1.1 tar.gz to ...09:54
haoyu__ankitg, not the tar.gz itself, but the python package inside it..09:59
ankitghaoyu__: opps, I already did ... svn add Jinja2-2.1.1.tar.gz ... let me remove that add the folder ...10:00
ankitghaoyu__: okie, I added the folder jinja2 ... (and removed the tar) ... if all is good i'll commit?10:03
haoyu__Are you accessing via ?10:04
haoyu__can you commit with that?10:04
ankitghaoyu__: let me try =P10:05
ankitghaoyu__: apparently not =(10:10
ankitghaoyu__: where are you committing the changes to?10:21
haoyu__it should be svn+ssh://
haoyu__have you set up your ssh key properly?10:42
haoyu__I guess paulproteus has set up ssh account for you10:43
ankitghaoyu__: svn: Can't open file 'svn+ssh://': No such file or directory10:43
haoyu__ah? what you did?10:49
ankitgsvn commit -m "added jinja2" svn+ssh://
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haoyu__try this:  svn switch --relocate svn+ssh://
haoyu__then do commit10:59
haoyu__ankitg, how you did commit before?11:00
ankitghaoyu__: I was using git11:00
haoyu__ah....... great. Is cc's svn and git repo synced?11:01
ankitghaoyu__: svn switch --relocate svn+ssh://
ankitggives me this error :: svn: Not enough arguments provided; try 'svn help' for more info11:01
haoyu__try :  svn switch svn+ssh://
haoyu__by the way, can you see the wikibot from the git repo?11:03
haoyu__if so, just use your git is ok I think..11:03
ankitgmacross:bot ankitg$ svn switch svn+ssh://
ankitgsvn: 'svn+ssh://'11:03
ankitgis not the same repository as11:03
haoyu__can you access it from git?11:07
haoyu__if so, you'd better just use it..11:07
haoyu__I think git and svn share the same repo11:08
ankitghaoyu__: heh ... relax ... I'll figure it out ... focus on the upload11:08
haoyu__well.. there's really some strange problems with upload11:10
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haoyuankitg, how about git?15:26
haoyuankitg, I almost get the map uploading works, it looks like this:
haoyuwell.. not very nice..15:29
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greg-gmlinksva: I haven't made any head way on the copyfraud one.16:27
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mlinksvagreg-g: thx16:47
greg-gmlinksva: will be moving the BY/SA pages over tomorrow and put up basic versions for ND/NC.16:49
greg-gthe NC one scares me though :)16:50
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mlinksvagreg-g: heh17:21
mlinksvawill probably have an iteration on it in the next week or so17:22
mlinksvabased on some "talking points" DP has developed and somethign early from teh NC study ... we'll see17:22
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WishMasterNNDgreg-g: Hello, you might remember me asking about v2/v3 compatibility because I wanted to improve the declaration of CC licensed images on my site.21:52
WishMasterNNDgreg-g: Now I am planning to (at least for new articles/picture) use a little information image below every cc licenced image which then opens via JS more information about CC and the author if you click on it.21:53
WishMasterNNDDo you think that is use of the CC logo and its icons as well as the idea in general is allright? =>
WishMasterNND(you can see it below the image of Mr. Lessig)21:54
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hellfireMtroy ?22:35
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greg-gWishMasterNND: the use of the icons is great for showing which license the work is released under, I like it.23:01
WishMasterNNDgreg-g: Do you think it'd be sensible to create some generic JavaScript to show popups like this so that others, too, could use it?23:04
greg-gWishMasterNND: that'd be neat, definitely.23:07
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