Wednesday, 2009-04-01

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balleyneshould a GSoC application for CC support in Wordpress or Drupal be submitted to CC, or to Wordpress or Drupal?02:24
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greg-gballeyne: you can apply with CC as it will be a plugin and not a change to the integral part of WP. See:
balleynegreg-g: cool, thanks. looking at that page now!02:35
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balleyneis there a way to use liblicense in PHP? The wiki says it only has python and ruby bindings...03:33
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* araujo is interested on one of the gsoc ideas05:09
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haoyuaraujo, I think most of the people in this IRC is at US. It would be midnight for them now05:35
haoyuaraujo, so possibly you can't get response quickly here05:36
araujoit is ok05:37
araujoi can wait :)05:37
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paulproteusmlinksva, Just want to make sure I have my time zone head screwed on straight: the Staff call is 30m, not in -30m?14:35
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mlinksvapaulproteus: right14:39
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paulproteusnathany, nkinkade - thoughts on moving the tech status chat? (see email)15:23
nkinkadepaulproteus: I replied to the email already.15:24
nathanypaulproteus: replying now15:24
nkinkadeBut I'm all for moving it earlier.15:24
nkinkadeEven earlier than 2pm EDT.15:24
paulproteusYup, figured since NY hadn't replied we could possibly pick a time more synchronously.15:24
nkinkade2pm works, or earlier as well.  I'm open.15:26
nathanypaulproteus: i find myself feeling quite weary15:27
paulproteusweary of changing times, or weary of being awake today...?15:27
nathanylike, why am i even thinking about rescheduling this morning when there's so much else to do?15:27
paulproteusYeah, I'm sorry about that.15:27
paulproteusIs 10 AM Pacific okay?15:28
nathanyoh, waiut15:28
nathanyugh, can't type15:28
paulproteusCool, then that's it. (I checked your cal. before making the suggestion.)15:28
paulproteusSee you on the conf line then.15:28
nkinkadepaulproteus: nathany: Should we just do Ekiga?  Or is that what you meant?15:31
paulproteusWhatever the GCal event says to do we'll do.15:31
paulproteuslet NY have his thinking space...15:31
nathanywe can try ekiga if you want (if paulproteus can access it from whatever his connection is at that point)15:32
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paulproteus(Ekiga works fine from here, fyi)16:10
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PsynoKhi0How often do people come here confused about the NonCommercial part of the CC 3.0 licence?16:36
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paulproteusHey jweis!16:58
paulproteusnkinkade, What's the conf. room we use for Ekiga?16:58
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nkinkadepaulproteus: I was just going to ask you the same.  Let me see.16:58
paulproteus5016060 ?16:59
pdiliphi ppl... I am applying for Google Summer of Code 2009 with Creative Commons as my mentoring organization...16:59
pdilipi intend to work on this idea:
nkinkadeThat'll work.16:59
pdilipand would like feedback and suggestions from you guys to help me out...16:59
paulproteuspdilip, Right now we're about to have a separate meeting, but we'll check it out shortly.17:00
pdilip@paul thanks... pls do chip in with your comments when its possible..17:01
cchelpbotpdilip: Error: "paul" is not a valid command.17:01
pdilipthanks :)17:01
paulproteusSure thing. (-:17:01
paulproteusPlease try to use the full version of my nick, and on IRC, you don't put an "@" before someone's nick.17:01
paulproteusYou can usually press <TAB> on the keyboard and your IRC client expands the nick if you've only typed part of it.17:02
paulproteusnkinkade, Let me know when you're in-room17:02
nathanypaulproteus: nkinkade johndoigiii17:02
nkinkadepaulproteus: nathany: I'm there.17:02
nathanyi don't have a mic17:02
nathanybattery in the conf room mic seems dead... conf line?17:02
nkinkadeOkay, see you guys on the conference line, then.17:02
paulproteusConf line it is.17:02
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paulproteusnkinkade, Can you do me a favor and read and see how you like it?17:39
nkinkadepaulproteus: Yup.  Give me a few minutes to finish a couple things with Thailand.17:40
paulproteusIn particular, I'm curious if you like "stg rebase".17:40
paulproteusI think that's perfect for us.17:40
paulproteusYou got it, no rush.17:40
paulproteusI'll be getting on a plane soon, just wanted to get you this link.17:40
nkinkadeThanks.  I'm open to anything that works and has some documentation.17:41
paulproteusThe only major caveat of stacked git (stg) is that it uses rebase, so you'll have to use a large-ish number of branches (cc_staging, cc_staging_22, etc).17:43
paulproteus;f=README is topgit, but I think it's too much of a sharp-edges tool to really be worth promoting.17:43
paulproteusI wouldn't say that if the README looked nice, but life's too short for topgit's terse README.17:43
paulproteusYou may disagree; feel free to read that. I'd say those are the two tools in the running other than svn vendor branches, and that stg is already a fair bit saner.17:43
nkinkadepaulproteus: Did I hear you or nathany say there was some issue with Pootle and po2cc?17:43
nathanynkinkade: pootle doesn't seem to be running the pre-commit po2cc script lately17:47
nathanypaulproteus is investigating17:47
nkinkadenathany: Thanks.  I came to that conclusion after running mkdeeds and nothing happened.  I'll manually run po2cc.17:48
nkinkadenathany: It's best to run this as pootle on a7, right?  And doing that gives this error: NameError: global name 'net_offset' is not defined ... is that ar striking again?17:50
pdilippaulproteus: sure will do tat from now :)17:51
nathanynkinkade: no idea re: net_ffset17:51
nathanyi've been running it locally w/o problems17:52
nkinkadeI'll try it on my local checkout, and remove ar.17:52
nathanynote that ar shouldn't impact this step17:52
nathanyit doesn't do any validation of strings like translate does17:52
nkinkadenathany: When I run it locally, should I be svn uping the po dir for Pootle, or anything like that?17:52
nathanynkinkade: not needed, since you're just changing things in the i18n directory (by running po2cc)17:53
nathanyif you change things manually in the po directory, then yes, svn up ~pootle/po/cc_org and restart pootle17:53
paulproteusYeah, it's just the automation that's probably broken.17:55
paulproteusAnd yup, svn that's the right svn upping to do.17:55
johndoigiiimissed the 10:55 ferry, be in around 13:0018:00
paulproteusHeading to O'Hare; will try to hack on OpenEd en route to SFO, and see you all tomorrow.18:01
paulproteusnkinkade, I would really be very keen to hear how you feel about stg tomorrow.18:01
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nkinkadenathany: I'm having some problems getting the string for to be picked up by mkdeeds.  I see they are translated in the PO file, and I reinstalled i18n, then build Deeds, but the word Thailand persists.19:47
nkinkadeMaybe I'm missing some obvious step ...19:47
nathanynkinkade: did you regenerate licenselocale.xsl?19:53
nkinkadenathany: No, but I was going to for the chooser.19:53
nkinkadeDoes mkdeeds somehow pull from that.19:53
nkinkadeI guess that answers that.19:54
* nkinkade goes back to the drawing board.19:54
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balleynenathany: thanks for your feedback on my proposal on cc-devel. do you know if Pool has released their code? they're certainly using something at for licensing in drupal, but i wasn't able to find a released module22:40
nathanyballeyne: no idea22:43
nathanythey said they were going to, that's about all i  know22:43
balleynenathany: ok, thanks. it looks like they have done something, i emailed them to ask about it.22:44
balleyneyeah, just hope i'll hear back in the next day or so. i guess i'll try to leave some flexibility in the proposal if i don't hear back from denver open media or pool before the deadline?22:45
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