Sunday, 2009-03-29

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anivannealguem do brasil?01:40
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janmalteHello, i have a few questions15:10
janmaltecan i use the by-nc-nd CC for software too15:10
janmalteor is there a similar license like it for software15:11
janmaltesecond q is, does the modifications have to bee under the same license?15:11
ianweller1) we don't recommend using CC licenses for software15:13
ianwellerhowever a 'non-commercial' and 'no-derivs' license for software is widely considered 'non-free'15:14
ianweller2) a -nd license would mean that they can't make modifications so it doesn't matter what license they're under since they're not permitted.15:14
ianweller(which is why i wouldn't use an -nd license)15:14
janmalteoh, sorry, my misstake15:15
janmaltei meant this one: by-nc-sa15:15
ianwellerthen, yes.15:15
ianwellerthe closest you can get to a software license would be the GPL, which is semi-equivalent to by-sa15:16
ianwellera non-commerical license is "non-free" in the hindsight of freedoms.15:16
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cristihello everyone17:40
cristii'm now to this comunity so please don't be tu hursh on me :)17:40
cristii wanted to talk to someone about the GSoC2009 "RDFa Plugin for WordPress" idea17:41
cristi*i'm new17:41
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cristido you know some mentors for the Google Summer Of Code 2009 on behalf of CC?17:48
greg-gcristi: the mentors are not here right now, usually here during business hours (US West coast time) Mon-Friday.17:49
greg-gwhat is your question though?17:49
cristifirst of all I wanted to ask why is this project submited under CC foundation and not wordpress since it's goal is to extend WordPress17:52
cristibut then I realize, both parties benefit from this17:54
greg-gbecause it would be a plugin developed by CC, not a modification to the core part of Wordpress (and, because CC wants it to be done, so we'll work on it)17:54
cristi( an offtopic question: are you here for GSOC to? )17:55
greg-gnope, I am an employee17:56
cristihope I'm not disturbing17:57
greg-gnot at all, I wouldn't have answered if I didn't want to :)17:57
cristiI started this conversation ecause I want to cristalize my ideas about this project17:57
cristiand in talking with some one maybe new ideas would come ot17:58
cristitake it as a brainstroming seesion of some sort17:58
greg-ggotcha, well, I'm not one of the mentors but I can help you with ideas17:58
cristiI have some backdround on RDF and FOAF17:59
cristisince my graduation project involved both17:59
greg-goh good! that would come in handy for this project18:00
cristiI was wondering if this plugin could be used in making annotations to all the content of the blog18:01
cristi(I'm thinking out loud so please ignore me if I say something stupid)18:02
greg-gI don't see why not, although I don't know the details of the WP backend, but at least everything within a blog post18:02
greg-gthere is also a wordpress plugin that adds CC license information to the blog as a whole (in the footer)18:03
cristihmm this can be improved and would result in the goal of the project18:04
cristi<<Support an "advanced" mode for specifying the predicate by URI >> ... I don't understand this18:04
cristipredicate of ...18:05
greg-gthe predicate is a part of rdfa18:06
cristiI know18:07
cristibut to what it refers18:07
cristiit may be I don't understant the semantics of the phrase18:07
cristioh... i think i get it18:07
greg-gso, not just being dependent on the ccrel predicate but also allowing other predicates (definitions) for other standards18:08
cristiwe select the predicate from the list and aply it so some content18:08
cristiI may be to optimistic but I think it doesn't need so many work hours18:09
cristido you think i'm mising some potential problem?18:10
greg-gI don't, actually, I think this would be a part of a gsoc project ideally18:10
cristithe UI can be implemented in 2 weeks top18:11
cristithe functionality in an additional 3 (the pessimistic view)18:11
cristiand overall documentation 1-2 weeks18:11
cristi6 weeks... 1,5 moths18:12
greg-gso, the obvious combination project would be to do a similar thing for other php-based web-authoring packages, ie: photo galleries.18:12
cristiyes.. so you propose I sould consider in developing another plugin for flicker that does the same thing?18:13
cristioh.. .wait18:14
greg-gwell, flickr is not Free/Open Source software :)18:14
cristimy bad18:15
cristii just realized18:15
greg-gI was thinking of gallery2:
robmyersthere's gallery and other Free image systems18:15
greg-gI guess they're on gallery3 now, heh18:16
greg-gcristi: or of course, any other web-based system that you use/like/whatever.18:18
cristii understand... and thinking on them18:19
cristiphpBB doesn't seem a good place in which you could integrate meta data to content18:20
cristiI mean, users just write short phrases18:21
greg-gyeah, I suppose a user could agree to a Terms of Service when joing similat to: "all of my contributions to this site are licensed under a CC:BY license" Then all of the posts will be rdfa'd based on that.  Very similar to what does18:24
cristithere must be more to be done here...18:26
cristiok, so I tag my content with the proper predicate or whatever ...18:28
greg-g(that was my first time using 'rdfa' as a verb:) )18:28
cristimaybe it will cath on like google'd did18:28
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cristiI can't think at any other extension to this project, other than what you have just said, implementing the same thing for other services18:33
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greg-gnathany: any ideas to extend the WP rdfa GSOC project to be bigger? cristi believes they would be done with it in 1.5 months tops.18:33
greg-gI suggested doing the same thing for other php web services (ie: gallery2)18:34
nathanyhi cristi18:34
nathany(and hi greg-g)18:34
nathanyso if it can really be done in 1.5 mo, adding something like gallery2 as a secondary target would be awesome18:35
greg-g(welcome back home?)18:35
nathanygreg-g: not yet, I'm @ ORD18:35
nathany(and things are actually semi on time, knock wood)18:35
greg-gnathany: :) good luck with the last leg18:36
nathanycristi: i think one thing that will be challenging (or would be for me) is getting it right in the visual editor18:36
cristii didn't thought of that18:36
cristibut, it's still xhtml18:36
nathanywe want to make it easy for people to add RDFa and that includes thoes would never look @ the HTML editor18:36
cristican't be that bad18:36
nathanyof course doing the source/HTML editor first makes the most sense -- lower hanging fruit... but i'd like to see it implemented in both18:36
nathanycristi: well sure, it's XHTML in the end, but it'd need to give feedback to the user that they've annotated that span or paragraph18:37
nathanyi can't remember if they're doing FCKeditor or not18:37
nathanyif so, it does have some hooks that might be useful18:37
cristiyeah... i must do  some research on the visual problem18:38
nathanycristi: but i'm very happy to hear you're interested18:39
cristiwhat if we could make a plugin for firefox that could do that... and being active only on pages that contain a editbox18:43
cristilike a comment on a forum, a editing page on a blog, etc...18:44
greg-gcristi: the quick issue I see with that is the plugin wouldn't be able to know if the edit box accepts all HTML tags.  Some services strip them out18:46
cristiXSS reason, yes18:47
cristibad idea18:47
cristi(and it was obvious, sorry)18:48
greg-gheh, no apologies needed18:49
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cristii'm going to study on the problems raised by nathany19:12
cristithanks for all the help greg-g, and all of you19:12
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