Saturday, 2009-03-28

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paulproteusgreg-g, you rang?02:15
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haoyudoes any knows how to get a mapping of the jurisdiction code (ie. the code in license URL) and the jurisdiction full name?06:56
haoyuoh s/any/anyone/06:59
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haoyuis Nathan here?08:48
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haoyuhi ankitg10:54
haoyuankitg, for the worldmap flash, have you experimented to put it onto the wiki?10:54
haoyuankitg, an e10:54
haoyuankitg, oops10:54
haoyuankitg, seems a xml file is required for the flash, but how to put a xml to wiki?10:55
ankitghaoyu: let me take a look ...10:56
ankitghaoyu: true ... let me see if the source of the flash file is available ... then we could edit the location of the XML10:58
haoyuankitg, where the flash we got from?11:00
ankitgI don't see it in the source ...11:00
haoyudon't worry, if we can't get the flash work, we can switch to other solution11:01
ankitghaoyu: I think I got it ...11:03
haoyuah yes :)11:03
haoyuYou can specify additional data files by replacing “world.swf” in the example above with:11:03
ankitghaoyu: world.swf?data_file=data.xml ... so just input the absolute path to the file11:04
ankitgheh ...11:04
ankitgokie, great we both figured it out ...11:04
haoyuyeah, thansk ankitg :)11:05
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paulproteusMorning, guys!15:59
robmyerswhat was that free android distro you showed me, paulproteus?16:04
paulproteusradii on #noisebridge is its Master.16:04
haoyupaulproteus, is nathan here?16:30
haoyupaulproteus, I need his help to set up the wiki (
paulproteushaoyu, I can help you too in a sec.16:31
paulproteusLet me see right now.16:31
haoyupaulproteus, great!16:31
paulproteusIt's a Saturday so we're generally not at work.16:31
paulproteusBut I'm between sessions at PyCon.16:31
* paulproteus creates an account on that wiki16:31
haoyuoh thanks! :)16:32
paulproteusYou do not have permission to edit this page, for the following reason:16:32
paulproteusYou do not have permission to edit pages in the Page namespace.16:32
paulproteusI just made myself an account and that's what I get.16:32
paulproteusLet me see why.16:32
paulproteusYou have to confirm your email address before you can edit.16:32
haoyuI think i have confirmed email address16:33
haoyubut then it say You do not have permission to edit pages in the User namespace.16:33
haoyuoh that's I editing my User page so it is user..16:34
paulproteusBTW, interacting with you is generally very productive, and the code you're committing is great.16:35
paulproteusI'm really happy to have you working with us!16:35
paulproteusAre you sure you did the email verification process? Can you just explain to me why you think you did?16:37
haoyupaulproteus, well I do clicked the link in the confirm mail sent to me16:38
paulproteusHmm, that's supposed to do it.16:39
haoyuI tried to relogin then16:39
haoyuand still can't edit page16:39
haoyufor example this link said You do not have permission to edit pages in the Page namespace.16:39
paulproteusI'll do email confirmation too right now and see if that helps.16:39
paulproteusYup, same problem for me.16:40
haoyuby the way, Giorgos said he want an admin account too16:42
paulproteusMakes sense.16:42
paulproteusI don't have one myself.16:42
paulproteusMaybe I'll start by promoting myself to an admin.16:43
haoyumaybe that's the right way to write access..16:44
paulproteusEr, I'm an admin and bureaucrat I still can't edit.16:46
haoyumaybe the wiki's db is readonly16:47
paulproteusNK has created the anti-wiki: the website *no one* can edit.16:47
haoyu- i'm joking...16:47
haoyuis that caused by the settings of wiki? maybe I can help if you add me to admin?16:52
paulproteusFixed, I think116:56
haoyugreat! yes it is fixed :)16:56
haoyuthanks paulproteus! :)16:57
paulproteusYay, sure thing haoyu.17:14
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paulproteusnathany, How's Ian's talk so far?21:18
nathanywell, the irc channel on screen (#topicsofinterest) is amusing21:26
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paulproteusnathany, ACK21:45
paulproteusnathany, How about if I WFH on Wednesday and get back to SF at the end of the day?21:46
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nathanypaulproteus: fine21:56
paulproteusI can haz tix22:01

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