Friday, 2009-03-27

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topsteri'm interested in the OO.o plugin as a possible GSoC project12:20
topsterlooking for information on the various tasks involved12:22
topsterlike what changes would be necessary to upgrade to the OO.o 3 SDK12:22
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paulproteusnkinkade, I'm going to try topgit for MediaWiki for my personal wiki right now.16:21
nkinkadepaulproteus: cool.16:22
nkinkadeHere's a great message to info@: " i like to delete just by delete all program.  hopefully you can delete the program.  thanks for all service you have program in to my programs."16:22
nkinkadeReminiscent of "All your base are belong to us."16:25
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paulproteusgreg-g, I'm asheesh at via XMPP.17:52
greg-gpaulproteus: cool18:02
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mefistofelesI want to publish some document using CC-attribution-share alike license18:14
mefistofeleswhat I dont know is how to let people know my document is using this CC license... where and what do I have to add to my document?18:15
mefistofelesor if you have a link explaining this would be appreciated18:15
mefistofelesthink I got it18:17
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paulproteusHowdy mefistofeles.18:24
mefistofelespaulproteus, hi18:24
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ianwelleri can not figure out why the license deed coming from one of my websites says that it's registered with the CC network and the other doesn't claim it21:43
ianwellereven though they're both registered21:43
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