Tuesday, 2009-03-24

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jimi_hendrixhi, i am making a website, and want the content that users post to be registered under creative commons, what do i do00:21
nkinkadejimi_hendrix: That is usually handled via some term of use.00:22
jimi_hendrixnkinkade, http://pastebin.com/m7b36538300:23
jimi_hendrixmy very basic terms of use00:23
nkinkadejimi_hendrix:  Seems like you'll want to specify which license, or else provide your users with a way of selecting.00:24
jimi_hendrixnkinkade, ok, recommendations?00:25
* jimi_hendrix is a law n00b00:25
nkinkadejimi_hendrix: You could see the CC ToU as an example: https://creativecommons.net/l/termsofuse.html00:26
nkinkadeSee the "About the Content you Post to ccNet" section as an example.00:27
nkinkadeBasically, there is no "Creative Commons License" as you reference in your pastebin entry.00:27
nkinkadeThere are 6 main licenses, and you'll just have to decide which makes most sense for your site and the content people submit.00:28
jimi_hendrixlink to the 6?00:29
jimi_hendrixnkinkade, ^^00:30
nkinkadejimi_hendrix:   http://creativecommons.org/about/licenses00:31
nkinkadeCC also has some integration tools if you'd like to give your users the ability to choose which license:  http://wiki.creativecommons.org/LicenseChooser.js00:32
jimi_hendrixCC uses ubuntu!00:34
nkinkadejimi_hendrix: What makes you say that?00:41
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nkinkadeSeveral employees, including myself, use Ubuntu.00:41
jimi_hendrixnkinkade, the screenshot00:41
nkinkadeAh. :-)00:42
jimi_hendrixnkinkade, default theme is ugly though imo00:44
jimi_hendrixnkinkade, 9.10's theme looks good though00:45
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jimi_hendrixnkinkade, 9.0400:51
jimi_hendrixsorry :)00:51
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jimi_hendrixnkinkade, is this better http://pastebin.com/d4d83702400:59
nkinkadejimi_hendrix: From a legal perspective I couldn't say, as I'm not a lawyer, but it's better than the first iteration.  :-)01:01
nkinkadeHowever, you should mention a license version number, which is important.01:01
nkinkade3.0 is the current version.01:01
nkinkadeYou should also put a link to the license itself.01:02
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jimi_hendrixnkinkade, link to license?01:02
nkinkadejimi_hendrix: I'm getting the feeling that you should do a little more reading about CC before you continue.01:02
jimi_hendrixnkinkade, ok01:03
jimi_hendrixnkinkade, and last thing, do i need to specify how the content is sited?01:03
nkinkadeYou really should understand what it's all about and how it all works before you go releasing things under a CC license, or requiring your users to do so.01:03
nkinkadeThe licenses have also been ported to 50 jurisdictions (countries), so you'll need to decide if you want to use an adapted license or the Unported versions.01:04
nkinkadeFor attribution: http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Frequently_Asked_Questions#How_do_I_properly_attribute_a_Creative_Commons_licensed_work.3F01:04
jimi_hendrixnkinkade, thanks, i will do the reading tomorrow, i am going to sleep01:07
jimi_hendrixbah law is a pain01:07
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Smeggywho would i want to talk to if I had an idea for SoC?09:30
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paulproteusSmeggy, Howdy.10:52
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cgutierrHello all. Has there been discussion about embedding the CC metadata in images using digital watermarks?21:22
greg-g"watermarks" being something visual on the image? no. Image file metadata, yes, it is there (see: XMP)21:23
greg-gwell, to more correctly answer your question: yes, people have discussed that idea, but most don't like it21:25
cgutierrnot visual watermarks, invisible watermarks21:25
cgutierrwhy is that?21:25
greg-gI was thinking of semi-visual watermarks: most people don't like the idea of degrading their image to embed license metadata21:26
greg-gfor invisible watermarks: sure, I guess you could, nothing wrong with it, just seems like the same could be done with just embedding license metadata into the file21:27
cgutierrI see... Well invisible watermarking adds a layer of security just in case the metadata is removed and redistributed21:28
greg-g(these are just my opinions, btw)21:28
greg-gcgutierr: what would you gain from that?21:28
cgutierroh I totally appreciate it21:28
cgutierrI am a student gathering some information for Google Summer of Code21:29
cgutierrI do research in digital watermarking21:29
greg-gmy thing is this information (license metadata embedded as a watermark) should be as readable by any program as possible, license infomration shouldn't be "hidden"21:29
greg-gby "hidden" I mean: most programs don't know how to look for it, but most can read standard metadata schemes21:30
cgutierrI was thinking if someone malicious were to claim an image was his or hers21:31
greg-gI could see how this might be useful for such projects as copyright registries (see: "safe creative") who certify this verison of the file, on this date, was licensed under this specific license.21:31
cgutierra watermark could be a "definitive" way of determining ownership21:31
greg-gactually, those registries might be interested in something like this21:32
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cgutierrlooking into it21:33
greg-gcgutierr: (showing my ignorance of the subject) what part of the watermarking process garuantees authorship? can I not embed a watermark after the fact21:33
cgutierrIndeed. Its based on statistics. A good digital watermark should be able to survive a number of transformations (compression, cropping, resizing, etc)21:35
greg-gright, so there isn't a way to "embed" (is that the right word) a digital watermark to an already created image?21:35
cgutierrgreg-g: the main idea is that in order to sucessfully "mask" a watermark, the image (or media) must be degraded to a level that is "unusable"21:36
cgutierrgreg-g: there is... the beauty of it is that a watermark embedder is independent of the image21:37
greg-gright right, and taking it out is impossible without making the image unusable (rephrasing what you said above)21:38
cgutierrgreg-g: (i.e. resolution, image format, etc are independent of the embedder)21:38
cgutierrthats correct21:38
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cgutierrgreg-g: safeCreative sounds perfect for this21:40
greg-gthat could indeed be a very interesting project, not sure how much CC would be interested in it, but others more likely21:40
cgutierrgreg-g: thanks for the heads up21:40
greg-gI would still email the cc-devel or cc-community mailing lists21:41
cgutierrgreg-g: awesome! will do!21:41
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cgutierrgreg-g: is safeCreative a completely separate project or is there some overlap?21:43
greg-gcompletely separate21:46
greg-ghey, i gotta run21:46
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greg-ggood talking21:46
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cgutierrthanks greg-g21:51
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