Monday, 2009-03-23

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norbert_hi all, I have a question about the CC-BY-SA01:40
greg-gnorbert_: whats the question?01:41
norbert_everywhere "share alike" is used on the website, I read "allow others to distribute derivative works only [...]"01:41
norbert_derivative works, as far as I know, means the work has been altered01:41
norbert_it's not just distribution01:41
greg-gor incorporated into another work, yes.01:41
greg-gwhat is the use case you are thinking of?01:42
norbert_well, it's hypothetical, but if an image would be CC-BY-SA and I wouldn't alter, transform or build upon it and just distribute it... it seems I can relicense it01:44
norbert_it says "If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under the same, similar or a compatible license."
norbert_I think the text is unclear01:44
greg-gyou do not hold the rights to that work01:44
norbert_it should also mention "distribute"01:44
norbert_yes, that's what I thought01:44
norbert_anyways, my real question is the following:01:45
norbert_if I find an image on Wikipedia that is CC-BY-SA01:45
greg-gnorbert_: no, it doens't need to because you don't hold the rights to a work, so you can't relicense it, period.01:45
norbert_and I want to use it in a book that includes only my personal views on things...01:45
norbert_do I have to license the whole book CC-BY-SA?01:45
norbert_because most books do not need to be changeable, because the authors express their opinions and nobody needs to change or adapt those opinions01:46
norbert_unlike for example encyclopedias and software documentation01:47
greg-gno, you don't.01:47
norbert_are you sure?01:47
greg-gsee the definition of collection here:
norbert_which part of that license are you referring to? :)01:47
norbert_it would be used as an illustration, not as part of a collection01:48
greg-gthe definition of collection :)01:48
greg-gsection 1 b01:48
norbert_oh yes, I see01:48
norbert_"in which the Work is included in its entirety in unmodified form along with one or more other contributions"01:48
norbert_and in that case it's not an adaption, which means that 4a applies and not 4b01:49
greg-gcorrect, you're catching on01:50
greg-g4c also applies, btw01:50
greg-g(and 4d, of course)01:50
norbert_another question01:51
norbert_the image in question is licensed under CC-BY-SA 201:51
norbert_and I read somewhere that the author may request their information to be removed from the Work01:51
norbert_if books are printed and they later request their information to be removed...01:52
norbert_that will not require the publisher to call back all the books, right?01:52
greg-gI don't know what you are referring to, could you provide a link to where that was said?01:53
norbert_yes, here:
norbert_under Removing References01:53
greg-glast 2 sentences of 4a from
greg-g"to the extent practicable" is key01:55
norbert_yes, that I know :)01:55
norbert_but I'm wondering what would be considered to be practicable01:56
greg-gthat hasn't been decided by a court01:56
greg-git depends on the circumstance01:56
greg-gif the derivative is on your website, that is easy01:56
norbert_yes, but recalling books is probably not going to fall under practicable01:56
greg-gin abook that was printed and sold, not so easy. I can't believe a court would think recalling the books would be practical01:56
norbert_it would be a printed publication01:57
norbert_me neither, so I guess I'm safe there01:57
* greg-g nods01:57
greg-gbtw, I am not a lawyer, and all that01:57
norbert_interesting; I thought CC-BY-SA would restrict me more than CC-BY, but it this case it doesn't01:57
greg-git does restrict you more, when it comes to derivatives01:58
norbert_yes, but in this case I won't have problems with that01:58
greg-gjust like not with BY01:58
norbert_I made the image part of the back cover of the book01:59
greg-gbut remember (I feel this was unclear before) you can't relicense a BY-SA work as anything else, even if you don't make a derivative of it.01:59
norbert_I hope that's still publication as a whole and not part of a new image :|01:59
norbert_yes, I understood that part :)01:59
greg-gwhat does it look like? if it is incorporated into another image, yes, that is a derivative01:59
greg-gand a book cover image can be licensed separately than the text of the book.01:59
norbert_how about when it is placed on a blue background of the cover which also has other images around it?02:00
greg-gany over lap? any non-trivial cropping?02:00
greg-gcan you show me an example?02:00
norbert_now that I'm thinking about it, it's a four leaf clover and I did make its stem a bit longer02:02
norbert_*sigh* :)02:02
norbert_but you mentioned that I could license the cover separately02:03
norbert_that could be a solution02:03
greg-gyep, the cover could be BY-SA while the text could be BY02:03
greg-gor BY-NC02:03
greg-gbut I would prefer BY or BY-SA :)02:03
norbert_this is all incredibly complicated02:04
norbert_the clover is on top of two horizontal lines and I did extend its stem a bit (copy-pasted)02:05
norbert_I think I will move it under the lines and remove the extra stem parts I added02:05
norbert_that way I can just keep it there without having to make the cover CC-licensed02:06
norbert_I guess most people have no idea of these things, it's only because I have an eye for detail that I find out about these things02:06
greg-gif you added extra stem parts, then that is a derivative.02:08
greg-gI don't konw what you mean by on top of two horizontal lines (who's lines are those?) I would really need to see what you are working with to give an opinion02:09
norbert_yes, one moment, I'll upload it02:09
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greg-gnorbert_: did the original clover leaf has a transparent background?02:13
norbert_no :D02:13
norbert_good call02:13
greg-gthen you made a derivative02:13
norbert_yes, you're right02:13
greg-gI mean, cool you figured it out02:14
greg-gnot cool I'm right ;)02:14
norbert_hehe, yeah, I got that02:14
greg-gnorbert_: I'm going afk, good luck with the book!02:16
norbert_thanks for all your help greg-g02:17
greg-gno problem, any time.02:17
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Sonjaif i'm publishing a book that will be distributed to many countries, should i use "unported" or should i use the country I'm from?19:54
paulproteus_I am not a lawyer, but we recommend you to use the one for the jurisdiction where you're most likely to file a suit. If you don't know, I would suggest your home country.19:57
SonjaCan I license certain specific chapters of a book under a CC licence, leaving the other chapters without a CC licence and defaulting back to my normal copyright rights as the author?19:59
Sonjathanks paul19:59
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nathanypaulproteus_: SYN20:52
paulproteus_nathany, ack20:55
nathanypaulproteus_: i think something in the po to cc commit hook failed... is there a way i can emulate that?20:57
nathanyit looks like gisel's changes were committed in the PO version but not the CC version (when I do an svn up)20:57
nathanyi'm in a meeting now, just wondered if the script lives somewhere i can run it to see what happens20:58
paulproteus_it's in ~svn/hooks/post-commit I suppose20:58
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talkouthi, i'm interested in working on a GSoC project in CC21:10
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talkouti'm interested in couple of ideas mention on the CC wiki21:10
talkoutany GSoC mentor for CC here ?21:12
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