Wednesday, 2009-03-25

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jimi_hendrixnkinkade, you there00:31
jimi_hendrixdoes one need to specify how hee needs to be attributed?00:33
nkinkadejimi_hendrix: No it's not necessary to specify how you want to be attributed ... only if you want to.00:46
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jimi_hendrixnkinkade, what am i still missing from this, anything? ( i will provide a link in my site to the license, dont worry)00:48
nkinkadejimi_hendrix: Again, I'm not a lawyer, so nothing I say is legal advice in any way.  However, the part about "owned by the site" seems suspect to me.00:56
nkinkadeThe CC licenses are not about giving up your all your copyrights, but about explicitly dedications *some*  of them to the public.  You keep your copyright.00:57
* jimi_hendrix removes that becuase he realizes he doesnt need it00:57
nkinkadeThere's not much more I can tell you beyond that, except that if you're still in doubt you might want to consult with a lawyer.00:57
* jimi_hendrix has relatives that are lawyers...but doesnt care that much01:00
* jimi_hendrix just wanted to make sure i licensed it correctly01:00
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jmdeldinHello. Is there any interest in a Ruby API for CC metadata?06:33
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rkumaranhello, I am in DBX.  While debugging, I want to change the value of a string variable.  say "char *p" .  How to do this??13:16
rkumaranI tried:  assign *p="hello world", but get error13:16
rkumarandbx: warning: assigning address of new string constant not allowed13:16
rkumaranactually I can able to assign string value to p variable13:36
rkumaranbut unable to assign to multidimentional variable13:37
rkumarancan anybody help me on this??13:37
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rkumaranhello, I have question related to Solaris dbx debugger. While I debug, I want to change value of a string variable13:59
rkumarantypedef char* DD;  typedef DD* D;  typedef struct {  D *f; } STRUT; STRUT v;13:59
rkumaranNow v is already popuplated and has 1000x1000 dimentional values (ie v->f[1000][1000] )13:59
rkumaranNow I want to change value: DBX command:  assign v->f[500][500] = "Hello"13:59
rkumaranResult:  dbx: warning: assigning address of new string constant not allowed14:00
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rkumaranAnyhelp on this please...??14:00
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greg-grkumaran: not sure how a channel dedicated to Creative Commons will have the expertise to help you use a Solaris debugger.14:27
rkumaranoh!! Sorry!!14:27
greg-grkumaran: no problem, good luck figuring it out!14:28
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eichihello, is there some insert help for a latex document?14:51
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robinpahwa123anybody has any idea how to compile kernel modules, please have a look at this error  ? please comment19:13
robinpahwa123nobody has some idea about the problem19:16
papyromancerVanuatuEveryone in this room who uses Facebook has joined the "Why not include Creative Commons in Facebook TOS?" group, right?
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paulproteusnkinkade, Do you know if the tech team call that's scheduled for 1:30 Pacific is on this week?20:21
paulproteusI notice a dramatic lack of NY on IM or IRC.20:22
paulproteusBut then again, who knows? (-:20:22
nkinkadepaulproteus: I was assuming that we wouldn't have the call.20:22
nkinkadeBut maybe I was wrong.20:22
paulproteusI think that's a good assumption.20:23
nkinkadeI haven't heard much from Nathan either, except via email, since he's been in the midwest.20:23
greg-gwe've stolen him20:24
greg-gjust saying.20:24
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