Tuesday, 2009-03-17

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greg-gmlinksva: yep, the citation (R) is just for annoyance00:57
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mlinksvagreg-g: but is it personally directed at me? :) i guess not. if the paper also had a "made on mac" footer i would feel more paranoid that i was living in an evil dreamworld. hehe01:18
greg-gI remember that the SPARC website had, for a while, a mac .favico.  I felt betrayed.01:19
mlinksvai keep forgetting to organize an all white clad zombie protest at an apple conference01:23
paulproteusOh, SPARC not like the CPU.01:24
mlinksvaseeing someone use a mac just makes me want to use windoze just to bask in the anti-faux-coolness01:24
mlinksvabtw paulproteus when are you arriving in boston?01:25
paulproteusThu morning ca. 7am01:26
mlinksvafor no particular reason01:26
paulproteusScheduled Thursday: 7:20 am, it seems?01:27
paulproteusEt tu?01:27
mlinksvai don't arrive until 5pm thu edt01:35
* paulproteus nods01:35
paulproteusOh, look, Strayform seems to have disappeared.01:36
mlinksvapaulproteus: the founder was killed in a car crash recently01:42
mlinksvathere's a facebook memorial group, which is kind of tragic in a very small way01:43
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greg-gjust as an aside: I emailed the maintainer of the Open Education News blog about his crippled RSS (I used that terminology, maybe bad form?). Just keeping the channel informed.15:31
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stardevilquestion here ...17:28
stardevilwhats the best way to go about pulling live credit card numbers that are linked to an active account?17:29
stardevil... just looknig for opinions ...17:29
Bovinitystardevil: please read the channel topic, and think about your question again.17:30
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johndbritton_im trying to add an event to the CC wiki but I get an error "This page has been locked to prevent editing." can anyone help ... http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Special:AddData/Event/Open_Everything_NYC17:31
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paulproteusMorning, all.18:12
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paulproteusnathany, I can't think of a good way to handle the Sideboxes in the opened site without making the page text a semantic property.18:53
nathanypaulproteus: isn't it the same as the front page scroller?18:54
paulproteusI'm talking about implementing the front page scroller.18:54
nathanyah, ok18:54
paulproteusThe question is how to do you get SMW to output the actual page contents rather than "just" some of the properties.18:54
paulproteusI'm going to look into how the RSS output format works right now, but I'm not sure it'll be any use.18:55
nathanybut you don't really want the page contents, do you? don't you just want some summary of it?18:55
paulproteusThat's false; the side boxes are written as teasers, and they're independent pieces of content from e.g. the "full" page they link to.18:55
paulproteusI hope that makes sense without me saying much more.18:56
paulproteusIf not I'll have to say more. (-;18:56
nathanynot really, but i don't have any patience or bandwidth for doing this on IRC since, well, we're in the same city18:56
paulproteusYeah, exactly18:57
nathanyand i'll note that i'm opposed to making the full page text an SMW property18:57
paulproteusYes, I figured you would be. I'll see if I can cook up any other solutions, and if not I'll poke you in person about it this afternoon.18:57
paulproteusYou're also opposed to the entire structure of the OpenEd site, I'll note....18:58
nathanyno, that's not true18:58
nathanyi'm opposed to acting like it's not really a wiki in some places18:58
nathanypaulproteus: are the side boxes necessarily independent pages? i thought there was a one to one correlation between boxes and pages on opened18:58
nathanyanyway, if you show up at the office while i'm here, we can talk in person18:59
paulproteusYeah, that's a good plan, I'll just do that.18:59
paulproteusSee you around one or so.18:59
nathany(ie, two ;) )19:00
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paulproteusOkay, let's meet in the middle and say one thirty. (-:19:07
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paulproteus...okay, two indeed.19:44
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johndoigiiiHey, where do I submit a bug for the bug tracker? :)20:18
johndoigiiiI think Varnish is giving some errors on code.cc.org/issues20:20
johndoigiiionly when I try to submit a comment to issue74 though20:20
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nathanyjohndoigiii: there's a "code" project on code.cc.org/issues :)20:37
nathany(if that works enough to get the reporting done)20:37
johndoigiiiohh okay thx20:40
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paulproteusnathany, if you have a sec let me know (re: OpenEd, side boxes, etc)21:18
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paulproteusnathany, We'll go with properties.21:40
paulproteusStill with properties.21:42
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