Monday, 2009-03-16

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isforinsectslh pong?15:08
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johndoigiiig morning15:38
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greg-gmlinksva: ++ on the research you just asked Gavin to do :)15:58
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mlinksvagreg-g and nathany something awful --
mlinksvaah, nevermind, nathany corrected me16:04
mlinksvait isn't under cc by-nc-sa until after six months16:05
greg-gright, and before that it is CC:BY-NC-SAminusminus16:05
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paulproteusMorning, yole.16:21
greg-gnathany: about to publish the blog post announcing your talk at UM, any last minute changes I need to account for?16:23
nathanynot that *i* know of  :)16:23
greg-gheh, good point16:24
nathanyjohndoigiii: just saw your comment on issue9416:30
nathanyisn't there a way to specify the middleware you want to use during testing? (or a testing settings file)16:30
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johndoigiiinathany: yeah I bet you are right, looking into it now16:35
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lhnathany: ping16:37
nathanyhi lh16:37
lhnathany: ideas list for CC needs major work/beefing up. can you get on that please?16:38
lhand hello nathany, how are you?16:38
nathanylh: yup, it definitely does... we'll get on it today16:38
nathanyi'm well, thanks :)16:39
nathanythanks for the ping on that -- it slipped off my radar on friday16:39
lhnathany: no worries, please get on it ASAP. we have a review meeting in 70 minutes16:40
nathanywill do16:41
lhnathany: thanks very much. we will likely get to CC in about 90 minutes if that helps16:41
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paulproteusnathany, For - the SA help string, I think the closest string we have (from the chooser) is "Yes, as long as others share alike".16:49
nathanypaulproteus: what about the text used in the info box for sharealike?16:49
paulproteusTo have that make any sense, we would at least have to move the sa option to underneath the remix option.16:49
paulproteusI'll take a look for that now, nathany, tty in a minute then16:50
nathanyit also doesn't really help explain what SA is16:50
paulproteusOh, yeah, duh, I just didn't see that string somehow.16:50
paulproteusI'll use that; pardon the noise.16:50
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nathanypaulproteus: any ideas for things it'd be good to have SoC students build?17:16
* paulproteus ponders17:17
paulproteusI took a look at your wiki page last night.17:17
nathanyit's been updated slightly17:17
paulproteusI'll take a fresh look. Nothing else sprung out at me, though.17:17
paulproteusI mean, we could try to have someone work on Ankit's metrics project again.17:18
paulproteushdworak has said he's interested in GSoCing, and I explained to him we'll cut the cord early this year if people aren't doing well.17:18
paulproteusI still think we could benefit from some full-time metrics work by someone, though that could also be an intern.17:19
nathanypaulproteus: thanks, i'll speak to mlinksva about it over voice17:19
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paulproteusnathany, See you in the office around one - that okay?18:19
paulproteusWhile I have you here - I fixed the LicenseChooser.js issue and tested that the other parts still work. (We ought to do some work on translation coverage, apparently, though.)18:20
paulproteusDo you think I should backport this to all the previous "tags" that can accept the patch?18:21
paulproteusI imagine that people test with one tag and just stick to it and never know there are updates.18:21
paulproteusI can release 0.96 with this fix, but I'm not sure how much good that does to existing users.18:21
paulproteusFeel free to say "discuss with voice".18:22
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paulproteus"svn: Two top-level reports with no target"18:26
paulproteusI have never gotten a more meaningless (to me) error message from svn.18:26
nathanynkinkade: did you follow up with diane re: legal wiki password?18:29
nathanypaulproteus: backporting to tags feels a little yicky18:29
nkinkadenathany: Was there a problem?18:29
nathanyshe sent an email to webmaster saying she didn't know what the password was18:30
paulproteusnathany, Yeah, I agree sadly.18:30
nkinkadenathany: How long ago?18:30
nathanynkinkade: (a week ago)18:30
nkinkadeOh, then it must be resolved because it's not in my inbox anymore. :-)18:30
nkinkadeI seem to recall resolving it with her.18:30
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nathanyok, thanks, just didn't see any followup so wanted to double check before i re-raised it18:31
nathanythanks :)18:31
nathanypaulproteus: let's just do metrics (in the fullness of time) so we know if people are actually using the old version :)18:31
paulproteusnathany, Hah, touché.18:31
nathanypaulproteus: no, i don't speak french ;)18:32
paulproteusAnd LicenseChooser.js only speaks French for 3/4 of it if you try to see it translated.18:32
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paulproteusI brought up the Babel bug with the failure to parse message context if there were no comments on #python-babel. I got this response:19:05
paulproteus<asmodai> That's a peculiar bug btw.19:05
paulproteusAnyway, tty y'all around 1.19:05
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nathanypaulproteus: failure to parse with no comments? i don't even recall that one20:00
paulproteusThat was the msgctxt corruption bug.20:00
paulproteusWhere it wouldn't create a new msgctxt in all the cases that it ought to.20:01
nathanyi don't think i was even aware that was happening20:01
paulproteusSo some message objects had msgctxts from previous messages in the PO file.20:01
nathanyoh, rihgt20:01
paulproteusWell, anyway, I pinged upstream and it should get committed tomorrow or so.20:01
nathanyi wouldn't have labeled it as being directly related to comments, but i can see that20:02
paulproteus"This is what happens when you try to parse without a formal grammar."20:02
paulproteusBabel just assumed all messages with msgctxt were prefixed by a # PO comment.20:02
paulproteusRegardless, you can stop thinking about it; it's fixed in our dev egg (and I'm looking into versioning) and going to be in upstream.20:03
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paulproteusnathany, I'm going to get lunch and then be in the office; see you in ca. 1h.20:28
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johndoigiiihey nathany, cool if I push to master on CCNetwork in ref to issue225? or should I hold off as though other changes are merged into prod?21:04
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nathanyjohndoigiii: i'm fine with that; at this point i'd just like to keep the openid/https stuff in it's own branch21:25
johndoigiiicool, no prob21:25
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Renegade15good day21:29
nathanyhi Renegade1521:29
Renegade15I was wondering about a certain usage case of share alike licenses, is this a good place to ask?21:29
nathanywe'll help if we can :)21:30
Renegade15basically, what I'm wondering is if transcoding a CC'd mp3 to ogg still counts as sharing alike21:30
nathanyyou mean if it counts as a derivative work?21:31
nathanyRenegade15: if you have an MP3 under CC BY-SA and transcode it to OGG, my understanding is that it's still BY-SA21:33
Renegade15in a certain way, yes. I'm mainly going from the wording - the direction is to share alike. what I'm wondering is if sharing the exact same, unchanged song in a different format, is that still sharing it alike, since the work is unchanged, or is it not, since I do not share it like the author provided it?21:33
nathanyRenegade15: Share Alike refers to the license21:34
nathanyif you make a derivative, it has be shared under the same (or compatible) license21:34
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Renegade15well, technically, mp3 has license restrictions in itself >_> but that's a different topic21:35
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nathanyand completely irrelevant since they're patent, not trademark21:35
Renegade15then, of course, what you asked comes into play - is transcoding creating a derivative work, or copying?21:36
nathanyRenegade15: for this case it doesn't matter -- if it's just copying you're bound by the license, if it's a derivative you have to relicense the derivative under the same license :)21:37
Renegade15it would matter in cases where derivative works are forbidden21:38
nathanyiirc all licenses contain language that says transcoding isn't a derivative21:38
Renegade15ah, that would be great21:39
Renegade15thank you :) that was very helpful21:40
Renegade15and cleared up some thing21:40
nathanyyou're welcome21:40
Renegade15have a nice day :)21:40
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nkinkadepaulproteus: Are you using bind for anything on a6?22:40
paulproteusnkinkade, I don't think so, just ensure it's not its own primary nameserver for apps doing DNS resolution in /etc/resolv.conf.22:41
nkinkadepaulproteus: It's not.22:42
nkinkadepaulproteus: I'm going to turn bind off in that case.22:43
nkinkadeThe daemon.log is filled with dozens of MBs warnings like:22:44
nkinkadeclient query (cache) '' denied22:44
nkinkadeI'm not even sure why bind is running on a6, unless it used to be a NS for CC, and got moved, but not deactivated.22:44
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nkinkadepaulproteus:  Was there a tech meeting today?23:28
nkinkadeI got the reminder, but didn't hear anything else about it.23:28
paulproteusNo, aren't those on Wednesdays?23:28
* paulproteus checks his calendar23:29
paulproteusGCal indicates to me they're on Wednesdays.23:29
nkinkadeI thought so, but I got a reminder for a meeting today for some reason.23:29
paulproteusDev/Tech Meeting23:29
paulproteusSeems to be what you were scheduled for. (With Melissa et al.)23:29
nkinkadepaulproteus: Sorry about that.  You're right.23:30
* paulproteus nods, no big deal.23:30

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