Saturday, 2009-03-07

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AVRSCould you please help us clear this up:
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MarcNgreg-g: have you thought of a creative commons use registry? I manually track who is using my stuff, but it would be nice to have a place where users could announce use of content.20:59
MarcNoh, just saw FairShare.  I'll have to check it out.21:00
MarcNhmm, the signup for images page is down at the moment.21:02
greg-gMarcN: yeah, we don't explicitly have a service that announces new work under a CC license.  However, if you are a member of the CC Network ( you get a user profile page where can list your CC licensed works (with links to them).21:04
MarcNI once donated to CC, looks like it is time again.21:06
MarcNneed more stickers ;-)21:06
greg-gindeed. ;)21:06
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greg-gMarcN: cool :)  what is the small one in the center?21:16
MarcN'do not break seal'21:16
MarcNmy most popular CC-use photo:
greg-gthat is pretty darn good21:18
greg-gwould be better with an American flag behind him though ;)21:19
MarcNBoth a hip-hop and some telco magazine used it on their covers.  I'm just fortunate to live in NH where the politicians swarm every four years.  Photographed almost all of the candidates from both parties.  Lots of fun and may was well share them with others.21:20
greg-gawesome.  I'm not sure how I would handle that level of political intensity.  But, I'm also applying for some jobs in DC (Library of Congrees, Copyright Office), so who am I to talk :)21:25
MarcNI went with our kids to both party's events.  No problems if you don't talk politics at the 'wrong' event.  Everyone there assumes you generally support the candidates.   Just have to keep the little ones quiet "But you and Mom don't agree that ....' hush now.21:27
greg-ghaha, the little ones will always rat you out.21:28
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