Friday, 2009-03-06

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Bovinitypaulproteus: how do you intend to get down to etech on wednesday?00:39
paulproteusBovinity, Good question. I have a friend who's likely going who could probably give me a ride, but I don't know when she's going.00:46
paulproteusLet me take a fresh look at when I'm at the booth.00:46
paulproteusI was vaguely planning to Caltrain, since that way involves a lot of sitting and me reading email.00:46
paulproteus(failing getting a ride from her, that is)00:46
paulproteusAh, I see I'm hanging out with you in the morning.00:46
paulproteusIt is fairly early that we're to be there.00:46
paulproteusShe's out of town until tomorrow afternoon; okay if we figure this out by Monday?00:46
paulproteusI'll mail her right now so I have a handle on it.00:47
Bovinityif we don't have to take anything, then you can caltrain/thumb and i can moto... otherwise, early zip car or somethin00:48
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Bovinityhitch a ride ;)00:48
Bovinitybut yeah, monday is fine00:48
paulproteusAh (-: re: thumb00:49
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mlinksvaBovinity: thx for FC help02:03
Bovinitymlinksva: ah yes, looks great02:03
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nkinkadepaulproteus: I've got an interesting little issue with logrotate on a9 that you may have some ideas about.17:48
nkinkadeThis seems like it would be easy to remedy, but for all my searching I can't find anything.  Basically, there is a globbing pattern /var/log/apache2/*/*.log for the file /etc/logrotate.d/apache2, but there is one particular directory that needs to be excluded and handled differently: /var/log/apache2/
nkinkadeSo I have another config file in /etc/logrotate.d for this directory.17:51
nkinkadeHowever, logrotate complains that two logrotate config files match the same logs for, and this is true.17:51
nkinkadeI cannot think of a way to get the apache2 logrotate config file to exclude, and there seems to be no facility in logrotate to do this.17:52
nkinkadeSeems like it would be a common need, but apparently not.17:52
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nkinkadeThis seems to have done it: /var/log/apache2/$(find /var/log/apache2/ -mindepth 1 ! -name -type d)/*.log18:02
nkinkadeI gather that means that logrotate passes the patterns directly to the shell.18:02
paulproteusnkinkade, Hi18:08
paulproteusHah, well done.18:08
paulproteusBTW I'm trying out sup a bit more now.18:08
paulproteusI think that a good thing for me to do would be to use sup for my wailing lists.18:08
nkinkadepaulproteus: I was wrong about that pattern.18:09
nkinkadeI'm still stuck.18:09
paulproteusBecause it prefixes the /var/log/apache2/ twice?18:09
paulproteusLemme see.18:09
paulproteusOn a9, lemme see.18:10
nkinkadeThe only solution I can think of it to manually list all the individual apache2 log dirs in the apache2 file, but that sucks because it means that with each new vhost we have to remember to add it to the logrotate.18:10
paulproteusnkinkade, Keep in mind you could "just" move the directory; set up /var/log/apache2/rotated/ and /var/log/apache2/slowly-rotated/ or something.18:11
nkinkadepaulproteus: That's possible, but I don't really like to have to keep up some bogus directory structure just to accommodate logrotate.18:13
nkinkadeBut I guess I may do something along those lines.18:13
paulproteusnkinkade, fwiw18:14
paulproteusI don't know if you can set shopt options for logrotate.18:14
paulproteusI like #3.18:14
paulproteusI'd argue it's not super bogus, but okay.18:17
paulproteusI guess I'd mail the logrotate list asking how, and "for now" do it with directory names, and let that be that.18:17
nkinkadepaulproteus: I just went with your solution.  I made dir /var/log/apache2/privacy/  and move's logs in there.18:22
nkinkadeI guess you are right, that that is good enough, and not so ugly after all.18:22
nkinkadeHow are your experiences with sup so far?18:23
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paulproteusI'm still waiting for it to index my archive folder. I have a vaguely good feeling about it, anyway.18:28
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paulproteusWow, sup is pretty fantastic.20:59
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nathanynkinkade: i got the test message to the oncall group22:41
nkinkadenathany: Cool.22:42
nkinkadeI think we're good to go.22:42
nkinkadenathany: I'm about to trick Nagios into thinking that some service is down so provoke a SMS just to make sure that Nagios will do it right.22:42
nathanygot it22:43
nkinkadeIgnore whatever error comes in a minute.22:43
Bovinitynuke it from orbit, it's the only way to be sure22:47
nkinkadeFAILED! FAILED! FAILED!22:48
nkinkadea.k.a. The lovely message that the Dell auto-updater gave my friend on his new computer when it tried to update the BIOS while the machine was running.  Trashed the machine.  A Dell tech had to come out and replaced the motherboard.22:49
* paulproteus giggles at FAIL! FAIL! FAIL!22:49
nkinkadeI've told that story before here, but I like to tell it.22:49
nkinkadeI just wish I had had the presence of mind to take a photo.  It was the funniest thing I've seen in ages.22:50
nkinkadeAnd this was about 1.5 or 2 years ago.22:50
paulproteusnathany, syn (voice)22:55
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