Wednesday, 2009-03-04

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Matsonis Fred Benenson on or is there a phone number where he can be reached?01:40
MatsonI'm working with a group called VLAB to line up a high-profile music artist to sit on a panel March 17 - looking ot send an invite to Jonathan Coulton01:41
Matsondetails on the event are here:  (Music Model Mania: New Paths To Revenue)01:41
nkinkadeMatson: He usually in here, under the name mecredis, or something similar.01:44
nkinkadeTry back tomorrow.01:44
Matsonok - I'll send an email01:44
Matsonthere's a planning meeting starting tongiht at 6ish in Palo Alto for the event... would be great to get Jonathan if he's available01:45
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nathanyjohndoigiii: so i have a call @ 9, 10, 11 and 2 today; let's touch base around 930 re: the wordpress, commoner work16:29
johndoigiiinathany: sounds good16:30
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nkinkadepaulproteus: Any status on the MW extensions in git?17:55
paulproteusnkinkade, No! I got bogged down with the opened stuff.18:04
nkinkadepaulproteus:  Okay.  Like the monitor wiki, I'll just setup these neurocommons wikis with static extensions, and then later replace them with submodules as the become available.18:05
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nathanynkinkade: any idea why isn't redirecting?18:53
nathanyit looks like it should from the apache conf18:53
nkinkadenathany: Let me take a look.18:54
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paulproteusnathany, I think I'll stay keep WFHing until our meeting this afternoon.19:22
nathanygot it19:23
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mattlquestion... if CC licenses aren't for software, does that extend to CC0?21:16
robmyersmattl I am told that CC0 is a waiver, not a licence. ignore any occurrence of the word "licence" in its legal code. ;-)21:18
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nkinkadenathany: Is the new /zero stuff a separate bunch of code that needs individual monitoring like it was on a7?21:28
nathanynkinkade: nope, it's part of the license engine21:28
nkinkadeI just setup monitoring, but it occurred to me that possibly it was just part of ....21:28
nkinkadeI'll remove the monitoring I just added.21:28
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nkinkadenathany: How would you and paulproteus like to meet?21:59
nkinkadeConference line?21:59
nathanyuh, i'm going to say conference line if that's ok with you22:00
nathanybut paulproteus isn't here at the office; paulproteus are you @ home?22:00
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nathanynkinkade: brb22:00
nathanynkinkade: paulproteus just arrived22:01
paulproteusFine with me re: conf line22:02
nathanyi don't have my headset with me, but i suppose we could use the speakers + mic in the conf room for ekiga?22:02
nathany(so nkinkade doesn't have to call from home)22:02
paulproteusSure, also sounds fine.22:02
* paulproteus shrugs and goes to the big conf room22:02
nkinkadeThat will work, but one of you will need to turn on Ekiga of Skype.22:03
nkinkadeAnd plug in the mic and speakers, if the speakers are still there.22:03
nathanynkinkade: weird, ekiga doesn't seem to be dialing22:04
nathanynkinkade are you on ekiga now?22:05
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nkinkadeIt's launched.22:05
nkinkadepaulproteus and I were using it fine the other day.22:05
nkinkadenathany: It's working but my audio isn't working.  I may have to disconnect and reconnect after setting the audio device.22:06
nathanywe can hear you22:06
nathanyok, want to try restarting ekiga and calling back?22:07
nathanyeh, i don't think video is needed :)22:07
nkinkadeNot really.22:08
nathanyyou want to try setting the audio device and reconnecting?22:08
paulproteusnkinkade, You call me22:08
nathanygreat :)22:08
paulproteusOr call NK22:08
nathanynkinkade: FYI paulproteus isn't at a computer so i'm guessing that message was wildly delayed :)22:08
paulproteusI am at a comp22:09
paulproteusjust accepted the call22:09
paulproteuswhen I click accept, nothing useful happens?22:09
paulproteusLet's just do Skype, I guess?22:09
nkinkadeIt just disconnects me, apparently.22:09
nathanyyeah free software fail22:09
paulproteusDespite its evil non-free nature and being hacked by Chinese.22:10
nathanyuh, yeah, skype fail as well it would seem22:11
nkinkadeHmm.  Skype disconnect the call saying "Remote Sound Problem"22:11
nathanyone second22:11
nkinkadeBack to Ekiga, then?22:11
paulproteusnaw, let him fix his skype22:11
nkinkadeThough, the other day Ekiga did seem to have some problems with noise cancellation with the mic and speakers.22:11
nkinkadeBut Skype seemed to handle it better.22:11
nkinkadeWhy is this Ekiga/Skype thing always so difficult?22:12
nathanyok, let's use the conference line22:13
nathanythis is bogus22:13
paulproteusNAT in principle re: Ekiga22:13
paulproteusw00t we're in the conf line22:14
paulproteusdance dance hold music22:14
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paulproteuspaulproteus@a5:~$ sudo tail -f /var/log/messages22:35
paulproteusMar  4 16:25:37 a5 kernel: possible SYN flooding on port 80. Sending cookies.22:35
paulproteusMar  4 16:26:37 a5 kernel: possible SYN flooding on port 80. Sending cookies.22:35
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paulproteusnkinkade, re: the email you sent to ftobia: Isn't it true that email is not in the Excel sheet so you can't do what you suggested?23:26
* paulproteus waits for his mail to sync; possibly email already indicates that the above is true or false23:26
nkinkadepaulproteus: I may have misread.  I thought they had the email, but I guess he meant physical address.23:27
* paulproteus nods23:27
paulproteusnathany, Your event tonight is Prop 8-related?23:28
nathanypaulproteus: correct23:28
paulproteusCool, I just noticed I had an email about it.23:28
nathanythere's a pre-march rally @ Castro Station @ 523:28
nathanythen marching to the supreme court building23:28
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