Tuesday, 2009-03-03

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nathanyBovinity: morning18:12
Bovinitynathany: howdy18:12
nathanyjohndoigiii and I had a question we wanted your input on (wrt CC Network)18:13
nathanyright now login behavior looks like this:18:13
nathany* if you're at the login page because you requested a privileged page, you get redirected to that page18:13
nathany* otherwise, you get redirected to the referrer (unless it's the logout page)18:13
nathanythe other day we had a 30 second conversation about sending people to their profile18:14
nathanythe question is, does that replace #2 in the list above?18:14
Bovinityi see that as teh result of clicking the "Login" button18:14
nathanyinstead of redirecting people to the referrer?18:15
nathany(i'm coming around to that position)18:15
Bovinityeither you're trying to get a protected page, or you're trying to login, yeah?18:15
nathanyjohndoigiii, let's kill the referrer detection18:15
johndoigiiiexclusively to the profile then?18:15
nathanyand if you're trying to login, you get sent to your profile, right Bovinity?18:15
nathanyok, so we'll need to detect that in the POST handler, johndoigiii... i'll leave you to that :)18:16
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nkinkadeBovinity: Good moring.19:01
nkinkadeAny idea why printing the /international page returns such horrible and incomplete results?19:02
Bovinityin what way?19:04
Bovinitythe print preview looks fine to me19:04
nkinkadeBovinity: Maybe it's Firefox?19:05
nkinkadeWhen I do print preview I get 3 pages, the first of which has no images at all, the second page has an incomplete list of flags, and the 3rd page has essentially nothing.19:05
nkinkadeAbout half the page content is gone.19:05
Bovinityum, strange19:06
Bovinitymaybe it's a linux/cups thing?19:06
nkinkadeI ask because Michelle sent a message to me, and some other woman contacted them about not being able to print it.19:07
nkinkadeBovinity: Does it look fine in Firefox and Safari on your Mac?19:07
Bovinitynkinkade: hmm, looks fine in Safari, but firefox does put the body contents onto page 2, header on page 1, footer on 3.19:10
Bovinitybut all the content is there19:10
hdworakhi. why is there no SSL on creativecommons.org?19:11
nkinkadeBovinity: But on page 2, are all the flags there?19:11
Bovinitynkinkade: yep19:11
hdworakthere are a few places where login is required like code.creativecommons.org/issues or the wiki19:11
nkinkadeOn mine, the last flag on page 2 is Portugal.19:11
nkinkadeBovinity: the last flag on page 2 for you is Ukraine?19:12
nkinkadeI don't see how all the flags and upcoming jurisdictions could all fit onto one page.19:12
Bovinitynkinkade: they all fit on mine19:12
Bovinityon safari, the last flag on page 1 is hungary19:13
nkinkadeBovinity: Do you have a convenient way to print to PDF and then possibly you could sen me the file?19:13
Bovinitysafari scales the page more intelligently though19:13
Bovinitynkinkade: sent19:15
nkinkadeBovinity: The PDF you sent looks just like the print preview of Firefox.  The last flag is Portugal.19:17
Bovinityyeah, i see it now19:17
nkinkadeIt's missing about 1/3 of the launched flags, and all of the "Upcoming" ones.19:17
nkinkadeIf I disable CSS I see all the content, but of course it's ugly that way.19:18
Bovinityhow do other long pages look for you?19:19
Bovinitypaulproteus: i tweaked the chevron positioning for the ahab MainPage; do they appear in the right place for you? Hopefully my mac fonts aren't overcompensating19:20
nkinkadeBovinity: The front page of CC.org is all messed up, for example, in terms of printing.19:22
Bovinitynkinkade: messed up in the same way?19:22
nkinkadeBasically unprintable.19:22
nkinkadeBovinity: Yeah, with the first page having nothing but the header, the 2nd page totally whacked and incomplete, and the 3rd page with the footer.19:22
nkinkadeIs there something we could be doing with CSS to make this better?19:23
Bovinitynkinkade: i'm tempted to write a very stripped down print style sheet19:23
nkinkadeI figure this is totally low priority because we haven't heard anything about this yet, at least this is the first I've heard of it.19:24
nkinkadeBut I guess in the long term, and perhaps integral the redesigns we could make sure that printing of pages mostly works.19:24
Bovinityi don't know what's changed to make firefox do that19:25
nkinkadeBovinity: So it looks just fine in Safari?19:33
Bovinitynkinkade: yep19:33
Bovinitynkinkade: not sure if that applies to any WebKit based browser, or just mac safari19:34
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nkinkadeBovinity: I made a ticket just in case.19:36
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paulproteusBovinity, Ooh, chevrons.19:50
paulproteusThey seem fine to me.19:50
paulproteusYeah, for reals!19:51
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Bovinitypaulproteus: how come the footer reverted to the old text?19:55
paulproteuser, will take a look19:56
Bovinitypaulproteus: oh, it's the old text oly on Main_Page19:56
* paulproteus fixes19:56
paulproteusBovinity, http://opened.creativecommons.org/skins/ahab/from_whitewhale/images/common/opened_logo_tagline.gif looks vaguely ugly to me - can you remake it as  PNG?19:57
paulproteusThe "open" text isn't as soft-looking as I would like?19:58
paulproteusI don't know for sure if this was a problem with the previous version.19:58
Bovinityoh, i think i know what's wrong there19:58
* Bovinity checks19:58
Bovinityfixed :)19:59
Bovinityi made the graphic smaller... html was using the old height19:59
Bovinitypaulproteus: why doesn't the homepage have the login header that normal pages get?20:06
paulproteusBovinity, No reason yet, just haven't done it.20:06
paulproteusYay re: fixed.20:06
paulproteusCurrent task queue: fix footer on Main_Page, fix login header.20:08
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paulproteusCurrent task queue: fix login header.21:20
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paulproteusBovinity, Now even http://opened.creativecommons.org/Main_Page has a top box.21:32
Bovinityyay! even though having the page tools there is a bit redundant21:33
paulproteusnathany, CC by 3.0 US, you think, for this?21:33
paulproteus(for the site)21:33
nathanyfor opened?21:33
nathanyunported :)21:33
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paulproteusBovinity, http://code.creativecommons.org/issues/issue174 - you okay with lowercase "contact us"?21:45
Bovinitypaulproteus: sentence case, Contact us21:46
* paulproteus removes the text-transform: lowercase.21:48
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lfaraoneHi, can I use the CC_BY_SA_NC license for code? If not, what's a license that does the same thing?22:29
mattllfaraone: you should use a free software license like the GNU GPLv3.22:29
mattlCC licenses are not meant for code.22:30
lfaraonemattl: GPL won't work since the code should not be usable commercially.22:30
nathanylfaraone: i'm not aware of an open source/free license the prohibits commercial use22:30
nathanybut the CC licenses are specifically not designed for code22:30
mattlany license that prohibits commercial use would not be a free license. same for open source.22:31
nathany(of course, lfaraone didn't ask for a free or open source license :) )22:31
mattllfaraone: consider allowing commercial usage. what would be the reason for not allowing it?22:31
lfaraonemattl: oh, I think that comm. use should be allowed, but I'm giving advise to a friend who has stated they "want to keep control over the source code, as in I don't want other people using it to make money"22:34
lfaraonemattl: and I'm explaining to them why that's a silly idea (as in it prohibits someone using it as part of a job, etc)22:35
mattllfaraone: you should just suggest he use the GPL, seriously.22:35
lfaraonemattl: oh, I am. but he still wants a NC license to weigh it with.22:36
mattlwell, the MAME license is a copyleft NC license.22:36
lfaraonemattl: kk.22:36
paulproteusOh, the MAME license. /me sighs.22:37
lfaraonemattl: I'm also telling him that he can't even link to GPL code.22:38
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lfaraonemattl: which is the case, right?22:44
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mattllfaraone: for sure.22:54
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paulproteusbrb, naptime.23:03
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