Friday, 2009-02-27

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mattlhey paulproteus00:33
paulproteusHowdy mattl.00:33
ianwelleryo mattl00:34
mattli am no longer a member of facebook, linkedin, friendster, myspace.. soon to be gmail.00:34
mattloh, twitter... er.. jaiku... er..00:34
mattlother web 2.0 crap00:34
mattlall gone00:34
mattlhey ianweller00:34
* ianweller reports mattl for high interwebs treason00:36
paulproteusmattl, What about identica?00:38
mattlnope. it's free.00:38
paulproteusGot it.00:38
mattlit stays.00:38
paulproteusI wanted to make sure I understood where you were coming from.00:38
paulproteusI admit that is usually painfully obvious.00:38
mattli was only kidding this morning with that Open thing ;)00:38
paulproteusMUST STOP TROLLING00:38
paulproteus(at least on non-free services)00:38
mattlSome people, when confronted with a problem, think "I know, I'll quote Jamie Zawinksi." Now they have two problems.00:51
mattl^^ -- someone else, yesterday00:51
mattlpaulproteus: wtf?00:52
paulproteus(I will send chocolate to the first person on-channel that properly groks the above.)00:52
* paulproteus hope's it's johndoigiii 00:52
mattlwell, i said 'what the fuck', but above that was garbage.00:52
paulproteusmattl, I'll see you at LibrePlanet, but no chocolate.00:53
mattli don't really like chocolate anyway.00:53
paulproteusSour grapes.00:53
paulproteusNext thing you know you'll be saying you don't like grapes.00:53
mattlnot really.00:53
mattli like cheese.00:53
mattland eggs.00:54
mattland altoids.00:54
mattland curries.00:54
mattli don't like paneer though. or eggs in curries.00:54
* paulproteus cooks up an Altoid curry soufflé00:54
mattli also dislike haloomi, or however you say ie.00:54
paulproteusHaloumi. I'm so sorry to hear that.00:54
Bovinitythere's a place in the 'loin that does a mean Altoid Balti00:55
mattli can't trust it.00:55
* paulproteus sighs and go back to #fc-disgust00:55
mattlmuch going on?00:55
mattloh jeez00:55
mattlsomeone responded to the open open open with a serious reply00:55
mattlberkeley's near you.00:55
mattlhow much to go over and shout 'open!' at him?00:56
Bovinitywhen did "slashdotted" become the word to use for having something posted on slashdot?00:56
mattlBovinity: since morons found slashdot?00:56
Bovinitymattl: you sir, get some altoids00:57
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paulproteusGuess it won't be johndoigiii.00:57
mattlBovinity: send them to 'Freedom, #500 51 Franklin St, Boston, MA 02110-1337'00:58
paulproteusIs that the new FSF address, "Freedom, #500"?00:59
* paulproteus goes and updates all the packages in Debian01:00
paulproteusUbuntu will get the updates in six months.01:00
mattlwe're in suite #50001:00
mattlor Fifth Floor01:00
paulproteusSweet, five hundred.01:00
mattlbut yeah Freedom will get to us01:00
mattla letter addressed to Church of Emacs got to us the other day01:01
paulproteusWith no address or anything, just "Church of Emacs".01:02
ianwelleras long as it has the address and zip code it doesn't matter what you call it :)01:02
mattlpaulproteus: it was like 'church of emacs, boston' or something silly01:03
* ianweller wants to try that now01:06
mattlianweller: we have a deal with the USPS to keep your letters in a big burning bin.01:07
* ianweller will just not put a return address on it01:07
mattljust kidding, natch01:07
ianwellerooh creative commons internships01:09
ianwellerfor graphic design internship: "Knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign is a must." <-- *what* :P01:10
mattlmlinksva: 20:08 < ianweller> for graphic design internship: "Knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign is a must." <-- *what* :P01:11
Bovinitysorry, it's just what we use around here01:11
* ianweller sets Bovinity on fire01:12
* paulproteus pours water on Bovinity 01:12
* ianweller sets paulproteus on fire01:12
paulproteusHmm, seems he's alcohol-based and that's not helping.01:12
* paulproteus dives into the fridge...01:12
paulproteus...which is unplugged for maintenance.01:12
* mattl sets the fridge on fire01:12
Bovinityoh like the fridge will help you01:12
* paulproteus uses Steren's bottle of French wine and puts the fire out01:13
ianwelleryeah. more alcohol. brilliant!01:13
* ianweller goes to find the fire extinguisher01:13
paulproteus...where is ours?01:14
paulproteusUnder the sink.01:15
* ianweller steals it and throws it out the window01:15
* ianweller points at paulproteus and laughs01:15
* mattl goes looking for one at the fsf01:15
paulproteusHey, I have wine. I'm fine.01:15
mattlah, there it is. next to the clearly marked fire escape.01:16
ianwellerso... does that mean the creative commons shirt i'm wearing right now was made with non-free software?!01:17
mattlianweller: demand a refund.01:18
ianwelleri demand a refund!01:19
ianwellermattl: how was that01:19
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mattlianweller: you need to say it to mlinksva01:19
* ianweller still finds it absolutely funny that the winning F10 artwork was originally made in photoshop :(01:20
ianwellerand had non-free sources01:21
mattlwait, i thought mairin uses only teh freesws?01:21
ianwellermattl: yeah she had to fix it01:21
mattlwith photoshop?!01:21
ianwellerpoor mo almost gave herself a heart attack :(01:21
ianwellermattl: gimp can read psd files01:21
mattlso, someone else is using it, not her?01:21
ianwellers/is/was/, yeah01:21
ianwelleri was so pissed, because i had ranted about listing *all* of your sources on fedora-art-list like once every two weeks01:22
ianwellerand the top two pieces of artwork... one had a katana stolen directly from a kill bill poster, and the other had lots of non-free sources01:22
ianwellerboth made by the same person01:22
paulproteusThey should have stolen RMS's Katana.01:22
johndoigiiipaulproteus: jeez, I missed the chocolate opp!01:22
paulproteusDidn't yet.01:23
johndoigiiimaybe next tme ;)01:23
mattlpaulproteus: if you try it, we will kill you.01:23
ianwellermattl: you and what katana ;)01:23
mattldon't make me go and get it.01:23
mattlfunny how i know where that is, but didn't know where the extingusher was01:23
ianwelleryou don't need fire extinguishers when you have katanas01:23
johndoigiiihello mattl and ianweller01:23
ianwellerjohndoigiii: you01:24
ianwellerjohndoigiii: yo01:24
paulproteusjohndoigiii, ☃01:24
Bovinityjohndoigiii: did anyone ask you to send a photo and bio for the website yet?01:24
johndoigiiiBovinity: nope01:24
Bovinityjohndoigiii: if they haven't, i am, now01:24
johndoigiiilol, okay01:24
* ianweller copies that glyph and blows it up because his terminal is too damn small01:24
johndoigiiiwhat address?01:24
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ianwellerthat is probably the weirdest domain ever01:25
paulproteus    <!--Mirror of by Cabel    -->01:26
ianwellermattl: well if we need a source image of a katana for some future fedora artwork i now know who to bother01:26
mattlUNDER CC-BY-NC-ND-NO-WA-YM-AN license01:27
paulproteusJudge Advocate General RMS (with a Katana)01:27
ianwellermattl: that license isn't free enough for fedora01:28
mattlianweller: yeah. i will take you a photo under BY-SA if you want01:28
ianwelleri'll let ya know if we need one.01:29
mlinksvaon the remote chance anyone has /. mod points right now, please do
mlinksvaoh, my name01:32
mlinksvahi ianweller01:32
ianwellermlinksva: hi!01:33
ianwellerwhat's up01:33
mlinksvai see, my understanding is that for graphic design students the names of adobe products are like kleenex -- if you said "bitmap editor" they wouldn't know wtf you were talking about.  i could be wrong. if Bovinity wants to add knowledge of Gimp and Inkscape he can, but it is his intern, up to him01:34
mlinksvaif F10 artwork was made in photoshop that is kind of sad, i admit01:36
ianwellermlinksva: it's original incarnation was01:36
ianwellerbut i think the author redid it from scratchi n the gimp. from memory.01:36
ianwelleri don't really remember all the details01:36
* mattl pines for utf801:41
mlinksvadamn http://☠.net is being squatted01:44
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paulproteusgreg-g, SYN07:08
mattlpaulproteus: SYN like 'eating phish on a phriday?'07:09
mattlthat's the opposite of sin07:10
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paulproteusMorning, yole.18:53
nathanymorning paulproteus19:23
nathanyquick question --19:23
nathanyif i were to mirror the cc.engine repository using git-svn on my local machine, would i be able to create short-lived development branches (locally) and then commit them back to svn (once i'd merged back to master/trunk)?19:24
paulproteusnathany, Yes.19:25
nathanyok, cool19:25
nathanyi figured as much19:25
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nathanyalthough now that i think about it i'll probably save figuring it out for another day since we have all those svn:externals in there19:26
johndoigiiiis there any sort of control mechanism on the git repo where an admin must approve before items can be committed?19:32
nathanyjohndoigiii: no19:33
nathany(you mean pushed? :)19:33
nathanycommits are all local until you push them19:33
johndoigiiiahh yes, sorry I meant push19:33
nathanyno, if you can checkout using the syntax, you can push19:33
johndoigiiiohh okay good19:35
johndoigiiipush just went through, thx19:35
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Bovinityoh markp... such biting criticism19:51
paulproteusBovinity, ?19:52
nathanygo easy, he's an old cranky man who apparently doesn't read good ;)19:53
* paulproteus wonders what he should do with again19:53
* paulproteus tiptoes away from nathany 19:53
nathanysorry, it's one of those mornings (that wasn't directed at you, paulproteus)19:54
nathanyjohndoigiii: just looked @ your commits19:56
nathanyi left some feedback on the ticket re: messaging19:56
nathanyi can't remember what happens if the login view doesn't have a redirect target -- it goes to the front page?19:57
nathanyi wonder if it should go to their profile page19:57
Bovinityi agree - profile page19:57
nathanyi also wonder if we shouldn't look for instead of "logout" in the redirect target19:58
nathanyi'll open a ticket since and assign to you19:58
johndoigiiialrighty sounds good19:59
johndoigiiiyeah it would redirect to the front page if there is no target set the way its set up right now20:00
nathanyyeah, i think the profile page is probably more useful20:01
nathany(the front page is a little lame once you've signed up)20:01
nathanyjohndoigiii: are you comfortable with me assigning a few cc network tickets to you?20:12
nathanyif you have questions about what they mean, etc, we can talk about it face to face next week20:12
johndoigiiinathany: definitely20:12
robmyersI'm trying to install liblicense on debian lenny. Is that a good idea? ;-)20:16
paulproteusrobmyers, Yes!20:16
paulproteusI guess we could host backports.20:16
paulproteusDo you know how to build Debian packages from source?20:17
paulproteusIf so, I urge you to build the packages in Debian unstable for lenny.20:17
robmyerswell I can build the software, I'm a debian package newbie though20:17
paulproteusWhat architecture?20:18
robmyerswhen I install it and call license, I get-20:18
robmyerslicense: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory20:18
robmyerswhat am I doing wrong plz? ;-)20:18
paulproteusYeah, because you installed it in /usr/local/ and Debian doesn't put /usr/local/lib/ into your
paulproteus...hmm, it seems to maybe actually.20:19
paulproteusBut anyway I think that's the reason.20:19
robmyersah ok20:19
robmyersso if I set the prefix to /usr that shold do it?20:19
robmyerssilly Debian ;-)20:19
paulproteusWell, I wouldn't do that.20:20
paulproteus$ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib/ license20:20
paulproteuslet's fix your (Though on my lenny system it *is* there.)20:20
robmyerserrr hmm20:20
paulproteusTry the first one first.20:20
paulproteusUsing the /usr prefix for hand-built packages is Bad News.20:20
robmyersI laugh in the face of decades of UNIX experience, but OK ;-) 1sec20:21
robmyersLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib/ license20:21
robmyersThe system default license is (null).20:21
robmyershmmm20:22 should include libc.conf, which has /usr/local/lib20:23
robmyersI need the path fixed as I am after the ruby interface ;-)20:23
nathanyisn't there some step to make it really, really update the library cache, paulproteus? (this seems to be tickling a faint memory)20:23
nathanyrobmyers: the ruby interface may be... sub-optimal; just a warning20:24
Bovinityldconfig --just-make-it-fucking-work20:24
robmyersok I may just use the shell script interface then20:24
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robmyersright, settling a small child to sleep, back in a bit20:25
nathanyBovinity actually did the ruby bindings but i don't think he's touched them lately... but he's saying (in the office) that they should still work20:25
robmyersthanks for all the help so far20:25
robmyersok, ta20:25
paulproteusrobmyers, When you say "ta," what does it mean to you?20:39
robmyersit's a contraction of "thank you"20:39
robmyersvaguely northern english I think20:39
robmyerswhy, am I swearing in another language again? ;-)20:40
robmyersOK, went for a shell script that sets the LD path20:59
robmyersthanks again20:59
Bovinityvaguely northern english is correct21:01
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paulproteus(-:, Bovinity21:06
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nathanypaulproteus: SYN22:27
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