Thursday, 2009-02-26

nathanyhey johndoigiii, just noticed your comment re: CCnet00:00
nathanyi keep meaning to set up a commit bot for that repo, but if you find a bug, please patch, push and ping me so i can review it for rollout to production00:01
johndoigiiinathany: ok will do00:01
johndoigiiiworking on it right now00:01
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paulproteusIf you two got some "git am"-based workflow going, I would be so happy. (-:00:08
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paulproteusnkinkade, As for user mt in Pootle - did you create him? If so, why did you not grant commit privileges?00:25
nkinkadepaulproteus: I didn't create any users.00:25
nkinkadeI never do.00:25
paulproteusHmm, okay. Who does, then, Michelle?00:25
nkinkadeThe affiliates create their own users, then I just assign permissions.00:26
paulproteusOh, okay.00:26
nkinkadeUsually once, just to give the project lead "Assign" rights, then they take it from there.00:26
paulproteusWho creates the affiliates?00:26
paulproteusThey register themselves, and then you assign them permissions?00:27
paulproteusBovinity, That looks great. I will make the toolbox disappear if you're not logged in. You haven't yet styled the header <h1> yet, right?00:34
paulproteusre: ahab00:34
Bovinitypaulproteus: (a) awesome; (b) nope00:35
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paulproteusuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaa, Howdy.16:34
paulproteusnathany, Morning.16:34
paulproteusnathany, OT: Do you know The Mountain Goats?16:34
johndoigiiipaulproteus: Mountain Goats fan?16:35
paulproteusYa. I saw them last night at the Swedish-American Hall pretty close to my home.16:35
johndoigiiiawesome, they hail not too far away from where I live16:36
paulproteusIt was really lovely.16:36
johndoigiiiwell partially at least16:36
johndoigiiiyes, they are very good16:36
johndoigiiiI always liked this video of theirs
nathanypaulproteus: morning16:40
nathanyyes, i enjoy the Mountain Goats (i assume you mean the band)16:40
nathany(as opposed to the puppets from The Sound of Music)16:40
paulproteusOn Tuesday evening my roommate abruptly invited me to this show yesterday.16:40
paulproteusHe broke a string when playing "Dance Music"!16:43
paulproteusIt was awesome.16:43
paulproteusAnyway, /me gets to skinning. (-:16:44
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nathanypaulproteus: are you going to be in the office all afternoon? I sent a meeting request for 2, just prior to your white whale mtg16:52
nathanyif that's inconvenient we can do it tomorrow as well16:52
paulproteusnathany, I saw that you sent that; I plan to come in around 10 or 11 today since I'm up so early.16:52
paulproteus"so early"16:52
paulproteus(and stay in the whole afternoon)16:53
mlinksvaOpen mattl, your content has such accessible source! Your openness sets a high standard for students on the web and everything.16:54
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* paulproteus watches mattl fume at being called open16:57
mattli called myself open ;)16:57
* paulproteus 's brain explodes16:57
mattlmlinksva: in honor of your love of open, i have decided to license all my works under the CC Developing Nations and CC Sampling licenses.16:58
paulproteusnathany, Maybe I'll be at the office a little latter; gotta find the pieces of my brain strewn around my home....16:58
mattlpaulproteus: you were saying yesterday your place is tiny.16:58
paulproteusiirc you just insinuated it; I never actually said it.16:58
mattlthen who the hell am i watching on those hidden cameras?16:59
mlinksvamattl don't do that to your works of authorship16:59
mattlmlinksva: but they're my intellectual property, no?16:59
mlinksvawho, me?16:59
mattlno, you know i'm joking.17:00
mattlno, the poor people who say Open open open open open open open.17:00
mattlforcing me to mock them with more open.17:00
mlinksvame too, i know17:00
mattlmlinksva: i gave a talk about teh freedoms at CC Salon Boston last night.17:01
mlinksvayou opened the can of worms this morning, i just turned the can over, setting them free17:01
mlinksvahow'd it go?17:01
mattlwent well. people laughed, and not at me.17:01
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johndoigiii_nathany: hey, how should I go about gaining an account to CC Network?18:22
johndoigiii_I would like to test bugs I discover locally on a production server18:22
nathanyjohndoigiii_: i should send you an invite :)18:22
johndoigiii_alrighty, thanks!18:22
nathanyi'm in a mtg, i'll do it as soon as i'm done18:23
johndoigiii_okay thank you18:23
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johndoigiii_is there any reason why I am able to svn to and from but am unable to get git to authorize?18:46
paulproteusjohndoigiii_, Yeah - the git SSH key repo is separate from svn (is separate from your user login).18:46
johndoigiii_ohh okay18:46
johndoigiii_so does that mean I haven't been added to the git repo?18:47
paulproteusI guess so, let's see.18:50
paulproteusjedoig@john-doigs-macbook.local is in [group cc]18:51
paulproteusShow me the command you're using and how it's failing.18:51
paulproteusAlso, Bovinity, nathany: Want anything from Tartine or Delessio?18:51
nathanypaulproteus: no thanks18:52
nathanypaulproteus: hrm, maybe i fucked up; johndoigiii_ has two keys18:53
nathanyi think that's the old one18:53
paulproteusYou'll take care of this, or shall I?18:53
johndoigiii_hmm, well here is how I am trying to clone18:53
paulproteusjohndoigiii_, FWIW I think nathany agrees that it shouldn't work.18:54
johndoigiii_git clone
paulproteusAnd that's a decent thing to try.18:54
paulproteusnathany, Timing out in 30s and going to get delicious baked goods...18:55
nathanyjohndoigiii_: i think i may have screwed up adding your new key18:55
nathanyone sec and i'll look18:55
nathanyhrm, no i added it in the right place18:56
nathanyso you're unable to clone?18:56
nathanyjohndoigiii_: oh, i think i see the problem18:59
johndoigiii_my end?19:00
nathanynope, my mistake (just a different one than i thought initially)19:00
johndoigiii_ohh okay19:00
*** johndoigiii_ is now known as johndoigiii19:00
nathanygive it a try now19:00
nathanyjohndoigiii: ^^19:01
johndoigiiithanks that did it19:01
nathanyno problem :)19:02
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Bovinityis H1.firstHeading consistently the page title h1, in mediawiki?19:21
Bovinitypaulproteus: nathany: ^19:21
nathanyi believe so19:22
nathany(did you check or teamspace?19:22
nathanymight be a good place/way to double-check)19:22
* paulproteus waves19:34
Bovinitypaulproteus: h1 should be styled now. plz to doublecheck.19:34
nathanyjohndoigiii: you should have an invite to in your inbox19:35
paulproteusI can haz skinburger?19:35
johndoigiiigreat thx19:38
paulproteus"just a thought"19:42
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paulproteusBovinity, I applied the style: shift-reload if you like!20:28
Bovinitypaulproteus: i like.20:30
paulproteusSame red now; feel free to tidy up my CSS changes if you think you need to.20:31
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paulproteusBovinity, e.g. indicates that I should also split the string on the colon character, not just space — agreed?20:37
paulproteusBovinity, change applied, shfit-reload20:40
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Bovinitypaulproteus: mtg23:03
Bovinitypaulproteus: opened23:03
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