Friday, 2009-02-20

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nkinkadenathany: Did you say that a7 requires python 2.4?16:45
nkinkade(and a5)16:46
nathanynkinkade: yes16:47
nathanymore specifically, cc.engine does16:47
nkinkadenathany: I'm thinking to upgrade a7 shortly.  I'll make sure python2.4 stays put.16:48
nkinkadeThere will likely be some hopefully short disruptions of service on a7 as it happens.16:49
nathanygot it16:49
nkinkadeThe major problem on a9 yesterday was Apache, SSL and the bad config files.16:49
nkinkadeSo, I expect it go about like a6, with just a minute or so of downtime.16:49
nathanymakes sense16:50
nathanybtw, another data point in the a9 weirdness16:50
nathany redirects to
nathanyi wonder if it's at all instructive to compare the redirection setups on and; maybe there's something there?16:51
nkinkadeGood idea.16:51
nkinkadeBut what's happening makes sense because we redirect any and all non-SSL traffic to HTTPS.16:52
nkinkadeWas that redirect not expected by you for some reason?16:52
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nathanynkinkade: i'd expect a redirect, but i'd expect it to go to port 44317:38
nathanyi was just thinking that maybe that port mistake was what caused the weirdness we saw17:38
nkinkadenathany: Ah.  Apparently the Apache variable %{HTTP_HOST} includes the :<port>, which I was using for the redirect for support.  It works as expected now.17:45
nkinkadeI have also combined the http and https vhosts for support and CC Net into single vhost files.17:46
nkinkade(with 2 vhosts in each file)17:46
nathanyso that was the problem, then?17:46
nkinkadeApparently so.17:46
nathanyoh, ok :)17:46
nkinkadeI asked on #apache and got the normal "ssl vhost" reply17:46
nkinkadeA couple people said that the old config was invalid, but couldn't explain why it was working fine on
nkinkadeI suspect you were right, that Apache decided to not passively allow bad configs.17:47
nkinkadenathany: Re a9 and mysql passwords, did you have a change to look at that?17:48
nathanynkinkade: haven't yet17:54
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nkinkadenathany: Ignore the ccMixter warning.20:16
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nkinkadenathany: I'm going to hold off till Monday to upgrade a7, just FYI.21:44
nathanyer, ok21:44
nathanywhatever :)21:44
nkinkadeI didn't get to it today and I'm heading visit my cousin in 1.5 hours, and don't want to get myself into a bind if the whole thing blows up.21:44
nathanysounds like a sensible approach :)21:45
nkinkadeIt's a bit of a self-serving approach, but it's working now, so no harm in letting hum along till Monday. :-)21:46
nathanynkinkade: i've found that self serving often nicely overlaps with sensible and org serving :)21:47
paulproteusEh, seven.21:50
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paulproteusnathany, nkinkade, Jane wants to toy with the skin that White Whale made, and it is PHP.21:55
nkinkadeAnd .. ?21:55
paulproteus(Working on it; was interrupted by rejon)21:55
paulproteusSo that she can try out some changes (and show it off to people coming to visit next week), I think she ought to have an account on one of the servers that runs PHP.21:56
paulproteusThat, or I could set up PHP on her laptop, but making her an Apache sysadmin doesn't sound like the best plan to me.21:56
paulproteusMy question is, (a) does this pass a sanity-check, and (b) what machine should I giver her the account on?21:57
nathanyso just giving her an account on labs and a public_html directory?21:57
nathany(does she know php?)21:57
paulproteus(No, but she can hack HTML and ignore PHP.)21:57
nathanysounds sane, one question; if she can ignore the PHP, is it doing anything useful?21:57
nathanyie, is saving with .html enough?21:57
nkinkadepaulproteus: Are you expecting her to use a shell and nano?21:58
paulproteusnkinkade, No, I'd teach her an FTP client or something.21:58
nathanyassuming you mean SFTP, great :)21:59
nkinkadeThen we'd need to setup an FTP server.21:59
nkinkadeYeah, what nathany said.21:59
paulproteusTurns out many "FTP clients" do SFTP these days.21:59
paulproteusI meant from a UI perspective, not from a protocol perspective.21:59
nkinkadeThat sounds right.21:59
nathanyso renaming is not enough then?21:59
paulproteusI'll investigate that now, nathany.22:00
nkinkadepaulproteus: I have no problem with that really.22:00
nathany(i haven't seen the files, not sure how much/why they need PHP)22:00
nkinkadeIt's a Mediawiki thing right?22:00
nkinkadeIf so, those theme/skin files are a horrid mess of PHP and HTML, it's truly heinous.22:00
nathanynkinkade: the result will be MW22:01
nkinkadeGreat, another wiki, just what we need. :-)22:02
nathanythey created what appeared to be basic HTML as their work product (that we're translating)22:02
nathanydon't worry, it's already created22:02
paulproteusnkinkade, This will replace the CC Learn Community wiki, so it's not quite another wiki.22:05
paulproteusnathany, The sliding bar at the bottom requires PHP.22:05
nathanyi thought it was just javascript22:05
nathanythat's... distasteful22:06
paulproteusIt's actually just HTML inclusion.22:06
paulproteusSo it's not too bad.22:06
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nkinkadepaulproteus: If you create Jane an account, perhaps you could make an scponly one.22:13
nkinkadeThat's what I did for Michelle a long time ago and it works well for her.22:14
nkinkadeIt's not chrooted, so it's probably not terribly more secure, but it feels a little better.22:15
paulproteusnkinkade, Turns out I'll just have Jane edit the CC Learn community wiki, so no need for the shell.22:25
paulproteusShe'll just edit text and wait for me to make the design.22:25
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paulproteusnathany, FYI those image path issues are resolved and I'm going to deploy this crazy alpha thing on the community wiki now.23:00
Bovinitynkinkade: why does bash tab completion not work on a9? is it me?23:01
Bovinitynkinkade: "cd /var/www/su-sh: <( compgen -d -- '/var/www/su' ): No such file or directory"23:01
paulproteusI doubt it's you. I vaguely recall having seen this on other Debian systems.23:06
nkinkadenathany: paulproteus: By the way, a5 hasn't had a problem in a while, it would appear that the change to FCGI was good.  Thanks for that.23:06
nathanythank paulproteus :)23:07
nathany("thanks, paulproteus")23:07
nkinkadeBovinity: I don't know, let me see if I have that problem on a9.23:07
paulproteusAww, you're velcome.23:07
paulproteusThank the author of Chinese FastCGI!23:07
paulproteusAlso, me, I suppose.23:07
nkinkadeBovinity: tab completion works okay for me on a9, and it also works for me when I do: sudo su - alex23:08
nkinkadeBovinity: could it have something to do with your terminal application?23:08
paulproteusnkinkade, I doubt it, fwiw.23:08
Bovinityhm, works fine when i load another bash23:09
paulproteusBovinity, But moving your .bashrc and .bash_profile out of your home for a bit and see if it works?23:09
paulproteusI would guess it's profile-but-not-bashrc related if it only fails for a login shell.23:09
paulproteusI love Chinese FastCGI. It's ruthless.23:09
paulproteusAnd it has such a fantastically bad website.23:09
Bovinity(also works fine when i "bash -l" into a login shell...)23:10
nathanypaulproteus: btw, i meant to ask, is there a debian package?23:10
* Bovinity shrugs. nevermind then.23:10
paulproteuslibapache2-mod-fcgi. They don't emphasize the "Hacked by Chinese" part, but that's oh-so-crucial for me.23:11
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paulproteusMaybe it's just because I have fond memories of the Code Red worm <>.23:12
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