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paulproteus;a=blob;f=from_whitewhale/styles/opened.css;h=213007da81e919920d6e975ec3ca09ebba1bdf33;hb=HEAD should probably have its h2 and h3 changed to match Jane's JPEG.00:00
paulproteusBovinity, I shouldn't be joining you all, should I...?00:02
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Philipp_Hi all! Is it OK to announce a Creative Commons project here?00:30
paulproteusSure, chat away.00:33
paulproteusYou may also find the CC Community list a good outlet.00:33
Philipp_Thanks. Our project launched this week and contains 250,000+ Creative Commons licensed drawings:
Philipp_They can also be played as animation showing how they were drawn...00:34
Philipp_We added non-commercial CC for all sketches... plus an additional commercial license for 5000 of choice...00:35
Philipp_well, feedback welcome, and we hope to spread the word on this. :)00:36
paulproteusThe animation aspect is really interesting for budding sketchers.00:36
Bovinitypaulproteus: fixed that css00:37
paulproteusPushed too?00:37
Bovinityaye skipper00:37
paulproteusI pulled and I get
paulproteusThe columns have gone away...?00:40
Bovinityi didn't touch that!00:40
Philipp_By the way, I was wondering how to link to our CC+ license... so that search engines know the pics are available as CC+...00:40
Philipp_I know rel="license" but that works best for normal CC...00:40
paulproteusPhilipp_, ccREL shows how to handle that.00:41
Bovinitypaulproteus: sorry. for some reason i closed a css block with )... er. pull again.00:41
paulproteusBovinity, will do00:41
paulproteusPhilipp_, gives an example of how to to add a cc:morePermissions link.00:42
Philipp_thanks yes, I read that, but... I wanted to link to only one license page to make it really easy on people: the CC+ sharing page on our site, which then links to the two separate license...00:42
Philipp_here is our Share page: ...00:42
Philipp_we link to that Share page from every image, but of course search engines would need the rel="license" bit pointing to a CC license, right... which we only do once you're on that Share page.00:43
paulproteusBecause you're not putting the morePermissions link on every page or the rel="license" on every page, the search engines can't know that every page has those properties.00:43
paulproteusYou could dive into the RDFa specification and try to find other ways to add these facts to your 'Share' page, but that seems like a lot of work to me.00:44
Philipp_yeah, i know...00:44
paulproteusSo, it's up to you.00:44
paulproteusSearch-engine (and, generally, web information spider) compatibility, or your way....00:44
Philipp_perhaps we might just include a hidden but expandable bit on every page linking to the CC using rel="license".00:44
paulproteusI think that makes enough sense. Next to that you could even add the morePermissions link.00:45
paulproteus(Which is how you would add metadata indicating the CC+ URL for those works.)00:45
Bovinitypaulproteus: this time it works. promise.00:45
Philipp_yes, but I believe CC+ takes a bit of explaining, so it explodes the scope of the footnote on every page...00:45
Philipp_by the way, is the RDF comment metadata inclusion right into the HTML completely deprectated? I did that some years ago, and it would work nicely here...00:45
paulproteusBovinity, Oooh!00:45
Philipp_but I'm not sure search engines still understand it?00:46
paulproteusI'm not sure search engines ever really took it seriously.00:46
paulproteusRegardless, it's completely deprecated in favor of RDFa, which should be able to express anything the RDF-in-a-comment could express.00:46
Philipp_do they take rel="license" seriously?00:46
paulproteusYes, plus Yahoo Search Monkey shows that Yahoo can use all RDFa, not just license.00:46
paulproteus(e.g. including cc:morePermissions)00:46
paulproteusAnd presumably other search engines will be picking on RDFa in further depth in the future.00:47
Philipp_have to dig into understanding RDFa in the future then. I guess for now -- and for Google as well -- rel="license" seems to be the only option (?)00:48
paulproteusYup, rel="license" is the best way to add a license; it's compatible with everything, and it's even valid RDFa.00:49 may be of use to you one day; should put all this into perspective.00:49
Philipp_I think differently put, my core problem/ question was: "how can I find a nice way to include rel='license' considering the main link should point to our CC+ explanation" :)00:49
Philipp_perhaps I will be creative in the footer. Thanks Paul :)00:50
paulproteusSure thing (BTW, I'm Asheesh on CC tech staff, I just have a weird nick).00:50
Philipp_perhaps I can write "... you can _share_ (using _CC_ _+_) the images ..." <-- that would allow 3 links, the second one pointing straight to CC...00:50
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paulproteusI think that's sensible.00:52
Philipp_cool, the godfather of CC replied in the CC mailing list! :)00:56
Philipp_just rel="license" on a link pointing to the CC license is enough right?01:02
Philipp_going to bed, thanks again!01:06
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greg-gdefine "enough" ;)01:09
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andrey22is here anyone from CC team?02:56
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paulproteusandrey22, Yes.05:41
paulproteusWhat do you need?05:41
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miikcreative commons for science18:18
miikyay :D18:18
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mattlpaulproteus: i would like to announce my intention to create -- creative commons, but only for pies.18:49
mattlWe will have Attribution, Attribution-BakeAlike, and Attribution-NoCheese, for mlinksva. We might also have a Not-Dead category for meat pies.18:50
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ianwellermattl: l o l.19:02
mattlianweller: Will Fedora support the Free Pie movement?19:03
ianwelleri bet you they will19:04
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qubodupCan someone link me a youtube video licensed under a cc license? I can't find anything except news about that there are such videos21:13
mattlqubodup:|cc_attribute|cc_sharealike|cc_nonderived).-(cc_noncommercial) -- it appears there are none yet.21:22
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isforinsectsmattl piecommons++23:01
mattlisforinsects: what are you doing tonight? wanna come to a party?23:02
*** cronin has joined #cc23:05
isforinsectsmattl: the Silo-crew++ is working on a 24/7 hackathon @berkman23:06
isforinsectstim, etc23:06
isforinsectsyou should come by, we have 16 hrs to go here23:06
mattlsilo-crew++ ?23:07
croninHow does one define "commercial"? If one were to collect donations from an application, is that commercial?23:07
isforinsectsOh, the HelloSilo crew, plus some assorted geeks23:07
mattlcronin: don't license software under a CC license :)23:07
croninmattl: huh?23:07
mattlcronin: CC licenses are not for software. If you want a software license, use GPL for ShareAlike or the Expat license for non-ShareAlike :)23:08
croninOh... interesting. What are CC licenses for then?23:08
mattlCreative Works.23:08
mattlPhotos, videos, books.23:08
croninIt's a Facebook application too... not sure if that's considered "software"23:08
croninOh I see23:08
mattlUm, yeah.23:08
mattlFacebook app would be software.23:09
croninOkay thanks23:09
mattlNo problems :)23:09
mattlisforinsects, ianweller, paulproteus:
isforinsectsFacebook apps... are weird23:09
croninisforinsects: how so?23:09
isforinsectsThey were a great thing (for certain non mattl friendly values of 'great') to get into in the first few months23:10
isforinsectsbut now?  The order of entry effects are so huge...23:10
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isforinsects82 out of the top 100 apps were released in the first 8 weeks23:12
isforinsectsand the graph of #apps having #users is really really shallow23:12
croninoh i see, yeah, the apps i develop are for political campaigns so they just usually mail their list and tell them to join...23:12
isforinsectsI would use Causes for that actually23:14
isforinsectsThey have a really robust platform IMO23:14
isforinsectsor the built in 'fan' pages system23:14
isforinsectsJust plug into what exists there23:14
croninyeah, the applications interface with those23:14
croninfor instance, the one i am working on now is an sms application that will plug into all of those23:15
cronini've never dealt with mobile phone numbers so i want to make sure i can't be liable for any misuse23:15
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