Thursday, 2009-02-19

nathanywhy not just use /support(/?) as the regex?00:04
nathanyfwiw, i'm heading out00:04
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paulproteusBTW, I like to do Redirect /support/index.html
paulproteusBovinity, Is the office net fasteR?00:18
paulproteusI shaped some stuff I was doing.00:18
Bovinitypaulproteus: yes00:18
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Bovinityi didn't want to point fingers, but i suspected it was all you00:18
nkinkadepaulproteus: Will the redirect you suggest do something different?00:20
paulproteusYes, I believe.00:20
nkinkadeI've currently got: Redirect /support http://someurl.biz00:20
nkinkadeSo adding the /index.html will cause it to redirect /support and /support/ alike?00:21
paulproteusI sure think so.00:21
nkinkadeI can sure try.00:21
paulproteusI'd test in /zupport/index.html to avoid breaking /support/ natch.00:22
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nkinkadepaulproteus: It didn't work.00:22
paulproteusHmm, let me try something.00:23
nkinkadepaulproteus: One easy way around that would be to just use a rewrite rule instead of a redirect.00:23
paulproteusFor example.00:23
nkinkadeRewriteRule /support/? http://long.url?arg=1 [L, R=301]00:24
paulproteusMy tests agree with you and now I wonder what I was smoking.00:24
paulproteusOh, I think what I do is I mkdir the directory and then do the redirect.00:24
* paulproteus tries this00:24
paulproteusYour solution is better I think.00:25
nkinkadepaulproteus: I see what you mean, I think.00:25
nkinkademkdir ./support00:25
paulproteusMy mkdir approach fails too. I could try to figure what I was thinking, but I've got other fish to fry.00:25
nkinkadeThen when apache sees a request for /support without the trailing slash it will redirect the support/ which will trigger the Redirect??00:26
paulproteusRight, I think so.00:26
paulproteusBut just do it your way, I'd say.00:26
paulproteusBTW I now run Nagios on rose.00:26
nkinkadeIn any case, I think  rewrite rule might be better.00:26
nkinkadeBovinity: This might all be a moot point.  Do we even care that both /support and /support/ both work?00:26
paulproteusI'd say yes.00:27
nkinkadeBovinity: Okay, it's working better now.00:28
Bovinityyup, that works00:29
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greg-gfunny double fail at 1) using a CC license for source code and 2) using said license legalcode as a EULA click-through.02:24
ianwellerthat's not funny, that's sad :/02:27
greg-gwell, funny in a "I laugh at other people's mistakes" kind of way ;)02:28
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paulproteusMorning, all.18:19
nkinkadeHi paulproteus.18:20
nkinkadepaulproteus: Am I wrong in thinking that your post-commit hooks for Pootle also run po2cc and commit the changes?18:21
paulproteusiirc the pre-commit hook runs po2cc and Pootle does the commit.18:21
paulproteusKeep in mind Pootle has its own pre-commit hook.18:21 now I understand your question, and I believe yes, that is a mistake.18:21
paulproteusiirc po2cc is never run by the svn repository, only by Pootle.18:22
paulproteusDoes that clarify things?18:22
nkinkadepaulproteus: Well, however it is run, I just want to know whether it's run at all.18:22
paulproteusIt's run only if you use the Pootle UI.18:22
nkinkadeAnd I'm about to regenerate the  Deeds for HK and want to know if I need to run po2cc before I do it.18:22
paulproteusBecause it's run by Pootle. So how it's run does matter; you only get the benefit of that automation if you are chatting with Pootle.18:22
paulproteusYou should.18:22
paulproteusWell, wait.18:23
nkinkadeBut if Pootle does it, why would I need to?18:23
paulproteusIf you're just doing a svn checkout of i18n, then the data should always be consistent in the repo.18:23
paulproteusSo you don't need to.18:23
nkinkadeI did try it and the changes seemed minimal, mostly in the header info.18:23
nkinkadepaulproteus: Super, that's exactly what I wanted to know.18:23
paulproteusYes, exactly. The svn repo should always be consistent, with the po and CC-style in sync.18:23
paulproteusI would have preferred you telling me if you were accessing the PO files in read mode or in write mode. I presumed you meant write mode knowing no better.18:24
nkinkadeAs long as cc.engine can pull in all the lastest stuff done by Pootle then I'm good.18:25
paulproteusDo you see what I mean about the vagueness in the question you asked, though?18:25
paulproteusHumans might also make changes to the repo.18:25
nkinkadepaulproteus: Perhaps, but not infrequently I find that you take what I say so literally that it then takes another 500 works and 5 minutes just to explain everything further.18:26
paulproteusOkay. In this case I tried to extrapolate your meaning and misunderstood.18:26
nkinkadeI don't always know how to phrase things in the most absolutely technical and strict terms to avoid all possible ambiguity.18:27
paulproteusBut we managed okay, so I guess it turned out fine.18:27
paulproteusIn that case, we should both learn Lojban. (-;18:27
paulproteusnkinkade, Anyway, when you ask me things, try to also say what you're going to do based on how I answer.18:29
paulproteusI think that would help me see into your mind more clearly.18:29
paulproteus(That's what demystified this for me eventually.)18:30
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nkinkadeI'll try to explain myself better.18:33
paulproteusAnd I'm on a lifelong quest to be less obtuse, which you can probably help me with. (-:18:52
paulproteusBovinity, BTW, the office 'net is slow and I don't think it's really my fault this time.18:57
Bovinitypaulproteus: it seems fine to me18:58
paulproteusHuh, never mind then.18:58
paulproteusI was getting 600ms pings to Google.18:58
Bovinity~111ms to google18:58
Bovinitynot awful18:58
paulproteusYeah, now it's 28ms.18:58
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nkinkadepaulproteus: I just noticed that the subject of all the tax deduction emails that went (and are ) going out was "(DRY RUN) Corrected receipt for your donation to Creative Commons"19:08
nkinkadeThat doesn't seem right.19:08
nkinkadeMaybe I'm reading the messages wrong.19:08
nkinkadeThey seem like real emails to people, not a dry run.19:08
paulproteusYou're on development@ ?19:08
paulproteusI just sent 38 through that are a dry run, awaiting Melissa's and Allison's ACK.19:09
paulproteusI didn't send a copy to the people named in the "To:" field.19:09
nkinkadepaulproteus: Yeah, I'm on development@19:09
paulproteusAlso you totally just scared me. (-:19:09
nkinkadeThat explains it.19:09
nkinkadeSorry about the false alarm.  I was relying to much on the To: field. :-)19:10
paulproteusI have long wanted a PINE header field, "Cosmetic CC:", where you put a person's email in the CC: line in the headers but never do SMTP delivery to the person.19:10
paulproteusSo you can say, "To: Dude, CC: Your Boss, Do this for me!" and Your Boss never actually gets a copy.19:10
paulproteusIt falls somewhere on my list of antisocial tech gags to implement, somewhere around Facebook un-un-tag.19:11
nkinkadehaha.  But even looking at the raw message I would have had no way of knowing that the person in the To: field didn't really get a copy.19:12
paulproteusI agree, that's why I sent the message to Allison and Melissa that said what I was about to do.19:12
paulproteusAnd why I just bounced you a copy of that.19:12
nkinkadeUnless I had read the message you sent that came in after, and explaining things.19:12
paulproteusI sent it before the (DRY RUN) messages, but only to Melissa and Allison.19:13
paulproteusSince I thought they were the only two on development@.19:13
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Bovinitypaulproteus: slow google pings again21:20
paulproteus84ms for me now21:21
Bovinitythere it goes21:21
paulproteusI've changed nothing.21:21
Bovinityback up again21:21
paulproteusIn fact, I'm doing nothing. (-:21:21
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nkinkadepaulproteus: Do you happen to know what criteria Google might use to tag certain page/work as being CC licensed?22:58
nkinkadeBovinity: ^^22:58
nkinkadeIs it totally fuzzy?22:58
Bovinitysilly/serious answer.. rdf and/or linkbacks to
paulproteusnkinkade, Probably a link to a CC license. mlinksva would know best.22:59
paulproteusBut mlinksva will know what he and Google agreed on in 2004 or 2005.22:59
paulproteusRDF in a comment, I presume you mean.22:59
Bovinityyes, as opposed to rdfa23:00
nkinkadeThat's a possiblity, but I would imagine that few sites use that other than Flickr?23:01
mlinksvai don't know for certain23:01
mlinksvai think rdf/xml and/or link to licenses qualified by rel="license"23:01
nkinkadeAnd linkbacks seem about useless unless there is a clear way to identify it with a particular part of the page.23:01
mlinksvabut they haven't said absolutely23:01
mlinksvankinkade: well that's what rdfa is supposed to help with :)  but page level granularity is fairly useful, just not perfect23:02
nkinkademlinksva: Do you suspect that Google may be processing RDFa behind the scenes but just not advertising it yet¿23:04
nkinkadeSeems it would be unwise of them *not* to be working on that.23:04
paulproteusThey might be doing rel="license" and not calling it RDFa.23:09
paulproteusThat seems likely to me.23:09
mattlthey have one guy, who looks at everything on the internet and writes down the license on a bit of scrap paper.23:26
mattli applied for the job, but i lack good penmanship.23:26
paulproteusThen I need not apply.23:30

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