Wednesday, 2009-02-18

nkinkadenathany: If I created new issues for tasks I've got, do you want to be nosy on them?00:14
nkinkadeOf course, don't feel obligated, you'll see them in there, but just wanted to check if you felt strongly about it.00:16
nathanyyeah, it'd be good... i can archive the emails really easily00:16
nkinkadepaulproteus: Didn't you mention once the idea of cloning and then hosting the on one of our own servers?00:17
nkinkadeI see my browser spending far too much time waiting on that domain, and I suspect other people do to.00:18
paulproteusOr we could mirror it on S3.00:18
nkinkadeHow feasible is that, would you say?00:18
* paulproteus ducks00:18
paulproteusIt's super easy; they make it super easy and most YUI-using packages (including SemanticForms) make it easy.00:18
nathanynote google also provides cdn hosting for yui so we could see if their service is faster00:19
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nkinkadepaulproteus: nathany: Should I create a ticket for us to do that?00:20
paulproteusYes. (-:00:21
nkinkadeI'll create a ticket, as Nathan has left the room.00:21
paulproteusTrying the Google CDN is also sensible.00:21
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Snaknicolawhat's happen with unixirc ?10:41
Snaknicolaany cc here ?10:44
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nathanynkinkade: did we ever get a jabber/xmpp chat room to work with pidgin/adium?16:47
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nkinkadenathany: Yeah, I had a chatroom up and running.  It's still there.17:13
nathanybut were we able to connect with clients/17:13
nkinkadeAsheesh, Alex and I were in it at one point.17:14 room creativecommons17:14
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nathanynkinkade: can you attempt to join again? if i recall there was a problem with the room booting people?17:23
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nathanyBovinity: can you join creativecommons on conference.jabber.org17:24
BovinityGEE THX GUYS17:33
nathanyuh, sorry?17:33
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schumaml - what exactly is the "print file" mentioned in the answer to this faq - the printed output?18:36
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greg-gschumaml: a printed document might be a better wording for that18:59
greg-gso, you can print it, and even though you are thus putting the work in a new medium (and some lawyers would argue that is a derivative) the CC suite explicitly lets you do that without violating the NoDerivatives clause.19:00
schumamlone could get the impressdion that ND has just been invented to be able to discourage its use :)19:04
greg-gwell, ND does greatly reduce the amount of use a work gets.19:04
greg-gif I can't remix it, I probably won't use it for anything, personally.19:05
schumamlthe reason for my question is the google soc logo, btw - by-nc-nd, and to me even using it scaled on a web page feels wrong19:09
schumamlscaled by the browser, that is19:09
schumamlso I wont be using it anywhere until they offer nice versions at a smaller scale.19:11
greg-gschumaml: I would suggest emailing them about that, then.19:19
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nkinkadepaulproteus: nathany: Do either if you know whether libglib1.2 is needed on a6 for any reason?19:26
nathanynkinkade: i don't know specifically19:27
nathanywhy do you ask?19:27
nkinkadenathany: There are some "broken" packages on a6, and one of apt's suggested fixes is to remove that package and upgrade a few others.19:27
nkinkadeIf it was absolutely required by any other package, I don't believe apt would suggest to remove it, so I feel it's safe, but just wanted to check.19:28
paulproteusnkinkade, Possibly for matplotlib.19:29
paulproteusBut basically if apt says it's not, then it's not.19:29
nkinkadepaulproteus: Could you take a peek on a6 and run dist-upgrade and check the recommended solution?19:29
nkinkadeOr full-upgrade.19:29
paulproteusaptitude dist-upgrade, not apt-get, right?19:30
nkinkadeI'm using aptitude19:30
nkinkadeI did "sudo aptitude full-ugprade"19:30
nkinkadeI was tipped off as to a problem when I tried a normal upgrade and some packages were kept back19:30
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paulproteusSure, seems okay to me.19:32
paulproteusI wonder why we need the sasl modules anyway.19:32
paulproteusDo we run Dovecot or something on this machine?19:32
paulproteusIt's no big deal, I'm just curious.19:32
nathanyis that where the jurisdiction imap archive lives?19:33
nkinkadepaulproteus: I'm not aware that it's needed by anything ... at least not anything I've installed.19:33
nkinkadenathany: That's on a7.19:33
nkinkadeAnd does in fact use Dovecot, but a diff. server.19:33
* paulproteus shrugs.19:33
paulproteusI give this my approval and pass the ball back to you.19:33
nkinkadepaulproteus: Thanks.  I'll just use apt's suggested fix and go from there.19:33
nkinkadeThanks for taking a look.19:34
nkinkadepaulproteus: Could you let go of the package database.19:34
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nathanynkinkade: are you in the midst of upgrading
nathanyer, a919:59
nkinkadenathany: Yeah.20:01
nkinkadeSomething is strange with Varnish.20:01
nathanysomething's strange with everything20:01
nkinkadeApache is on port 8080 and running, but Varnish is returning errors.20:01
nathanybut we don't use varnish there, do we?20:01
nathanysince we SSL most things (or does it just pass through)20:01
paulproteusPing me if I ought to take a look.20:02
nkinkadepaulproteus: By all means, just in and look around.20:02
nathanyoh jesus, it removed python2.4 on the upgrade?20:02
nkinkadeDid that same thing happen on a6 then?20:03
nathanywhy would you think that? is a6 having problems?20:03
nathany(i'm rebuildout-ing
nkinkadenathany: I don't think that, I just figured that if ws removed on a9 then it may have been on a6 too.20:05
nathanymaybe but if nothing uses it on a6 then it wouldn't matter20:05
nkinkadepaulproteus: It seems to be related to SSL, the problem.20:05
nathanybtw, we'll require 2.4 on a5 and a720:06
paulproteusnkinkade, I'd rather do other things, which is why I request getting pinged. But I will log in and look around.20:07
paulproteusApache port 8080 is serving up SSL it seems.20:07
paulproteusThat works.20:08
nathanynkinkade: mysql doesn't seem to be up20:08
nathany works too20:08
paulproteusI don't understand currently what is in need of analysis.20:08
nathanyi don't see an ssl problem20:08
paulproteusThat's good.20:08
paulproteusFeel free to use voice, nathany.20:08
nkinkadeI'm not saying there is a problem with SSL, but that the reason Varnish can't get to Apache normally is that Apache is not handling the SSL correctly for each host.20:09
nkinkade returns an SSL error, but clearly shouldn't.20:09
paulproteusAh, sorry, wrong host; I was logged into a620:09
* paulproteus goes to a920:09
nathanyah, did we get a wildcard cert or independent ip for zupport?20:09
paulproteus/etc/init.d/mysql: ERROR: Using expire_logs_days without log_bin crashes the server. See README.Debian.gz failed!20:10
* paulproteus fixes mysql on a920:10
nathanyi thought we had two certs, one for, one for
paulproteusThere, it's up.20:10
nathanynkinkade: sorry, i misread the url you were looking at20:10
nathanyi thought you were trying to use https20:11
nkinkadepaulproteus: Thanks.  What was the issue?20:11
paulproteusnkinkade, Will say in one sec20:11
paulproteusI installed etckeeper, btw.20:12
nkinkadenathany: So will be back up as soon as buildout finishes?20:12
nathanyit is back up20:12
nkinkadeHmm.  The redirect from http to https isn't working.20:13
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nathanyso apache is apparently trying to ssl-ify all requests20:13
nathanybtw, the status line when going to says "Port 443"20:14
nathanythat seems wrong20:14
nathanydo Listen directives override each other?20:14
nkinkadePerhaps  http->https not working is partially related to what paulproteus is doing.20:14
paulproteusnkinkade, The init script complains that if you use expire_logs_days, you need log_bin.20:15
paulproteusI am changing nothing right now, nkinkade.20:15
paulproteusThat's all I have changed (and I committed it to the new etckeeper on a9).20:15
paulproteusI will now read the Apache configuration and change nothing.20:15
paulproteusnkinkade, If you can fix nathany's problem do so without asking me, by all means.20:16
nathany<VirtualHost *:8080>20:16
nathany        ServerName creativecommons.net20:16
nathany        ServerAlias www.creativecommons.net20:16
nathany        ServerAdmin webmaster@creativecommons.org20:16
nathany        SSLEngine On20:16
nathanythat seems wrong20:16
nathany(ssl engine on, saying this is a vhost for 8080)20:17
nkinkadenathany: That seems right to me.20:17
nathanyi'm going to fix that20:17
nathany(or try)20:17
nkinkadeIn this version of Apache the <Virtualhost *> config was deprecated, but we weren't using it anyway.20:17
nathanynkinkade: i just fixed cc.net20:19
nathanythe problem is that the virtual host was set to listen on BOTH 8080 and 443020:19
nathanyand then the config told it to turn on ssl20:20
nathany(which is obviously wrong for 8080)20:20
nathanyso i created a second config, 443.creativecommons.net20:20
nathanythat does SSL20:20
nathanyturned it off on the other one20:20
nkinkadenathany: That config was working before.20:20
nathanyi believe you20:20
nathanyit wasn't working now :)20:20
paulproteusFWIW, nathany, it looks like you made it in sites-enabled/; we should move the config file to sites-available/ and symlink it in with a2ensite.20:20
paulproteusnkinkade, You'll take care of that?20:21
nkinkadenathany: Sure.20:21
nathanyi assume someone decided that the config we were using before was too vague or implicit somehow20:21
nathany(someone meaning upstream)20:21
nathanyand when we did the apache upgrade, we got the "fixed" version20:22
nathanyare you good to take care of
nkinkadenathany: support seems to be working fine.20:22
nkinkadeusing the same old config as before.20:23
nathanyoh cool20:23
nathanythe error i got previously was mysqlq20:23
nathanyok, that's weird that it works on and not cc.net20:24
nkinkadeI'm investigating why that is right now.20:24
nkinkadeAs far as I knew, a vhost could listen any number of port/ip combinations.20:25
nkinkadeWhich is how it was before.20:25
nathanyright... i just assumed it was because of the SSLEngine On directive20:25
nkinkadeThe fact that the SSL part was inside the same vhost as 8080 wouldn't have really mattered because Apache wasn't configured to do SSL on port 8080 anyway.20:26
nkinkadeBut like you say, something may have changed for the new version, but I never saw anything about that in the release notes that apt hands out.20:26
nathanyok, we're going to get food... thanks for handling this20:26
nathanyyeah, very very weird20:27
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nathanyBovinity: (inappropriate for any office but CC)21:42
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isforinsects... nathany no, that can fly at 1cc too22:24
isforinsectsweird place half the time22:24
nathanyisforinsects: i have no idea what you're talking about22:24
paulproteus1cc is OLPC HQ22:25
nathanyoh, right22:25
nathanynevermind :)22:25
Bovinityit also flies at a berkeley doctor's office22:25
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Bovinitynkinkade: the resulting redirect for has a trailing slash (
Bovinitylordy, our connection is slow right now23:49
nkinkadeBovinity: Because your initial URL has a slash too.23:50
nkinkadeI guess I could turn it into a RewriteRule and avoid that.23:50
Bovinitynkinkade: that shouldn't matter23:50
nkinkadeBovinity: Try it without the slash.23:50
Bovinitynkinkade: yes, it redirects properly without the slash23:51
nkinkadeIf you would rather the real URL has the slash like /support/23:51
nkinkadeThen I can change the redirect.23:51
nkinkadeBut then /support might not work at all.23:51

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