Tuesday, 2009-02-17

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primeoneanyone here awake03:32
mlinksva__primeone: hi03:42
primeonei got a creative commons license rights issue i must address in relation to my podcast .... any wise sages here who may possible have the knowledge to answer ?03:44
mlinksva__maybe. what's the question?03:45
primeoneI just started a podcast that is both audio and video with feeds in HD and SD. The podcast is a geek related one and i'm under the CC by-nc-sa my self. I plan on eventually getting advertisments into my podcast03:45
primeonenow here is the rub I want to use fellow Creative commons music for the outros and intros of my audio show which is in Enhanced Chaptered AAC03:46
mlinksva__the technical audio or video formats don't have any relevance03:46
primeonei can put a chapter cover at the end of the artists music i'm using for the intro and outro as well as a link that is clickable to their website or profile on what ever social media site they use03:46
mlinksva__i'm not a lawyer, but it sounds like you could clearly use music licensed under CC BY03:47
mlinksva__I see, yes, as long as you give credit03:47
primeonecool even if i'm making money off advertisments?03:47
mlinksva__Plain CC BY is fine for commercial use03:47
primeoneok how do i go about in finding music that is licensed just by the CC BY03:48
mlinksva__If you're using music under BY-NC or BY-NC-SA you have to consider whether your use is commercial03:48
mlinksva__see some links at http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Commercial_music03:48
mlinksva__unfortunately since you're releasing under BY-NC-SA you can't use BY-SA content, but that page is also good for pointers to just BY content03:49
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mattlprimeone: just BY.03:51
mattlusing BY-SA content means your project has to be BY-SA as well.03:51
mlinksva__which is not a bad idea :)03:51
greg-gnot a bad idea at all :)03:52
mattlNC is not cool, and it means no community ;)03:52
primeoneI thought it means non-commerical, so someone just can take the work and make an Amen break style "Construction Kit" and have two different companies own the same thing then03:53
mattlNC prevents commercial use.03:53
mattlwhich i consider to be non-cool, and prevents a community..03:54
primeonewhat about in cases whee someone wants to use your work for say a car commerical and well they attributed you that all they had to do and you don't get paid for the work?03:54
mattlthen they have to release the car commercial as BY-SA.03:55
mattlwhich if they do, awesome... you have a car commercial that you can put on your next album.03:55
mattland if they don't want to, well, then they can negotiate03:55
primeoneEhhh ok BY-SA for me it is03:55
mattlalso, http://wherearethejoneses.com/ is a BY-SA car commercial... Ford were well aware of what they were getting into, too.03:56
mattlprimeone: yay. welcome to Free Culture.03:56
greg-gindeed.  good choice.03:56
primeoneyar yar free as in beer ... some way or another you pay for it in the end matti :D03:57
mattlprimeone: no, free as in freedom.03:57
primeonei'm joking :D plus no freedom is free someone had to put good time and effort into giving us that freedom03:57
mattlprimeone: let me know when your BY-SA show is up, i'll promote it on my blog :)03:58
primeonecool I will be as soon as i update my website03:58
primeoneyea i just had this interview with veronica belmont for my podcast and i found this wicked chiptune song i wanted to use by this kid named GBME03:59
primeonethats why i was asking about the license stuff04:00
mlinksva__goodnight.  good to meet you primeone. later mattl and greg-g04:00
greg-glater mlinksva__04:00
primeonelater mlinksva04:00
primeoneoh my podcast is plan8ts.com04:00
primeoneTHe Plan8 Podcast04:00
primeonesearchable on itunes ... if i get them to fix the error link i Fraked up04:01
mattlcya mlinksva__04:01
mattlprimeone: if you want to make me *really* like your podcast, you could say GNU/Linux instead of just Linux04:01
mattlbut plan8 = planet?04:02
primeoneblahhh I know richard stallmen ... he has incured my wrath a few time ... i like my Linux using the GNU toolkit just find just like using Mac OS X and the GNU tool kit too04:03
primeonethe closest you will get me to say the one you mentioned is "Linux with use of the GNU toolkit"04:03
mattlGNU's not just a toolkit though.04:04
mattlWhat makes a Unix OS? At the most basic level, you have a shell, a C library, a set of core utilities, and a kernel... GNU has all of those.04:05
primeonematti ... philosphical debate i wish not to get into is that ok?04:05
mattlBut the GNU kernel lacks hardware drivers and is pretty unstable. So, swap out the kernel, and replace with Linux... that's why GNU/Linux :)04:05
primeoneagain ... Philosophical debate ... do not want to fully go into .... :D04:06
mattlit's not a philosophical debate, it's a stated fact.04:07
greg-gahem, so, about that CC:BY-SA license ;)04:08
primeonesome would say that about certain relgious beliefs too that they are stated facts04:08
primeoneagain ... Philosophical debate ... do not want to fully go into .... :D04:08
mattlmeh. fail.04:09
greg-gmattl: lets not get greedy, he's already using BY-SA ;)04:09
mattlyeah, but i can't link to something that says "Linux" ;)04:10
primeonefail on the fact you seem to not respect i have a different view point then you matti and that mine is peppered from experiences with the founders of the project04:10
greg-gmattl: heh.04:10
greg-gok, lets stop that discussion now, or move it out of #CC04:10
* primeone walks out of the bar :D04:10
primeonenerd kombat!04:11
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primeoneahhh man04:11
greg-gprimeone: but yeah, if you have any more CC questions, don't hesitate to come back and ask04:12
greg-gI'll be around but not paying close attention righ tnow04:12
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mattlokay. dev image installed.04:20
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nkinkadenathany: I'm upgrading a6, so for the moment don't worry about notifications.17:05
nkinkadeI guess I should disable notifications while I upgrade.17:05
nkinkadeI'll do that for the next.17:05
nathanyso the cclearn website is still down17:11
nathanywe should figure out how to minimize the downtime, especially when doing the cc.org upgrade17:12
nathanynkinkade: ^^17:12
nkinkadenathany: It's back up.17:13
nkinkadeI don't know exactly why MySQL was down for a bit, but sometime after running aptitude upgrade and when it completed MySQL apparently had some issue.17:14
nkinkadeI don't know that there is much we can do about that.17:14
nathanydid it come back up on it's own or did we have to restart it?17:20
nkinkadenathany: It came back up on it's own sometime while aptitude was doing the upgrade.17:22
nathanyah, ok17:24
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nathanynkinkade: can you let me know when a6 is done so i can make sure tomcat came back up ok?17:34
nkinkadenathany: Will do.17:34
nkinkadenathany: Did you make any changes to the tomcat init script?17:35
nathanythe init script?17:36
nathanyi don't think so17:36
nkinkadeThere's a diff. between the maintainers version and what we have.17:36
nkinkadeI'll just install the maintainer's version.17:36
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nkinkadenathany: a6 is updated and running again.  discovered seems to be down, but I noted a small change to one of the configs that you added that I'll replace.18:03
nkinkadepermission java.security.AllPermission;18:03
nkinkadeI assume that needs to be put back in.18:03
nkinkadeAdding that line again seems to have fixed it.18:05
nkinkadeIn the cases where there were many changes to a config file for the new maintainer's version and we have only 1 or 2 local changes, I installed the maintainer's version, and then went back in and re-added our local changes.18:06
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Bovinitypaulproteus: ping18:26
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paulproteusBovinity, pong20:41
Bovinitypaulproteus: nvm, will ping about opened again at the end of the week21:05
paulproteusOkay, cool.21:06
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paulproteusnathany, http://solutoire.com/flotr/21:16
nathanyBovinity: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAyA9p_VH7s&feature=channel_page21:30
nathanysee also: http://www.youtube.com/user/SummerHeightsHigh21:30
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nkinkadenathany: Just a quick reminded to double-check a6 and tomcat.21:59
nathanynkinkade: thanks; it seems to be up21:59
nkinkadeThe interface comes up but searching doesn't seem quite right, but I don't know how it was before.21:59
nathanyoh, it has the database password hardcoded22:00
* nathany blushes22:00
nathanythanks for the reminder22:01
nkinkadepaulproteus: Having fun on a6 now it's Lenny?22:02
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nkinkadeThere are several firetrucks and an ambulance in front of my building and they just dragged a firehose somewhere into the bottom of the building.22:24
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nkinkadenathany: Other than looking in the database, is there a way for me to see who has a CC Network account?23:46
nkinkadeOr to find out if an invite was sent?23:47
nathanyyou can use the web interface23:47
nathanyat /admin23:47
nkinkadeDo I have admin rights? :-)23:47
nkinkadeApparently so.  Thanks.23:48
nkinkadenathany: A person either lost their invite or never received it for some reason.  invite.sh doesn't seen to send a new one in this case.  What's the best way to handle this?23:55
nathany./bin/welcome name@example.com23:56
nathanythat is23:56
nkinkadeAh.  Sorry.  I forgot and was using invite.sh23:56
nkinkadewhatever that script does.. :-)23:57
nathanyit adds new users and sends the invite -- probably poorly named :)23:57
nathanyoh, it links civicrm with cc.net23:58
nathany(i was thinking of register, which is actually well named :) )23:58

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