Friday, 2009-02-06

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paulproteusnkinkade, Are you going to / have you already fixed these broken en_GB <p>less translations?01:16
nkinkadepaulproteus: I haven't totally fixed it yet.01:16
nkinkadeI updated the translation and regenerated the Deeds, but that didn't do it.01:17
nkinkadeI didn't look into it further.01:17
paulproteusOkay, cool. If you want, I can try to; just ask if you do.01:17
nkinkadeDid you see the mail from Michelle?  There are about 3 other brokens langs.01:17
nkinkadepaulproteus: By all means, give it a go.01:17
nkinkadeAnd for the other langs too. :-)01:17
nkinkadepaulproteus: What you could really do is to find out why $node->teaser isn't available to the template page.tpl.php on zupport.01:19
paulproteusMaybe later today. (-:01:19
nkinkadeI suspect it's not a default variable, and that it may require some preprocessing stuff.01:19
nkinkadeBut I'm done with it for today, being 20:20.01:20
nkinkadeBut seriously, you are good at those things.01:20
nkinkadeIf you have time, you'd be helping me a lot to take a peek.01:20
nkinkadeAnd I can answer questions.01:21
paulproteusOkay, help me help then a little bit.01:21
paulproteusSSH to zupport?01:21
paulproteusBTW, a 3.1Ghz Core 2 Duo (my new home desktop) sure can run Iceweasel fast.01:23
nkinkadessh to a9.01:23
nkinkadeYou bought a desktop?!01:23
paulproteusAnd I'm in /var/www/
nkinkadepaulproteus: Now is when we really need Ekiga.01:23
paulproteusExcept my headset is at the office and I "temporarily" broke my home VoIP setup lately.01:23
nkinkadeThen I'll just call you with 20th century technology.01:24
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paulproteusI'm reading includes/theme.inc01:52
paulproteus"All content on a Drupal website is stored and treated as "nodes." A node is any posting, such as a page, poll, story, forum text, or blog entry. Comments are not stored as nodes but are always tied to one." <>01:54
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paulproteus[teaser] => Please work, Unicode dammit.02:00
paulproteus      case 'view':02:00
paulproteus        print_r($node); /* lol */02:00
paulproteus        $node->readmore = $node->excerpt;02:00
paulproteus        break;02:00
paulproteus                         <h3><?php print $node->readmore ?></h3>02:13
paulproteus-        $node->readmore = $node->excerpt;02:14
paulproteus+        $node->readmore = $node->teaser;02:14
greg-gyay #CC pastebin ;)02:24
nkinkadegreg-g: What did you think #cc was for if not for pasting multi-line pieces of code?02:25
paulproteusWe can do this CSS style.02:25
paulproteus#cc pastebin { display: none; }02:25
greg-gnkinkade: coordinating curry pickup?02:27
nkinkadegreg-g: Where would you ever get an idea like that?02:27
nkinkadeI was never part of the curry crowd.02:27
greg-gOh, it is just a dream of mine. To use #cc as a place where one CC employee can coordinate with another to go to get curry, and possibly (this is advanced) bring back curry for someone else.02:28
paulproteusHaving a crazy fast desktop is awesome.02:50
paulproteusgreg-g, Are you coming to the retreat?02:50
paulproteusBased on the travel plans page, I'd guess no, so now I feel silly asking.02:50
greg-g:) nope03:03
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nkinkadepaulproteus: I was able to create a custom field, populate it, and then have it show on the zupport page.17:41
nkinkadeGood idea.17:41
nkinkadeAnd thanks for bringing in a needed sanity check on my activities.17:42
nkinkadeThe Excerpt module isn't needed after all.17:42
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paulproteusnkinkade, Yay!18:02
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nkinkadeHey Bovinity.19:55
nkinkadeMaybe you can shed some light on a small formatting issue between support and zupport.19:55
nkinkadeLoad up zupport/store and also support/store19:56
nkinkadeThe body content sits higher on zupport, and it seems to be because of some strange content under the jurisdiciton dropdown on support pushing th body down.19:56
Bovinityi see a problem19:56
nkinkadeThat empty space should be there?19:57
nkinkadeWhere does it come from?19:57
nkinkadeDid you add that recently?19:57
Bovinitythe empty space in the sidebar should not be there19:57
nkinkadeSo support is wrong, and zupport is right?19:58
Bovinitythe other issue is a missing "&nsbp;" in the teaser/excerpt for join19:58
nkinkadeBovinity: I ditched the Excerpt module.19:58
nkinkadeI created a custom field and Subtitle.  That's where the text goes now.19:58
Bovinityoh, ok.. store needs its subtitle to be &nbsp;19:58
Bovinityto push the content down correctly19:58
nkinkadeAh ha.19:58
nkinkadeLet me try.19:58
Bovinitynkinkade: the empty sidebar block in support is where the admin menu goes when you're logged in, if i recall.19:59
nkinkadeAh, so it's just as well that it's not there.20:00
Bovinitycivicrm admin menu, to be exact20:00
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nkinkadeBovinity: If you poke around a bit in zupport, does anything else look out of place?20:05
Bovinitynkinkade: layout stuff otherwise looks good20:08
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paulproteusZupport the Kommons!20:55
paulproteusnkinkade, You fixed up all the broken <p> strings?21:17
paulproteusw/r/t the Michelle & you en_HK thread21:17
nkinkadeBovinity: I've discovered some weirdness in the way Drupal processes HTML.21:17
nkinkadeIt seems to have a problem with some HTML comments, and it also much prefers <br /> to <br/>21:17
nkinkadeIf you go editing anything and strange thing go on, then play around with the HTML comments.21:18
nkinkadepaulproteus: I haven't done that yet.21:18
paulproteusnkinkade, Weird, 'cause all the strings look fixed on staging. When you have a sec let's chat about that.21:18
nkinkadeBovinity: I had to muck around on the /store page for a while.  Drupal was actually adding in random </form>s, so of course the forms all broke.21:18
Bovinitynkinkade: ugh, is that why teh buy buttons, and a couple rows, were broken?21:19
nkinkadepaulproteus: Okay, now that zupport is mostly working I'm going to take a short break, go out for a cup of coffee.21:19
nkinkadeBovinity: Yup.21:19
paulproteusnkinkade, ACK21:19
paulproteusMaybe you should even go get a beer!21:19
nkinkadeWhen I get back I'll test a few contributions on the PayPal sandbox, then maybe flip the switch and be done with this ordeal.21:20
nkinkadepaulproteus: I've got a beer in the fridge, in fact.  ;-)21:20
nkinkadeBut I better stick to coffee until zupport becomes support.21:20
nkinkadeBy the way, here's an old one I dug up earlier for Jen:
nkinkadeToo bad Nathan isn't in here to see that one.21:21
nkinkadeSomeone made a video for that lovely old audio.21:22
Bovinityi wasn't sure if the type was misspelt on purpose or not, when i saw that21:27
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nkinkadeBovinity: So I just realized that it's not so much the HTML comments but the correct placement of tags.22:29
nkinkadeOn both /store and /join the <form> and </form> tags were placed in non-standard places.22:29
nkinkadeThat is, on /store the <form> began in a <li> and then ended in some other <li>.22:30
nkinkadeI moved the form to the outside and it was fine, but I had also played around with the HTML comments, so I wasn't sure.22:30
Bovinityah, yeah, i guess technically the form tags should go around the <ul></ul>.22:31
nkinkadeNow on the /join page I noticed that the <form> wasn't nested properly either, I fixed it and it started working.22:31
nkinkadeI put the <form> tags just inside in the <ul>22:31
nkinkadeOn the outside caused major layout breakage.22:31
nkinkadeApparently the HTML formatting module is more strict than it used to be.22:32
nkinkadeAnd will even go so far as to further mange the HTML.  I guess it's good in that it alerts us of badly formed HTML, but I sort of wish we could turn that "feature" off.22:33
nkinkadeIt won't mange your HTML, but will mangle it.22:33
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nkinkadebse: paulproteus: Would either of you have a second to help me debug a JS issue on zupport?23:35
nkinkadeThe problem seems to be in js/support.js in the useAmountFixed() function.23:36
nkinkadeI'm looking at it, but more eyes are better.  It works on support, but not zupport.   It never seems to return from that function, so setPremium() never gets run.23:37
paulproteusURL to trigger the issue, nkinkade ?23:38
bsenkinkade: when i try running it in the console i get this: "clearAmountOther is not defined"23:39
bsewhat page uses useAmountFixed?23:39
nkinkadeI'm setting some breakpoints in Firebug, but so far haven't hit the exact problem.23:40
nkinkadeReally useAmountFixed shouldn't get run on a recurring contribution.23:41
nkinkadeI can't explain why it works on support, but I suspect something like it gets to that function on zupport, but the passed value is NULL ... so there is some error condition.23:41
nkinkadebse: What console? The firebug console?23:46
bsenkinkade: nm, i wasn't on the transact page, where that funciton gets defined23:47
nkinkadebse: Are you seeing the problem as well?23:47

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