Thursday, 2009-02-05

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paulproteusI urge all of you to click random on for the next 20 minutes.01:10
paulproteusOkay, that's all for now.01:12
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greg-gpaulproteus: jerkcity is why laconica supports T MESSAGES02:36
paulproteus...what do they do?02:37
greg-gI think it treats it like a reply02:51
greg-gT NICK MESSAGE02:52
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SterenHi all, It's been some time since I'm investigating why my simple javascript doesn't work on my mediawiki extension (BibTex Import).  Even a simple onclick="alert('test');" doesn't work. Does someone have an idea, any experience with javascript into mediawiki ?16:18
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oshaniHello CC-devs, I have a question regarding
nkinkadeoshani: What's up?19:30
nkinkadeBovinity: Do you know where the "Join the CC Network" <h1> comes from on the support page at /join?19:31
nkinkadeIs that a theme thing?19:31
oshaniis the javascript mentioned there which will generate the box available somewhere?19:31
oshanior is that just a suggestion to say that scraping rdfa is possible?19:32
Bovinitynkinkade: page title19:32
Bovinityor the h1 tag itself? that's in page.tpl19:32
nkinkadeBovinity: page title from the Drupal config?19:32
Bovinitynkinkade: as defined in the page settings for that page19:33
nkinkadeI upgraded the DB, but some of that is missing.19:33
Bovinityand why the fuck does google-analytics keep popping things up when i'm not even logged into it19:33
nkinkadeThat is I took a snapshot of the production db this morning then upgraded it, but part is missing.19:34
Bovinitywhat's missing?19:34
nkinkadeBovinity: Sorry, not the title, but the text below the title.19:34
nkinkadeCheck out zupport/join19:34
Bovinitynkinkade: you need to make sure the excerpt module is active19:34
nkinkadeoshani: All the code we write is available in our subversion and git repositories at http://code.creativecommons.org19:35
nkinkadeBovinity: That's the type of concise answer that works so well for me.19:35
Bovinitynkinkade: there is a module, named excerpt, that provides a space in the page edit screen to enter the blurb you see at the top of /join; it also provides a tag to add to the template19:36
Bovinitynkinkade: if the module isn't active, then the text won't appaer19:36
nkinkadeLooks like I'll have to install that module.19:36
oshanithanks nkinkade , but any hints as to where I should look at in the source tree? :)19:37
nkinkadeoshani: Sorry.  Let me give you a better idea. :-)19:37
nkinkadeoshani: Come to think of it, I don't know where exactly that code resides, but it's javascript, and you should be able to grab it from the page itself.19:39
nkinkade(I think)19:39
Bovinityon the deeds page source, you'll see a <link> tag to metadata_scraper19:39
Bovinityoshani: ^19:39
Bovinityalso deed.js19:39
Bovinityone or both of those should be what you're looking for, as examples of implementation19:40
oshaniBovinity, what is the "deeds page"? (I guess it will help if there's the actual example used linked from that wiki guide, in addition to the image of the 'attribution box')19:43
* oshani looking at deed.js19:43
Bovinitysorry, i meant a page such as
oshaniah , i see19:44
nkinkadeoshani: Feel free to edit the wiki to make it better. :-)19:45
oshaninkinkade, any idea as to where I can find the actual example used there? I am referring to BTW19:49
nkinkadeoshani: It all depends on the page referrer.  Let me give you a working example.19:56
oshanithanks, that'd be really good :)19:56
nkinkadeGo to that page, and then click on the CC button in the sidebar.19:57
nkinkadeThe code on the Deed will go back and scrape the referring page for metadata. If it finds it, it'll display some additional info.19:58
oshanihmm... why am I not seeing any "CC button"? :/19:59
oshanido I need to install any FF extension / plugin / widget?20:00
nkinkadeoshani: In the right sidebar there is a BY icon.20:00
nkinkadeNothing special needed to see it, it's just an image.20:00
oshanithanks nkinkade , I got it now20:01
Bovinityoshani: Firebug will show you the html with the tags generated by javascript, if you find it useful to see20:03
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nkinkadepaulproteus: Hi.20:10
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nkinkadeBovinity: Where do these excerpt boxes show up?20:22
nkinkadefor example.20:22
nkinkadeI found it.20:23
nkinkadeHmm.  The module is enabled, but I don't see the "Teaser" box.20:23
Bovinityshould be on the edit page20:28
Bovinityteaser. yeah.20:29
nkinkadeBovinity: Looks like the Excerpt module isn't well supported for v6.x of Drupal.  There are some patches that apparently make it work.20:30
nkinkadeBovinity: Do you think there is a way to achieve something similar without Excerpt?20:35
Bovinitynkinkade: not really, that's why i went with it20:35
oshaninkinkade, so I am assuming that if someone is referring to something on your blog (such as an image), you as the original creator would expect that person to copy and paste the xhtml snippet that appears in that box on the deed page. Does CC recommend how this snippet should be scoped? For example, should it be within the same span as the copied image?20:37
nkinkadeoshani: I guess that would be idea, but, no, I don't really expect anyone to do it. :-)20:38
nkinkadeoshani: But it's a div that is given, and I don't think you can place a block element inside of an inline element.20:39
nkinkadeI could be wrong.20:39
oshaninkinkade, so I guess given this loose criteria, it would be hard for an automated tool to detect whether someone has violated your CC license, isn't it?20:40
oshaniAlso, I think there is a problem with the granularity of the license... the RDF version of that snippet looks like:20:42
oshani<rdf:Description rdf:about="">20:42
oshani    <_5:license rdf:resource=""/>20:42
oshani    <cc:attributionURL rdf:resource=""/>20:42
oshani  </rdf:Description>20:42
nkinkadeoshani: If you think there's something wrong, then the best course would be to post a message to cc-devel mail list.20:43
nkinkadeThe person who developed that will be out of the office for a couple weeks, but may perhaps have time to reply or investigate at some point in there.20:44
oshanioh okay... will do that - I am still trying to learn CC20:44
oshaniand also (hopefully) trying to come up with a generic license violation detection tool )20:45
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mattlmlinksva: ping21:35
mlinksvamattl: pong21:35
paulproteusnkinkade, Sorry I missed you earlier. What's up?21:44
nkinkadepaulproteus: Ah, I was curious about a git scenario.21:45
paulproteusLet me know if your curiosity persists.21:45
nkinkadeI'm upgrading CiviCRM and Drupal by creating new branches called cc_transitional, which are based on cc_production.21:46
nkinkadeAll was well, then I realized cc_staging was missing a particular module we needed.  I wasn't sure if the best way was to just add it to cc_transitional or to add it to cc_staging, then merge it.21:46
nkinkadeIf any of that makes sense.21:47
nkinkadeIt was necessary to use to 3rd branch because of the upgrade process and the need to login to the production version to have a session that the upgrade will use.21:47
paulproteusI'm confused; what's the point of cc_transitional?21:47
nkinkadeI just ended up adding it to cc_trasitional.21:47
nkinkadepaulproteus: I can tell you on Ekiga if you want to know.21:47
nkinkadeToo laborious to type.21:48
paulproteusAre you on it? I yam.21:49
nkinkadepaulproteus: I just tried you, but it hung up immediately.21:57
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paulproteusThere are two problems. 1. I was in a call to the echo test. 2. I am having some trouble with my microphone.21:57
nkinkadeBasically, you need an authenticated session for the upgrade, the session is stored in the db.  So when I went to replace the db, with the new, the session goes away.21:58
paulproteusI see.21:58
nkinkadeThere is a flag in the Drupal config that is supposed to let you do it without being logged in.21:58
nkinkadeBut I feel like I ran into some other issue that I can't think of right now.21:58
nkinkadeIn any case, now I'm battling with some module that is only semi-functional in 6.x.21:59
nkinkadeOther than that it all seems pretty good.21:59
nkinkadeBovinity: Do you know if there some special config for $node->teaser to start showing up?22:01
nkinkadeThe data seems to be there in the db (only God knows where), but that variable isn't in $node.22:01
Bovinitynkinkade: not that i know of. afaik it just needs the module to be active, and the string present.22:01
nkinkadeBoth of those thing are true, but $node->teaser is nonexistent22:02
Bovinityi recall hunting through the $node array when implementing, i don't think the varbiable name was defined in the docs or something.22:02
nkinkadeAnd there is no other variable to replace it that I can find.22:02
nkinkadeThere are some references to [#teaser], but they are empty.22:03
nkinkadeI have found [excerpt] = 1 in $node when the module is active and there is text.22:03
Bovinitybut nothing containing the text?22:04
Bovinityis this in 6.x?22:04
nkinkadeBovinity: 6.922:08
nkinkadeYou can see it on zupport.22:08
Bovinityoh nice, file attachments go in a scrolling box now.22:10
paulproteusAnyway, back in a bit post-lunch.22:21
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