Saturday, 2009-02-07

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nkinkadebse: I'm confused by the do/while loop you've got in support.js00:20
nkinkadeWhere radios[] gets set.00:20
bsenkinkade: it gets all the radio buttons in the form, since the id attributes aren't static there's no other reliable way to get them.00:31
nkinkadebse: I figured that was the idea behind it, but radios[0] will always get set to the form[2], and how can you be sure that'll be a radio button?00:33
bsenkinkade: based on what i was seeing in the transact page, form[2] appeared consistently the first radio button00:34
nkinkadeWell, I have no idea why the useAmountFixed() works for recurring contributions on support, but not on zupport.00:35
nkinkadeIt should never get run for recurs anyway, so to fix the problem I wrapped those statements in an if ( !query['split'] )00:36
nkinkadeThat fixed it.00:36
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nkinkadeBut for some reason the stuff seems to have broke on support.00:36
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nkinkadepaulproteus: I'm feeling questionable about something with the Drupal git repository.00:52
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nkinkadebse: Are you able to push to the 2008 branch of support2008?01:16
bsei can pull...01:17
nkinkadeI didn't realize that clone on zupport was read-only.01:18
nkinkadeFixed that and now it works.01:18
nkinkadeBy the way, don't do any pulling for support, civicrm or suppport200801:18
nkinkadeThe new stuff is committed to production and I'm about to make the cut-over.01:19
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nkinkadebse: Would you take a quick peek at support?01:49
nkinkadeIt's live now, but another pair of eyes to scan it would make me feel lots better.01:49
bsenkinkade: is looking, er, wrong01:53
bselooks like a div is possibly getting closed too early.01:54
nkinkadeI forgot to check that one because it's not linked to from any place obvious.01:54
bsecute, goes to CC Network.01:55
nkinkadebse: Is Asheesh gone?02:05
bsenkinkade: no idea, not in office myself02:05
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greg-gmecredis: quick thought: why not mention that in the case of work in the US: if you take a photograph faithfully representing a public doamin paiting, that new photograph does not have any new copyrightable element, thus adding a CC licnense is in fact restricting the work more than it should be.04:57
greg-gre: blog post of wikipedia loves art04:57
jgayhave you all seen the external data mediawiki extension?
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