Wednesday, 2009-02-04

paulproteusI don't think /var/www/ is used for anything.00:00
nkinkadepaulproteus: There's something weird in /var/lib/pootle/pootle/Pootle/po (beside the crazy path)00:03
paulproteusGack, now I'm confused.00:03
nkinkadeCan you just tell me where the PO files exists?00:03
nkinkadeAn absolute path? :-)00:03
paulproteusUh, I think so.00:03
nkinkadeThere is a /var/lib/pootle/pootle/checkout/po/00:03
nkinkadeBut it's a broken link.00:03
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nkinkadepaulproteus: Then I may have discovered a bug in Pootle.  Or it could be a misunderstanding on my part.00:05
nkinkadeNo, nevermind.00:05
nkinkadepaulproteus: Once I commit changes to the PO files, do we still do the po2cc routine?00:16
paulproteusYup, it's in a postcommit hook.00:16
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nkinkadeThen shouldn't an svn up on the cc.engine on staging pulled in the new CC-style PO files?00:17
nkinkadepaulproteus: It didn't seem to pull the data in.00:20
nkinkadeMaybe I updated incorrectly.  I editing the PO file I wanted, then sudo su'd to pootle and commited the change.00:20
paulproteusLet's see.00:22
nkinkadeI looked in a7:cc.engine/cc/engine/i18n/po/en_HK/cc_org.po, but the change I made wasn't there.00:23
paulproteusHumph, one sec.00:26
paulproteusnkinkade, Looking into it.00:27
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paulproteusnkinkade, My update script seems to have run, based on it having touched /tmp/i18n-staging-updated00:30
paulproteusYou do realize it only updates staging, right?00:30
paulproteusNot the live site?00:30
nkinkadepaulproteus: Yeah, I'm looking on staging ^^^^00:30
nkinkadeThen which PO files should be touched?00:31
paulproteusLemme see.00:31
nkinkadeSee the above path.00:31
paulproteusIt's not an abspath.00:31
nkinkadeNo.  I was lazy.00:31
nkinkadePrepend /var/www/
paulproteus/var/www/ + that?00:31
nkinkadeAs far as I know, that file is the CC-style PO file, which cc.engine needs when it makes the MO files.00:32
nkinkadeYet the change I made isn't in that file.00:32
nkinkadeMaybe I'm all messed up.00:32
paulproteusThat file has relatively young mtime.00:32
paulproteus$ ls -l cc_org.po00:32
paulproteus-rw-r--r-- 1 nathan nathan 68165 2009-02-02 19:06 cc_org.po00:32
paulproteus$ date00:32
paulproteusWed Feb  4 00:32:23 UTC 200900:32
paulproteusSo clearly it didn't get updated.00:32
nkinkadeYeah, but I updated it just minutes ago.00:32
paulproteusNow to investigate why.00:32
nkinkadeHopefully my trouble report is legitimate and I'm not just sending you on a wild goose chase.00:33
paulproteusAgreed. (-:00:33
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paulproteusOf note, re-running my script doesn't touch that file's mtime.00:34
nkinkadeBut you can see my commit, and unless I'm wrong about the file that should have been changed, then something may be wrong.00:34
paulproteusI will continue to investigate.00:34
nkinkadeDo you agree that based on my commit that that file is the one that should have changed?00:34
nkinkadeOkay, just checking my reasoning.00:34
paulproteusI think.00:35
paulproteusMaybe not?00:35
paulproteusCheck this out:00:35
paulproteuspaulproteus@a7:/var/www/$ svn update00:35
paulproteusAt revision 11621.00:35
paulproteuspaulproteus@a7:/var/www/$ ls -l cc_org.po00:35
paulproteus-rw-r--r-- 1 nathan nathan 68165 2009-02-02 19:06 cc_org.po00:35
paulproteusApparently that dir is tied to the i18n dir, not the po dir.00:35
paulproteusOh, RIGHT!00:35
nkinkadepaulproteus: Right.00:35
paulproteusPootle has extra smarts for this that you bypassed.00:35
nkinkadeIt's the CC-style PO dir.00:35
paulproteusAnd you neglected to commit the i18n/ file, just the po/ file.00:36
paulproteusWhich Pootle would have done for you.00:36
nkinkadeSo I still have to run the po2cc stuff when I do changes by hand.00:36
paulproteusNot to mention Pootle would have run po2cc for you to make sure that the i18n/ file got updated so you had something to commit.00:36
paulproteusYeah. I'd prefer you just do it in Pootle.00:36
nkinkadepaulproteus: What a beastly proposition. :-)00:37
paulproteusWell, </goose_chase>.00:37
nkinkadepaulproteus: It wasn't totally a goose chase of my making!00:37
paulproteusClose to it, but okay.00:37
nkinkadeI had asked you if I needed to run po2cc, and you said: Nah, it's in the post-commit hook.00:38
paulproteusOkay, point taken. (-:00:38
nkinkadeBut, thanks for helping me out with that.  With this new Pootle a number of things have changed, so I'm treading cautiously and bypassing all your tools inadvertently.00:39
paulproteusFeel free to write up what you learn!00:40
nkinkadeI take it you didn't run po2cc? :-)00:40
paulproteusI will leave this in your careful hands unless you ask me to do something.00:41
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Akkansomeone online03:22
ianwellersomeone is not online, he was online about an hour ago though03:30
Akkansomeone who knows how to create psybnc03:30
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paulproteusAkkan, Hi03:43
paulproteusI think you should search the web for information on that.03:43
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paulproteusnkinkade, See you soon!16:29
nkinkadepaulproteus: I arrive on Saturday, but won't be up to SF till Sunday evening.16:30
paulproteusAh, cool.16:30
nkinkadeProbably see you in the office Monday morning.16:30
nkinkadeBring your juggling pins. :-)16:30
paulproteusThat's a dangerous claim to make!16:31
paulproteusre: me in the office Monday morning16:31
nkinkadeI thought about.  Well, see you on Monday, at some point or other.16:31
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nkinkadenathany: Did you want me to assign that new issue to Alex or myself?16:54
nathanyhrm... i guess alex? i'll need to chat with him briefly when he gets into the office16:55
nkinkadeI'll just assign it to him for now.16:57
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paulproteusBovinity, Happy birthday!17:21
Bovinitypaulproteus: thanks!17:21
paulproteusnkinkade, So this linode. It seems a fine place to run my CC staff call cron job. Do you agree?17:22
paulproteusnkinkade, Also, can it run Lenny?17:22
nkinkadepaulproteus: Sure, the Linode could be a good place to run things like that, that don't require much memory.17:23
nkinkadeIt could run Lenny, but it currently has Etch.17:24
nkinkadeWhy should it run Lenny before it is released?17:24
paulproteusBecause Lenny has newer software.17:26
nkinkadepaulproteus: We're only using it for Nagios at the moment, which is using Nagios 3 from backports anyway.17:29
* paulproteus nods17:29
paulproteusIn particular, apparently Etch's libxml has some XPath-related bug that the Python module warns me about.17:29
nkinkadeI mean, it's possible, but I just can't see moving it to testing just for the hell of it.17:29
paulproteusBTW, is that i386 or amd64?17:29
paulproteusOkay, i386 would be more compute-efficient and lower memory usage, but okay.17:30
nkinkadeIt works fine for what I'm using it for.17:30
nkinkadeIf you need to use it for something where having i386 would be much better than amd64, then feel free to reprovision it, as long as the Nagios stuff keeps working it's back together.17:31
paulproteusYeah, I don't at all.17:32
nkinkadea8 runs a mirror version of the monitoring, so it could go down for as long as needed.17:32
paulproteusIt's idle chatter and curiosity, not something that really needs to be done.17:32
nkinkadeIf you have a compelling reason to use Lenny, feel free to do it up.  It's just a VPS anyway.17:32
nkinkadeAgain, as long as Nagios keep working right.17:32
nkinkade(and upgrades, etc stay easy enough, without all sorts of wrangling)17:33
paulproteusRight-o. I don't think I will this moment, so I probably won't in the foreseeable future.17:34
nkinkadeBut load that server up, it's mostly idle right now.17:34
nkinkadeIt just needs enough network bandwidth to do it's monitoring without lots of latency.17:35
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nathanynkinkade: just spoke to Bovinity, the ticket is appropriately assigned to him17:43
nkinkadenathany: Okay, good.  Thanks for the confirmation.17:44
nkinkadenathany: By the way, what did you mean by "link to"?17:44
nkinkade(or something like that)17:44
nkinkadeDo you mean creating an actual /support page at SC?  Or is that their work?17:44
nathanywell if they want actual content, they can create the page and we do nothing17:45
nathanyif they just want to go to the contribution page, we can add a redirect to apache for them17:45
nkinkadeAh, that clears that up.17:45
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paulproteusGoing offline for 1h to grocery shop (and eat breakfast), see you all shortly.18:08
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nathanyBovinity: shit, there's a Heletica BOOK too!18:36
Bovinitynathany: apparently it's new. i knew about
nathanywoah, Lars <3 Helv18:37
Bovinity"Lars and the real typeface"18:37
nkinkadenathany: I tried to build some Deeds a while ago and got a Genshi import error, so I reran buildout and it seems to have worked, but now it has apparently finished and said 1 Test Run successfully and OK and all that, but it hasn't dropped me back to the terminal.  Is that normal these days?18:47
nathanynkinkade: we added a genshi dependency with CC018:48
nathanyso re-running buildout sounds right18:48
nathanyi don't know why it wouldn't drop you back to the command line after running18:49
nkinkadenathany: That's fine and the buildout brought it in, but I wasn't sure what to do when it didn't return to the prompt.18:49
nkinkadeI guess I'll Ctrl-C it.18:49
nathanythat sounds... unexpected18:49
nkinkadeIt doesn't respond to ctrl-c or ctrl-d, or anything I can think of.18:51
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nkinkadeBovinity: Did we change any styling on the Deeds recently?19:04
Bovinitynkinkade: no19:04
nkinkadeIn the language selection area?19:04
nkinkadeDoes that look wrong?19:04
nkinkadeIt's certainly different from the others.19:05
Bovinitynkinkade: i take that back. yes, we did.19:05
nkinkadeBovinity: So that looks right, then?19:05
Bovinityi didn't know it was live19:05
nkinkadeI generated them using the production version of cc.engine ... maybe it got merged accidentally?  nathany?19:05
nathanyit was merged with CC0, consider it an incremental rollout19:08
nathanythe deeds need to be regenerated, i just haven't kicked those off19:08
nathanykicked that off19:08
nathanyi keep thinking i'm going to re-examine the generation process19:08
nkinkadeNo problem, I just got mildly concerned when I saw that the new Spanish Deeds didn't look like the others.19:08
nkinkadenathany: You are regenerating every single Deed?19:26
nathanyevery single deeds needs to be regenerated19:26
nathanyalthough it's hardly urgent19:26
nkinkadeI just made a couple of changes to the translations for the en_GB and en_HK to fix that disclaimer problem.19:26
nkinkadeI imagine that if you already kicked off the regeneration that it'll miss those new changes.19:27
nkinkadeI guess I'll wait to make that live until your Deed generation is done, otherwise your changes will clobber my most recent ones.19:28
nathanynkinkade: i haven't started the process yet19:33
nathanyi just stated it needed to be done and i've been avoiding it ;)19:33
nkinkadeSorry.  Above you stated on it's own line "kicked that off", which I took to mean that you were answering yourself, indicating that you kicked that off.19:34
nathanyoh, sorry; i was correcting my self (kicked that off, not kicked those off)19:41
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paulproteusYay Genshi!20:09
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nkinkadepaulproteus is fond of saying "Yay"20:52
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paulproteusnathany, I'm delayed in the kitchen, but I'll see you all by three this afternoon.21:25
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nkinkadeWhoa, the Google Apps interface just changed and suddenly chat is available through the web interface.22:05
nkinkade(among other noticeable changes to the interface)22:05
Bovinitythey've been revising the apps UI over the past week, it's looking a lot nicer now22:08
nkinkadeYeah, I've noticed incremental changes.22:09
nkinkadeIt is in fact looking cleaner.22:10
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paulproteusOkay, see you all a hair before three!22:45
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nkinkadepaulproteus: Do you know how to manually resolve conflicts with git?23:57
paulproteusnkinkade, How manually do you mean?23:57
paulproteusYou fix the conflict, and you "git add" the resolved file.23:57
nkinkadeI resolved the conflict manuall in a particular file, but now do I just run git merge on it?23:57
paulproteusAs described in some man page somewhere probably.23:57
paulproteusNo, see above. (-:23:57
nkinkadegit add, that's the one.23:57
nkinkadeThanks. :-)23:58
nkinkadeSo essentially "git status | grep unmerged" will give you a list of files that have conflicts.23:58
nkinkadeOr so it seems.23:59

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