Thursday, 2009-01-29

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nkinkadenathany: About zh_HK and the deeds.17:06
nkinkadeAt the moment I think the rewrite just passes anything /licenses/ on to cc.engine.17:06
nathanyah, ok17:06
nathanythat makes sense17:06
nathanyand that's how we were handling things a while back17:06
nkinkadeI could probably make the rewrites send on lang=<lang>, but it seems that it'd make more sense for cc.engine to do it.17:06
nkinkadeIt's already part of the string passed.17:07
nkinkadeRewriteRule ^/(license|characteristic|licenses)/(.*){SERVER_NAME}:80/++/$1/$2 [L,P]17:07
nkinkadeI think that's the one that catches it.17:07
nathanyi dropped direct deed.xx_YY support a while back so we would only have to do locale detection in one manner17:07
nathanyi can find the old stuff and put it back in17:07
nkinkadeDo you think the best way is to put it back in, or to just try to manage it in the rewrite rules.17:08
nkinkadeWe only use that stuff for staging anyway, right?17:08
nathanywell i'm almost certainly going to do a rewrite rule17:08
nathanywe only use it for staging and even though it's part of the string i don't think we need to add additional detection/dispatch to the production app17:08
nkinkadeIs there anything I need to do, then?17:09
nathanynope, i'll handle it17:09
nathanythanks :)17:09
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nathanynkinkade: if someone uses openid on the wiki and needs to confirm their email address, do they just fill it in at
nathanyand the wiki sends a confirm message?17:52
nathanyor is there a special page they go to for that in particular17:52
nkinkadenathany: That will work.17:52
nathanyok thanks17:53
nkinkadeI think that there may be something not right about creating an account with OpenID to begin with.17:53
nkinkadeThat is, it works just fine, but I think that the confirmation email isn't getting sent when it's created that way.17:53
nkinkadeIt's something I've meant to look into.17:53
nkinkadeIt's not a *huge* deal because confirming the address is easy enough through "my preferences", but many people may not know to look there.17:54
nathanyright... it'd be nice if it just happened18:11
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greg-gnkinkade: I remember having that issue this summer when logging in with my openid (no confirm email sent)18:30
nkinkadegreg-g: Someone had it a week or two ago.18:32
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nkinkadeIt could be easy to fix, but I'm resistant to mucking around in the Mediawiki code.18:33
nkinkadeIt's a maze in there if you aren't familiar with it.18:33
greg-gnkinkade: I can only imagine18:34
nkinkadeI've sort of been putting it off, hoping that the problem would fix itself.18:34
greg-gI love doing that with code, because it is the least likely of things to "fix itself"18:40
nkinkadeYeah, but by "fix itself" I really mean that someone upstream will fix it. :-)18:41
BovinityFreshmeat is getting redesigned...
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nkinkadepaulproteus: Have you setup more people to backup with Timemachine?19:19
nkinkadeIt's good, but I notice the disk space available shrinking daily.  There are still 37G left, though.19:20
nathanyBovinity: holy shit19:28
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nathanypaulproteus: SYN20:31
nathanynkinkade: do you remember how to set the max number of open files on debian?20:32
nathanyi knew at one point but have apparently forgotten20:32
nkinkadenathany: Not offhand.20:32
nathanyok thanks20:32
mlinksvanathany Bovinity anyone up for late curry?20:42
mlinksvain a hurry"?20:42
Bovinitywe just ate20:42
Bovinitywe were hungry20:42
nathanymlinksva: yeah, me too20:43
mlinksvaselfish bastards20:43
nathanynkinkade: in case you care, it's "ulimit -n"20:50
nkinkadenathany: That's good to know.  Not sure I've ever hit the limit, though.20:50
nkinkadeWhat is the default limit?20:51
nathany(per process)20:51
nkinkadeAs soon as you asked me that question I typed 'ulimit' in my shell and it said 'unlimited', but that wasn't enough for me to go on to reply to you.20:51
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paulproteusnathany, ulimit dash something21:44
paulproteusnkinkade, Yes, one more; Allison.21:44
nkinkadepaulproteus: Just keep in mind that there are only about 37G left on that drive, if you setup other people.21:45
paulproteusnkinkade, I saw that, yeah.21:45
nkinkadeWe can get another drive if more people want to start backing up, which they should.21:45
nkinkadeI'd like to keep the 1T drive for the servers.21:45
paulproteusWe can just get a Western Digital 2T drive.21:45
nkinkadeI still haven't got around to doing full-full backups.  I started but that link the office isn't exactly fast.21:46
paulproteusI use that link for full full backups of rose, and it works fine. (-:21:46
nkinkadeHow long did it take to get the initial snapshots?21:53
nkinkadeThere are probably another 300G+ to grab from all the servers.21:53
paulproteusAbout a month.21:57
paulproteusThe way I did the initial snapshots was I excluded:21:57
paulproteusAnd then every time a backup job finished, I would remove one of those lines.21:58
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nkinkadeI was thinking of something incremental like that.21:58
paulproteusThere might be smarter ways to do it, but that's what I came up with.21:58
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nkinkadeAlternatively, I was thinking of starting a background rsync job.21:59
nkinkadeAnd then when it completed to just slip it into the Dirvish backup and make Dirvish think it was the last thing it had.21:59
nkinkadeI've did that with norbert.sciencecommons.org21:59
paulproteusThat's sensible, too.21:59
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paulproteusnkinkade, What's the current state of + rewrite rule?22:44
paulproteusIs the idea that nathany will look at it and we shouldn't?22:44
nkinkadepaulproteus: nathany is going to handle it.22:45
nkinkadeWe chatted earlier.  How big is your scroll buffer in your IRC client?22:45
paulproteusEnormous, but I just wanted to double-check that I understood correctly.22:48
paulproteusI got the impression that he had already done it, but then I checked on staging and it wasn't done.22:48
nkinkadeI haven't checked, but he said he'd handle it, so I let it go at that.22:49
paulproteusYup, and I just archived the mails.22:51
nkinkadeGood thinking. ;-)22:51
paulproteusBTW, I should admit to you that I just got myself an Android Developer Phone.22:53
paulproteusI feel a little bad admitting this since I convinced you to get a FreeRunner and now I'm so not using mine that I bought a competitor.22:54
paulproteusI have had zero seconds to play with it so far; I'll have more to say after the weekend, I'm sure.22:54
paulproteusThe idea of a mobile alpine device with a real keyboard is so attractive.22:55
nkinkadepaulproteus: Interesting.  I don't know why, but ever since around Dec. 26, I have lost all interest in my Freerunner.22:57
nkinkadeI think I've only turned it on once.22:57
paulproteusDid you get some really exciting present or something?22:57
nkinkadeI've even though of unsubscribing from all the mail lists.22:57
nkinkadeNone at all.  I think I just grew frustrated with spending a *lot* of time on it and as soon as one things was working, other things would fail.22:58
nkinkadeA total uphill battle.22:58
paulproteusYeah, seriously.22:58
nkinkadeAnd then I was thinking that the hardware is fast becoming non-compelling.22:58
* paulproteus nods22:59
paulproteusI used GPRS a fair bit when I was traveling, and it actually wasn't so bad.22:59
nkinkadeBy the time anything really usable comes along, it'll be hopelessly outdated, which it already partly was upon manufacture.22:59
paulproteusBut there are other issues to consider for sure.22:59
nkinkadeYeah, I used it a number of times.22:59
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nkinkadeSo now I feel done with constant tweaking and flashing only to have a half working phone.  I'll stay on those lists and flash again when someone claims that there is something that is pretty much ready as a daily phone.23:00
nkinkadeBut other than all that, I'm just http://donewith.info23:00
paulproteusI saw that link earlier from you.23:00
paulproteusDid you get it from scraping the logs? (-;23:01
paulproteus...wait, it's your site.23:01
paulproteusI didn't notice that before.23:01
paulproteusIn that case I'll critique it more harshly!23:01
nkinkadeIt's partly for real, and partly a joke.23:02
nkinkadeI don't expect anyone to ever find it or read it.23:02
paulproteusLuckily, this channel is publicly logged.23:03
nkinkadeLuckily, nobody ever reads those logs. :-)23:04
paulproteusnkinkade, BTW, X-Chat says I'm in 51 FreeNode channels.23:14
paulproteusSpeaking of information overload.23:14
greg-goh good god23:14
greg-gand I thought I was bad with 2023:14
paulproteusOops, that reminds me, I wasn't in #ubuntu-cyclists anymore.23:15
* paulproteus rejoins23:15
nkinkadeMaybe I can start #donewith-info on freenode23:17
nkinkadeIt would be the perfect forum for the exchange of ideas.23:18
paulproteusTotally.23:18 even.23:18
paulproteusI wish we kept more grocery stores around the CC office.23:18
paulproteusI guess there are convenience stores that will have bread, at least.23:19
* paulproteus joins #donewith.info23:20
nkinkadeAh, I though maybe you couldn't have a dot in the name23:20
paulproteusc.f. #autonomo.us23:20
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