Friday, 2009-01-30

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cashoutshiii hows everyone doing today00:02
nkinkadeSo, paulproteus, have you more or less given up on the Freerunner, then?00:02
nkinkadeHi cashouts.00:02
cashoutswhats good for today, anything nice happening in here ?00:03
paulproteus"Given up" is strong. But I'm continuing to do nothing with mine.00:03
nkinkadeI can accept that characterization of it.00:03
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nkinkadecashouts: That depends on what you consider good.00:04
paulproteusI fully intend to stay on the wailing lists and IRC channels.00:04
paulproteusAnd even continue to read them from time to time.00:04
nkinkadeI will too.  Unsubscribing was just an empty threat, directed at nobody.00:05
cashoutslol yer true but what is good these days , all these money problems happening around the world to many damn people losing jobs >>>>>>>> nkinkade      apart from that need to start making some good money for the fam00:05
nkinkadeWhich makes it especially useless.00:05
paulproteuscashouts, I know what you mean!00:05
paulproteusWhat brings you to #cc today?00:06
paulproteusUsing the Android Dev Phone makes me feel less stupid than using my WinCE phone.00:06
paulproteusAnd I'll get to run alpine, I think, as well as have sleep work.00:06
cashoutspaulproteus >>  is that for me00:06
paulproteusThe only real killer for the FR is that I'm terrified to let the battery drain.00:06
paulproteusThen it goes into the nondeterministic "sometimes I will charge" state, which is horrifying.00:06
cashoutshiii guys and woman out there llooking for a good hacker to help me is there anyone who can help me on a task that will pay them good.00:06
paulproteuscashouts, A bunch of us here are good hackers.00:07
paulproteusMost of us are already employed, but let us know what you're thinking about.00:07
paulproteusMake sure you read the topic!00:07
nkinkadeYes, that is a show-stopper, and just as luck would have I still have my first cell phone which is one of those old Nokia chocolate bars, and it has a compatible battery.00:07
paulproteusThe packaging for the Android Dev Phone is very much like the FreeRunner packaging.00:09
cashoutsok most of use are good hackers yer but answer me this im abit confused on this................. would a real hacker tell you to pay up front for a job they havent done and hasnt shown you no prove or is that just a mind off a trye ripper who just wants to run away with your money??????????00:10
nkinkadeIs the Dev Phone, just a variety of the G1?00:10
paulproteusBoth are quite tasteful, and both involve rectangular prisms.00:10
cashoutsanyone feel free to answer00:10
paulproteuscashouts, I think it's more like a trye ripper to do that.00:10
paulproteusnkinkade, Yeah, it's the radically unlocked G1.00:10
paulproteusNo SIM lock, no software restrictions.00:10
nkinkadeThat can't be a bad thing.00:11
paulproteusI feel the same way.00:11
paulproteusOn the downside, the person I bought it from will go back to using her iPhone.00:11
nkinkadeAnd neither is it a bad thing that there is an OS that actually let's use make something useful out of the device.00:11
paulproteusOn the upside, it's me getting it, and I'm more likely than average to take advantage of this openness. (-:00:11
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cashoutscan someone help with this i need user names and passwords for certain sites is there anyone in here thats good at that and will be payed good amound? or am i in the wrong place for this type of message  :-)00:13
nkinkadecashouts: You are in the wrong place.00:14
cashoutsmy bad00:14
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User573need usa dumps00:18
paulproteusThat's nice, User573. Read the topic.00:20
Bovinitypaulproteus: is there any way to make git log report commits from every branch in a repo?00:21
paulproteusWell, there's "git branch -v".00:21
Bovinityor, to get to the meat of my pondering, is there any way to see how many commits have been made to a repo?00:22
paulproteusOh boy!00:23
paulproteusI think that when I was playing with git filter-branch I had some idea of that.00:23
paulproteusI don't think there is an obvious way from the porcelain, but the plumbing would make it easy.00:24
paulproteusOne sec, let me dig up what I did with git filter-branch.00:24
nkinkadeOoops.  /kick works.00:25
Bovinitygitk --all shows all the commits, and tells me how many there are00:26
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paulproteusBovinity, There's a way to list all the available branches.00:28
paulproteusThen you can git list-rev or something.00:29
paulproteusI can't seem to find my code for that anymore, though. I wonder why.00:29
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* paulproteus sniffles.01:34
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doseryderI'm new to licensing but recently I'm involved in a project that might needs one.  My question is, if I were to license my software under CC License (attributions, and that I permit distribution, modifications) but suppose I later find someone who claim it to be their original work, how/what exactly does the CC license help me05:46
doseryderI just want to be credit for the originality of my concept.05:48
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greg-gdoseryder: you would be better served by another license as the Creative Commons licenses are not written for source code.  Something like MIT or BSD licenses would be better (in your case)05:56
greg-g and
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doserydergreg-g: another common one would be the GPL, does that protect the creator's credit for originality and commercial use?06:05
doserydergreg-g, I will definitely look into the two you suggested tho.06:06
greg-gdoseryder: yes, the GPL would also be a fine choice06:12
greg-git just sounded like you would be more interested in the MIT/BSD variety than the GPL variety.  But yes, read them and see which one you like best.06:12
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