Wednesday, 2009-01-28

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paulproteusnathany, FYI I think I might have found the problem in Babel. Testing now.00:27
* paulproteus continues fiddling00:29
nathanypaulproteus: excellent; and it appears to be a problem in Babel?00:29
paulproteusA long-standing Babel bug.00:29
nathanyEXCELLENT :)00:30
paulproteusAs far as I can tell (going to painstakingly try to fix this), it doesn't reset the "I am working on the same message" state when it hits a msgctxt.00:30
paulproteusOnly when it hits a msgid.00:30
nathanyso not necessarily "long standing" -- it only became a bug when we added msgctxt support?00:31
nathanythat does make perfect sense, though00:31
paulproteusWell, they had msgctxt *read* support for a while apparently before this.00:31
paulproteusI haven't checked how long-standing that is.00:31
nathanygot it00:31
nathanybtw i'm experimenting with bzr svn-import-ing zope.i18n00:32
nathanyjust to compare00:32
nathanyand because all this talk of babel re-ignited my desire to actually fix zope.i18n -- i have the power (and the commit privileges)00:32
paulproteusHah, nice.00:32
paulproteusDo keep me posted as to how bzr fares.00:34
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paulproteus...still jabbing at this.01:14
paulproteusGood heavens.01:14
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paulproteusmlinksva, Yo02:00
paulproteusmlinksva, Let me know if I should do something.02:00
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BovinityOZZYpro: please, no private chat. send email to tips@fbi.gov17:31
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nkinkadenathany: Is you CC Net invite code supposed to check whether someone has already been invited?17:47
nathanyyes, it checks by transaction id17:48
nkinkadePeople with recurring contributions are receiving duplicate invites17:48
nathanymore than just that one?17:48
nkinkadeEach contribution will have a unique tranx id17:48
nkinkadeEven recurring ones.17:48
nkinkadeI think maybe there's another ID we need to check agains.17:48
nathanyi thought we were pulling a stable ID for recurring17:48
nathany(let me look @ the code)17:49
OZZYprof off17:49
nathanyi <3 OZZYpro17:49
nkinkadeOZZYpro: you are a regular riot.17:50
nkinkadenathany: It might be my fault, perhaps I made the claim that trxn id was sufficient.  I can't remember.17:50
nathanynkinkade: i'm just trying to find the script right now...17:51
nkinkadeOZZYpro: Do you read English?17:51
nkinkadeI'm looking at the script.17:51
nathanywhere does that live again?17:51
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nathanyoh right17:54
OZZYprowaht this17:54
nathanyOZZYpro: this is the channel used for questions and discussion around Creative Commons licenses (
nathanywe also use it for semi-public discussion amongst the tech team17:55
OZZYprowesten union ?17:55
nathanyno, Creative Commons17:55
nathanynkinkade: yeah, looks like we're always using trxn_id17:56
nathanyso we need to a) use a stable identifier for recurring sequences17:56
nathanyand b) probably write a script that replaces trxn_id with the stable id for existing transactions17:57
nathanyis contribution_recur_id unique enough?17:57
nkinkadenathany: I think the stable identifier is simply the existence of civicrm_recur_id.17:58
nkinkadetrxn id is unique for every individual trxn.17:58
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nathanynkinkade: do you mean contribution_recur_id? (looking at the code)17:58
nkinkadeIf you run "select * from civicrm_contribution where contact_id = '5254';" against the DB you will get an example data set.17:59
nathanycan you get me a text file with a list of trxn_id, contribution_recur_id17:59
nkinkadenathany: Do you mean for every donation since Oct. 15, 2008?18:00
nathanyfor every donation w/ a contribution_recur_id18:00
nathany(that should only be recurring ones, right?)18:01
nkinkadeI think so.  If it weren't I would be confused.18:01
nathanythen i can write a script that goes through and replaces the trxn_id's on existing ones with the recurrence ids18:01
nathanygreat, thanks18:01
nkinkadenathany: Okay, I'll get you that text file within a few minutes.18:01
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nathanynkinkade: the only other thing i can think of is whether or not there will be collisions between the contribution_recur_id and txn_id18:12
nathanyi don't think there will be, do you concur?18:12
nkinkadenathany: How do you mean?18:14
nkinkadeThe recur ids are very small ... 3 digits at the moment.18:14
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nathanyright... and they're numeric while the txn_id is alphanum, right?18:15
nathanyi just have that sneaking suspicion that we're going to regret this :)18:15
nathanyprobably not, i suppose... just18:16
nkinkadeBut I guess that we can't get any worse than using the trxn_id, which is broken.18:19
nkinkadenathany: One thing does occur to me.  The first donation will have a recur_id, but we still need to send out the invite.18:19
nathanyright, but the recur-id will be unique18:22
nkinkadenathany: The recur_id is a mysql auto-incremented id, so it should be as unique as mysql is correctly implemented.18:24
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nathanynkinkade: we should be fixed up with the txn_id -> recur_id change18:46
mlinksvankinkade: but your blog was so nice :)  anyway, i think you'll enjoy victor stone's take on a number of things
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nkinkademlinksva: http://donewith.info19:35
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mlinksvankinkade: i appreciate the (!)\19:38
nkinkademlinksva: Try mailing that address.19:39
mlinksvankinkade: heh.19:41
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Bovinitymlinksva: jen informs me the focus group banner shouldn't come down since the online group isn't full; should i remove the SF and NYC locations from the list?19:59
mlinksvasorry, just leave it up for now20:01
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nkinkadeBovinity: You are going to love the new Drupal/CiviCRM stuff.  Especially now that I've installed a module that let's us define a diff. CiviCRM admin theme!20:23
nkinkadeI suppose Melissa and Allison will appreciate that too.  I know I will.20:24
nkinkadepaulproteus: Check it out.20:25
nkinkadeOr maybe you don't ever use it.20:25
paulproteusI don't currently ever use it.20:25
nkinkadeIt made my day to find that module.20:25
nkinkadeSuffice it to say that the support2008 theme sucked for the admin of the site.20:25
isforinsects nkinkade hey20:33
nkinkadeisforinsects: Hi.20:34
isforinsectsyou guys are using civicrm+drupal for the cc site?20:34
paulproteusOnly for
nkinkadeWhat he said.20:34
isforinsectswe're hosting a drupal con this week20:34
isforinsectsvery quiet bunch20:35
paulproteusVery quite brunch? I'm in.20:35
paulproteusOh, never mind.20:35
isforinsectssubsiquently, sj and I are planning on rolling out a drupal+civicrm+$foo site for some campaign management20:35
isforinsectsmind if I ping you as we go along? :)20:35
nkinkadeisforinsects: Sure.  Give me a shout if you have any questions.20:36
nkinkadeBovinity: Can you remind me where the menu data is stored in the admin area for the support site?20:36
isforinsectssweet :)20:38
nkinkadeBovinity: ^^20:58
Bovinitynkinkade: /admin/build/menu21:01
Bovinitynkinkade: also, hooray on custom civicrm theme21:01
nkinkadeBovinity: I think I've been in there, but am not seeing it for some reason.21:02
nkinkadeTake a looks at zupport and you'll see that the International <select> is showing up twice.  Is that stuff configured in the build/menu area?21:02
Bovinitynkinkade: it's showing up twice on support (!!) but looks fine on zupport21:02
nkinkadeBovinity: What?21:03
nkinkadeLet me check again.21:03
Bovinitynkinkade: actually, on SUPPORT the jurisdiction dropdown shows up twice on Firefox, but looks fine in Safari21:03
BovinityZUPPORT looks ok on both21:03
nkinkadeBovinity: It shows up twice for me on both zupport and support.21:03
Bovinitynkinkade: two dropdowns on Z and S with Firefox.21:04
Bovinitylooks fine in Safari21:04
nkinkadeBovinity: Where is that menu stored?21:04
Bovinitynkinkade: which menu?21:04
Bovinitypretty sure it's defined in the page template21:05
nkinkadeWhere is the code being inserted from ... somewhere in the database I imagine.21:05
nkinkadeBovinity: I did a grep -r in the theme and found nothing.21:05
Bovinitynkinkade: maybe it's a block then21:05
nkinkadeSo I assumed it was configured via the interface and stored in the db.21:05
nkinkadeI looked at blocks too, but still didn't see it.21:05
Bovinity /admin/build/block/configure/block/421:06
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Bovinity"Worldwide Dropdown"21:06
nkinkadeNow how did I miss that?21:06
nkinkadeBovinity: I see why it's happening now. is re-writing the <select>.21:08
nkinkadepaulproteus: Did you recently make any change to jurisdictions.js by any chance?21:08
Bovinityi guess safari is (incorrectly?) ignoring the multiple select tags21:08
nkinkadeSo, Firefox is actually doing the right thing.21:08
nkinkadeSafari must be more forgiving.21:09
Bovinity<3 html renderers :/21:09
nkinkadeWhich I'm inclined to think is not really good in this case because it's hiding a serious bug.21:09
paulproteusnkinkade, No21:09
Bovinitythat change to jurisdictions.js happened a while ago, for i18n purposes IIRC.21:10
Bovinityno idea why support is only just noticing21:10
nkinkadeHmm.  It has a mod date of Jan. 23.21:10
paulproteusCould have had to do with someone running buildout or something?21:10
* paulproteus has no clue, honest21:10
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nkinkadenathany: Your commit r11555 on the 22nd seems to have rewritten includes/jurisdictions.js, and it's causing the jurisdiction dropdown to appear twice on the support site.  Do you know why it might have changed to include document.writes for the <select> tags?21:13
nathanynkinkade: it's probably a mistake from the merge21:13
nathanyiirc that file is generated from the API and just included there for speed21:13
nathanyso i'd just grab a clean copy and overwrite21:13
nkinkadenathany: Good.  Just wanted to get some background before I started editing.21:14
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nkinkadeBovinity: It may not matter to you, but just so you know ... rather than fetching a5:includes/jurisdictions.js, it now just fetches the same list as the dropdown from
Bovinitynkinkade: ok21:23
nkinkademecredis: Is your email address confirmed on the RDFa wiki?21:27
mecredisused openID21:32
mecredisso it didn't send one?21:32
mecredisoh will do it through the preferences21:33
paulproteusnathany, Sigh, this confounded Babel bug just thrwarted my attempt to do the last screencast.21:34
paulproteusWell, I hit commit, and it took a long long time, and then the language I was demo-ing no longer appeared as an option on the staging chooser.21:36
paulproteusOh, oops, I think I know why.21:37
nkinkadeBovinity: What does <!-- p> signify?21:39
Bovinitynkinkade:  a botched comment21:40
nkinkadeOkay.  Looks like Drupal 5.x allows it and doesn't display it, but 6.x show it.21:41
nkinkadeWanted to make sure it wasn't some new markup I didn't know about before I removed it.21:41
nkinkadeBovinity: Is support/join looking right?21:43
nkinkadeIt makes a diff. when I remove that bit.  And what is that stuff about laptop cases that is floating around down there?21:43
nkinkadeSeems out of place.21:43
Bovinitythat shouldn't be there21:47
Bovinitylaptop cases have been removed21:47
isforinsectsoh are you guys trying to migrate?21:48
isforinsectsis that what's up?21:48
Bovinitynkinkade: k, fixed that.21:48
nkinkadeisforinsects: From 2.0.3 to 2.1.421:48
nkinkadeAnd from Drupal 5.7 to 6.921:49
nkinkadeIt's turning out to be somewhat non-trivial, but we are nearly done.21:49
nkinkadeBovinity: Thx.21:49
isforinsectsthe drupal guys here at OLPC are doing the same thing to today21:51
isforinsectsI've been hearing the same kind of comments all day21:51
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nkinkadeisforinsects: paulproteus was nice enough to setup a system that pulls in Drupal's CVS repo and CiviCRM's subversion repository into git repositories.  You're Drupal guys might find this useful if they prefer working with git.22:01
nkinkadeAnd civicrm.git22:02
paulproteusAnd as far as I know, OLPC is filled with git lovers.22:04
paulproteusThey're welcome to chat with me about it.22:05
mlinksva"git lover" sounds like a fetish22:06
paulproteusSounds like a git command.22:06
paulproteus$ git lover --help22:06
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isforinsectsthey're aware of it apparently22:14
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TRDcchelpbot ping22:36
paulproteusnathany, Whenver you want (or even later), let's chat.22:39
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